2 Gerber Lil’ Dipper

2 Gerber Lil’ Dipper

Teach your baby to use utensils.

Main features

  • Small, beginner utensils

Verified reviews


Excellent tool to develop self feeding skills

These are awesome! I used these when my son just started eating solids. I would feed him and allow him to hold the dipper. He would put it in his mouth after I gave him food. With in just a few feedings he figured out to dip it into his food and then put into his mouth. This was excellent in developing his self feeding skills.

Lacy Holland, KY

Not really great for use over 8 months

Being a new mother, I bought severl on the market to include this one. I found this was helpful from 4-6 months to get my son used to holding items during feeding time and safe to prevent harm. However, after 6 months, this really hindered his ability to get real food into his mouth. Great for a short duration of time, but not worth the price. Sassy’s curved spoon was a much better product useful for a longer duration past one year of age.Sassy Baby Less Mess Toddler Spoon 2 Pack, Multiple Colors

Delia Rogers, AR

Good buy

These are awesome! My six month old twins love it! Very easy to use and clean. I found it easier for them to use these to feed themselves ( they did not want my assistance from the start). Now they consistently eat baby food. Best purchase ever!

Bettye Attica, MI

Awesome starter spoon

These were great starter spoons, but only really worked for oatmeal. Luckily, my son loves oatmeal, so we used it as spoon practice food.

Tina Lilesville, NC

so so

these would be more useful for babies that use a pacifier. mostly my lucy just taps them together. she is 10 months old, hasn’t taken a paci since 5 months, so since she doesn’t have the urge to put things in her mouth she didn’t really bother w/these

Judi Corona, NM

Good product

I like the gerber little dippers because my son always wants to feed himself, but can’t seem to use a spoon without chocking. They are great to use due to the fact that they have a wide center to keep him from sticking it in his mouth too far, and has a wide rubber handle making it easy for him to grip. They are also grat for teething, my son like to chew on the rubber handle to make his gums feel better.

Grace Fayetteville, NC

Just Okay

It is kind of a waste of time. I should have just bought regular spoons with big thick handles. It seemed like a great idea in theory, but they really aren’t necessary.

Jenna Blaine, OH

Great for development. Recommended by the twins Physical Therapist

These are great. And my twins have fun dipping and eating. We use them with yogurt. It’s great for their development. Can’t find in the store but found on Amazon 🙂

Ilene Redlands, CA

Works as a teething toy – not a utensil

We gave these to our 9-month-old twins as their first “utensil,” and were very disappointed in the results. Whatever food you are serving has to be JUST the right consistency – too thin and it just slides off the dipper, too thick and it won’t stick to it. Our kids did like to mimic Mommy and Daddy using utensils, and they would practice “eating” with these, but they could have done just as well with a regular baby spoon. Wouldn’t waste your money on this “intro” utensil. Really likeBoon Benders – Adaptable Utensils in Orange/Blueas introductory spoon and fork.

Margo Rego Park, NY