4moms Cleanwater Collection Infant Baby Bathtub

4moms Cleanwater Collection Infant Baby Bathtub

4 Moms Cleanwater Collection   Our Cleanwater Infant Tub and Digital Spout Cover make bath time easy from baby’s birth through his toddler years.  Each product has a color-coded digital thermometer to show you the water temperature at a glance. The Infant Tub is designed for use with running water, so you’re always bathing your baby in clean, fresh water. And when your baby’s ready for the big bathtub, the Spout Cover will protect from bumps and bruises on the faucet.   Product Features: -Grows with your child from birth to 7+ years -Includes re-designed Cleanwater Infant Tub and Digital Bath Spout Cover -Digital Thermometers in the Tub and Spout Cover show you the water temperature -Each digital thermometer requires three AAA batteries (not included) -Six month warranty

Main features

  • Foam, Plastic
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Includes infant tub and spout cover
  • Tub fits most single and double basin sinks
  • Spout cover fits most faucets and is easy to install
  • Spout cover is mildew resistant and easy to clean
  • Items not sold separately

Verified reviews


Simple yet great idea

I must have bought an older version of this bath tub (we bought it on Amazon Jan 2011), because the one I have is dark blue and not as sleek looking as the one in the picture. So my review will be of the older tub, but the concept is the same. Water runs into a reservoir at one end of the tub, where a thermometer shows you the temperature of the water. The overflow from the reservoir runs into the tub itself, and the overflow from the tub runs out into the drain. This way the baby gets mostly fresh and clean water in his bath. If your baby pee’s into the tub (and believe me, this happens all the time), you just pull the plug in the tub and the water drains quickly, and then gets refilled from the reservoir. I like how the baby gets to bathe in clean water and I can always keep an eye on the temperature of the water. It’s a great little tub. I did find though that it was hard to hold up a floppy newborn in the tub, and they seem to have fixed this by introducing the new cushion I see in the picture.The description says that the tub fits in the sink but there was no way our tub would fit in any sink in our house, maybe except for the kitchen sink. It was way too big. We put it in the bath tub instead.

Augusta Vernon Hill, VA

Tub keeps on leaking water on my counter

Pros:Digital temperature gauge is very helpful in setting the correct water temperature.Overall size and design. Looks nice.The sponge insert works well on a newborn.Cons:The blue valves at the bottom of the tub in the area where the baby sits does not seem to close properly and hence water leaks through it. By the time the bath is done, there is a lot of dirty water on my counter since the water keeps on leaking.The water also leaks from the clean water compartment, but at a slower speed compared with when it leaks from the dirty water compartment.Note: I was not able to fit this inside my bathroom sink. So, I had to use this on the counter.Overall I am not as happy with this purchase, since, I was expecting a better quality product for the price I paid.

Carissa Rockland, MI

The only tub for your infant!

I owned this tub two years ago when I had my kiddo. I loved it so much that I bought one for my sister-in-law (I took it out of the box and stuffed the tub with tons of little must-haves such as shampoo, diaper cream, cotton balls, etc.). This is the BEST tub you can buy. Easy for one person to use, comfortable and safe for your baby. This one also comes with a newborn sponge which is great for the first few baths when your baby still isn’t very strong and you’re still new at this:) Would recommend this tub over all others! A must have for your baby-on-the-way shopping list.

Florine Buffalo, KS

Awesme baby tub

This tub has been awesome to use for my new baby. She loves taking a bath in it! The water runs into the resevoir and then overflows over into the part where the baby is laying. I love the fact that there is continually fresh water coming into the tub and the dirty water going out of the tub. The tub is also very light weight so its easy to move around, however, it is quite big. Plenty of room for baby, but could be an issue if you had to store it somewhere other then the bathtub. We just keep it in our bathtub all the time. I love the double thermometers. There is on that goes over the faucet and then a thermometer on the tub itself. It leaves the guessing work of whether the water is too hot or cold out of bathtime, and we can just enjoy the time rather then worry about the temperature. The blue insert is soft for a baby that is not quite sitting up yet. Just be sure to squeeze all the water out of it after bathtime to avoid any mildew or mold in it.

Clare Howard, OH

my favorite baby item… that says a lot!

I’m a first time mom with a 3 month old, and I’ve been researching baby gear for the past year, but this is the first review I’ve felt the need to write- this tub is AWESOME! My baby screamed the first time I tried to bathe her in the The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath (Clear), but I purchased this the following day and ever since then, bathtime has become her favorite part of the day.PROS:-the built-in temperature sensor: especially since this uses constantly flowing water (which can suddenly get very cold or very hot), the beeping noise it makes when it gets too hot is very useful, especially if you’re tending to the baby while it fills up. also the sensor really does seem to indicate the range of “perfect” water temp for my baby-the drain: such a simple concept, but it makes ALL the difference. i never really liked how most bathtubs had babies sitting in dirty water. also, since the water keeps flowing, then the temp stays at an optimal temperature and my baby doesn’t get cold-comes with a little cup for pouring water on her, with a little spout.CONS:-price… honestly i never even considered this tub before i gave birth, but i found one on sale for $45 @ buybuybaby because it was an open box item. but given how perfect it is, i would gladly pay the full price for it! my baby looks forward to bathtime everyday now.-advertised that it would fit in a sink, but honestly it’s not that realistic. it’s a decent size for one to use in the tub but can’t really see it fitting in a sink-the sponge could be a bit larger. i purchased theSummer Infant Comfy Bath Spongeand it fits perfectly! it doesn’t slip aroundWith all of that said… i’d give it 5 stars but i’m taking 1 star off because of the price. while i feel like i would be okay with paying the full price for it now, as it has a lot more to offer than other tubs, i feel like $90 is a bit much for a baby bath tub, which is a shame- since i would LOVE to gift this to all of my friends who are expecting parents from now on, because it’s just that great

Donna Baxter, KY

Wife and I have argued over this one…

I wanted certain luxuries for my baby that I did not have. I realize that a sink is just as good for a baby bath, but I wanted to enjoy bath time without worry for safety, and having to prop the baby up with one hand while washing with another. My wife’s argument is that we paid this price for a piece of plastic, which is essentially true. There are cheaper ones out there. However, those small features make the difference. Built in temp gauge on tub, then a separate one for mouth of tub for later. I like how it will be clean water int he bath all the time. We are having a boy so you know that means pee all over the pace and I like the idea of being able to flush out all that pee water without having too empty the tub overtime. I, the one going to use this, is very happy we bought this.Note: it is larger than you think.

Camilla Peosta, IA


I had the older version of this tub before it became so super expensive and used it for my first 2 girls. It became pretty grimy and the sensor broke so I decided to buy another for girl #3 since I loved the first one so much. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the most expensive baby tub on the market but I love the temp sensor and the clean, warm water constantly flowing. Sure, it wastes some water, but no more than a regular shower or probably even a filling up of a regular bathtub would. I mean, it’s not like I’m bathing my infant for an hour! She’s in there literally 5-8 minutes. When she gets to the point where she likes to splish splash I will put her in the big tub.

Phyllis Wooster, AR

The best baby bathtub we’ve found!

If you want your baby to be the envy of every infant on the block, you definitely need to get one of these. I love tech toys and high-tech gadgets for myself, so why wouldn’t I want the same for my kids? This is the coolest, most high-tech bathtub out there!I love the 4moms products. We have two of their4moms Mamaroo Plush Green Jacksseats for our newborn twins, and those seats are an awesome combination of bouncy seat, power swing, and iPod speaker system. If they made a twin stroller, we might have that instead of our (admittedly awesome)Baby Jogger City Select Strollerwith the second seat setup.But back to the bathtub.This item actually contains two distinct and great products.The first product is the bathtub itself. The tub actually has 4 distinct parts of the pathway that water runs through in the tub. It is specifically designed to have fresh water constantly flowing into and through the tub during the baby’s entire bath, so the water never gets really dirty and stagnant.1) The water flows into a trough at the top of the tub, and flows over a waterproof temperature sensor. The sensor displays the current water temperature in a very user-friendly fashion: if the temperature is too cold, it shows the temperature with a bright blue backlight in the LCD display. When the temperature is in the comfortable zone for baby, the LCD shows a happy green, and on-display graphics show you exactly where within the “comfort zone” the current temperature lies. When the water gets too warm, the display background turns red and it begins beeping. If the water gets dangerously warm, the beeping intensity and frequency will increase, warning you to remove baby from the bath right away.2) The fresh water flows over the above temperature sensor into a holding basin – perfect to dip your washcloth for fresh rinse water while bathing3) Water flows from the holding basin through a trough and into the main tub4) Water fills the main tub. Mom or Dad can decide how deep the tub will fill – there is a “low” depth drain hole on the side the can be opened or closed as necessary depending on the size of baby.When bath time is over, there are easy-to-open drain plugs at the bottom of each basin to drain the unit easily. The unit also comes with an attachment to make it easy to mount in a divided sink with a low-height divider between sink basins, and a large blue foam mat for the bathing area.The second product is a separate, second temperature sensor unit that can be mounted on the bath fill spout in your bathtub. It too contains a special digital temperature sensor with LCD display, and can help to show you bath temperature conditions long after baby has outgrown the original bath tub.After bathing our twins in it, I can attest that this is a great bath tub, not just because the kids are now squeaky-clean, but because of the great temperature safety features unique to this product.

Patrica Greenwich, NY

love this tub!

I originally bought the puj tube for my baby girl but after about a month she didnt fit in it. Also, I think my sinks were too shallow to use it with because it was very unstable. The cleanwater tub is awesome. The pros are that its easy for one person to give baby a bath, the temperate gauge is really helpful and the rinse cup is a nice little bonus. The cons are that it was a lot to spend on a tub and its huge, it takes up my whole bathtub and doesnt compress or fold down in anyway.

Cecile Hebron, ME