26-Piece Foam Puzzle Play Mat – Solid Colored

26-Piece Foam Puzzle Play Mat – Solid Colored

Our daycare-quality foam puzzle mats are the thickest, cushiest play mats you’ll find! This 26-piece set features solid colored tiles, as requested by our customers. Our rugged, durable foam mats take kids from tummy time right up through childhood, providing a safe, comfortable place to play. So comfortable, you’ll get down on the floor and play more, too. Our foam floor mats are 5/8″ thick, not 1/2″ like others, and safety rated for all ages (others are only for kids 3 years and up). Each interlocking tile measures 12″H x 12″W x 5/8″ thick. For all ages. Assorted colors. Designed by OneStepAhead! This is part of OneStepAhead’s exclusive foam puzzle mat collection. Additional pieces and sets sold separately, so you can mix and match to create your perfect play mat. All OneStepAhead puzzle mat sets are compatible. Foam mat pieces are 5/8″ thick, not 1/2″ thick like others, for greater protection and longevity. Made of dense EVA foam; wipe clean with a wet cloth. Not intended as a chewing toy When you first unwrap your puzzle mat, you may notice a “funny” foam smell. Don’t be concerned; our mats are safe! (They’ve passed extensive safety testing.) Let the pieces air out for a few days, and the odor will dissipate. Formamide, Acetaphenone, 2 Phenyl 2 Propanol free.

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I’ve had 2 sets of these out on my child’s bedroom floor for over a year now, and they hardly look any different than when I first purchased them. They are very thick and soft, wipe clean easily, can handle a vacuum on top, and even resisted cat scratches pretty well. I love these.

Lavonne Hiwassee, VA

These mats are terrific!

This is our second set of these. We got some from a relative for Christmas and decided we need more! The price is affordable and the colors are bright with a different texture on each that my little one loves. They are also nice and soft for when my little guy loses his balance and topples over. Cleaning them is a snap!

Saundra Randsburg, CA

Perfect (just know that no edgepieces are included)

We have an 8 month old, and wood floors in our home. We needed a safe place for her to play. We picked this product because it is safety-rated for very young children. The mats are great. They didn’t smell. The colors are perfect primary colors. Each square has has subtle tactile patterns on them (each color has a slightly different pattern that our little gal is really interested in). The one thing to know is that this package does not come with any edge pieces.

Kelsey San Luis Obispo, CA

A must have for harwood/hard surface flooring with babies

This product has been a fantastic purchase,unlike other products where I read they smell chemical this was sans any smell and it’s so easy to wipe it clean.really helped us coz we have hardwood flooring and I was always paranoid leaving my 7mnth old on it since he has started crawling .life saver for us!!!

Carly Fultonham, NY


I love these, I can even sit on the floor with my grnadbaby because these are so thick and strong it doesn’t even feel like your are on the hardwood floor. Alot better than the ones you get in the store.

Jana Fairlea, WV

Great playmat!

I purchased this based on the other reviews (regarding thickness and safety), and so far, it has been great. Our baby just learned to sit up and has been trying to crawl. His balance is not yet perfect, so he has fallen a lot, but he has never been hurt because the mat is relatively thick. We only use about 2/3 of the pieces, but the area is big enough for the baby. The pieces come in a reusable storage bag, are easy to clean, and do not smell like chemicals. Each color also features a different texture, which the baby likes to feel and examine.

Audra Cairo, NE

cushiony mats

These are thicker play mats than I’ve seen elsewhere. Each color has a different texture – my son is sometimes just engrossed by the texture of these and will sit there feeling them. They smelled a little like chemicals when I first took them out of the package, as some reviewers noted, but not bad, and the smell went away within a few minutes. They’ve been in use for a couple of weeks and have held up well so far.

Gladys Guilford, IN


I originally just purchased one set of these, and loved them so much that I have since bought 3 sets of the woodgrain ones and 2 sets of the colorful ones. My living room and the baby’s bedroom are both “carpeted” in these. THey are such a comfort and joy to walk on – much better quality than many of the other sets that sell for twice the price. I am adding a picture of my living room.So comfortable. You’ll feel wonderful getting on the floor with your kids. I put my baby down on her back right on the tiles to play with her, and she’s super happy. It’s also easy for me, post partum, to get down and up from the floor.

Jody Rawl, WV

Ideal Play room floor

I purchased these tiles to use on the floor of my son’s play room. At the time he was around 6 months old. I did a lot of research making sure that the tiles didn’t have small pieces he could pull out, and were made from quality components. These are amazing! Each color has a different texture, he doesn’t even need toys now when he’s on there, sometimes he’ll just sit and play with the texture on the tile. I ended up purchasing two sets to make the play mat larger. Highly recommend. He’s 8 months now and I still love these!

Lilia Grantsburg, IN


I wanted a foam mat that didn’t have a bunch of pieces my baby could rip apart (what a mess). Baby loves to feel the different textures, it’s easy to clean, and super cushy for new cruisers and walkers who are falling down a lot.

Maureen Lyons, NE


These mats are wonderful! They are the thickest mats I could find and I dont know what I would do with out them! They have the coolest patterns and are super tough! Our crazy dog keeps running back and forth on it and not one tear!!! ! Worth the money!

Krista Webster, NY

Thickest mats out there, but they do smell

I love these mats. They are twice as thick as any mats sold in stores and we need them for our hardwood floors for sure!!! High quality, bright colors, great shape and I like that each tile and letter has a different texture. Everything is great except the smell. They do smell with that plastic/rubber/chemical smell which is very strong when you open the package. I ended up washing them twice and airing them out for a week before putting them down on the floor. I’d still buy them because of their other strengths, but would really wish they figure out a way to get rid of the smell to reduce the work for busy moms!

Dominique Selkirk, NY

Works great

Bought these when my son was only 4 months old and still using at 8 months old. Just makes it nice to have a clean area that people are not walking all over with their shoes plus it softens the fall when they are playing.

Maryann Hobbsville, NC