12-Pack Washcloths

12-Pack Washcloths


Main features

  • Set includes 2 white, 4 patterned, and 6 solid color washcloths
  • Super soft & durable
  • Machine washable
  • Match with Luvable Friends Hooded Towel for a great gift
  • Made in India

Verified reviews


Ok – but super thin.

Not a big fan of these. These wash clothes are quantity over quality. I bought 3 packs of the Crayola wash clothesCrayola Washcloth SetCrayola Crayola 7 Pack Beginnings Washcloth Setthat are sooo much better. The crayola kind are think with a terry cloth like texture on one side and a cloth border around the edge.These have no border and are more like cut up squares of thin cloth.These washclothes have been relegated to second bathroom status and for “on the go” wipe up.If you need a thin and mobile washcloth – then this is your product. if you want something that will last and will actually be gentle and soft on your baby’s face (and other places) then the crayola are your gig.As a bonus – the crayola’s are also embroidered with the name of the color – good learning tool too !

Allie Mc Dowell, KY

they are soft but thin

these wash cloths are not a thick quaility so if you like something soft and thick these arent for you i find these wash cloths better for after meal time clean up wet them give baby a quick wipe down and anything else that has to be cleaned, for bath time though i prefer thicker more softer cloths.

Susanne Flint, TX

Ok for the price

I bought the Blue Starfish set and have used them for several months, primarily for baby’s night-time sponge baths and wipe-downs after meals and snacks. The design is cute, and I didn’t mind the curling around the edges after washing; they still worked.They seem to stain easily from food residue even though I rinsed them with soap and water between uses. It might be because I don’t use soaps with heavy-duty or bleaching chemicals. Or it might be because they’re not 100% cotton; I think (and they seem) to be a polyester blend. Then again, I received a set of cotton/poly blend washcloths (another brand) at my baby shower, and they held up better than these.The staining leaves them looking filthy, though I’m sure they’re clean and sanitary enough to continue to use on baby. But because they were so cheap to buy, I don’t mind retiring the stained ones from baby duty and using them for around-the-house cleaning instead.

Adeline South Dayton, NY

Baby cloths

The clothes with stripes patterns or Polk a dots are actually quite rough for babies skin. The solid colors are best.

Helen Grahn, KY

Great for teething babies

These are very thin and rather low quality – BUT – they take up very little space and they are plenty sufficient to wash little faces and hands. They are also WONDERFUL for use when teething. My 6-month-old chews on a clean, dry washcloth all the time and it helps him feel better without soaking his shirt. (Before I started offering these washcloths to him he would chew on his clothes all the time.) I found that nicer, thicker washcloths were hard for him to get in his mouth, whereas these he can wad up, bite down on and then pull out…all of which seems to make him feel better. I suppose a bib would serve the same purpose but I prefer the little washcloths.

Nadia Brandeis, CA


reasonably priced arrived on time i really think she has enough towels at least to start her off they arrived on time as well

Alisa Manchester, IA

normal rags

I don’t know how to rate this with 20 words. The colors are nice and they are very soft. Stain easily though which is weird because its not like my baby is ever very dirty ha!

Jana Townsend, DE

Very good deal

This is a very good deal, all of the wash cliothes are a very nice product and great for babyshower.

Hallie Sinking Spring, OH

Great cheap washcloths

We use these as cloth wipes because of cost comparison to other cloth wipes for diapering. They get the job done and always come out clean after washing no residual stains. They have held up very nicely after a years worth of everyother day washings. The only down side is the pattern side of the wash cloths are a bit on the rough side, flip it over and it’s super soft so not a huge deal. Good for scrubbing stubborn poo off baby’s bottom I guess.

Carole Grenora, ND

Some did shrink

It is a nice pack of baby washcloths. They have nice colors to them, but some did shrink. It’s weird because I would wash them all together and some shrunk. As you all probably know baby washcloths are small already, so the ones that shrunk are tiny! I still use them to clean his face with and stuff. I don’t think I would buy them again though.

Sandra Reklaw, TX

Not very soft

These are a nice size, but unfortunately the fabric is not very soft. I’m going to look for something else to use on my baby.

Elise Salem, UT

Great buy

We love these. They are soft, affordable and hold up well with use. We bought another package to have more on hand.

Anastasia Beaver, IA

thin, scratchy, not at all soft

These washcloths are adorable, but at 20% polyester they are not at all soft. I bought them for my baby but they seem like they’d exfoliate a construction worker. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use them. I think the name and the classification (I found them in Baby) is misleading. They are pretty small and thin, too, so I guess they will just be facial cloths for when I need to exfoliate.

Samantha Hustle, VA

Soft, Thin, Inexpensive

These washcloths fall perfectly between the disposable paper kinds and the higher quality soft and thick cloths. So far they have been very effective for cleaning our infant’s mouth and hands, and he doesn’t seem to mind them at all. They are small and handy and easy to take with you anywhere. They are also easy to wash and clean, and so far they seem durable enough. This is a very effective and affordable solution for getting washcloths in bulk.

Brittany Grassy, MO

Really good

I like these little cloths. For the price and quantity I highly recommend this buy. I use them for a few different things.

Dawn Durand, MI

Acceptable…would buy again.

I’m glad I didn’t buy baby wash cloths at the baby store. These are very acceptable and so much cheaper than the baby store. Its soft terry fabric that has been cut into squares and hemmed with a serger so they don’t fray. Pattern (if any) is on one side only. Solid color is integrated through the fabric. Works well and because there are 12 of them, one or more can always be in the wash.

Lesley Mowrystown, OH

Really poor quality

Material is very rough and cheap .after seeing it I didn’t even use it on my baby’s skin coz it felt so harsh and rough just touching it so I was worried it would cause him rash .I wasn’t expecting a lot considering the price but just a softer cloth but this was a huge disappointment.I have kept these for cleaning his toys now

Mildred Vestaburg, PA

Perfect for Bathtime

Great price for a large pack of washcloths. They are soft and work great for giving our baby a bath. Have washed them a few times and the colors haven’t faded and the ends aren’t starting to unravel.

Zelda Clinton, LA

great value for price

nice assortment of colors and patterns. the fabric is soft and has a stretch to them. baby hasn’t arrived yet, but i think they’ll do the job.

Krista Mequon, WI

just what i needed

I did not find these too small or too thin or too rough, as some other reviewers did. They were exactly what I needed for my 6 month old. I use them for the bath, and also for cleaning his face and hands after meals. I think they may have improved the packaging since some people submitted their reviews; I did not find it to be overly onerous at all. (Each one was rolled up and they were lined up next to each other on a piece of double stick tape than ran across a piece of cardboard; just pulled each one off and ran them through the laundry before using.)

Lorrie Waynesburg, KY

Perfect for little messes

From the Mom: I use these all the time. I keep them on a basket on the table next to the glider. It’s perfect for any of the baby’s little spits and spills. Can be used as a burp cloth. Or I stuff them into my shirt/bra to catch any of my leaks! Ordered two packs so that I can just keep throwing them into the wash. Pretty absorbant, dry fairly quickly. Yes, they’re small squares, but that’s perfect for us.

Jayne Ruby, NY

cute colors

Got these in the orange/green/yellow color pack – what bright and cute colors! They will be perfect for newborn bath.

Reba Polaris, MT

love the washcloths

soft to the touch and these were great for my new grandson. These don’t scrub his skin. I highly recommend these.

Joyce Chinook, MT

Thin, Thin, Thin

Received these today and they are as thin as anything I can get away with it for a newborn but that is about it I ordered these because the four pack I ordered a month ago (same brand)were a lot thicker these are junk not worth returning for what I paid but I would have passed on these if I would have known

Ana Lindon, CO

Really thin

They are pretty thin but I think for the price they’ll be fine and do the job. The prints are cute.

Melisa Nuttsville, VA

Great little washcloths

Great little washcloths, nice size and quantity for the purchase price. They are soft and non abrasive for newborn infants skin.

Kristen Madison, ME

these are not soft

but i dont use them as wash clothes, i bought these to use in place of Kleenexes when im feeding my baby girl, almost like a bib/rag to wipe up the little spillage after/during feedings, and they work great for that purpose but just know these are super cheap and affordable alternative to tissues (which i still waste a ton of) but they arent soft or good quality 🙂

Carole Letcher, SD

Perfect wipes

These are prefect wipes for the prince lionheart wipe warmer. The are the perfect size too – not too bulky and clean my baby’s bottom well.

Kathy South Ryegate, VT

So Handy

I use these for cleaning my baby’s mouth while eating puree’s. After I use one, I rinse it and put it in a plastic bag with all the dirty bibs. I clean the cloths and bibs once every three days bc I cannot do laundry each day. I bought these because the Babies R US brands collected mold in them and I threw them out immediately. These last and are great for bath time as well.

Renae Tombstone, AZ

Fall apart after many washes

These towels ends and corners tended to fray quickly after multiple, multiple washes. oh well only used for 3-4 months anyway.

Candy Elmwood Park, NJ