26 Piece Puzzle Mat Letters Foam Play Mat

26 Piece Puzzle Mat Letters Foam Play Mat

Our daycare-quality foam puzzle mats are the thickest, cushiest play mats you’ll find! This 26-piece alphabet mat features textured letters that pop out for extra learning fun. Our rugged, durable foam mats take kids from tummy time right up through childhood, providing a safe, comfortable place to play. So comfortable, you’ll get down on the floor and play more, too. Our foam floor mats are 5/8″ thick, not 1/2″ like others, and safety rated for all ages (others are only for kids 3 years and up). Each interlocking tile measures 12″H x 12″W x 5/8″ thick. For all ages. Assorted colors. Designed by OneStepAhead!! This is part of OneStepAhead’s exclusive foam puzzle mat collection. Additional pieces and sets sold separately, so you can mix and match to create your perfect play mat. All OneStepAhead puzzle mat sets are compatible. Foam mat pieces are 5/8″ thick, not 1/2″ thick like others, for greater protection and longevity. Made of dense EVA foam; wipe clean with a wet cloth. Not intended as a chewing toy When you first unwrap your puzzle mat, you may notice a “funny” foam smell. Don’t be concerned; our mats are safe! (They’ve passed extensive safety testing.) Let the pieces air out for a few days, and the odor will dissipate. Formamide, Acetaphenone, 2 Phenyl 2 Propanol free.

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Wonderful Play Mat!!

I received the shapes play mat for my son at Christmas and I loved it so much I bought the rest of the set! I love this play mat. My son right now is 7mos and he loves feeling the textures and playing on this mat. Tummy time is especially better with this mat knowing it has more cushion compared to our hard wood floor. I don’t mind at all getting on the floor with my son now each b/c it’s much more comfortable.I can’t wait until he gets bigger and starts taking out the letters for fun! I love how you can take the mats and make cubes out of them too. It is of great quality too so I know it will last. This is a great find!

Ila Gravette, AR

Perfect for Play Area

These make a nice soft play area in the play area.They do not smell for more than one or two days.Fits together greatI would buy again

Lacey Afton, TX

Love it!!

Definitely what I was looking for! I haven’t really noticed a smell!PROS:-Thick-Soft-Good size-Great colors-Durable letters-Quick shipping-Comes with a nice bagCONS:-You have to put the pieces together off center from each other, so if you need to fit the mat around other items you kind of have to jam them together.I would definitely buy this again!!

Ginger Malden, MO

Great for hardwood floors

Very thick, more so than one we saw at a friends house. You’ll thank yourself when a thunk and scream session turns into a dull thud and a surprised look. Taking apart the letters is just a bonus for your baby.

Lorene Peaster, TX

Must have for wood floors!

This is a must have for anyone with a baby and wood floors! It gives great padding, so baby can explore, roll, and practice walking/crawling without getting hurt when she falls! Some of the letters do fall out after awhile when the tiles are picked up, but this is not a problem while the tiles are on the floor.

Pat Lonaconing, MD