3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper, Deer

3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper, Deer

Does laundry seem to be taking over your child’s nursery or bedroom? The 3 Sprouts laundry hamper is the perfect solution. Two large handles collapse, creating an easy access circular opening that stylishly keeps dirty laundry out of sight. And when you’re ready to go, simply lift the handles and tote your laundry away.

Main features

  • 100% polyester, fill: 100% expanded polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Easy to clean as its wipeable
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Two handles make it easy to tote

Verified reviews


Hamper and Laundry Basket in ONE

Wherever I can “combine” items, I’m there. Cute little handle to tote to your laundry room without having to transfer items to a laundry basket. Can even hang it around your wrist while you carry the baby. The animal is kind of plastic-y, but I don’t see what the fuss is about. Easy to clean. I don’t know why some reviews were saying a sheet or towel takes up the entire hamper, because it does not….unless you are putting in king size sheets (fitted and standard) plus pillow covers. I fit several items of clothing in here, and a few bed sheets and a towel before I do laundry…and not because it’s full, just because I am a freak that needs to clean things every few days. 🙂

Rocio Spreckels, CA

Very cute hamper

It is bigger (well, taller), than I expected. Comes to my knee maybe.The way the handles work is cool. It’s sort of like a lid. Two flaps are attached where the black trim is. They each have a pretty big hole in the middle. To use as handles you pull them up. To "close" the lid and make it a hamper, you fold one down, and then the other nests on top of that once folded down.It’s stiff-ish material so stands up straight (I have a 3 sprouts raccoon bag and it flops over, which is annoying), and is lined/coated with a material in the inside that I think will protect the bag from wet stuff (like washcloths).Overall very cute!! Love the polar bear! The colors are beautiful…

Sophia Fayetteville, TN

Very cute but not felt.

Not felt applique like the other 3 Sprouts products but still very cute. It’s lightweight and I like how you can fold down the handles to make it an opening for the laundry. I think it’s too small for an adult hamper, but perfect for baby or a single child’s room.

Corine Robbins, IL

Sturdy and Cute Hamper for Kids

I first saw this on a newborn care job in NYC. It is a decent size and I liked the fact the handles when not needed folder over to make a "hole" to drop clothes in and later to be used as a sturdy handle. I bought one for my daughter who lives in NYC and has to take clothes to laundry room down stairs. This made it easy to just toss in the basket with other clothes or to carry down. It’s made well and I think it is a product that will last awhile. With my prime I was able to have it delivered free making it affordable.

Pansy Forks, WA

Cute for baby’s room!

I was mainly just looking for a hamper that would be cute in the baby’s room, and was initially put off by the price of this one. It has some great features though that make it worth the extra – the inside is really easy to wipe down, and for baby clothes that’s really helpful! The handles are great, folding down to make it stand and up when you need to carry it. Great design!

Lakisha Byromville, GA

Very cute laundry hamper

This laundry hamper is very spacious. The fabric quality is great, the goat design is cute, and this is a wonderful addition to the nursery.

Bridget Iberia, OH

Bigger than I had expected but still love it!

I absolutely love this hamper in my son’s room. At first I thought it was quite large but I’m glad it is because it fills up quickly. My son loves to touch it and pull it down to the floor but it’s still stiff enough to bounce right back up. The waterproof lining is a nice touch and the handles to carry it come in handy. Such a great product – I only wish I had an excuse to buy another!

Jessica Clifford, ND

Great design

Love this hamper – perfect size for baby or toddler clothes. Looks great in our little one’s room and love that the opening on the top doubles as handles to carry the hamper to the laundry room. Great purchase!

Elaine Coalmont, IN

A must for baby’s clothes!

I was looking for a hamper that I can wipe down after putting really soiled clothing in. It holds just the right amount of clothing. It’s collapsible, which is nice if you aren’t using it (but when would that happen?) My only thing is that the top handles don’t always stick together so the hole on top doesn’t align well all the time. A bit of velcro will do that trick. Despite that I still give it 5 stars.

Paula Rootstown, OH

Perfect for nursery

I registered and received this for my baby shower – along with the 3 Sprouts storage boxes, this laundry hamper adds easy fun and function into a baby’s nursery! It stands up by itself, is easy to carry around from baby’s room to washroom, and holds a decent amount of baby outfits & blankets. I can see her using it all through elementary school!

Nita Westbrookville, NY

Like it but….UPDATED

We love 3 sprouts and have many many many of the items. Love the overall design and functionality of the hamper, love that the opening turns into large handles. Only complaint is that the goat image is screen printed onto the canvas vs all of the other bins and caddies that have layered felt cutouts sewn/attached on.UPDATE: Had to come back and add another star because we do REALLY LOVE the functionality of the hamper. Honestly, I understand now why the hampers are screen-printed on vs sewn on felt—the hamper can stand up to damp/wet clothes very well, as well as being stored in a wet area (like ours which is kept in our twins’ bathroom). Also, I should note that we used 3 Sprouts for all of our girls’ storage in the playroom. We have 4 of the large toy bins, 3 of the square bins and 3 of the caddies. So, in our case, we immediately noticed the difference in construction when compared to the rest of the line. But, even if you are like us and are doing an entire room with 3 Sprouts, the hampers still match well and are very cute, so do not be put off by the reviews about the image being printed on.

Gwendolyn Stockton, UT

Looks cute!

The material is thicker than I expected. However I wish it was slightly more rigid so as not to collapse if you accidentally throw something heavy on it when empty. The size is just right and looks cute. Would make a nice gift. The information on the package says it can be wiped clean, but no clear info if it can be thrown in the clothes washer. Very happy with it.

Delia Ellijay, GA

great hamper

this is a great hamper fairly large and made of good material. I use it in my 2 year olds bedroom it’s very cute. Even better then the picture.

Ladonna Colleyville, TX

Great hamper

The hamper is a good size, has waterproof liner and easily portable with a wide handle. The outer cover is easily washed.

Nichole South Padre Island, TX

Great laundry bag

This bag is the perfect size for my infant’s laundry. Very sturdy and the handles are great for carrying it up and down 2 flights of stairs.

Rachael Rugby, TN

Well designed, clever and adorable- love it!

This hamper is well designed and adorable. The round hole at the top keeps the dirty clothes at bay, allowing the focus to remain on the creative design versus stinky, dirty laundry. Some reviewers have said the round hole opening is too small for their liking. I find the size perfect for the aforementioned reason, but imagine you could keep the top opened (providing two handles), and it would still be equally as cute, just a few inches taller. I keep this next to our baby’s changing table and could not love it more.

Madelyn Howard, PA

Form and Function

I really like this hamper. It adds cute decoration to the nursery while ultimately being utilitarian. Once it’s full we just carry it down to the laundry room with ease. The material seems long lasting. I didn’t realize the piping was pink from the picture but kept it anyway for a boys room. The only change I’d recommend is to make the hole a touch larger so blankets and towels are easier to toss in.

Myra Vernon, VT

Fantastic design and function

I absolutely love and highly recommend this hamper. The design is great with the opening for clothes that turns into handles for the hamper. And it holds a lot of clothes which is perfect for a nursery and a baby who goes through many outfits a day.

Mary Slate Hill, NY

Love it

This is a really good hamper. Sturdy and the handles make it really convenient to carry cause my laundry is in the basement. Also the handles fold up to make a hole for laundry.

Bernadette Denton, MT

great hamper

I love this hamper. Not only is it super cute but my 2 year old loves it. She thinks it is fun to put away her dirty clothes in the lion hamper. It holds a good amount of laundry and it is really easy to carry with the built in handles.

Dessie Greenhurst, NY

Great Hamper – great size & love the handles

Love this hamper! The size is perfect. It is large enough for all if our LO’s laundry. Many if the hampers I looked at of this style were too small. I really like how the handles fold to make the hamper opening, then when it’s full, I can just grab them to take to the washer. I highly recommend this hamper!

Sherrie Flaxville, MT

Love it!

I purchased two of these for our kids’ rooms and love them! They are super lightweight and easy to carry back and forth to the laundry room. They stay open well, and hold more laundry than I expected. Super cute and functional!

Lora Collins, MS

Cute, useful, easy to clean – couple issues

Love the design, especially the foldover handles. One issue I’ve had is that the handles after a couple months don’t stay together so well when folded over so the opening is obscured. Not too big a deal. The other issue is the material – a plasticky fabric like you’d find on patio furniture. The good part about the fabric is that you could hose it off to clean it. The downside is the smell – mine aired off in a couple days, but wow out of the box it stank.

Ashleigh Guy, AR

Adorable and high quality, but pricey!

This laundry hamper is in my daughter’s nursery. It is a high quality item and well constructed, and I like that it stands up well and that the interior is wipeable. However, it is definitely expensive for a laundry hamper! I have never spent more than $5 on one for myself. But, her nursery has an animal theme, and the predominant color is turquoise, so I couldn’t resist. I do not regret the purchase, but I do think it was a little indulgent on my part.

Andrea Jackson, NH

Sturdy and larger than expected

I love this hamper! I really didn’t want to spend $25 on something that was going to hold dirty clothes, but I love the design of it. I like that there’s a hole in the top that’s easy for my son to throw his dirty clothes in, but it also isn’t a wide open top, so it looks neater. The material is also very sturdy, and it’s larger than I expected. My 2 year old loves to drag it to the washing machine by the handles. I bought it for his 2nd birthday because he loves roaring like a lion…I hope he doesn’t grow out of that stage too fast!

Marie Crompond, NY

Adorable, but a bit too foldy

The size is great, the picture is cute, the weight is great, it’s easy to carry, BUT – the handles fold in on themselves and the flat-packed hamper wants to return to its flat shape. So, at 3:30AM you’re trying to toss out a diaper cover and it invariably bounces to the floor because the hamper is slumped shut. I’m going to iron it and see if I can fix it – but really, it needs a wire support around the top.

Cecilia Kualapuu, HI

Cute & functional

This hamper is actually much larger than I had expected. I have two girls and it works perfect for us.

Kathi Martha, KY

Worth it

Love this. Plastic liner so no worries on wet baby clothes. Great to transport by top hole/handles. Easy for use in parents bed room when cosleeping.

Cheryl Mebane, NC

Cute and big

This was much bigger than i expected, which is a good thing, in my opinion. I am guessing i could fit 50 onesies in it, maybe even more. Very cute and sturdy. The handles makes transporting laundry easy too.

Maricela Alder, MT

Functional and cute to boot!

I had originally intended to just buy a plain cheaper hamper, but I’m glad I didn’t! Considering all the time I spend changing diapers and onesies, I appreciate the friendly goat to look at 🙂 . I also like the idea of an easily portable and identifiable location for all baby’s laundry for people who come over to help. This was a good size for my newborn, and can hold a week’s worth of laundry easily, including blankets.

Dessie Plato, MN