100% Cotton Terry Contour Changing Pad Cover – Lavender

100% Cotton Terry Contour Changing Pad Cover – Lavender

Make baby as comfortable as possible during diapering with this contoured changing pad cover. Soft, absorbent terry cloth provides a thick cushion beneath your baby and reliable protection against those occasional diapering mishaps. Tailored for a perfect fit, this contoured cover fits 16-by-32-inch and 17-by-33-inch pads. Elasticized for easy changing, it is machine washable and dryer-safe for convenience.

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Color is Perfect, Quality is Just Okay

These are very basic. They’re terry cloth but they really don’t look as nice as I had hoped. I don’t see this lasting a long time. For the money, I’d reccommend the Wendy Bellisomo brand of cover – they’re a better material than these are.

Joanne Cobleskill, NY

Forget it!!!

Washed it once according to directions & it shrunk beyond belief! Didn’t even use it once! Don’t bother!!!

Bernice Minonk, IL

Well worth having 2, could be better quality

I wish I had two! One to use, while the other is washing! It seems as soon as I take off my baby’s diaper, it’s then she decides to “go”.I read other reviews about complaints of color fading and shrinkage. Well, I have had NO color fading and the shrinkage has been minimal, and certainly not to the degree others had mentioned. I have washed the cover over and over on hot and then let it air dry instead of putting it in the dryer. Maybe that’s why I havent had so much of a shrinkage problem. Regardless, it fits the contoured pad fine still, a bit snugger but not at all too small.I would have given it 5 stars if the terrycloth they used had been a higher quality. I mean really, for the price, I could have bought a better made towel that had emblishments that cost more than the cheap elastic they used to make the cover. I would have even paid more to have the choice between this terrycloth and a better one.Finally, I still am very pleased and would purchase it with the contoured changing pad for a friend’s baby shower too!

Sasha Northfield, VT

Comes in just the right hue – just wish it lasted!

I love how soft and cuddly this changing pad cover is. I also appreciate how many colors it comes in.What I am disappointed with is the durability. I have 3 of these and have used them for just over a year. They are totally falling apart at the elastic. Now, keep in mind that we use disposable “chucks” (those blue hospital disposable under pads) on top of this terry cloth changing pad. It makes it less messy (especially early on) and doesn’t require washing as much. I also washed them in cold water with Baby Dreft detergent, hung them to dry and rotated the 3 covers that we have.While it is a nice product while it lasts, I just expected them to be more durable.

Florence Westbrookville, NY

Works well

This works well with the contour changing pad. It fits a little snugly, so the corners of the pad don’t exactly stay as “pointy” as they were when it was new, but it works very well. It works even better if you cut the straps off the changing pad. You’re right there with baby, anyway.

Denice Wallkill, NY

Didn’t hold up well for us.

After only a few uses and washes, this pad cover started to tear. It was ripping in the corners, and no matter how gentle I was, the hole got bigger.The color choice is out standing. . .however I just wish that it had held up a bit better for us.

Lucile Morrisville, PA

Doesn’t hold up well

Great colors, and I like Simmons’ contoured changing pad, which this is supposed to fit, but keep in mind that washing will significantly shrink the covers & the terry fabric doesn’t hold up well. After just a couple of months, ours are already coming apart.

Marie Orogrande, NM

Works great, looks great!

I am so pleased that the Contoured Changing Table Pad has so many choices in color for its cover! I purchased the lilac, and a white cover and they both go well with my nursery decor. I only wish I got more that two!These terrycloth covers are thick, absorbant and easy on my newborn’s skin. The only problem I have with them is that they shrink a little when you wash them. So, when you go to put them back on the pad the fit is a bit tight, but I find they pull out pretty quickly to thier normal size. When they do finally get to small to fit the pad I will go out and buy some more! I mean it’s terrycloth, what do ya expect? Besides, the darn things get all kinds of yuck on them all day. They are going to take a beating being washed all the time as it is. They are totally worth the money to replace! I would buy them again!

Tasha Prairie Lea, TX