2 Fenzer Rechargeable Baby Monitor Batteries for Graco 2791 2795

2 Fenzer Rechargeable Baby Monitor Batteries for Graco 2791 2795

For Dantona: BATT-2795, BATT2795, Evenflo: Surgezelle 0718, Whisper Connect Duo, Whisper Connect Tria, Graco: 2791, 2791DIG1, 2791DIGI, 2791DIGI1, 2795, 2795DIG1, 2795DIGI, 2795DIGI1, TMK NI-MH, TMK NIMH, 2791VIB1, 2796VIB1, iMonitor Vibe, Interstate Batteries: ANIC1253

Main features

  • 2 Fenzer BG0014 Rechargeable Baby Monitor Batteries
  • 3.6V Rechargeable NiMH
  • One Year Warranty!
  • Brand New!

Verified reviews


Worked as advertised.

I can only speak for the short term, but both batteries work and hold a charge well out of the bag. If they give me problems on the long term I will report back later.

Fannie Powers, MI

Works perfectly

I purchased the graco imonitor vibe (http://www.amazon.com/Graco-1759358-imonitor-Vibe/dp/B000WJPCMK/ref=sr_1_3?s=baby-products&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1335992078&sr;=1-3) and as the reviews show, it stinks – primarily due to battery life. The stock battery just totally dies within months of usage. Basically, the holster does not hold a charge for more than an hour or two and starts to beep loudly and annoyingly with a red light indicating the dying battery.So I purchased this set of replacement batteries hoping it would do the trick.The batteries work perfectly. They fit perfectly into the monitor without issue. Now I can hear my child crying in the house. I dont think it does anything for extending the power of the imonitor, but at least the battery doesnt die anymore!

Madeline Bonners Ferry, ID

fits perfectly into the unit

these fit perfectly and function just as they should. stopped using the monitor before the batteries died so can’t comment on life.

Lynn Krakow, WI


Good battery fits perfectly in the discontinued baby monitor Graco Model 2794. Makes Grandma happy and secured when watching first grandson.

Yvette Winchester, ID

Works Perfectly for my Graco 2795 monitor…

I have an older Graco monitor used with my son who is now six. The rechargeable batteries needed replacing, and ordering from the company was almost as expensive as purchasing a newer monitor. I replaced with these and it works perfectly for under $8. What a bargain!Shipping was quick also, which is important when you are without a monitor for your infant. I’ve experienced no problems so far with the monitors holding a charge.Thanks!

Antoinette Savannah, NY


These batteries fit our Graco baby monitors. It was a considerable savings compared to buying new monitors. Esy to change out batteries.

Clare Quinault, WA