4Moms Infant Insert, Monsters

4Moms Infant Insert, Monsters

The 4moms Newborn Insert fits perfectly with both the 4moms mamaRoo and 4moms rockaRoo infant seats. It provides additional comfort and support for your newborn just where they need it. The insert is machine-washable and reversible. The Monster plush pattern features colorful monsters on one side and the same pattern in black and white on the other.

Main features

  • Provides additional support and comfort for newborns
  • Made of soft plush fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Reversible

Verified reviews


Must have for your MamaRoo

I purchased the MamaRoo before my newborn was born, and had it at home for a while. One day my older son mentioned that the material was a bit rough after seeing the MamaRoo in the store and seeing the other plush covers. I realized it was a bit rough as is (I bought the simple model with the silver cover), but didn’t want to spend so much for the plush cover. So, I decided to buy this. It is very soft, and quite large as it fits pretty much the entire length of the bouncer. It’s very soft, and protect my son’s delicate skin from the roughness of the seat. I find it also makes him fit better, though at 6 weeks he is quickly growing into the length of this. If you have a MamaRoo and are using it for an infant, I highly suggest buying this to make your little one more comfortable without spending so much for an entire seat.

Cristina Florence, AZ

Highly recommend to anyone w/ a newborn

Our daughter was 6lbs 9oz when she was born and we were able to use the Mamaroo within a week with the use of the insert. We could have used it immediately, but we were nervous at first. She fit snug enough to keep us from worrying too much and at about 13lbs, we removed the insert. It has proven to be an extremely durable product. It is a must for anyone wishing to use the Mamaroo with a newborn or small size baby. We love our MamaRoo. At first we questioned if we would needed to keep the swing and bouncer from our shower. I would highly recommend you invest in all three, if you can. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to keeping a baby happy and in turn yourself from going crazy. I would highly recommend this product.

Ernestine Montpelier Station, VA

You need this if your baby is under 8 lbs

The mamaroo is great, but the seat is just too large for a newborn. This helps get a more secure, snug fit. You definitely need this if you don’t have the plush version of the swing. Your baby will slide on the slippery fabric and be slumped down & uncomfortable. Wise purchase.

Mayra Norton, VT

Cute and Comfy

This little insert makes the MamaRoo that much better. Not much more to say except I would buy it again!

Gertrude Townsend, VA

A must for the momaroo.

If you have a newborn, buy this for your Momaroo. The baby needs the extra support. It fits perfectly and it’s a fun color pattern.

Kate Minnesota City, MN

Cozy support for newborn

Bought the silver (classic) Mamaroo and this insert for our small 6 lb newborn, and the combo was an instant hit. After 2 wks with little sleep, this was a godsend. Very high quality materials and fun prints. She snuggled right in and was asleep within seconds. Do not hesitate to buy this! Can’t put a price on quiet time and a cozy sleeping baby when you are a new parent.

Celeste Morrow, AR

A need…

If you bought the Mamaroo and you plan on using it early, then you have to get this. There really isn’t any arguing about it. It is of high quality as all of 4 Moms items are. No regrets.

Tina Wilberforce, OH

Great addition for newborn!

This insert helps keeps my newborn sitting more comfortably in his MamaRoo bouncer. I love how plush it feels. The double-sided print is really cute.

Lolita Curtiss, WI

Necessary for newborns

I think it’s a great invention for newborns! It fits perfect and the double design pattern is very cool.Recommend!!

Olivia Kinsley, KS

Mamaroo requirement

Your Mamaroo isn’t a mamaroo till you own this. My daughter took many naps with this insert. plus it so cute!!

Addie Wheaton, MO

Great for small babies

I love 4Moms products and this one is just as good as the rest. The pattern catches baby’s eye when not sitting in it, bonus! My only worry is that I don’t see my 12 week old using it much longer. It’s perfect for a newborn though and will keep them steady until they have better control.

Blanca Kimball, MN

Just what I expected.

I am happy with this purchase. Helps keep my little ones head sturdy in the MamaRoo until he gets a little more control over his wobbly head.

Courtney Aliquippa, PA