2 – in -1 Harness Buddy – Unicorn

2 – in -1 Harness Buddy – Unicorn

A great way to keep kids close and safe in crowds, or during family outings. Remove the tether strap to turn this harness into a backpack. Features include adjustable straps, a velcro back pocket, and removable tether strap. Machine washable. Ages 18 months and up.

Main features

  • Cute animal friend to keep little ones close to you
  • Two in one harness and backpack
  • Removable 4 foot tether strap
  • Small zippered pouch that will hold a small toy
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


It’s cute but only if your toddler will let you use it

I only gave this a four star because I haven’t been able to use it. Everytime I put it on my daughter it’s like all hell breaks loose. I guess if she did wear it I’d have no complaints.

Rita Kenduskeag, ME

GREAT harness! Just wish there was a bit more “storage.”

We’re going to Disneyland next week. We hadn’t planned on it, especially with little dude still being so, well, little but my sister is getting married there so it’d be silly not to go to the park while there. Going to Disneyland with a toddler? You’ll need a leash! This is what everyone told me, at least. I would have dismissed it had I not seen first hand how one of these “harnesses” kept my then 18month old niece out of some serious trouble at Disneyland a few years back.This review is for the quality of manufacture (seems nice!) and the comfort (son likes wearing it) but we haven’t used it out and about yet. I imagine that will be the ultimate test.

Michelle Hubbard, IA


I just got this delivered today and I’m so disgusted! They sent me an obviously used one!! My first hint was that it was just sitting in the box without the little plastic ties that hold it to the box. Then I noticed several long black hairs wrapped around the giraffe’s ears.I don’t know if someone bought it and then returned it, but either way I don’t appreciate being sent something with hair on it when I paid for a "new" item!(The product itself is actually pretty cute. I like the giraffe, but I hate that it’s used!)

Pamala Sun City West, AZ

love this

My 3 yr old daughter likes to run off in public spaces and this was the perfect answer. She loves it and never resists putting it on.

Imelda Ray, MI

The giraffe is so cute my daughter wants to wear it.

I know some people think putting your kid in a harness is treating your kid like a dog but I’m not one of those people. My baby girl can easily outrun me so I’d rather be safe than sorry. This little guys is really cute. When we first got it, I let my daughter inspect it, then I put him on so she could see how much fun he is. Within a few hours he became part of her buddy pack (may have something to do with the kissy noises I make for him) and she would ask for me to put him on her. Now the few times we’ve had to use this she hasn’t given us any issue. We also do our best to teach our daughter to walk WITH us not ahead of us so I don’t have to pull her back.We’ve had this for a few months and it’s really come in handy (especially during the holiday season). I have a fractured spine so having to chase a toddler in a busy area is difficult if not impossible at times. This harness really helped me keep her safe and I like that I can remove the leash (I think that’s what it’s called) part so she can play with just the giraffe if she wants to.There really isn’t much storage room in the backpack portion of this so if that’s what you need from a harness then this probably wouldn’t work for you.

Marci Musella, GA

Nice product

I do like the harness backpack, but the product is smaller than I expected. Don’t expect to store much in it. However, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a good idea for my toddler to carry a larger pack or much if any weight on her back. It serves the purpose, and she likes it.

Lillian Pandora, TX

Sweet and cute – and a livesaver on vacation!!

We got the koala harness and it is great. Its comfy and totally cute. I think the gray is so sweet and versatile. I also makes a good pillow if your toddler wants to nap while out and about.We were worried at first if she would throw a fit (she is a very subborn and independent two year old) but what we did is put it on her, pop it on my wrist, hold her hand and leave for a walk immediately. She almost instantly began to associate it with getting out of the house and exploring. After a week of doing that, it didnt phase her one bit to wear it.

Stephanie Florence, MA


This harness is cute but we use it more as a toy than a harness. My toddler does not like to wear it for a long duration.

Marcie Gainesville, VA

I judged people for this…not anymore!

Before my son I used to look at parents who had their children in these sorts of things and think to myself it was so dumb. I’m now reminding myself to not judge others before I’m in their shoes! My son is 18 months, he’s in that stage where he doesn’t understand he can’t run into the street but he wants to be a big boy and walk without holding my hand. I was tired of fighting him on hand holding and I knew he’d love the freedom of one of these. A friend had one for her son and I was amazed at how much he loved it! My son loves it too now, he smiles big when I put it on him. The first time we had a few issues as he was still testing it out, realizing he still had to stay pretty close to me. After he got used to it we didn’t have any more issues. Overall a great idea and a fun one for small kids!

Anita Ash, NC

Super cute and baby loves it!

My baby loves giraffe and she has a lot of little plush animals in giraffe so naturally she was very drawn to this “buddy” upon first sight. Like other reviews have mentioned, the backpack function is nonexistent, but thats ok with me since I didn’t buy this as a backpack for her. My daughter loves it and it looks comfortable on her so I’m giving it a 5 star!

Dawn Ronkonkoma, NY

Our daughter lovingly calls this her "tail"

This harness is really cute and our daughter calls it her "tail". We purchased this harness for our toddler after the birth of our second child. While juggling the infant our increasingly independent toddler had the tendency to bolt. After a particularly scary incident we decided to get the harness. Yes, we became "those parents". Honestly though, our toddler loves the harness, it keeps her safe, but still gives her the sense of independence.My husband was hesitant to give a 5 because anyone who wants to leash their child would also appreciate the ability to make the straps incredibly tight. However, they are acceptably adjustable for our very slim toddler, so only one star was removed.

Sandra Whittemore, IA


I take my son to bloomingdales almost every night on the 7th floor so he can walk around. I use this so I don’t have to catch him.

Suzette Prudence Island, RI


this harness is great. I love it because when I’m out with any of the grandbabies I can put this on them and not have to worry about loosing them. The baby can walk and explore things without having to sit in a stroller.

Shelly Elba, NE

my son wears it around just for fun

My 21 month old son loves this thing. Its his "backback" and doesnt mind wearing it out. he thinks its "cool"!

Graciela Alder Creek, NY

somewhat different

I bought this for a trip to Disneyland for my 19 mo. daughter. I did noticed other children wearing similar types of harness but never did I see a Koala.The strap:The strap is not retractable. It is ~4 ft long (just the right distance in my opinion) and if you want it shorter you can just wrap the strap around your hand several times. The strap is about 1 inch wide and made of the same material as the koala (soft and plushy so it’s not abrasive in your hand). The strap ends in an loop (strap is basically folded and sewn together) for the parent’s hand which at first I didn’t think anything of but it’s actually an added help since you can secure it around your wrist (or the stroller) when you are tire of holding it. The part that attaches to the bear is detachable. Your child can just carry the koala by itself and/or you can just use the strap secured to a loop on your child’s pants etc.The koala:It has the cutest ears. My daughter loves the ears since it has tuffs of furr sticking out of it, and when she is carrying the backpack, you can see the koala’s head sticking pass her shoulder and these two big fluffy ears. I noticed in the product feature it says “Backpack area is small zippered pouch that will hold a small toy”. The opening of the pouch on ours is vertical, on the back of the bear, and is secured by a 1x1in. velcro. Its about the size of a large pocket (i.e. you can only fit a hand in). I use it to tuck away the strap when we put the bear away.Reading some of the reviews here I was afraid my daughter will not like the harness so I first introduce this harness as a toy to her and let her play with it for awhile. She thinks its another one of her plush toys and when I finally secured it around her back she thinks its part of the game. Very happy with the product. It did what it was suppose to do with cosmetic appeal.

Sophia Selkirk, NY

Kids love it

I have no complains about this product… its just great, its well made, the giraffe is pretty, my kids like to have it on, and I like a lot that i can put the strip on the bag whenever im not usin it. Just great

Mia Broadview Heights, OH

Great for a runaway toddler!

We purchased when my son was 16 months. He runs – and FAST – and doesn’t always like to hold hands. This has been an absolute lifesaver for that… and he loves his "backpack."

Rena Hi Hat, KY

Very Cute

My 15 month old doesn’t mind wearing this at all. She hates to hold my hand when out walking and this harness allows me to keep her within reach while letting her feel independent. I’ve used it in the airport, and on the street to prevent her from running into traffic. I haven’t received any looks of disapproval from passersby. The giraffe is very cute.

Amber Bellevue, KY