2 In 1 Professional Clinical Large LCD Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

2 In 1 Professional Clinical Large LCD Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


Main features

  • intuitive guidance system
  • Adjustable audio alarm for high temperature
  • Memory of the last 32 temperature recordings
  • Low energy consumption: 100,000 on 2 AA batteries

Verified reviews


Feels like a gun, and not the most accurate

I hate it. Whenever I use it, it feels like a gun being pointed at anyone’s head.The accuracy is dependent on the user and is accurate only when you make sure there is no hair etc on forhead on way while taking the measurement, leaving room for errors.It works, but I think ear thermometers are much more reliable.Update:The company send us a newer version of the thermometer. We got to use it over this weekend and it seems to have much quicker response time. I also checked the temperature measured to the rectal temperature and they are off aby around 1-2F .. which is pretty good. I do like the newer version much better and like the customer care of the company even better!!!

Georgette District Heights, MD


I had really hoped this would work because it seemed like a good solution to taking my son’s temperature in the middle of the night when he is sick. Every reading is different. When I took my temperature it would say 104, 101, 100, 97, 99, Everytime something different. I am returning it today. Now I have to find something else. Save your money for something different, this is not a good buy.

Dionne Medford, NJ

So easy to use on toddlers

I was tired of traditional temperature taking, toddlers do not like things in the back. This is perfect!! So quick and easy, can sneak in in the middle of the night and get a quick temp without waking baby. He will even stand still for me to get temp in the day. Found to be very accurate as long as used correctly.

Summer Richards, TX

Inconsistent temp readings

This thermometer is convenient because my child will cooperate with me to take her temperature with it; but it isn’t very consistent with temperature readings. It will vary by 1-2 degrees within a five minute time period. Overall, though, I am able to determine if my child has a fever (although not with definite temperature accuracy), and that is useful. If I had it to do over, I would probably buy it again, but I would keep my expectations low.

Eddie Eaton Rapids, MI

Love it

When my first son was born 20 years ago, the ear thermometer was the new and high tech way to take an infant’s temperature. I loved the ear thermometer and the convenience of it, as I did not want to use a rectal thermometer on my baby. It was very accurate and easy to use. Now that I had my second son two months ago, I tried using an ear thermometer on him but he didn’t like it (he is very sensitive about his ears). I had noticed the first time I took him to the doctor that he pointed this thing at my son and noted his temperature. So, I went online and found out about the forehead thermometers. After reading about a few different ones, I decided on this one because of its dual use (body and surface). I am so glad I went with this one. I used it straight out of the box (I think I just went through the menu but don’t recall making any changes), and pointed it at myself, my husband, and my baby. I’ve compared the temperature readings with the ear thermometer I have (on myself, not on my baby) and have found them to match. This is so much easier to use, and much quicker as well, almost instantaneous. So far no one in the family has had a fever, so I don’t know what it will be like when I check for a higher temperature, but if any issues come up I will update my review. If you have a baby and can afford it, this is a great investment!

Dessie Bronx, NY

good! good!

excellent accuracy… easy to use!i like how its works, I scan every surface of the body and the other surfaces to be sure that everything is ok…

Allene Brenton, WV