2 1 Milk Powder Dispenser

2 1 Milk Powder Dispenser

830192 Features: -Milk powder dispenser.-Cold and heat resistant.-Stores pre-measured amounts of powdered formula for up to 2 feedings.-Funnel cap top for easy pouring tops off this multi-functional case.-Great for the diaper bag. Includes: -Includes a compartment for holding pacifiers, bottle nipples, or non-staple food items.

Main features

  • Features two formula compartments as well as a third compartment for holding pacifiers, bottle nipples, or non-staple food items.
  • Stores pre-measured amounts of powdered formula for up to 2 feedings.
  • Funnel cap top for spill-proof bottle preparation.
  • Great for the diaper bag!

Verified reviews


So Convenient for Busy Moms

Convenient is the word I think of when I think of this product. I just switched my 4 month old to formula, and I was dreading the in public mixing of his bottles. I came across this product and knew I had to try it for the price. I loved the idea that it could store up to 3 different compartments, as well as food snacks when my son gets older. The smaller (top and middle compartments) can fit up to 8oz of pre-poured formula. Not sure how much the bottom (bigger section) portion can hold, but it’ll be nice to have another option for further use. Only bad thing as stated in other reviews…you have to untwist the middle or bottom sections to add the funnel to it. I honestly don’t mind….as long as I have a funnel and don’t have to risk losing formula, I’m happy!

Velma Perkins, MO

So much better than other dispensers

So much better than other dispensers, because you can actually dispense formula fast without hassle! I only wish storage compartments were a little bigger

Angelica Aldenville, PA

buy this

dont get the other ones that rotate,,,yeah you have to take the top off on this one when u need to use each container but it pours out easy and that doesnt bother me…been using this for a while now and i love mines..i think it can hold up to 4 scoops of formula.

Alice Windyville, MO

Best Formula Containers!

I originally bought the Munchkin formula containers, but they constantly leaked powder whenever I would put the container in my bag. These Piyo powder formula holders are SO MUCH BETTER. They screw shut so there is no way powder can escape. Also, the spout at the top makes it very easy to get all the powder into the bottle without spilling anything.

Elisabeth Valliant, OK

Works perfectly

I originally purchased the Munchkin formula dispenser. It was difficult to use in the middle of the night. This is perfect for middle of the night feedings. Formula does not get stuck in the bottle and the spout works perfectly. I don’t know why the other dispensers aren’t shaped this way. It makes so much more sense.

Nita Norfolk, NY

Very handy for premeasuring formula

We’ve been using baby’s one organic formula and it does not come in a ready to drink version. Up to now I’ve been making a 16 ounces at a time using a mason jar and a kitchen scale, and it has worked fine for when I am in the house all day. But I wanted something for making formula on the go or when traveling generally.The top two compartments are supposedly for the formula and the larger third compartment is supposedly for storage of things like nipples. I found the larger container too small for the Born Free nipples.I ordered two of these and have basically created one unit with 4 compartments and am not using the larger bottom compartments at this time.I place one container on the kitchen scale, zero it out, add 17 grams of formula (2 scoops for 4 ounces) and repeat. I did not realize how convenient it would be to keep the powder pre-measured so I did not have to worry about refrigerating the formula once made. All I need is a bottle of water to fill the bottles, my Piyo and I am good to go to whip up a 4 ounce bottle in no time.I would not put this in the dishwasher. I have only used it for 3 days, but I already feel liberated. The benefit of "weighing" the formula in the little cups is that I can take some back out if I add too much, whereas if I dumped that into the bottle/jar with water in it right from the scoop, I can’t retrieve any "over pours". Thus, this lets me make a much more consistent bottle.

Stacy Adairsville, GA

Good product

This is really a time saver. Its a lot better than the ones at walmart that’s difficult to screw and snap back together.

Angela Saint Meinrad, IN

Practical size and pour

Best diaper bag purchase I’ve made thus far. I love the no mess pour spout. I can make my LO’s bottles quickly without making a mess. I pre-measure 2 oz worth of baby dry formula in the first two containers and 4 oz on the last bigger container. I sometimes use the bottom container to store a pacifier.

Chrystal New Site, MS


Works well to hold powder formula. The powder doesn’t move compartments like with the Munchkin one, so you always know that the measurement will be accurate. I use the bottom cup to hold her rice cereal.

Harriet Trussville, AL

Prefer a different style

This works fine, but I prefer the Zo-Li On-the-Go Travel formula and snack dispenser. You can only pour formula using the spout from the top container (obviously), but switching the order of the containers is not easy to do for two reasons 1) each container has a separate lid piece and 2) the bottom compartment must remain on the bottom. On the Zo-Li dispenser each compartment has a threaded top and bottom so that any compartment can be attached to any other in any order. This is a huge improvement and means that once you’ve used the top compartment, you just screw it off, move it to the bottom, and put the lid back on top. Also the Zo-Li is large enough to hold my Playtex nurser nipples.

Adrienne Piedmont, AL

A space saver!

This is my 3rd milk powder dispensers and is the one I use the most! It doesn’t take up a lot of the space in your already stuffed diaper bag. It’s the size of a water bottle and can be easily fit into your diaper bag’s outside side pockets. The 3 dispensers are detachable, that way I can choose to take 1 , 2, or all 3 dispensers depends on the length of the trip.

Melissa Cannonsburg, MI

nice funnel top but the other sections don’t connect well

nice funnel top but the other sections don’t connect well. i wouldn’t get this again because it’s easier to carry formula in those snap on lid long cylindrical bottles.

Lottie West Kennebunk, ME


We got one, as a part of a gift bag, from a baby product company. It was a lifesaver in so many areas that we decided to buy a few more. It is great for the middle of the night feedings when you are semi-asleep and rally cannot measure the formula quite well. It also works great when you are in the car and the baby needs food NOW…… This dispenser is well constructed and has no issues being washed in the dishwasher.

Carla Carbon, IN