26-Piece Wood-Grain Foam Play Mat NATURAL

26-Piece Wood-Grain Foam Play Mat NATURAL

If you love your hardwood floors, you’ll love our wood-grain foam puzzle mat, because the hardwood-look pattern blends right in! Like our original play mats, it’s thicker, comfier, and more durable than other interlocking foam floor mats, but you’ll barely notice it’s there. Makes hard floors safer, and playtime more comfortable for kids of all ages (grownups, too!). Foam mat pieces are 5/8″ thick like others, for greater protection and longevity. Create a soft play area with this 26-piece set, or combine several sets and cover the playroom. Each interlocking tile measures 12″H x 12″W x 5/8″ thick. For all ages. Choose Espresso for dark wood floors and Natural for light and medium wood floors. Designed by OneStepAhead! This is part of OneStepAhead’s exclusive foam puzzle mat collection. Additional pieces and sets sold separately, so you can mix and match to create your perfect play mat. All OneStepAhead puzzle mat sets are compatible.

Main features

  • You will Receive (1) 26-Piece Wood-Grain Foam Play Mat
  • Thicker, more comfortable, and more durable than other interlocking foam floor mats
  • Foam mat pieces are 5/8″ thick
  • Combine several sets and cover the playroom
  • For all ages

Verified reviews


Awesome . . . without shoes (see update)

We purchased these tiles for use in our child’s play area. We paired these with the Aosom Baby Kids Wooden Playpen Room Divider 8 Panel and we loved the result. The tiles look great, fit together perfectly, and are firm but bouncy. You should note that you need two packages of tiles to fully cover the space for the Aosom Baby Kids Wooden Playpen Room Divider 8 Panel, with just a couple of left over. We didn’t bother with the edging pieces because they were expensive and seemed unnecessary.We took off one star because we found that sneakers will mark and damage the tiles quickly. But hey – what are you doing walking in your baby’s play area with dirty shoes?!Update: We have had these tiles for two years. Although we have not been gentle with them (and we now regularly walk on them with our shoes), they have stood the test of time and still look great. In fact, even two years later, they look good enough to draw positive comments from guests. Given how durable these have been, I have changed our initial 4 star review to a 5 star review. These are a great purchase and we’ve been totally happy with them. Plus, they have saved our son’s head plenty of times when he’s fallen down.

Maude Deshler, NE


These foam tiles are great. I didn’t want something in blaring primary colors or with alphabet, numbers, etc, but wanted something that would seamlessly blend with the rest of our home. These mats are nice and thick and give decent traction. Now i can breath a little easier when my little one is crawling and cruising about. (I didn’t buy the edges or corners because i think they’re overpriced.)

Tami Kinsey, MT

Gorgeous, but not very durable

Love love love this playmat flooring. I get compliments all the time from friends who didn’t know a "wood" option was available out there. My daughters room is themed very classy Shabby Chic, and so I really didn’t want a bright primary colored playmat floor for her. This one looks awesome in her room and is just as squishy and comfy as the standard ones sold in Walmart or Toys r Us.The wood print does tend to wear easily around the edges and scratches pretty easily. For the most part you cant tell though because the foam under the wood print is almost the same color.We also keep a few squares by the tub for me or my husband to kneel on while bathing our daughter. It works well for that, but beware, it slides like crazy if you get any water underneath the mat.

Alyssa Trenton, NJ

Maybe good for babies but not toddler playrooms

Was tired of looking at the bright colored mats in our playroom. I saw this and thought what a great transition of playroom that will match our hardwood floors. Bad decision, the mats didn’t stand to the busy 3 year old and 5 year old running, pushing-pulling toys and jumping all the time. The paint peeled and foam broke. It didn’t stand to high traffic unlike our multicolored play mats.

Eleanor Epping, ND

Love it

I was a bit worried when I ordered this item due to some of the negative reviews but now that I have it, I must say I love it. I got it for my 1 year old since I have hard wood floors. It looks great and didn’t come with the voc smell that some have complained about. It’s thick too. The only issue i have is that the shipping was ridiculously high and one of the tiles had some damage on the upper layer, it sort of looked like a burn mark. Overall I recommend it for Anyone who has babies or young children.

Noreen Moscow, MI

Not super durable

I have the espresso mat. We have darker wood laminate floors so the color is perfect (the oak would have been too light). I love the look of the foam tiles, but I haven’t even had them a week and they are already starting to peel. I would expect a little more durability from a mat that is supposed to be for children. I haven’t cleaned it yet, but I’m not expecting it to hold up well to any type of hard core cleaning. My baby spits up a TON though, so I will definitely be cleaning it as much as possible. Overall, this mat looks great with our decor and provides a cushioned surface for our 7 month old to play on, so I’m happy with that– I just hope it holds up over time.

Jannie Swainsboro, GA

Have used this for nearly 18 months and it’s still perfect

This is the flooring for my son’s play area. I also have some more that gets used when we go on to the balcony and play with rice outside.It has lasted amazingly well. My son is nearly 2 so it has been in full use for a year and semi use for 6 months. There are virtually no marks on it, except once the buckle of my shoe scrapped the mat a tiny bit.Yes, I vaguely remember it smelt when I first received it. That smell is long long long gone.I really love this stuff and we get compliments all the time from people surprised that it isn’t actually wood.I also love that it isn’t bright as his toys are bright enough and this is nice to be more discrete.

Flora Noorvik, AK

Good mat, unless you have cats

I ended up buying two sets of this mat to cover a wider area in our playroom. It has some pros and cons:Pros:-The lighter wood grain looked good against our hardwood floors.-The amount of cushion provided was perfect. My son never cried or bruised when he fell and bumped his head.-The puzzle piece design allows the mat to be rearranged as furniture or surroundings change.Cons:-The puzzle-piece edge is A PAIN IN THE BUTT to clean. The foam material is like a magnet for dust, crumbs, and hair (animal and human). Even a vacuum cleaner doesn’t eliminate all the dirt collected in the crevices. Dirt can also fall between the cracks on the interior seams, between puzzle pieces. This adds to the cleaning difficulty.-If you have cats with claws, it is better to keep them FAR AWAY from this mat. I tried keeping it covered with a quilt while my son was not playing on it, and we tried limiting feline access with baby gates, etc. But the cats still tore these mats.- We did experience some peeling. Even the mildest cleaning solution with the gentlest cleaning cloth still wore away the coating, but only a little bit.Still, I think it’s one of the better mats out there. I plan to use it again if we have a second child.

Priscilla Junedale, PA

GREAT PRODUCT…looks just like wood floors!

Living in a townhouse with wood floors, I wanted a soft mat for my infant son so we could set up a play-yard AKA pay pen (with gate) on. If I had enough room for a designated playroom in our home I would not have cared about the bright primary colored ones, but b/c we have to set this up right smack in the middle of our livinig room, it had to blend in so it was not an eye sore.HAAA:)It has been several months and the mat is SUPER durable my son is sitting up & crawling & falls frequently but No tears!LOLI ordered the light color, it blends beautifully with our floors & the Summer infant gate that we set up on it stays in place. The only reason I gave 4 out of 5 stars was b/c its (in my opinion) pricey for 26 squares…$40.00 you will definetley need to order 2 full sets if you have to use more than 1 gate to create your playpen.(for those w/multiples ect)Overall….VERY satisfied…Would definetley recomend to others & order again!

Summer Eastport, ME

not great for baby

touted as a baby essential, however it is such a slippery top that it’s hard not to just slip around all over it and it’s much smaller than we had expected. it also doesn’t have any finishing edges to it so it always appears unfinished. what’s the point of getting something that looks nice if it always looks sloppy

Marietta Bethune, CO


I put this on my son’s carpet so he could have a soft area that had a hard serfice for driving his hot wheels and train set on. On the rug it dosent stay put together as well as on a hard floor but even so its a great product. I love that its not as busy as the colorful ABC ones.

Leola Old Harbor, AK

Very Happy with Purchase

As other reviewers stated, these have a very strong smell upon arrival. The smell goes away after a few days, so this wasn’t a big deal for us. Other than that, we were very happy with our purchase. The pieces blend in well with our hardwood floors, and are soft enough for our son to crawl and play on. Great purchase!

Carol Randolph, KS

Thick, sturdy, attractive

Just received 2 packs and I have already ordered 2 more. We live in an apartment and, besides needing some cushion for our tumbling toddler, we have to control noise to our downstairs neighbor. These are perfect. I am going to cover our entire space nearly wall to wall and place area rugs on top. We still get our hard floor look without the bang, thump, and clatter that comes with a one year old.I am giving 4 stars because the edge pieces are not included and very expensive. I’ll skip on those. Also, the underside did have a strong chemical smell but when placed face down on the floor it was unnoticeable. I didn’t air them out. Will be watching wear and tear but hope the use of rugs will keep high traffic areas in good condition.

Marla Cragsmoor, NY