2014 Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller Click Connect Travel System, Pierce

2014 Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller Click Connect Travel System, Pierce

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Main features

  • includes the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 infant car seat, with stay-in-car base
  • One-second fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go
  • Lightweight, sturdy frame for smooth maneuverability and easy portability
  • Travel system stroller holds a child up to 50 pounds, for years of comfortable strolling
  • Multi-position reclining seat for baby’s comfort
  • The FastAction Fold Sport Click Connect Travel System includes the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 infant car seat, with stay-in-car base

Verified reviews


Good stroller but I prefer Graco jogging stroller. Car seat is great.

I already own the Graco FastAction jogging stroller, so I’ll be comparing this to that somewhat.It never bothered me a whole lot, but one legitimate complaint I have read about the Graco jogging stroller is that the hood does not protect the baby well from bright sunlight. Well, that is definitely not a problem with this stroller. The hood has an extra zippered section, similar to (but much more practical than, IMO) an expandable suitcase. Unzip that, and you can shroud your baby in near-total darkness. There is a screened window at the upper rear for checking the baby, which has a solid cover as well. The cover has no velcro, so it is silent to open, but might conceivably blow open in a strong wind.My chief complaint about the stroller is that when you fold it it sure seems like it should latch in the compressed position… but mine does not. It springs back to a partly opened state.Like the Graco jogging stroller, the single button that releases all the harness straps at once makes me slightly nervous, but with the tray attached across the front it did not seem to be much of an issue.Overall I personally prefer the big wheels, all-terrain capability, and very noticeably more rugged construction of the jogging model for my somewhat rural lifestyle. I guess if you mainly envision strolling around malls and stores then this shorter length stroller might suit you slightly better. The two Graco models are priced about the same right now… which surprizes me, because I think they put considerably more into the jogger. I did not feel that the jogging stroller was all that much bulkier when folded, either, especially in view of the fact that the larger wheels pop right off at the press of a button. I should mention I do not actually jog, so that is not influencing me.Now the car seat is very nice, much nicer than the dubious old second-hand seat we were using. The seat locks into its base with several locking points, to spread out the strain of any impact. Yet it releases super easy, as long as you pull the release handle first and lift the seat out second. No rocking or tipping motion is needed, just a vertical lift.The only negative with the seat was that it has its own little hood, and it seemed like the hood, carry handle, and seat back were all interfering with each other somewhat. Very minimal clearances there. We’ll probably just discard the seat hood.I knew the car seat was supposed to lock into the stroller, but really had to study the two instruction manuals before finally finding the instructions to do that. Well it does work very well, except then the center of gravity is higher up and the whole unit is a bit tippier than if the baby was strapped into the stroller directly.

Elaine Starrucca, PA

Super easy, but not really a “sport” stroller. Big difference between “sport” & “sporty”. Here’s a comparison with other brands:

We currently have a Peg-Perego (4-wheel stroller), and a Baby Trend Sport Jogging Stroller (3-wheel). We thought the Graco would be a hybrid between the two, and might replace them both. We also liked the idea of the compatible car seat. Here are some comparisons & highlights:
• The Graco is easy to assemble, and light weight! Noticeably lighter than both our other strollers
• The car base/seat fits easily in sedan
• I have no issue popping the car seat out of the base, but my wife doesn’t have much hand strength and struggles with it a little bit. But we don’t remove it out very often
• The Graco maneuvers pretty decent, as good (or better) than most 4-wheel strollers
• Our Baby Trend maneuvers considerably better. And our Baby Trend has the large wheels, much easier on sidewalks, on grass & rough surfaces, etc. I don’t think you can jog easily with the Grace. So, the Grace definitely does NOT replace the Baby Trend jogging stroller.
• The Graco has normal sized stroller wheels (in the sport stroller layout). So I really wouldn’t call it a sport stroller – you can’t really do sports in it! This would be a nightmare on a hiking trail, which I often do with my kids. Maybe I’m just a weirdo – I do get a lot of strange looks when I’m out with my children on hiking trails LOL. Anyway the Graco is definitely "fashionably" sporty… I think it’s more fair just to call it a 3-wheel stroller.
• However, please note that the Graco is more compact than our Baby Trend sport stroller – not as long, and it folds up a little flatter. It’s definitely got some perks.
• Like all 3-wheel strollers, it folds a little awkward. However, it still folds a couple inches flatter than our Baby Trend sport stroller. (We didn’t initially think this was a big deal, but the Baby Trend barely fits in our minivan trunk!)Bottom Line: I was hoping this would replace the need for owning two different style strollers (a compact 4-wheel stroller, and a jogging stroller for active days). The Graco is not maneuverable or versatile enough to replace our Baby Trend sport stroller, however, it definitely replaces the Peg-Perego 4-wheel stroller. It
• is
• definitely lightweight, smart design, and I love the compatibility with the car seat. I like it, not too many complaints. Hope this helps!

Ina Glen Morgan, WV

Good set

I prefer the click connect on the handle, I’ve grown so used to it that I’m having a hard time adjusting to this.The car seat is your average normal one that seems standard with the sets. My previous one looks identical to this and the set up is the same.I do like that this is lighter than my previous stroller, as being only 5’0, any help for my poor back is appreciated. The best thing I honestly love about this is the extended canopy. I don’t know how many times I use to keep pulling on my previous one to get the sun out of my daughters eyes. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better.I did take this through the airport, I had no problems getting the car seat in and out and getting everything through the scanner.The orange is better suited for a boy but we were happy to get this as we needed a new set.The steering was easy, set up is pretty basic, my main thing was I am just having a hard time getting used to the click connect on the seat.

Nan Vidalia, GA

Great combo with room for some improvement

There is probably nothing more scrutinized then the thing that you trust your baby to. We’ve seen the test Dwight put one such device to on an episode of The Office. Hopefully the manufacture or Consumer Reports has done that much for us. As the consumer we also want it to be easy to use and comfortable for the little one as well.QuicklyI like that it
• Rolls easy
• Folds easy
• Lots of storage under stroller
• Easy to attach car seat to stroller
• Locking wheels
• Looks sportyRoom for improvement- Folds but doesn’t lock making it awkward to handle- Unfolding is awkward and unbalanced- Very little upper storage, basically useless- Size adjustment for shoulder height could be better- Child sits awkward, sort of reclined like on a slide- No wind guard in frontThis stroller system was relatively easy to put together: not a lot of parts mainly the wheels and cover; like a BBQ. There were a couple of times I had to look twice at the illustration and re-read the text but you really can’t do much wrong. ONE NOTE: the instructions suggest putting a piece of cardboard down – that is a good idea. The tubing has a hard, sharp edge and will damage something like a nice wood floor. Once the wheels are on you should be safe.Speaking of wheels, these are a decent size and roll very well: soft and quiet. I don’t know if they will work well for jogging as the strollers designed for jogging have larger wheels and handle bumps better at a faster pace. But these are great for a good walking pace. The front wheel swivels for easy turning or it can be locked in place.There is plenty storage under the stroller. I would have liked something higher near the handle for something like my camera. In front of the child is a tray with a couple of beer holders – I’m joking but a child usually throws his bottle on the ground and these aren’t deep enough to hold a bottle securely while moving. Same on top of the handlebar is a shallow tray with bottle holders. A deeper bag would have been more efficient.To fold up the stroller is easy, just pull on the clearly marked strap and it folds right up. But it doesn’t lock together making it flimsy and awkward to handle. Unfolding isn’t quite so easy. It’s a little off balance and awkward to do. For me it kept wanting to tip forward so I have to push the wheels down as I pull up to get it to open.The main part, the important part, where the child sits could use some design. It slants like a slide not a seat. Good thing there are straps. There are 5 straps you need to connect. Adjusting shoulder height is not a simple task. You have to pull the straps out and run them worth another set of holes. Not bad if only used for one child but a hassle if you frequently trade between children of different size.Could use a wind guard or something in front to protect the child from the elements. It’s wide open so on cold days the wind just blows right into the little one.The car seat is well built and easy to work. The one problem is getting the base to fit snug. Unfornutaley, there are so many types of seats and seatbelts and situations it can be hard to figure how to best install it.It is a sturdy stroller; rolls smoothly and quietly; the car seat easily fits right in; it’s a cool sporty look and has lots of storage underneath. There is room for improvement but overall a great stroller and car seat combo.

Allison Huntingdon Valley, PA

Nice, light, fast

This is a great system, very lightweight, and easy to operate. The stroller itself folds nice and compactly to easily fit in any size trunk and can open with one hand. The carseat itself doesn’t seem a whole lot lighter than other comparable carseats, but it fits nicely on the stroller for ease of use (straight from car to stroller with one click). The only thing I don’t like is that the stroller wheels are small (I prefer the inflatable bike tire type). I would not choose this stroller for any bumpy surface (gravel roads/trails/etc), but if that doesn’t bother you, it works great as a mall/sidewalk stroller.

Antoinette Federal Way, WA

Smooth Travels

Key features of the stroller: only 7.5 pounds, convertible 3- or 5-point harness, up to 50 pounds, removable tray, adjustable shade canopy with a zipper, easy and compact fold up, and easy steering.Compared to the stroller from my Graco Passage Travel System I find myself using the FastAction Fold Sport Stroller more and more. The three wheels move smoothly and their locks work well. Both the parent’s tray an the child’s tray each have two cup holders, one on each side. The child’s tray can either pivot or be removed completely for easy washing. The height of the straps was easily adjusted and the seat is able to be reclined for napping. The mechanism to adjust the recline of the seat looks a bit wonky but it is straightforward and works the way it should. This stroller is way simpler than my other two strollers to fold up, and I don’t have to carry around the manual like I did with them. It’s very user-friendly.Unlike the Passage stroller there is no convenient storage compartment between the parent’s tray, which would have been a great addition for being out on the run. There is a folder-like Velcro-sealed compartment by the basket that I don’t trust to use; it seems like things could fall out of it whether or not it’s closed. The bottom of the basket is a little less sturdy that the Passage system and tends to sink easier if you put something heavy there. The canopy provides very nice shade and I love that it can expand so far and then be zipped back up.Compared to the Peg Perego Book Plus Stroller it is much lighter, making it easier to pick up and move around with (not to mention way cheaper and more versatile).As for the car seat- it is very nice but too small for my toddler. It goes up to 35 pounds but it’s for infants only. It looks comfy and well padded, even more so than the one that came with my Graco Passage system.

Amanda Dudley, PA

I was nervous about buying my first stroller, I didn’t need to be!

This is nice looking and easy to maneuver despite the smaller size wheels. It’s lightweight yet sturdy and folds up easily for storage. The car seat is easy to snap into the base and the straps aren’t impossible to adjust. I love the extra storage space underneath for my ginormous bag. This is the first stroller I’ve used and I’m extremely happy with it. I was a bit apprehensive about learning how to snap it in and out of the car and adjust the straps and it really wasn’t bad at all. If you’re shopping for your first baby or buying a gift for someone about to welcome their first baby, this is a wonderful product that is easy to use and also rated highly for safety. Truly the best of both worlds.

Kay Cope, SC

Stroller with extra storage and extended canopy.

I own another Graco Travel system, but I enjoy this one so much more. It has added perks that the other did not have. I had an old Snugride 30 travel system and this one is much improved.First off with the stroller I love that this one has extra storage underneath, it is longer and fits more than my older stroller. Another plus is the extended canopy. My old one, the canopy really didn’t offer any shade for my son, but his one goes down farther completely shading my baby which I really like.A couple things I don’t like, is that this is supposed to be a sports stroller, but the wheels are still as smaller as my other stroller and really doesn’t work any better but there is now three wheels instead of four. For some reason, because of the way this one fold up, it just is a bit more awkward to get this stroller into my trunk of my car.For the car seat, I always find that infant car seats are so much easier to install in a car than convertible car seats that I am using for my son. So this car seat for my new baby the base was really easy to put into the car since I have been putting in convertible car seats lately. And the car seat just snaps into the base no problem. It looks to be more comfy than the last infant car seat we had for our first born.

Krista Chadwicks, NY