25/pk – Enfamil Standard Flow Soft Disposable Nipples

25/pk – Enfamil Standard Flow Soft Disposable Nipples

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  • 25/pk – Enfamil Standard Flow Soft Disposable Nipples

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just like the hospitals

These are great, and even though they are meant for 1 time use, I used them many times until I saw any signs of needing replacement. They are easier for babies to grip versus some of the clear hard plastic ones they sell in the stores.

Amber Elmo, UT

Great for traveling

Used these with the 8oz similac ready to feed bottles while traveling. Only thing you need to be aware of is that standard flow is not fast flow. Also, they are not the kind of nipple/ring that allows air in, so they constantly collapse. If your baby is used to opening their mouth to let air in, this won’t be a problem. But for my little one, he went from sucking down a bottle in 5 minutes with his normal nipple/ring to 20+ minutes with these.

Erika Jamesport, MO

Very handy for traveling

I bought these mainly to use on an overseas trip to go along with the Similac Advance nursers. Although VERY expensive (minus a star), I’m so grateful for these because they saved me from having to wash bottles at every feed…a troublesome task when traveling on a plane and spending several days in a place with unsafe drinking water.What I did was feed the 2 oz to my baby, then add more bottled water + powder formula to the same bottle as needed per “mealtime”. That way I didn’t have to use her regular bottle. It did mean that I sometimes had a very hungry baby waiting while I refilled the small nurser! But the time saved from sanitizing regular bottles was worth it for me! Some may wonder why I didn’t just bring enough nursers rather than refill…but the nursers are pricey, weigh too much, and take too much space in luggage.(I still have some left from the trip, and when convenient, I wash and reuse them 🙂

Stacie Port Matilda, PA

Serve their purpose

These serve their purpose, but my baby highly prefers the Similac disposable nipples to these. The rubber on these is much firmer and she does not like to use them. The Similac disposable nipples are made of rubber that is much closer to the texture of her normal bottle nipples and is more flexible. We will purchase the Similac disposables over these next time, but these do serve their purpose and will work in a pinch if we are out and baby is hungry enough to give in and use one.

Antonia Cleverdale, NY

Had to keep using what hey used in the NICU.

These are the only nipples our daughter would drink from after using them for 6 weeks in the hospital. We tried 10 other kinds of regular nipples and she always drank best from these.

Florine South Pomfret, VT

My son LOVES these nipples!

I ordered these nipples because I had to take my 11 week old baby on a plane. I switched from Enfamil to Similac, but these dispoable nipples still fit perfectly on the Similac travel bottles. The disposable nipples are his favorite, even more so than his regular bottle nipples, and I even use them at home sometimes if he is extra fussy. I breastfeed and bottlefeed, and he was having a lot of trouble with nipple confusion. Ever since I started using these nipples, I’ve learned that the wide-based nipples are harder for him to latch on to, and these standard sized nipples are much easier and he doesn’t fuss. While at home, I’ve since been saving these blue nipple rings and putting Dr. Brown’s nipples in them and using them on my breastmilk bottles (medela and lansinoh). He takes to the bottle right away and is much more pleasant during feedings. He prefers these nipples over all the other fancy bottle nipples. I wish I could just use disposable nipples with him all the time! But since that can get costly, Gerber (but not gerber Nuk) and Dr. Brown’s nipples are similar.This is the best price for them (most other sites sell them for $1/ea) and it’s free shipping. Can’t get much better than that! I’ve read you can reuse them once if you clean them properly – just a tip to get the most for your money. Hope this helps!

Myrtle New Paltz, NY

One of these came w/Enfamil Premium Newborn Nutrition Kit but they don’t even fit the “ready-to-use” bottles!

I received a Premium Newborn Nutrition Kit sample from my son’s Dr.’s office and it came with powder formula, read-to-use bottles, these collar & nipples, among other items.When I tried out the ready-to-use 2oz bottles with this collar & nipple which came in the package, the collar doesn’t tighten well (or doesn’t tighten at all) on the bottle. When it does, it seems that there’s pressure in the bottle that the collar & nipple pop right out when I start feeding and the liquid spills..I ended up having to put the “ready-to-use” liquid in a regular bottle.The concept seems to be very convenient when on-the-go but no collar seems to attach well to it..These blue collars are standard flow, btw…why would it come in a newborn sample anyway?!

Candace Wyndmere, ND


I was trying to find this product everywhere. Price is little expensive, but good to use.

Lavonne Girard, PA

This are the best!!! =0)

When I saw this were for sale I was sssso excited and happy!! I was so surprise that told everybody about it!! =0) I thought I needed to go back again to the hospital and ask for this..thanks so much for sale this nipples! =0)

Inez Milroy, MN

Great disposable nipples for on the go

Excellent disposable nipples for on the go. My twins were in the NICU and these were the nipples they started out using. It took a little bit of time before we settled on which nipples the babies liked, so we bought a these since they were familiar with them. Now we use these to keep in the diaper bag with a few disposable bottles. .

Nancy Redmond, UT

Work well with ready-to-feed bottles

These are great – I keep a few in my diaper bag for emergencies with a few ready to feed bottles. THis is the best source I have found for buying these in large quantities.

Rosalia Wales, AK

Works but pricey

These work great on our vacation, when I was not sure about the local water for washing bottles. My only issue w them is their high price, almost a dollar each, which is equivalent to non-disposable ones!

Mara Poquoson, VA

great tops for my baby bottles

These are fantastic! My baby used these while he was in the NICU and he got use to them. The other thing is I can always find a nipple or if I lose one I am not bummed that i lost a $20 fancy nipple.

Malinda Thorn Hill, TN

recommended by hospital

my daughter used this nipple while at NICU, and was given a few as samples. after a few times use there might have leaks so nurses told us to dispose so we did. after this we tried some other bottles but daughter had difficulties swalloing. so we ordered this. well, finally she enjoys taking milk! good product! hope the price would be a bit lower though…

Melody Wheeler, WI


Our twins used these in the NICU so glad I was able to find them for use at home. This is the only nipple our daughter will use

Concetta Minford, OH

Great for one use, not so great to reuse.

Fit several different bottles and work very well. I tried to reuse them like I can reuse Similac disposable nipples but they don’t reuse well. The nipple collapses on itself when the baby is sucking, so you need to remove the bottle and let the nipple reshape a few times during the feeding. But work very well for ONE use!

Effie Bandana, KY