3 Sprouts Organic Storage Bin, Brown Owl

3 Sprouts Organic Storage Bin, Brown Owl

3 Sprouts 718122228539 Features: Constructed from 100% organic cotton canvas. Well sized for storing toys or as a laundry hamper. Bin collapses for easy storage when not in use. Eco spun felt appliques (made from recycled water bottles). Perfect gift for babies and toddlers. Tough enough to hold tons of stuff and playful enough to complement. Spot clean care. Dimensions: 17″ H x 17″ W.

Main features

  • Storage bins are 17″ height and 17″ diameter
  • Bin collapses for easy storage when not in use
  • 100% organic cotton canvas
  • Eco spun felt appliqués
  • Perfect gift for babies and toddlers

Verified reviews


Bigger than expected!

This just came today and it is actually a lot bigger than I expected. That is a good thing though. It is perfect in my sons nursery to hold a few books and all his small toys. The material is nice and the inside has like a lining or coating of plastic or something so nothing will accidentally stain it. Great bin!

Chris Geneva, TX


The 3 sprouts storage bins are a fantastic purchase for any nursery or kids room. These bins are incredibly adorable, colourful, fun, and functional. They are fully lined with a wipe-able liner (which is fantastic for use in kids playrooms or as laundry baskets, as inevitably someone, somewhere will spill something!), have an extra large storage capacity, are bottom weighted (so they maintain their shape), and most importantly makes cleaning-up a breeze! I have two bins (the purple hippo and red fox) for my two year old’s room. She actually enjoys putting away her stuffies in one bin and putting her laundry in the other. (Yes, these do work very well as laundry hampers, the rims are weighted so they don’t collapse when clothes are tossed in). To sum up these are just a great, quality product. Definitely worth the purchase!

Edna Condon, MT

Organic all the way!

I love buying organic products, it gives me a piece of mind and this item sure does it. We love that all his toys are now in one area and we can easliy pick up the living room with out having a mound of toys in the corner. I think I will get another one…love it.

Lucia Elmendorf Afb, AK

I Like it 🙂

Its big! it holds a lot of toys. It wont hold for itself coz its like hard fabric but if you put a lot of toys in, it’ll look great. Sturdy enough for me. Its got flaps on both sides for easy carry. It looks really pretty, i got the Fox design. In the other reviews they say it’s got a bad smell. I got lucky with mine is guess. This wont fit all my sons toys so i just put here the ones thats he plays with more often and put this in the living room where he plays a lot. It’s so pretty it even goes well in our living room. 🙂 im getting more 3 sprouts items for sure.

Clarissa East Bloomfield, NY

great storage and sooo cute

I love the 3 sprouts product line; these bins are a bit pricey but they are larger than I expected and they are a fun way to store items while helping decorate a room. The only problem I’ve encountered is that they hold wrinkles and don’t stand up very well on their own (in other words, you HAVE to fill them to get them to stand upright) but overall, I loved this one so much that I bought a second for my sons other toys!

Ashlee Sweeny, TX

Fantastic storage for little ones!

We love our organic storage bins!We purchased two of these bins for our child’s playroom. He uses one to hold blocks and one to hold trucks/cars. The design is cute and modern, the organic fabric is soft and safe (no dangerous chemicals, no unsafe glues, etc.), and they are HUGE. These bins hold A LOT — ideal for toys.Unhappy reviewers have commented on two issues: 1) Floppiness and 2) Smell. We had NO problem with smell. In fact, given the reviews, I was careful as soon as I took these out of the packing– no smell at all. As far as the “floppiness” goes, these bins are MEANT to be folded/collabsable. They are accurately described as made of 100% cotton and “collapsable.” So be sure you are aware of this. If you are looking for rigid/structured storage, I would go with the boxes made by this same company. These bins are made of soft cotton and they fold right up for storage, packing, etc. They are sturdy enough to hold toys, but soft enough to fold.Highly recommended.

Enid Graham, FL

Wonderful Storage Bin

This was much larger than expected and it adds such a wonderful look to my son’s playroom. It comfortably holds all his stuffed toys with room to spare.

Karina Wayland, IA

Fanastic, sturdy toy bins

The 3 Sprouts Organic Storage Bin is absolutely fantastic ! We have 3 for our daughter’s toys. I can’t recommend them enough. They are well-made, attractive and roomy. They have a bit of a factory smell to them, so we aired them out and put a fabric softener sheet in for the day.

Ingrid Alpharetta, GA