3 Sprouts Toy Chest, Leopard

3 Sprouts Toy Chest, Leopard

The 3 Sprouts toy chest is the perfect organizational tool for any room. With sides reinforced by cardboard our toy chest stands at attention even when empty and the lid keeps all toys out of sight. Large enough to hold whatever you throw in it, this toy chest adds a pop of fun to every room. The 3 Sprouts toy chest makes organizing a room full of toys easy.

Main features

  • 100% polyester
  • Chest measures 14.5″ x 24″ x 15″
  • Lid helps keep toys out of sight
  • Cardboard inserts keep sides stiff

Verified reviews



Will work for now. Not sure how long it will last though. It’s made of cardboard and seems a bit flimsy but is super cute. We put all our babies stuffed toys in this. I don’t think it’d hold up to a bunch of heavy toys.

Amanda Dalmatia, PA

Love all my 3 sprouts products.

This is really cute. I agree the lid is rather odd. I’d give it 5 stars if it were a bit sturdier. If your child climbs into or falls on it, they are not likely to get injured, which is great, but it will likely make a crease in the box that is hard to flatten out like new.

Mai Hopkins Park, IL

The cutest toy box I’ve ever seen!

So many retailers sell similar toy chests such as this one, but I have seen none cuter than this one, especially for a baby boy’s nursery! It is good quality and a good price compared to similar products on the market. It looks great in my 7-month old son’s nautical room!

Jewel Shawano, WI

Cute and orginzed

Pretty good – It is easy to set up, not bad looking and holds a LOT of stuff – we use it to put all our dress-up clothes in! Sometimes the lid falls into the box itself because the sides are not hard.

Reyna Eden Valley, MN

Love 3 Sprouts accessories

I’ve bought a ton of 3 sprouts storage containers over the last year. This toy chest is the latest addition, and it is perfect. Initially, I was worried that it may be flimsy and collapse if my son tried to reach into it, but it is actually pretty well-enforced. We haven’t had any problems, and it is slap full. The cheetah is one of my favorite 3 sprout animals.

Elvira Des Plaines, IL

Great for organizing toys and happy to look at.

Great for organizing toys and my 1 year old son loves peeking his head in to see what he wants to grab out or dump in. Plus given it’s made of canvas, you don’t worry about his hands getting trapped. Adds a bit of fun to the toy room too.

Janie Lenoir City, TN

Nice Basic Toy Chest, and Easy to Store

This is a sturdy canvas box with cardboard inserts to hold it solid. The toy box arrived shipped flat, and assembled in one easy pop open and insert base. The leopard on the front of the box is bright and cheerful, and nicely stitched so little fingers can’t peel him off. The toy box holds a surprising amount of toys, and the lid is light enough for my toddler to flip back. There are handles on the side so that the box could be carried. The handles are very tight to the box, and are not really apparent to small children.On the con side, the flap on the front of the toy box is rather silly – it is not long enough to actually flap over the front of the box, especially when the box is full of toys, and the lid doesn’t snap or connect at all. I would say the lid is more decorative than useful, since it does cover the toys and make the room look more tidy, but the sides of this light box do bulge and so often the lid will fall into the box instead of sitting on top.Overall, a very affordable toy box, easy to pack up if your family tends to move around. Seems to be easy to wipe clean, and it does a very good job corralling all those awkwardly sized toys. Kid friendly, and cute!

Aurora Big Creek, MS

Well-constructed and looks great!

We bought the whale toy chest and it arrived as pictured. The stitched on whale is a felt-like material. Our daughter was touching it when we first set it up. The lid just sits on top. Would have preferred it to have a Velcro or magnetic closure. I was surprised to find that the outer covering is not canvas, but nylon. Only the inside is canvas, with a cardboard base insert. On either side, there is a handle made out of a grosgrain-type material; pretty sturdy and well-stitched on. It does not have a plastic lining for easy wipe-clean though, unlike the other 3 Sprouts storage products that we’ve purchased. Still, it does the job, and looks nice in our daughter’s room.

Abbie Dallas, WV


Fits more than I had expected and my son likes to hide in it as well and I am not worried about him getting trapped in it.

Deborah Sheldon, VT