3 Sprouts Storage Box, Dog

3 Sprouts Storage Box, Dog

The 3 Sprouts storage box is the perfect storage solution for any room in your house. The box measures 13″ x 13″ x 13″. It is a perfect gift for new baby or baby shower.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Box measures 13″ x 13″ x 13″
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Ideal for most cube shelving units

Verified reviews


Are you kidding me???

Very cute. But thats where the positive review ends. I am shocked and disappointed with the price of this ONE storage box. $23 for ONE STORAGE BOX!!?? Apparently I mis-read the description, "3 sprouts storage box" suggests the quantity is 3! NOT the brand name! I am flabbergasted Amazon would allow such a misleading title. Bad, bad, bad. If you are looking for a decent quality storage box with some felt thrown on it, and are willing to pay an over-pried $23…… this is for you.

Vicky Spangler, PA

Super duper cute but not quite what I expected!

I bought three 3 Sprouts bins and I really like them all. I guess I was expecting them to be like canvas, but they are more of a nylon. Sort of like a tent material that could be wiped clean, which isn’t a bad thing! I will say, this kangaroo is ORANGE, y’all. I would say it’s closer to neon/blaze orange than the primary, pumpkin-like color pictured. I don’t dislike the brightness, but it was not what I thought I was getting, hence one less star. The peacock is very true to the colors show and I just love the turquoise blue. The brown dog is my favorite, though. He’s just so stinking cute! I will say that the “yellow” stripes on the dog’s ear are kind of an apricot color, not a true yellow. Not a problem for me, just a clarification.

Lorene Roulette, PA

Unicorn has chemical smell; others are ok

Strangely, out of all the 4 boxes I purchased, only the unicorn one reals chemical smell out of box. Peacock, gorilla and kangaroo are okay.

Marla Detroit, AL

SIX STARS for Cuteness and Functionality. GREAT Quality!

I absolutely LOVE these 3 Sprouts Storage Bins. I have 4 total (unicorn, dog, kangaroo and Fox) and they fit perfectly in the IKEA Expedit cubby/cube system! Perfect!! Its a great way to store and keep your kid’s toys tidy and functional… but wildly cute at the same time.The boxes are very sturdy, solidly constructed and have a nice firm bottom (haha, thats what she said!). The animals on the front of the boxes are felted and stitched very well. I have no complaints about these boxes. A little on the pricey side at $25/box, but it makes my baby girl’s room extra cute and visually exciting. I would pay a little extra $ for that any day. I would give this 6 stars if possible. LOVE this product! 🙂

Katharine Union Center, WI

Nice Quality

This box is of nice quality. I was hesitant to buy because I thought it was a little pricy, but I think it’s mostly worth the cost. It’s very sturdy and holds it’s own shape. It folds up nice and flat (thanks to a handy zipper on the bottom) for storage when not needed. It’s exactly a 13" cube. The decoration on the front is felt and stitched on… so cute! I’m going to buy another one in a different design.

Tiffany Sunflower, MS

Cute and sturdy

5 STARS- design (adorable, bright but not obnoxiously so)- seems sturdy- super spacious3 STARS- Furniture in which to fit these: The only bookcase/shelf system I’ve found so far that fits these comfortably while maximizing space is Ikea’s Expedit, and I’d feel better getting a bookcase made of real wood with low VOC finish without spending hundreds and hundreds. Good thing for the tab at the top, because that’s the only way we’d be able to take this box out of the cubby holes in the Expedit.- Made of 100% polyester: would like to know more about this material (e.g. off-gassing)We bought the kangaroo storage box as well and that’s also very cute.

Sonia Conesus, NY

Cute box

This is a cute box & the assembly is innovative. It comes folded & you pop it open, zip the fabric across the bottom diagonal zipper, and then there’s a hard square to lay down in the bottom. I like it. It’s not amazing, but it’ll work as a storage box with a cute design!

Carol Trade, TN


I like these boxes a lot. I have the dogs and the peacock, and they fit the ikea expedit (and clones of it) perfectly. They are also really nicely made – not as cheap as your typical fabric folding boxes. The bottom is actually split, but with a sturdy floor that’s sewn in rather than apart. This makes it easy to fold, but without having a separate piece, which I really like.The designs are nice and classic, and can fit with a modern decor, but aren’t so bold to totally clash with other styles.My biggest issue (which isn’t really all that big) is that the label “3 sprouts” is pretty prominent. It looks like you’ve labeled the boxes with things like “toys” or “clothes” or whatnot, but it’s jsut the brand. Look again at the picture and you’ll see what I mean.Overall I recommend.

Madelyn Gough, GA

Terrific organizers

I just love these. They are adorable, fit tons of toys, and i have then in any room in the house where my son’s toys might end up. they also organize things in my older daughter’s Ikea cube bookcase. But they are so expensive. I wish 3 sprouts could do something to bring the cost down.I have 3 and would like more but just cannot justify the cost.

Deirdre Eaton, OH

very cute

I love the cute design of this box. It is great for storing stuff it goes great with my Noah’s ark theme nursery.

Marla Bird City, KS

Cute, Sturdy, Fits Wall Unit

I purchased an Ikea entertainment unit for my den that is an area I keep childproofed for my little nugget to safely play while I catch up on "my shows". These storage boxes fit perfectly in the square sections of the unit, unlike the "cute" storage boxes from Target which were significantly smaller. These are the same size as the square spaces are. The tabs at the top give you something to pull on to get them out of the spaces easily.There are also exactly 5 squares at the bottom of the unit, so it was ideal that there are 5 designs to choose from. I got one of each.They are sturdy, holding everything from DVDs, video game controllers, baby toys, and other items.They weren’t cheap so I had high expectations and they were met. I would buy from this brand again for sure.

Lenore Perronville, MI

Very spacious

These are bigger than normal storage totes (seems most are 11" square and these are 13"). Very well made, easy to assemble. Sturdy. Would keep them but they don’t quite match where we wanted them. Definitely would use elsewhere if I could.

Caroline Coahoma, MS

Love the storage bin

The bin is high quality and the design is so cute. I used it as a basket to put in our shelf and works great. Highly recommended.

Lea Paradise, PA

so cute!

the product came collapsed. easy to assemble – zips up at bottom and has a sturdy flip down base. material is canvas. peacock and dog designs go well together. may order more to scatter around the house. a bit pricey but will last a long time. and will store well after kids outgrow them. but designs are mature enough for me so i’ll likely use them in the future!

Rosetta Bradford, NH

For stylish storing toys

I bought 2 storage boxes for the IKEA book shelf unit.To upgrade my 2,5 yrs son bedroom from nursery to toddler room.I bought the gorilla and dragon ones for his room.He likes it and it is great for storing toys and clean up.For my daughter’s nursery I have the storage bag which is cute and does it’s purpose.For our living room in Europe I bought this box and the bigger bin.This because I think these storage boxes look nice in a living room. They are delivered flat, which is perfect for my suitcase and is half the prize here as it is in euro’s overthere!

Margret Kent, MN

Awesome storage

This is a huge storage box, really cute too. I actually didn’t realize how big it would be and I initially bought it with the intention to fit it in my box shaped shelves. Well it doesn’t fit in there but I love all the storage space it provides.

Michael Forest, VA

Fun and Fantastic

Quick assembly, vibrant colors and design. Great for organizing closets and toys. 4 stars because the product is made in China. It seems for the price and the simple design it could be made in the USA.

Kimberly Moyie Springs, ID

Cute and Good Quality

Just received the bin with a Kangaroo on it, and we’re all very happy with the quality and look of it.

Margot Winslow, IL

Too Cute

I love 3 sprouts stuff. I have the storage bin, the Caddy and this. They have great stuff. The seller was easy to deal with – it was sent and I received it in perfect shape. I love the size and the design.

Elda Dracut, MA

Adorable Boxes!

I bought 4 of these boxes to use with the Ikea Expedit bookcase in my son’s room. I purchased the peacock, gorilla, kangaroo and dragon. I love them all! The colors in each are vibrant and my son loves the animals on the front of all the storage boxes. The boxes are a perfect fit in the expedit cubbies and my son is still able to easily remove the boxes from the bookcase. This is my first experience with 3 sprouts, and I am a very happy customer! I found the boxes cheaper on Overstock, so my suggestion would be to shop around for the best price.

Lorna Stevenson, MD

Kangaroo is NEON orange, otherwise great storage solution

I have three of these storage boxes. They’re the perfect size for holding MegaBloks, balls, stuffed animals, or miscellaneous toys. These are not too tall — I like that my one year old can reach in and pull things out herself. But be careful of colors! I had to return the orange kangaroo because it is neon (and I mean NEON!!!!) orange. The peacock is a lovely teal color. The rabbit is a bright lilac but not the same degree of neon as the orange.

Adriana Ben Franklin, TX

Bigger than expected

This bin really is deeper than I had expected. It is currently being used as a lego bin in my daughter’s room and looks pretty cute. I don’t know how long it will last, but the canvas material seems decent.

Madeline Allerton, IL

Great for toys!

I bought four of these containers in different animals. They look sooooo cute in my son’s playroom. When he was an infant, I set them around the living room, and he enjoyed crawling over to them and digging through them. They were perfect for sorting toys. Now, I have them on a bookcase in his playroom. They fit perfectly in a standard bookcase (I know lots of reviewers mentioned a bookcase from Ikea, but I just have a wooden bookcase from American Signature Furniture). My son (and my niece) loves to pull them out and dump the contents on the floor. I’m okay with that since I know that I can easily sort the toys when he goes to bed and hide them away again. I have the entire collection of 3 Sprouts items, and these are my favorites.

Lora Cooter, MO


These are perfect toy bins. The are really cute and a nice size. Hold a lot of toys and great for a lot of rooms/spaces.

Manuela Addison, IL

Storage box

Our daughter requested this. It matches others that she has in baby’s room. They hold a lot so room is organized

Anna Mattawamkeag, ME

Super cute!

I got this for my son’s room and right now it is a storage unit under his changing table. It goes great with our theme which is hard to find. I love how its made out of recycled materials, it looks nice, and is very durable.

Betty Martin, SC

Cute and fun while not being too childish

We have a few of these 3 Sprouts boxes (Brown dog, blue peacock, green dragon, orange kangaroo) in our great room, and they are cute and fun and yet not so childish that they look ridiculous in our main room. Clean and simple designs that appeal to my 13-month old, and sturdy and durable enough to be useful.But beware if you are purchasing the orange kangaroo, the first one I purchased was great with a muted orange fabric, and the second one was a brighter/more neon orange which I don’t love.

Tamika Pembroke, MA

So cute

This is a really cute storage box for toys. My 18 month old daughter loves it. The quality is really nice as well.

Cecile Perkins, MI

Cute storage

I’m using this as a small laundry basket and it’s very cute and exactly as advertised. Totally folds up too which is nice.

Jerry Exmore, VA


This is a great addition to our nursery. It is very cute, has bright colors, and is sturdy enough to hold toys.

Socorro Graceville, FL