3 Sprouts Wall Organizer, Crocodile

3 Sprouts Wall Organizer, Crocodile

Our hanging wall organizer is the perfect solution for clearing all those small pieces that add up to one big mess. This product is perfect gift for babies and toddlers. The organizers are of 40″ length and 14″ width. The item is made up of 100% cotton canvas.

Main features

  • Wall organizers are 40″ length and 14″ width
  • Three generous pockets, each pocket measures 11.5″ x 14″
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Perfect gift for babies and toddlers

Verified reviews


Simple space saving storage for baby toys/knick knacks

Love the concept of this organizer, but wish they included hardware to mount it up. First had to buy command strip hooks, but that ended up falling off of the wall! Finally found some ugly black screws leftover from an Ikea furniture purchase and screwed them into the wall to hang up this organize. Doesnt look cute, but oh well it does the job.

Paula Orion, IL

Missing holes required to hang!

Well, the organizer itself is way cute. It’s sturdy, has a decent amount of room to pack stuff into, and the giraffe is adorable. However, the organizer I received is missing one very essential element required to actually hang this so called "wall organizer." Mine is missing the holes with which to hang it. So, I must either return and exchange it (*hassle*) and hope that I get one which didn’t have someone asleep on the assembly line or, somehow make my own holes. I am afraid if I make my own holes the organizer won’t hold up and damage the material. Harumph.

Jerry Knightsen, CA

Cute and works well for small stuffed animals

I put up two hooks (the 3M temporary kind) to hold up the top with the holes and low to the ground enough so toddler can go in and grab stuff animals. A good buy.

Bettye Fall Rock, KY

Good quality

Good quality and attention to detail. I bought this for my 2 year old niece and she loves looking at the flamingo.

Marisa Lonetree, WY

Very Sturdy

This is so cute and sturdy. I have about 10 books in it right now with no worries. It is made very well and will last a long time in the babies room. Highly recommend.

Karyn Flushing, MI

Another great 3 sprout item

I bought this to store my son’s coloring books, crayons, and art supplies. It works perfect. Each pouch is big enough to put lots of stuff in them. It is very sturdy.

Alexis Bairoil, WY

Adorable and spacious Organizer

Love this organizer. It’s actually quite spacious and holds many of my child’s coloring books, regular books, etc. It’s so adorable, I highly recommend for any kids room/ play room. I don’t think ours came with anything to hang it with, but we have plenty of hanging nails, etc ourselves so that wasn’t a factor for us.

Esmeralda Brush, CO

Excellent quality

This looks amazing in my sons room. Its great quality has has great attention to detail. We can’t fault any of the 3Sprouts purchases so far!

Charmaine Taylorsville, GA