2-Pack Child Proof Deluxe Top Door Lock

2-Pack Child Proof Deluxe Top Door Lock

This Door Lock rests on top of the door so tots can’t reach it. A peg mounts on the door frame and the latch slides around the peg to lock and release! Opens from either side of the door. Easy-grip wand for shorter adults. One Wand is packaged with each Lock. Fits all standard interior doors measuring up to 1 3/8″ thick. Not for use with exterior or oversized doors. Features extra-sturdy material construction, large, easy grasp finger hold for easier use and an improved latch opening for a more secure lock. Includes easy grip wand for convenient operation.

Main features

  • 2 Door Locks Per package
  • Opens from either side of the door
  • Keeps doors closed, opens easily by adult
  • Includes one Wand (extra wands available upon request)
  • Installs Easily on Interior Doors

Verified reviews


Didn’t fit door

Guess my new pantry door is to thin….this slides right open and allows kids in at their pleasure. So annoying

Eloise Spencer, IA

Seems flimsy, but has held up so far…

All the doorknobs in our home are the “decorative” variety with the long, slim handle as opposed to the round ones. Having been unable to find high-rating handle locks for these types of doorknobs, this product seemed to be our next best bet. We currently have these installed on two doors and despite my 2.5 year-old’s best efforts, these locks have held up and kept her in and out of spaces when we want. The installation took no more than a minute with drilling a single hole into the upper door frame and the sliding part just sits over the door without any type of securing. I can see this being a problem for particularly thin or thick doors, but I believe our bedroom doors are probably of about a standard thickness. I like that this offers the flexibility to “lock” a door from a small child on either side of the door with ease. I am 5’4″ and have no problems reaching/maneuvering this lock without the extension rod that is included. I do wish for a stronger material because I definitely can see how older kids are able to break these more easily than the smaller kids and seeing as how they’re not particularly cheap, that’s an issue to be dealt with. Also know that the door will “give” a little bit when there is enough pushing/pulling, so there is potentially a risk for smashed fingers if the child were to stick his/her fingers in the crack while pushing or pulling. This has not been an issue so far since my daughter needs the strength of both hands on the doorknob to get it to budge at all, but I can see it being a potential issue for stronger kids. At any rate, consider it a deterrent and not necessarily a permanent solution to keeping slightly older kids out of certain rooms.

Jessica Los Alamos, NM

Work Great

We had children who were always wanting to get into our guest’s room, which had double doors without locks. We installed these and they work great…you can open them and lock them from either side which is really nice. You don’t need the stick hanging down because you can just slide the mechanism yourself, but maybe if you weren’t tall enough to reach it would make a difference.

Margot North Miami Beach, FL

Great for double doors

We have double doors in our office that do not have a latch on them, but instead have a roller catch on the top like a closet door. We had problems with our 80 and 90 lb dogs ‘breaking in’ by pushing on the doors and entering the office and sleeping on the couch in there (leaving hair everywhere!). Then, we had our son- and when we started child proofing, I decided I didn’t really want him in there (one less room to worry about- besides, there are tall book cases in there and stuff to climb!) I wasn’t sure if these would work because the reviews weren’t too clear, but they do! My husband installed them pretty quickly. You screw in a peg type piece into the door jam, then the slider part sits on top of the door (as other mentioned, its not held on by anything other than gravity and the shape of the plastic. When the door is closed, you slide the slider so that the peg fits into the slot and voila, it won’t open. On our doors, we had to try a couple of spots on the top of the door to see where it would slide/get stuck before screwing in the peg part. I can see how if your door/door jams were really tight this wouldn’t work. It did work for our application though, since we had no door knob/latch mechanism, just the roller catches at the top. I can’t think of any other way we could have ‘locked’ that room. The dogs and the toddler can’t get in now 🙂

Ashley Augusta, KS

Works and Easy To Install

Only works on our indoor doors. Our outside doors are too thick. Could use a longer pull on the one install on our basement door. We have to get on the next to last step to reach the pull. Tried a few of the door handle open preventers and they didn’t work so well.

Stephanie West Middleton, IN

Work great, wonderful for house with kiddos

These locks work very well and just as designed. I love that you can open a "locked" door from either side. They’re easy to install. I would guess you’d have to be about 4 feet tall or taller to unlock them. I could see, if you had a REALLY rambunctious little one, he/she could pull and pull and pull on the door until the screw came out of the door frame. We haven’t had this problem at all. Highly recommend if you’re looking for an easy fix for childproofing doors.

Erna Salamanca, NY

work great!

love these for keeping my kids out of the pantry and the laundry room with the drink fridge! super easy to install and use.

Claudia Gatesville, TX