3pk – Clay Hanging Keepsake Baby Prints Kit

3pk – Clay Hanging Keepsake Baby Prints Kit


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Easy and Fun

You can get at least 2 plates from each box. Clay is easy to mold after you soften in. Store in a zip lock for later use in case your baby isn’t cooperating at the moment. I have had some in a zip lock for 2 months and it’s still workable.Very easy to do. After they dried I cut off the rough edges with a knife then smoothed with an emory board. I’ll be painting them as well. Nice and cheap gifts!

Gussie Kreamer, PA

Great for grandparent gifts

Our son has three sets of grandparents, and this made for a great first Christmas gift for them. Easy enough to do it, and I swapped out the included pink and blue ribbons for something a little more stylish. Only complaint is that the clay cracks just a bit as it dries– tiny surface cracks, mostly around the edges. I sanded them lightly and it helped a bit.

Joni Factoryville, PA


The clay was realllly dry, we followed all directions precisely, and it just looked ok when done. It’s messy and the clay is hard to imprint, I had to push really hard with my baby’s foot to make it visible. It’s pretty cute when done, but not really worth the trouble unless you have a patient kid

Concetta Kaweah, CA

Each kit makes 2!

I didn’t read this closely enough before buying- each kit makes 2. We actually had plenty of dough leftover to make one or two more per kit! The dough is a little tough to put a tiny hand or foot into and you have to press pretty hard for it to make the imprint. But once it does it is great and hardens fairly quickly. We made ornaments for xmas and everyone loved them!

Alisha Quitman, TX

Great for grandparents

The grandparents loved getting these for Christmas! The price is great for the number of ornaments you can make. I also like that it is clay instead of the homemade ones. I bought Christmas colored ribbon instead of the one provided, but they are perfect other than that.

Ada Ronan, MT

Best deal to save prints 🙂

I got this and thought I would need all three but it turns out I could stretch just one into 4 ornaments 🙂 so I gave one to my sister for my nephew and I’m saving one for next year. Such a great deal!!!!

Angela Leon, NY

Works well, but use another mold

The clay included softens up well and makes for easy impressions, squirming baby aside. The three-pack allowed us to make ornaments for all the grandparents and aunts and uncles in our family, plus one for ourselves. The circle mold/cutter included is really big (about four inches in diameter), so I thought it would make the ornaments too heavy to hang easily. I just used the top of a water glass instead and that worked well; I found I could get three baby-hand ornaments from each package of clay that way.

Staci Cresco, PA

Worked awesome!

Easy to mold, easy to handle before it dried, and I painted them with acrylic paint with no problems! Turned out beautiful!

Denice Donnelly, MN

Buy an Ink Pad to Preserve Precious Prints Instead

I bought these after a positive experience with a similar product in 2010. I wish I could find that other product again. This is not nearly as good. I bought a lot, thinking it would be like the other product I liked in 2010, and I made twelve ornaments with this product in spite of the significant problems, so this was not a one time bad experience. I experimented with different kneading times and different amounts of pressure to make the print. Regardless, I was not able create an attractive product. Here were the problems I encountered.(1) It requires A LOT of pressure to make the imprint–more pressure than babies, or most adults make naturally, so you will have to very, very firmly press your child’s hand (or foot) into each ornament your make. When my daughter was a newborn, this was impossible. I had another kit and saved it for later when she was seven months. It was still very hard. I did a lot of footprints, because she puts more weight on the feet naturally than her hands.(2) The finished product doesn’t look great. From a distance on a Christmas tree, you would be hard pressed (no pun intended) to make out that this was the shape of a baby’s hand or foot. It just looks like a white circle until you get close. And keep in mind, this was after considerable work to get a firm imprint from my infant. Even more disappointingly, you cannot make out the adorable, distinctive wrinkles in her foot or hand. It primarily just an outline shape pressed in. Both the other clay product I used, and ink pad prints preserve those adorable wrinkles.(3) The circle cut-out isn’t sharp enough to cut the edges cleanly. At least this problem is easy to fix with an Exact-o knife or scissors, but it is irksome. I sincerely doubt the examples on the product box were made with this kit alone.(4) The circle shape is only 4 inches in diameter. My daughter’s foot nearly fills it, and she is tiny for age seven months (just over 14 lbs). The average one year old’s hand will not fit comfortable in this circle. You could lose their cut-out and make your own, but again, it is irksome to have to use other products after you buy a "kit."I recommend saving yourself this trouble. If you can’t find a better clay kit, buy an ink pad to preserve precious prints and make crafts with. It will look much better and be less hassle.

Nina Wheelwright, KY


I got a bunch of these and they took some practice but for the most part turned out cute. A little hard to work with but I got one prefect one out of 6 and the rest are pretty good.

Imogene Ararat, VA