You will receive (1) Pack of Cresci Products Window Wedge Adjustable Window Stops Containing (2) total window stops in White. About Window Wedge: The “Window Wedge”. The Adjustable Window Stop. Window Wedge is suggested for window gaps up to 1/4″ and may not work on windows that have loose fitting pop forward sills for cleaning. What is the Window Wedge? The Window Wedge was designed and tested to act as an Adjustable Window Stop for double hung and horizontal sliding windows. The Window Wedge is made of durable, impact resistant, ABS Plastic and has a tapered groove on the bottom that holds a strip of (Velcro Brand) hook material that mates with an 8 inch strip of (Velcro Brand) peel and stick loop material. The loop material easily attaches to the window frame (See Directions) without the use of tools. The Window Wedge is then placed over the loop strip and pressed down at the desired window opening location. NOTE: For Child Safety, maximum window opening should not exceed 4 inches. For a Quick Reference, the Window Wedge package is 4 inches wide as shown in the Installation drawing. Benefits: Durable ABS Plastic. Easy Hook & Loop Installation- No Tools, No Screws, No Nails, No Damage. Added Child Safety- Set Window Wedge to a safe opening. (No wider than 4 inches). Added Home Security- Helps deter unlawful entry from outsiders. Let fresh air in and sleep easier. Multiple window settings- Adjust Window Wedge on loop strip for desired opening. Two Window Wedges per Package.

Main features

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  • Durable ABS Plastic
  • Easy Hook & Loop Installation- No Tools, No Screws, No Nails, No Damage
  • Added Child Safety- Set Window Wedge to a safe opening. No wider than 4 inches
  • Multiple window settings- Adjust Window Wedge on loop strip for desired opening
  • You will receive a total of (2) Cresci Window Wedge Adjustable Window Stops in White;

Verified reviews


Another crappy product!

I should have known it wasn’t going to work when I opened the package and it had velcro as the main fastening method. I followed the instructions and put both wedges put on my double pane window. If you are a 3 year old, you probably won’t be able to force it open but with any little bit of strength and shove, it comes right off the velcro. I wish I could return it but I threw away all the packaging. Maybe I can use it for my little girl’s playhouse to keep its window secure. I just went to Home Depot and bought one of those hand screw metal locks for $2 and it’s 100% better than this crap.

Whitney Clancy, MT

Easy to install and good for kid’s rooms

I have a number of different sized windows (sash, new plastic type windows) in my baby’s room and I installed these on each window – two on the wider/larger window. Easy to install and works well. Even when I open a window and forget they are on the window, they stop me opening the window too far.Just follow the instructions, to make sure the wedge is secure. Can be easily repositioned.

Alfreda De Soto, KS

window wedge

bought this to keep a window from opening above an AC unfortunately you have to put it in when the window is lower then where you want it stopped which doesn’t help much with AC installation but is good for other windows.

Margot Towaco, NJ

not a great solution

put the velcro up, put the wedge onto it and found that with just a little directed force, the wedge would pop right off. if you open the door slowly and deliberately it does stop the door from opening. not sure the velcro is wide or thick enough.

Lessie Sadler, TX

works on my double hung windows

We have double hung windows in our basement and this is the only product that I found worked for them. I also like that they’re removable and I didn’t have to use screws or nails to install them!The windows are probably still able to be opened but it would definitely take a strong person from the outside!They definitely detur someone from breaking in (which is why I purchased them)I think they are most definitely suitable for child safety purposes!

Antonia Fairfield, CA

a must for kids room

I have these on all my windows for safety – both from people getting in – and my autistic son from getting out. They are super easy to install (just velcro) and work like a charm. You can install it where to want to allow for no window opening at all, to just a few inches open, to larger opening. Works great.

Wendy Congerville, IL

Does the job

Better than most of the crap child-proofing products out there that I’ve bought. Makes me feel better about the low windows in my 4-year-old’s room.

Lourdes Ashland, IL


I’m not crazy about how the velcro and plastic stopper look on my nice wooden doors, but the product does serve its purpose. It keeps my 2-year-old and 3-year-old from going outside when I’m not looking. Would recommend to others!

Mia Glen Saint Mary, FL

good purchase

We were very happy to be able to install these easily in our windows, which are fairly new. My 2.5yo toddler cannot remove them and then open the windows. When he is not home, I do take them off certain windows if I want to open them all the way (or more than 4 inches, which is where we set them for our own peace of mind.) We are using these in a 2nd floor for safety, not so much security. I like that they can be removed quickly in the event of an emergency. We consider these a safe alternative to window guards that look like gates across all your windows.

Madge Bowling Green, KY

work great

I got these because for my kids bedroom windows. I also use those metal locks twist locks but wanted extra safety since the kids can twist off the locks. I am not feeling safer when they are in nap time or in bed that they won’t be able to open their windows and fall through the screen.

Ramona Copperopolis, CA

Not that impressed

These are pretty easy to remove, and although my 3.5 year old hasn’t tried to remove them yet, they would be very easy for him to do so. The windows themselves have locks (that I also don’t like compared to the ones on our last house’s replacement vinyl windows), so these are an additional level that he’ll need to get through, but I’m still on the hunt for something, other than bars that will work. He’s an escape artist, so it’s essential. I’m not as worried for my almost six year old and my 16 month, lol. So, if you’re getting this for a pretty young child, it’s probably fine. If you’re looking for something for a child who delights in escaping, this is probably not the product for you. 😉

Brianna Sunset Beach, CA

depends on how smart your child is

If your child is tall enough to reach them, it doesn’t take much force to pry them from the Velcro, and totally defeat the system. However, I got around this by tilting the lower window (of a double-hung) in, and applying the wedge to the outside. Since I don’t think our child knows how to tilt in the window, nor is strong enough to pull the catches, this solution should work. You just need to be careful. Defiantly not a useful option for any child over 5 or 6. You’d probably need something requiring a key at that point. (and of course, you’d need a key accessible in the event of an emergency)

Rosario Patten, ME

Easy to install and work

This is a great product. Super easy to install in our sliding windows and easy to remove when not in use. I was surprised at how simple this solution is and how effective.

Carole Martinsville, IN

I like these and ordered a bunch more!

These window wedges are great so far. The velcro is strong and I haven’t had any fall off the windows. When in place, the wedge really prevents the window from being opened. The wedge is quickly and easily removed for when you want the window opened fully. I initially bought them for a bit more peace of mind for my 1st story windows, but will now use them for my kids. I don’t foresee them being able to remove them unless they are older and climb on a couch first. Maybe then….but if they are that old and can reach that high, then they should know better. A great cheap, non permanent window guard that blends into the window and doesn’t make you feel like you are in prison. Buy it!

Stella Uhrichsville, OH