2014 Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller Click Connect Stroller, Gotham

2014 Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller Click Connect Stroller, Gotham

Graco FastAction Fold Sport Click Connect Stroller – Gotham Experience Graco’s FastAction Sport Click Connect Folding Stroller, in Gothham. It’s Graco’s three-wheel sport stroller featuring a unique, one-second fold. This lightweight stroller not only features a fast fold, but it also has a multi-position reclining seat, expandable canopy and an extra-large storage basket. Features: Accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment One-second, one-hand fold with carrying strap Lightweight, sturdy portable stroller frame Multi-position reclining seat for baby’s comfort Manufacturer Recommended Weight Limits: Up to 50 pounds Product Dimensions: 31 x 24.50 x 42.00 inches

Main features

  • FastAction Fold Sport Click Connect Folding Stroller, in Gotham, accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment
  • One-second, one-hand fold with carrying strap
  • Lightweight, sturdy portable stroller frame
  • Sports stroller holds child up to 50 pounds
  • Multi-position reclining seat for baby’s comfort

Verified reviews


Love it

LOVEEEEEEEE!! This is perfect! It is compatible with my Graco snug ride carseat! It is so easy to collapse. And it fits perfectly in my trunk. The stroller that came with my travel system is HUGE and this just made life much easier. It’s a great ride and easy to handle. I LOVE IT!!

Twila Organ, NM

So easy to maneuver!

I originally had another stroller but I was having problems adjusting the seat position and the straps keeping baby in place. So I got this one and it is sooooo much better than the other one plus it has more features that I love.This is easy to put together with no problems. The seat is perfect for baby, adjusts easily and hopefully it will stay in position.So far, so good. I have never used a triangular shaped stroller before and I love this one. It is so easy to maneuver.The canopy is nice and big and covers a child nicely from the sun and elements without block my view or his. It has plenty of storage space for diaper bags, toys, etc. and I love that it has a cup holder for baby and for the adult pushing him.The color is not bright or gaudy only wish there was more red than black as black has a tendency to be much hotter. Other than that it has performed well and I hope it continues to do so.

Jaclyn Chatham, NJ

It’s OK!

It was simple to assemble and light weight. The only down fall: you have to be careful in how you pack it in the vehicle or where you put it (I thought I was careful), but when it came to taking it out for use (the back part of where the baby sits) curved in (toward the back of my baby) and so did the flap at the bottom of the stroller (where things are stored), also the storage at the bottom (it’s hard to fit anything in there. I don’t leave it in my vehicle (so it couldn’t have been because of the Texas heat). But other than this, I like the stroller. Since there were no reviews when I bought this, I took my chances… If I can go back, I would have bought another one that I was looking into.

Blanche Dumont, TX

This is a great stroller

First of all, this is very easy to put together, which is always a plus for baby products! The stroller itself is sturdy, but not too heavy. The 1 second fold works very well and simply. It’s easily maneuvered. The basket underneath is deep and can hold a large diaper bag and a few jackets. The seat is easily adjusted with a light pull of a small tab behind the seat. It has a 5 point harness that snaps very well, but is a little difficult to adjust, but that is really the only complaint. Overall, this is a quality stroller, very user friendly, and safe for baby!

Mari Marion, WI

Nice job

I really like this stroller for several key reasons.1. Heavy duty support of up to 50 pounds2. Folds up reasonably small for bigger sized stroller3. Front wheel system makes it MUCH easier to navigate a crowded area without running over toes!

Nanette Bracey, VA

Really great stroller

I really like this stroller. I find that it pushes much smoother than other strollers I’ve owned (and I’ve owned a lot). I really like the one wheel design on it. The kids seem to like it. It has a nice hard tray for the parents. Putting it together was fine. My husband did find it a little frustrating that the kids’ tray does not hinge…. you have to remove the entire thing and it is a little difficult to do so. It is an attractive stroller that would work well for boys and girls. Decent sizes basket. I really like the canopy. It has a piece that comes down about 6 inches, which I think can provide more sun shade for the kids, which is really important. There’s also a mesh opening at the top (which you can cover) so you can see the child. I would definitely consider this stroller.

Sabrina Glendive, MT

My first stroller

In preparation for parenthood, I tested out this stroller. I am a physically active person and I was looking for a stroller that allowed me to take baby out for walks and jogs. For walks, this is a great, if fairly standard, design. This stroller is suitable for long leisurely walks, a day at the beach, or even a brisk walk, but not running. The wheels really aren’t big enough for that, so calling it a "sport stroller" may be a bit over-enthusiastic.For going less than 4 mi/hr, however, stroller has everything you need for a day out. The swivel wheels offer great maneuverability for dodging pedestrians at crowded summer events and farmers markets. The undercarriage offers plenty of room for carrying baby essentials and food, water, snacks, picnic blanket, etc. I live in Brooklyn, NY, with some great parks, walking destinations and points of interest nearby, and am looking forward to exploring more of the city on foot. We’ll also be able to fold this down for sitting on park lawns during music festivals and performances.

Alyson Peosta, IA

Great stroller

Overall, this is a wonderful stroller. This stroller was relative easy to assemble – that’s a complement coming from someone who dislikes assembling things. Compared to other sport strollers, the footprint on the Graco FastAction is pretty similar both open and folded. As for the quick folding, I was somewhat skeptical at first, but surprisingly the FastAction (one-second) fold actually works pretty well.

Graciela Girard, GA

Graco Stroller

I had used Graco Stroller in the past, the quality seemed to be quite good. After receiving this new stroller to try, all I can say is it has got even better than before. A few things I like the most include more compact size, lighter weight, easier assembly and faster folding mechanism. I would definitely recommend it.

Wendi Spencer, SD

Not perfect, but close enough to replace all my other strollers

At this point in my parenting career, I am seasoned enough to know what I want out of a stroller. I’ve owned a lot of other strollers and tried out a few of my friends. I started with the close to high endValco Baby Tri-Modewhen my friends were pushing their expensiveBugaboos. I used aBritax Chaperonefor awhile before deciding it was way too bulky to pull in and out of the car and had wheels that constantly fell off. I tried going the minimalist route with theContours Lite Strollerbut it was so light, it kept falling over when I weighed it down with my diaper bag, purse, or shopping bags.But I’m excited about the Graco FastAction Fold Sport stroller. It combines a lot of what I like about the other strollers: maneuvers easily even with a heavy child; cup holders and storage aplenty, and easy to move in and out of the car. It’s not a perfect system, nothing ever is, but it hits that sweet spot of portability with user-friendliness so well that I’m getting rid of the other strollers.Specs: Stroller weighs 21.47 lbs; is 42″ high; and 24.5″ wide at the widest (back wheels). It is convertible to a 3 or 5 point harness and will hold a child up to 50 lbs. (However, I had my 8 year old who is pushing 70 lbs sit in it, and I could still push it easily around the house.)Pros:1. Value/Affordability — Given the wide range of price-points for strollers out there, the Graco FastAction Fold Sport comes in on the lower end, without dropping into the cheapie umbrella stroller prices.2. This stroller enables you to just snap a carseat into it to connect a carseat. There are two flaps that can be unsnapped and opened to give the carseat a resting mount. This feature allows parents to replace theSnugRiderorSnap-N-Go. (Though I think that if you can afford it, it’s still worthwhile to hold onto a snugrider type stroller frame since it is so lightweight and much easier to use for infants still in carseats.)3. One handed fold and lock. That’s the whole schtick behind the stroller, right? You just pull a little strap hidden in the seat, pull, and the entire stroller folds and locks into place. It’s actually the exact same system used in my more expensive Britax Chaperone stroller.4. There’s a very simple system of locking for the swivel wheel, brakes, and the food tray. Some may say it’s pretty primitive. But I’ve seen with my other strollers is that the complex locking mechanism or reclines, pneumatic wheel systems, and press button tray removals end up catching or failing somewhere. And then, you’ve got a more complicated problem to fix than when a primitive system breaks.5. There’s a simple drawstring method for adjusting the seat back to recline, with a drawstring stay to keep it in place. The strings don’t adjust as smoothly as I’d like for my light sleeper not to notice, but I suspect it will become smoother over time as the strings are used. I also don’t like the flimsy feel of the plastic drawstring stay, but most people don’t a the wrecking ball of a toddler like I do.6. The canopy is arched and provide ample shade for even the tallest of children. There’s a zippered hood for extra coverage when the sun is coming in at the child horizontally or you want to cover them up while they’re sleeping. There’s also a mesh viewing window to look in and provide ventilation while the canopy is closed.7. The storage basket is ample and you can open up the velcro to reveal a second, smaller compartment separated from the other by a mesh. This allows you to put stuff, like a sippy cup, keys, or some other item that you wouldn’t want to rolling around and become lost among the coats, bags, and other mess of the larger compartment.8. Two cup holders each for both baby and adult. Love this. I have an older child who also wants her water bottle in easy access when I go on walks with them and she hates the strollers that only have one cupholder.9. Most importantly, the stroller has great maneuverability, turns on a dime and glides over the floor. It does really well on the sidewalks of our Baltimore neighborhood which is full of cracks and uneven cement (thanks, Baltimore City government). The back axle and basket are pretty low to the ground (trade off for more storage space), which makes pushing the stroller down stairs a bit tricky, but still very doable. The sport stroller is a lot easier to push than the regular four wheeled Graco travel systems and is a good alternative for people who do a lot of walking with the stroller.10. The assembly was quick and easy and I was able to do it in 10 minutes out of the box.Cons:1. It’s not quite as compact or light as an umbrella stroller. You shouldn’t expect it to be; it *is* a sport stroller. But then again, it’s not a jogging stroller and doesn’t have huge wheels, so it’s not going to do rough terrain that well either. But for most users, it will meet their needs just fine. It should be noted that Graco does have aFastAction Fold Jogging Strollerthat has the air-filled tires for those who really want a jogger and it’s similarly priced as this stroller. But, mind you, it also is a good 9 lbs heavier than this sport stroller.2. There’s no easy way to remove and wash the padding or straps. Most strollers don’t really have an easy way to do this, but the Graco FastAction Fold Sport also has lots of holes and crevices (not to mention that folding strap hidden away in a pocket in the seat) that allows for cereal, snacks, and gunk to get caught in it. Not to mention that if you’ve ever had a child vomit or explode out of a diaper in a stroller, the fewer slots to clean, the better. At least the stroller has an easy to wipe down fabric.3. The folding mechanism of the stroller is internal and not easily fixable if it goes bad. I found that out with the Britax Chaperone, which as I said previously, has the same folding mechanism. It started catching more and more frequently and just had difficulty in folding. Then, after awhile, I had to only use the stroller while it was open and no longer had the option of folding it any longer.4. Once the stroller is in the folded and locked position, it’s not quite as compact as the photo would have you believe. One you set it on the ground, it opens a little bit more (maybe another 1-2 cm). Also, there’s no easy way to push it once it’s in the folded position. (My Britax stroller would still allow you to push the stroller on its wheels towards the trunk of your car. The Valco and the Bugaboo, once folded, couldn’t be pushed either and had to be lifted into place.) This Graco stroller could theoretically be pushed on its wheels, but the handlebar drags on the ground. If the handlebar was slightly shorter or adjustable, it could have removed this issue entirely (are you listening, Graco?). An adjustable handlebar would have also been a boon for those who are not average height.5. The stroller really could have used an extra pocket or storage compartment on the seat back or hood. More storage is better.6. My biggest beef with the stroller is that it requires two hands to open stroller. One hand must pull the release strap (the same as the fold and lock strap) and the other hand must reach down and grab the handlebar and straighten the stroller at the same time. So, while you’re doing this on the walkway bridge right out of the airplane with a ton of passengers piling up behind you and your carry-on luggage, who’s going to hold the baby who is cranky and crying after the flight? A much better system would have been some sort of release button or strap that would have let you open the stroller with one hand.Please let me know if my review was helpful or if you have any questions.

Leta Eaton, NY

Good stroller

I prefer the click connect on the handle, it takes both hands to fold out on this one and I struggle a little to get it to fold out.There is a ton of room to fit stuff underneath so it’s convenient when you’re out shopping. I love that the canopy extends, as it helps with the wind in my daughters face.I’m 5’0 and it’s lighter than the regular stroller I had. As for jogging with this, it’s not horrible but obviously when you’re short, it’s not as easy on the back.If you’re looking at the red I think this is a great unisex color. This stroller is sturdy and I think it will be around for the next child.

Jade Evart, MI