12×16 Toddler Pillow

12×16 Toddler Pillow

Imagine as an adult, sleeping with a pillow the size of a crib mattress. Giving a child a standard sized adult pillow is the same idea. Kids love items that are just their size so why not give them a kid sized pillow that is more in proportion to their head/body? Our Toddler Pillows are a favorite with toddlers/preschoolers AND their parents. We hear from many parents telling us about how a perfectly sized toddler pillow makes a big difference in sleeping habits, helping both the child and parent get more restful sleep. Our toddler pillows also make great travel pillows for kids of all ages (and adults), and are a perfect fit as toddler bed pillows. They also make a great youth pillow for sleepovers, camp, or travel. Our toddler pillow inserts measure 12×16 (approx. 3″ high). Our toddler pillow inserts are custom made and are lightly filled with 100% non-allergenic polyester fiberfill, covered with a durable white cotton fabric. Our toddler pillowcases are made out of soft and durable 100% cotton flannel. Machine washable.

Main features

  • Comes with pillow insert and 1 pillowcase
  • Great for preschool/daycare nap time and travel
  • Helps with transition to toddler bed
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton covering and pillowcase, non-allergenic

Verified reviews


Toddler loves the pillow

Well made pillow case, soft and cute. Our toddler loves his pillow and we like how the case stays on the pillow with the sewn in flap/envelope. Cleans easily. Perfect size and thickness for little bodies, necks and heads. We purchased a second one for our other child. Highly recommend!

Nanette Madisonville, LA

Perfect pillow

I bought a regular size pillow- too big. Pillow Pets- too hot. This one is perfect size and filled just right for my 28 m.o. daughter. She loves it and so do I. It’s cute too.

Charlotte Cortland, OH

Finally a pillow suitable for a toddler !!!

Pros…Graphics are bright and colorful!Design is cute! .. We got the monkey print!Perfect size for a toddler bed !Soft pillow!Not chaplet looking at all! Very good quality!Cons…….NONE!

Beatrice Springfield, MA

just the right size

This is very good for a just-turned 2 year old who wanted her own pillow. It’s soft, but not too high and puffy, which was my main concern with some others I looked at. Pillowcase has only come off once in two months, I think she got it off by accident as she was upset about it. Pillowcase fabric is very soft and design is cute.

Sallie Kaktovik, AK

I like it, but not as big as I thought

This is a nice pillow the case is made of soft cotton flannel and the pillow is light weight and airy. The pillow, however, is a bit smaller than I expected. I suppose that I should have looked more closely at the measurements before ordering. However, I’m sure that this is an appropriate size for my toddler, so there are no real complaints with regards to the small size.

Eliza Delta, LA

Very nice pillow

Very soft and cute pillow. A bit on the smaller side but thats what toddlers need so its all good. Definitely great materials, easy to wash too.

Cassie Altoona, IA

Cute and good for 2 yrs, but not older

Our two year old loved this pillow when we moved her to her big girl bed, but as she is starting to get closer to three we can see how small the pillow seems so we have bought her a new bigger pillow. She still uses this one if we "camp" in the living room or her tree house.

Elise Oakpark, VA

Exactly what I wanted!!

I bought this for my 2 year-old…we are trying to get him to start using a pillow to start his transition to a toddler bed. This was the PERFECT size for him! I love the print, and the softness is perfect! Excellent product!

Mona Seagrove, NC


My nearly three year old has been using a toddler pillow (the Nojo in a Bucky pillowcase) for about a year. Recently she asked for a second pillow for her naps at daycare (I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me – out of sight, out of mind, I guess.) This was a little cheaper and a little larger than the Nojo/Bucky combo and I’m very pleased with it – cute design (the kitties), soft flannel case with inner flap to keep the pillow inside, and a nice puffy pillow with a tightly-woven cover. This arrived just before a holiday weekend so my daughter has had a few nights to try it out. She’s thrilled.

Elisabeth North Waltham, MA