3 Packs of NUK Replacement Silicone Spout, Clear

3 Packs of NUK Replacement Silicone Spout, Clear

You get 3 Nuk BPA free spouts individually wrapped in factory sealed packages. FAST SHIPPING. Shipping charges are PER ITEM ORDER (in other words, you are paying one shipping charge for these three spouts). If you choose to order more than one of these items, you WILL BE charged multiple shipping charges. THERE ARE NUMEROUS OTHER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE FOR ONE LOW SHIPPING CHARGE. Overpayment of shipping charges are NOT refundable. You will be charged according to the Amazon Chart. PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU ORDER. You can see the details by clicking on the Domestic Shipping Information link shown on this page. We do have other quantities listed for one low shipping charge.

Main features

  • •The special shape and natural softness optimally supports the transition from bottle to cup
  • NUK® ANTI-COLIC AIR SYSTEM minimizes the swallowing of air
  • 3 seperate packs of 1

Verified reviews


kids chew to pieces in minutes

don’t bother unless you like buying $3 spout replacements every month. Oh yeah, these still allow your child to suck like they do when they bottle or breast feed, so if you let your kids use these much past 1, you’ll delay their speech development.

Norma New Haven, MO

Lolo’s favorite

My daughter has always preferred Nuk, so I bought these spouts to upgrade her bottles to sippy cups. They work, she loves them, and I love them because they are easy to clean and have minimal leakage.My daughter now chews on them with her teeth, but we haven’t had any tearing issues yet, and it’s been months.

Phyllis Rock Hall, MD


Love these replacement spout for my baby soft and nice and it does not leak,because my little one like to turn his cup upside down.No more messt carpet with juice.

Robbie Imperial, TX

Last about a month

I purchased these as my toddler was chewing through them – but he favored the nuk cups and they are easy to clean! They only lasted about a month until it was time to throw them out either from chewing or too much use.

Katheryn Black Canyon City, AZ

Perfect fit for my Nuk sippy cups

After I accidentally ground up our Nuk sippy cup nipple in the disposal, I quickly ordered these. The three pack seemed to be a better deal than just buying one replacement. I plan to keep two unopened and open them up in the future if needed (or wait for the next baby in a few years?). These are a little pricey, but less $ and less wasteful than buying a whole new sippy cup.

Yolanda Baileys Harbor, WI

Defective product

I thought my kid had given up milk. Then I tested these spouts and discovered that all 3 were void of holes in the tip. I poked holes in the tips with a needle but they just don’t flow right. He wont use them.

Carmella Saint Johnsville, NY

life savor

I had purchased Nuk Sippy cups and our puppy got ahold of the silicone spout’s and I was so devastated we looked at babies r us Walmart target and couldn’t find replacement’s only the nipples for the actual baby bottles, So we went ahead searched for different Sippy cups tried 4 other kinds and he did not like them. So glade found these on here they look like the original ones that came with the Sippy they fit inside the lid perfect have not had a leak problem great replacement product

Marianne Tripoli, WI

wear out quick

These are great in the beginning, but seems to wear out and leak after several months. Still cheaper to buy the replacement spouts instead of a whole new sippy cup of any brand. The good ol’ Playtex sippies work the best as well as Tommy Tippee.

Noemi San Patricio, NM

Baby Gift

Our youngest daughter used these NUK tops for her babies trainer sippy cup. They are of good quality and price as well.

Tessa Bayfield, WI


Great replacement for those with teething little ones while transition from bottle! I recommend ordering when you order cups, cause these did take a while longer to get!

Joyce Newcastle, WY

Why are these so hard to find?

I love the cups, but these spouts tear so easily and are SO DIFFICULT to find. If you’ve got a teething baby, find a different cup. My daughter can take a new spout and cut it with her teeth the first use. I love them, just wish they were more durable and that you could find them in stores.

Shirley Wells, TX

Daughter loved them

My daughter was very attached to these cups but after getting teeth she would chew through the spouts. I had to get replacement spouts several different times.

Lily Gilford, MI

can’t tell you how many I’ve bought

or how many times I’ve had to review these things. But we love them. We have bought quite a few because they don’t last forever. but what does? Eventually they get chewed up. but we keep buying them, so there you go!

Ora Guerra, TX

Great and good price!

I think this is the better price, even thought you do have to buy three at a time but sometimes these sprout needed to be replaced quite easily because my baby uses it as a teether! So happy that the spouts on the cups are replaceable!

Ronda Leonardsville, NY

Great Transition Tops

I purchased these as a cheap way of making sippy cups out of my nuk bottles. My son transitioned to sip tops very readily when he could still hold his same bottles and the feel of the top was the same as the original tops. They are very easy to clean and very durable. The flow of the tops are equivalent to the medium flow nuk tops.

Maryanne North Pownal, VT

They work as intended

I’m glad there are replacement spouts, I just wish they were cheaper. The spouts seem to last 2-3 months and then my son bites on them here and there, and the top gets a big hole so it’s no longer leak-proof.

Alexandria Thorndale, TX

Glad to have option to replace part but hope it comes with the cap too. 🙂

Need to poke holes bigger so my 21-month son can get more out of it but I’m glad there is option to replace the spout instead of buying another cup. I do hope they also have replacement for the cap though.

Holly La Conner, WA

Exactly as advertised!

I puchased the spouts to use with my existing NUK bottles. They work great! They have not leaked at all. Each spout comes in its own package. Very happy with this purchase.

Juliana Fredericktown, OH

Great price!!!

Is a replacement nipples!!! Is sooo cheap. 😉 If the product isn’t good, then I will throw it away, why waste money to buy a replacement nipples?

Arline Thornton, KY

Great replacement spouts

These fit the Nuk Trendline and Active cups perfect. My baby has his front four teeth and likes to chew so he chewed part of the flap off. This is great to be able to have a replacement spout and a couple for back up.

Amalia Waverly, NE


My daughter never would drink out of a bottle until I found these. She had been drinking out of a sippy cup from 6 months on but she really likes these because they are soft and easy for her to suck.

Polly Knoxville, TN

Good replacement nipples

I bought these replacement nipples for 6+ month sippy cups. The fit great and work great. My only complaint is the nipples seem to stain easily when my sons using them while eating. We wash them right away and they are clean. Just discolered.

Flossie Primghar, IA

great replacement

These are perfect to replace old spouts on my toddlers sippy cups. She liked to chew on her and she made holes in the old spouts and the milk or juice would flow out too rapidly and was making a mess so i bought these to replace. i couldn’t find in the store so i bought online and they worked out perfectly.

Esperanza Brogan, OR

Great product!

I purchased these replacement spouts to replace the nipple top from our existing NUK bottles instead of buying all new bottles. They work really well and fit perfectly into the existing bottles. When my son got older and needed a higher flow, I just poked some more holes in the top instead of buying different spouts.

Lindsay Princeton, WV


Love it, love it, love it. You’ll need them for your NUK baby bottles. Highly recommend this product. You can’t have them enough.

Lenora Kansas, AL

Great Price

Great price for 3 replacements. Love the fact that I can replace these whenever. Very sterile idea for kid’s sippy cups. Love Nuk products.

Jane Sullivan, WI

Almost perfect

Maybe It’s our fault because we should have switched to sippy cups earlier, but our twins started biting through the nipples and we found we had to constantly replace them. It gets expensive. The quality is good and we’ve had great success with other NUK products (especially their sippy cups!), but they split too often in our experience.

Terra Kirby, AR


These spouts are okay. My son didn’t like the hard sippy cups so these were a great next step. We find though that every so often the vacuum doesn’t work properly and he cannot get anything out. Even then all you have to do is loosen the top and it breaks the seal. If your child doesn’t quite get the harder sippy cup spout this is a great intermediate product.

Josefina Poquoson, VA

Perfect fit for our NUK sippy cups!

My daughter likes to chew on the silicone spout of her sippy cups, which makes the hole too big. I never saw these at the big box stores and just assumed they didn’t sell the replacements. I was thrilled when I found them on Amazon! I can now replace the sippy cup spouts and the flow is much more modulated. I’m so happy Amazon carries these as the only other solution I had left was to buy new sippy cups.

Gertrude Fort Ogden, FL