3 Sprouts Storage Bin, Monkey

3 Sprouts Storage Bin, Monkey

Help your kids clean up their acts with our cute animal storage bins. This bin is well sized for storing toys or as a laundry hamper. The storage bins are 17″ height and 17″ in diameter. The bin collapses for easy storage when not in use. It is made up of 100% cotton canvas and coated on the inside for easy cleaning. It is the perfect gift for babies and toddlers.

Main features

  • Exterior: 100% Cotton; Decoration: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Storage bins are 17″ height and 17″ diameter
  • Bin collapses for easy storage when not in use
  • Coated on the inside so its easy to wipe clean

Verified reviews


Loving this always

This is my second Sprouts Storage Bin purchase, just went for another design. First thing, its very different from the first one I got (orange fox design) in terms of material. The fox design was tougher, more sturdy, the Bear design which is my second purchase seems to have a bit thinner material but it straightens up more and it has a wipe-able interior, like coated with plastic which is better. (the fox design didn’t have any)appearance wise its the same, pretty, beautiful, like a decorative toy bin. It’s hard to tell which of which has the specifications, I know all I did was chose a different design and the seller was amazon, either way, i like them both.

Jamie International Falls, MN

Smells and I wish they kept it ORGANIC

My daughters play area is right in the living room where I can see her. The worst part is the toys spilled all over. I usually tidy up so many times during the day. My whole living room is neutral and this basket is just great. It is large and blends in great although there is a huge squirrel on top. the bag itself is beige and design is so fun that its okay for it to be in the living room. I could have just got wicker basket but this is better option because i put all of her toys in it and she digs the one she likes. canvas is soft. Con is it does smell. I wish they kept the organic option. it is more profit for the company yet less quality and same cost for the customers.

Sonja Fonda, IA

Cute storage for so many toys

We bought the blue elephant and the purple hippo and they are awesome. They seem very durable, high quality and they are huge. The bins keep their shape and stand up empty or full surprisingly well for a fabric bin. Every morning my son runs to them to dump out his toys all over our living room for playtime. They are holding up well so far. We received a set of 12 big foam blocks as a gift for the kids and they fit perfectly in one of these bins. We are getting the monkey now to finish up our jungle/zoo theme. We also purchased the polar bear hamper from 3 Sprouts and it is really adorable and functional.

Kaitlin Holmdel, NJ

Great toy bin

I bought two of these one for upstairs and one for the living room to quickly pick up all my daughter’s toys. They are very large and I love the silly animal designs, modern and fun. They are stiff with a plastic liner making for easy clean ups, if your child is not tall they will have some trouble getting toys out of the bin. I wish I could get the creases from when it was folded in the package out more easily.

Kristin Newland, NC


I registered for this for my baby shower and received it as a gift. I love it! It’s even larger than I thought and holds a TON, and it’s very well made and durable. My only complaint (and it’s a small one) is that I wish that it was more rigid on top so that it could hold its shape better as a container. Other than that, I’m very happy and would consider buying more.

Angelia Luzerne, IA

Great size and very cute

I also like the fact that is has a nice lining. It is also a good size. I bought the lion one ass well.

Marisa Melvern, KS

Good size and cute!

We are using this as a collect all for stuffed animals and it works great. The bin is soft, so it needs to have some things in it to keep it sitting up.

Roberta Amelia, OH

Cute but when it gets heavy starts to tip over

I am not the biggest fan of containers that hold toys like this. First, they take up space and then you can’t really see what is in the bin. Second, My kids fill up their bins and then they have no idea what is it and have to empty the entire thing to look for a toy. Third, when it gets to the top it starts to warp and tip. I think the canvas sides are a little weak. The animal print is really cute though.

Daisy Red Wing, MN


I ordered 4 of these – all different animals – and absolutely LOVE them. They are so incredibly cute, have a pretty large capacity, and really brighten up any room. The biggest benefit is you can move them around and place them in any room, even as your kids get older. I highly recommend them!

Kaitlyn Tappahannock, VA

It’s a very nice size bin

Love my sprays bin, I use it to store my son’s toys and its pretty big to hold a lot of toys. It hides the clutter of toys. Plus it comes in a nice design so it looks good in our living room. Will purchase another one in the future!

Tasha Bentley, MI

Holds a lot of toys!

We were trying to figure out how to keep a somewhat organized look of the kid’s room, where you can actually see the hardwood floor…. This is just what we wanted! We are now purchasing our second one since we are so happy with the one we got 8 months ago.It took it a few days to get the rounded shape, as it was delivered all folded and bagged in a nylon wrapper.I read some of the reviews that mentioned an odder. The only smell that it had was from the packaging, and by the end of the day it was odder-free!I recommend this to anyone looking for a cute storage for toys 🙂

Daphne Warrenton, NC

For storing toys a stylish way

I bought 2 storage boxes for the IKEA book shelf unit.To upgrade my 2,5 yrs son bedroom from nursery to toddler room.I bought the gorilla and dragon ones for his room.He likes it and it is great for storing toys and clean up.For my daughter’s nursery I have the storage bag which is cute and does it’s purpose.For our living room in Europe I bought this bin and the peacock box because they had the best prize.This because I think these storage boxes look nice in a living room. They are delivered flat, which is perfect for my suitcase and is half the prize here as it is in euro’s overthere!

Kim Idaho Springs, CO

Very cute and useful

This is a great storage bin. Practical and cute. A good catch-all. It was bigger than I expected but that’s because I didn’t even check the measurements.

Janine Peever, SD

Great storage bin

This is a great storage bin. It was actually bigger than I had originally thought so I was pleasantly surprised. It holds a lot of toys and stuffed animals. The design is really cute and fun. I love how lightweight the bins are, they can be easily moved from place to place.

Bridget Stanley, KY

Adorable, great toy storage

I have two of these for my son; one in his bedroom and one in our living room. These make great toy storage and are highly portable (however, you won’t be able to "close" it – this is a stiff fabric, but these are handles to carry it). Cute designs too. I wouldn’t recommend it as a laundry basket (too short), as I’ve seen suggested. Very well made and durable.

Elisha Big Creek, KY

Super cute and good quality

I love these bins. They are made of thick creamy canvas and the animal appliques are very well done. I bought two but might get one more because they are so cute. Colors in photos are true. The only thing I didn’t like was how creased/wrinkled they come – they are packaged to ship flat. But after a couple of weeks they aired out and I notice it much less. But if it really bothers you, you could spend some time molding them into a really round shape or maybe try ironing them.

Lola Pacific, MO

sturdy, functional

I got this for my friend off her Baby Registry…she told me they are much bigger than she thought they would be…absolutely perfect for toy storage, hamper, etc. She loves it. I got her the yellow monkey one too. Very cute. Highly recommended.

Caroline Macon, MO

Bigger than I thought

I love this brand and this storage bin is wonderful!! I use it for a clothes hamper right now but honestly it’s almost too big for baby clothes. It would be great to hold extra bedding or linens or toys for an older child. Sturdy construction and cute design.

Marguerite Ramey, PA

It’s adorable

Just look at it. It’s big. Holds all of my baby’s toys. It’s well made. It is lined with plastic so it isn’t ruined if you drop something in there.

Lilly Franklin, OH

Cute but bigger than I wanted.

Bigger than I expected. The canvas is a bit misshapen due to no metal frame. It is cute and works great in playroom.

Lolita Glen Saint Mary, FL

Better than expected

This bin is better than I expected. It holds a lot of toys, just what I needed. The fox print is great. I like that it could fold up if you wanted it to. It has handles for grabbing to move out of the way for cleaning. The inside has some kind of coating which I’m sure would make cleaning the inside of the bin easier. I would definitely purchase again.

Jennie Kenedy, TX

Best storage bin since the outside is made of cloth!

We have gone through numerous woven baskets and cloth baskets for storing our toddlers toys but this is the best storage solution we have found. The woven baskets are bad because the grass or whatever material that it is made of will fall off when your toddler starts picking at it. The cloth baskets are usually too small and flimsy. This storage solution is great since the outside is cloth and the inside has a plastic liner which can be wiped down. I highly recommend this storage bin and we liked it so much we got 2 other patterns!

Francisca Hecla, SD


These bags are amazing. We have 4 now and they have remained very study and do not sag, they always stand tall even if there is one thing in them. My daughter is 2 and pretty rough on them. She dumps them out and bounces on the one filled with stuffed animals and they still remain stiff. ( we have had 2 of them for a year)They are bright, fun and we get asked almost every time where we got them when people come over the house.HIGHLY RECOMMEND these bags!!

Frankie Lock Springs, MO

Adorable and versatile!

I registered for the Owl and the Elephant on my baby registry and received both. I love them! I am due in 3 weeks, and have already used the bins for numerous tasks around the house! Transporting laundry, toys, stockpiling baby bedding, you name it! Very sturdy design, and the slight plastic smell that was there when we opened them has since dissipated.

Eddie Oxford, WI

just what I was looking for

I have other soft storage containers, but this frameless one is the best for the play room — where the kids pull it down and have their way with it. It’s big and flexible and can be stuffed into a cubby, on shelf, or hold its own on the floor. It is pricy, but I haven’t found a comparable alternative. If these go on sale, I’ll get another.

Jodi Bartow, FL

So Cute and Perfect Size and Shape

These bins are so perfect for little kids rooms. They hold all kinds of toys and are sturdy, yet still easy for my little boy to get into and pull some toys out.

Charlotte Judson, IN

can fit lots of toys

i like that this is pretty large but not obnoxious. it can fit a wide variety of toys. will buy another.

Dixie Poca, WV

Great organizational containers for my son’s room

I bought a different one previously thinking they were small but was happy to see that they hold a lot. I have stuffed toys in the fox bin and baby toys in the owl. I’m glad I purchased them and am very happy with these products.

Gussie New Bloomfield, PA

Very cute but pricey

Very adorable and useful! Wish it wasn’t so flimsy but can be used for a lot. Adorable addition to a Amina’s nursery.

Jamie Point Pleasant, PA

Functional and super cute!

The storage bin is super cute and functional. We are using it for storing baby’s toys, and it’s bigger than I thought (which was a pleasant surprise)! It has a plastic lining, which helps holding its shape. It also has 2 handles on each side so it can be easily moved or carried. I envision we will get a lot of use out of it.

Marina West Nottingham, NH