4Moms Mamaroo, Classic Black

4Moms Mamaroo, Classic Black

It moves like you do. The 4Moms mamaRoo infant seat bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their baby. Select from five unique motions, like car ride and tree swing, and five different speeds. Choose from five built-in sounds or connect it to any MP3 player. The seat reclines to multiple positions to allow baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play.

Main features

  • 5 unique motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, ocean) and 5 speeds
  • 5 built in sounds and MP3 compatible
  • Adjustable seat recline
  • Removable toy balls
  • Removable, machine washable seat

Verified reviews


4.5 out of 5 stars

There aren’t a lot of reviews around for this product so we were a little hesitant spending so much money on something like this when we already had a Fisher Price swing. But so far it’s working well. We leave the swing downstairs or take us with us on vacations, but this Mamaroo stays upstairs near our bed. It’s very handy for times when the little guy is fussy and wants to be rocked but we need to do something else (laundry, shower, etc.). We wrap him tightly and place him in the Mamaroo with a little music coming from our attached ipod. Most of the time he is pretty content for about 30 minutes or so. He does seem to sleep longer in the cheaper swing downstairs, but that might be because of the times that we are using one vs the other.We purchased it at a local retail store because we had store credit and coupons (hint: get 20% coupon for signing up for their mailing list). We got the Blue Plush color and it looks pretty nice.The only con, although not necessarily a real con, is that when our baby is bundled in a blanket and we place him higher up in the swing, he tends to slink down and wakes himself up because he is uncomfortable. You just have to play with the settings of how far back or how flat the swing part is setting and then he doesn’t move as much.If you have a baby that sleeps well in a moving car or in your bouncing/rocking arms, he will probably like this product.UPDATE: 11/30/2012After a few months of average use (maybe 1-2 hours each day), we are hearing some strange sounds occasionally. Like a clicking of the motor when it’s on a car ride cycle. We are considering taking it back and getting a replacement because we like the product. But when the clicking gets loud, our baby wakes up thus defeating the purpose of the gentle, sleep-inducing motion.If you find this review helpful, please vote yes! I like to review and your votes help me know how I’m doing.

Sheryl Elmwood, IL

Both of my kids *hated* this. Not worth the money.

I bought this for my first baby. I was so excited to put him in it. As soon as we got home from the hospital it was the first thing I did and he HATED it. I tried every few days, all different settings, and we got the same screaming response. It just doesn’t move fast enough….at all. Even the fastest setting is SO slow. I don’t see how it soothes any baby.So we put it away and got it back out once we had our second baby (only 12 months later). I thought for sure my more easy going baby would love it since everyone else seemed to rave about it, but nope, we had the same response. He hated it, too. It just simply didn’t move fast enough. Not to mention the fabric is so stiff and not the least bit comforting. We put a fleece blanket in it to try to make it more appealing and it did nothing. Not to mention the mobile is completely useless. It doesn’t even move.We ended up getting a traditional cradle swing and both kids loved it SO much more.

Amy Arlington, AZ

Great Swing – Just Give It Some Time

There’s a lot of parenting advice that my mother-in-love gives (okay, more like foists upon) me that I don’t appreciate, but I grudgingly have to give her kudos for this one: just because your baby doesn’t like something initially doesn’t mean that s/he won’t like it, even love it, later. This holds true for the Mamaroo. My daughter initially screamed when put her in the Mamaroo for the first month of her life, and I thought the swing to be a tremendous waste of money. But somewhere in the second month, she really got comfortable in it and I could transfer her from stroller to swing and get her to extend her stroller sleep for an even longer nap. Now at 6 months, I can rely on the Mamaroo to put my daughter to sleep for impromptu naps every. single. time. Does it do pretty much the same thing (but at a more exorbitant cost) as the FP swings? Yeah. But if you’re short on space, this is an awesome swing to have. I wish that I had one on every floor of my city condo. Plus, it looks pretty and usually elicits comments from guests. I like the plush version better than the non-plush version. My daughter doesn’t slide around as much in the plush version (I also recommend in the infant insert for the newborn stage), and it’s way softer for when you put baby in right after a bath or if just wearing a diaper. My daughter loves the little hanging balls and usually tries to reach up and grab them. I suppose theoretically you can hang a little stroller toy from the top of it too. I do not use the speaker or sounds, as the mere whirring of the machine lulls my daughter to sleep (and acts as white noise while I get things done around the kitchen/living room).One interesting note – I used to think that all of the different “swing” types like the car ride setting, etc. where just a bunch of phooey. But my daughter actually has preferences. Car ride will keep her up all the live long day. Rock-a-bye on the other hand will put her to sleep like clockwork. Some other setting (can’t remember which one at the moment) will have her scream like banshee. You have to unfortunately experiment in order to figure out what setting works for your baby.

Alyce Linville, NC

Not what I expected

Well, I had high hopes for this. The idea behind it is great, but it just didn’t work for our son. It’s lovely and quite modern looking, but did not provide enough motion to really be able to soothe baby.Fastest setting is not fast at all.

Jannie Franklin, GA

A Lot to Like, Falls Short in Some Areas

~BACKGROUND~I purchased this “swing” as an open box for a really good price for my newborn. We have been using this now for 5 months.~PROS~- No batteries needed – just plug it in.- Locking adjustable bar that allows the cradle to be positioned anywhere from laying down to sitting upright.- Seating belt is adjustable and secure.- 5 speeds.- 5 motions – Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-A-Bye, Ocean Wave- 5 nature sounds and MP3 plug in capability.- Easy to use LCD display and buttons.- Unique and clean look.- Removable and washable nylon seat.- Mobile with 3 stuffed and designed balls.- Solid, sturdy construction.- Bottom heavy and solid which gives confidence in moving it from one area to another.- Very easy to assemble.- Fairly compact size, especially compared to larger swings.~CONS~- Pricey.- The fully upright position is fairly upright and there is a danger of the baby falling forward.- Due to the nylon material of the seat the upright positioning puts a lot of pressure on the groin area.- Not a traditional swing. This swing is limited to left to right and up and down motions.- Limited range of motion due to its design.- Sound quality of speakers is not very good.- The fastest speed is still fairly slow, particularly compared to the fastest setting on a traditional swing.~TIPS~Do not leave your child unattended with the swing in its most upright position. If your child were to lean forward I think he/she may remain stuck in that position.~CONCLUSION~Weighing all of the pros and cons it was worth it especially given the price we paid for it – open box plus 20% off coupon.

Lilly Cordova, NC

Nicu endorsed

I first discovered the swing at the nicu. I gave birth to twins early that have spent some time in the nicu. My son is testy and this swing is one thing that calms him down. So anything the nicu does, esp at my hospital which is ranked #4, I copy.Secondly, like most moms I have the traditional swing by a great brand. I received early via my shower. However that thing is huge!!! Appropriate for the family room, but still gi-normous. One night my daughter was unhappy and so I tried to bring into our bedroom. Could not fit though our doorway. The momaroo is compact! I would have gotten two for space alone if I was introduced to it earlier.Thirdly, soooo easy to put together. I assembled in minutes.Lastly, price. It is more expensive than the traditional swing, but not as much more as I would have expected. Granted I found a good price on amazon. So I paid about $50 more than the other swing. Well worth it given the other advantages.Highly reco. In fact, I’m going to see what other products this co makes.One drawback – it works w an iPod. I don’t believe it works w an iPhone. I am still trying to figure that out though. It might. My issues may be user related..

Tisha Belgrade, MT

Make sure the company you buy this from is covered under the warranty!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the MamaRoo and we used it for naps for the first four months of my daughters life. The only problem I had was that it started squeaking. If we let it run for 5 minutes and then laid the baby down, it wouldn’t do it though so it was something we could work with. I contacted 4moms and they were helpful with trying to find a solution, but nothing worked. They asked all of the information about where I bought it, to send me a new base for free. I was not happy to find out that I had bought it from a company that wasn’t covered under the warranty! I paid the same price as you would pay on the 4moms website and it was brand new in the box so I didn’t even think twice about it not being covered. My husband took apart the motor after finding this out, to try and fix it ourselves. The squeaking problem continued. If I were to buy this swing all over again, I would purchase it straight from 4moms. I guess I learned my lesson and will always make sure that electronics I buy are covered under the warranty if I am going to be paying full price.

Paige Spencer, MA

Absolutely Worth The Splurge

I wish I had purchased one for my first child instead of a traditional swing. I had no idea what an amazing lifesaver this thing would be! My second son had sever reflux, and until we discovered he had a protein intolerance and sorted out some dietary issues he was a miserable little guy. Sleep was a constant battle. NOT in the Mamaroo though – our problem sleeper would take 2-3 hr DAYTIME naps in this thing! The car ride setting was a definite fave for sleep, and the white noise really helped seal the deal. The kangaroo setting on the highest speed did wonders for cranky fussing fits when he was already too overtired to settle. I love that its compact and has a really sleek design – it fits nicely into our smaller living room without being an eyesore. And because it has so many functions it takes the place of multiple items (swing, bouncer, rock and play) so the investment almost pays for itself and becomes a great space saver in small homes or apartments. I cant see us outgrowing this device anytime soon either – whenever a sleep regression or a period of general crankiness ensues, the mamaroo becomes the hero again! Just wishing I could go back in time and make this investment with my first, my life would have been soooo much easier if I had.

Erica Durham, OK

Blows away the competition, soothes the savage baby

UPDATE at 8 months: We’ve taken the insert out now and use it in our stroller (Bumbleride Indie, fits perfectly). Our baby still enjoys her time in the Mamaroo and now its a great “mini-Lazyboy” for her to watch a bit of David Attenborough while I fold clothes or cook. Still falls asleep in it but we just move her to her crib. Our Fisher Price swing hasn’t been used in months (she disliked the position, plus the sounds broke) but the Mamaroo is still going strong. She kicks in it A LOT, sometimes we think she’ll break it, but she never has. We moved recently and it packed easily right back into its box, the size of a laptop box.UPDATE at 4 months: Our little girl is still loving her Mamaroo and it can get her down for a nap or just keep her quietly happy better than anything else we use. The nature sounds and white noise have gotten a lot of use even when she’s not in it. MY mom, who watches her sometimes, is in awe of it and secretly mad she didnt have one when I was little. :)For 2 weeks we thought our newborn had colic, as she would always cry unless she was eating or sleeping. We had the Fisher Price Starlight papasan swing, which she liked ‘just ok.’ The swinging motion of the Fisher Price swing caused her to spit up though, and it had only 2 incline options which were variations of flat. At night, getting her to sleep after a feeding or diaper change was an epic challenge lasting easily 30-45 min each time she woke. This equated very little sleep for the new parents (us).I broke down and bought the silver classic Mamaroo and the plush newborn insert, hoping that it would help her get to/stay asleep and allow her a comfortable place to sit and play in a more upright position. I set it up in about 5 minutes and was very impressed with the quality of materials and simplicity of the design. I placed my crying baby in the Mamaroo and started the rock-a-bye program. I told my husband, ‘She’ll probably hate it at first, but hopefully she will get used to it.’ However, before I had finished my sentence, SHE WAS ASLEEP! We looked at each other in awe. This thing was golden! The rest of the night, we kept looking at the Mamaroo with baby inside and barely believing she was still asleep. I had to actually wake HER up for a feeding and diaper change, she was so cozy.This chair saved our sanity and kicked the proverbial butt of the Fisher Price chair. $200 seems like a paltry sum now (with 2 weeks of sleepless nights behind us). We can easily move it from the living room during the day to the bedroom at night. I highly recommend getting the newborn insert if you have a small baby (our newborn was 6 lb). I daresay we may run it into the ground with constant use, but hey, can you put a price on quiet moments and a comfy, sleeping baby?At the TOP of my list of must-have baby items when I recommend stuff to my expecting friends.

Carmen Dora, AL


While it took my little one a while to warm up to this chair, I love it! It is sleek, and only takes up a small amount of room. It is quiet, and the motion is very smooth. It was very easy to put together. I like how much movement is available in the chair position. Wish I had purchased this 2 years ago when I first bought my swing. Would have saved me time and money since this is now my 4th swing – and hopefully last!3 months later – the excitement for my little one didn’t last. And it has to stay in the recline position, because he would lean forward and almost topple the swing. We work with newborns on a regular basis, and the last 4 have all hated this swing. It has only been used a few times, and now groans and squeaks. I bought a Graco swing, which all the infants seem to like. This one sadly is on Craigslist now. Wish I had saved my money. It just wasn’t worth the investment. I wanted to love this swing. But I don’t.

Cornelia Matteson, IL

I wish my baby liked it as much as I do.

I bought this product used, I think it’s the 2010 model. It works fine, and yes, it has 5 different motions, but they are all variations on a side-to-side motion. My daughter much preferred my friend’s ugly, tacky, Fisher Price swing, which is hideous to look at but which goes back and forth instead of side to side. I wished she liked this one, because it’s cool to look at, takes up very little space, and is not covered with circus animals and flashing lights. Before investing in this swing, I would make sure that your baby enjoys being rocked side-to-side, because if s/he prefers back and forth motion, you’re out of luck and out of $200.

Bethany California, MO

1000+ Hours of Use, Still Running Strong.

We purchased this about 6 months ago for our newborn son. We lacked the space for a large swing, this was smaller and also had the “cool factor” – which as a new dad I can’t say didn’t significantly impact my decision to purchase.About 6 months, close to every day, and at LEAST 6 hours a day of use. 1000 hours is a very conservative estimate actually. For the first few months our son would not sleep without being rocked, so the probable number of hours on this machine is over 2000 – but that isn’t beyond absolute certainty so 1000+ it is.Overall, this is the BEST product we have purchased for our son. He really enjoys it, still. Going from a soothing bed for a fussy newborn to an enjoyable activity for am older infant is something quite valuable. And with the ability to gradually transition this to a fully upright sitting position there are still many months of future use.There is a slight increase in the noise of the machine, but it is slight. I have faith that this will continue working well for our second child as well.The “mobile” is pretty much crap, with little ability to describe it otherwise. The mobile doesn’t stay steadily in one position, but gradually slides around to the back. Also, it is incredibly simple, and doesn’t hold our sons attention at all. I would honestly have preferred the back of this machine to be a smooth clampable bar so that we could add our own mobile instead.

Ora Whitetail, MT


I got mine in grey but wow so great! The five different settings and the comforting white noise puts him strait to sleep. We have 5 friends who are all pregnant too and have all asked about it and wanted one them selves. Everyone who sees it asks about it and we have nothing bad to say about it. Highly recommend it! Hopefully you can find it cheaper tho

Jan Orangevale, CA

Best swing ever

My daughter is 9 months old now, and this is the only swing that she likes to be in, now that she’s crawling/sitting/standing up. She no longer tolerates the bouncer, but this thing she loooves. I wish it’d come in adult version too, I’d buy it for myself in a New York minute. The fabric has been washed over 100 times, during a period of diaper explosions, and it still looks brand new, the zipper is very sturdy too. It was extremely easy to assemble. I wish it had a 5 point harness system, now that the baby is so big, she leans left and right and it’s kinda scary. My daughter has slept in it, still takes bottles in it, her first solid food bites at 4mo were also in that swing. I often use it as a speaker for my iPhone, and it totally does the job. Would I recommend it – absolutely! It’s one of a kind and anyone who ever saw it would compliment us on it. Also the toy bar does not come as easy, as I read in some other reviews. I would hang other toys on it, and have never had a problem with it. Bottom line, it’s worth the $$$. The only swing you’ll ever need.

Margot Galena Park, TX

Worth its weight in gold

We bought this having already seen it in action; our nephew absolutely loved his. Sure enough, our daughter was crazy about the Mamaroo. There was even a month or so when the Mamaroo was the only thing that could lull her to sleep. We loved being able to plug an ipod into it, and we loved that there were different motions and speeds, as our daughter’s tastes have changed a bit over the past few months. She’s become a better sleeper overall, but on nights when she’s really having trouble settling down, the Mamaroo still comes to the rescue. As an added bonus, it’s easy to clean.We couldn’t be more nuts about the Mamaroo. The price tag does sting a bit, but for us, it was worth it in the end.

Cathy Rosewood, OH

LOVE Love Love Our Roo

Our new man LOVES his Roo. He’s a fussy little guy too but, when he’s in his Roo he’s a happy camper. Our boy is a light sleeper but he’ll sleep in the Roo and if he wakes up he’ll even put himself back to sleep. It’s expensive but well worth the extra dollars spent. It’s like a nanny in a machine. Go for it. You won’t regret this purchase.

Phyllis Lurgan, PA

Average at best

I am not sure why this swing is rated so highly as top swing. It’s just okay. My little one loves his Fisher Price rocker chair much much better. The mp3 music connection on the mamaroo is not that great because the sound is low. There isn’t much stimulation for baby once in the chair either. On the Fisher Price, and other rockers/swings, the baby can touch the toys or other chair elements and those items actually either make noise or do other things. This chair has none of that. Also, it’s bulky and hard to take from one place to another in the home. Had to return it since baby didn’t like it. He wouldn’t stay in long at all and when he did he just sat there vs. other chairs where there are things to hold his interest. I don’t think this chair is worth the price at all. It’s average at best .

Melody Mountain Home, AR

Pricey but worth it

This is not an eye sore of a toy compared to the other chairs and bouncers in my opinion. It’s not too loud, and it will fit my big baby (76 percentile) unlike the other chairs which is looks to be too long for. I also like that it was VERY easy to put together, and appears easy to take apart. I saved the box it came in to that once the baby is not using it anymore I can easily store it for my next babe. I went with the grey to save a bit a money as this is a pricey chair but I think it’s made much better than the others out there.

Candace Beattyville, KY

Love it!

Great swing! Had the Graco sweet peace swing and in comparison it was way bigger and bulkier. Plus no option to recline. The Mamaroo reclines all the way so my 2 month old can easily sleep in it and it is so compact! Worth the extra money!!

Yesenia Palermo, ME

My baby loves it

I bought this at a different website where geeks think because it happened to be twenty dollars less. I had this for when I first bought my son home from the hospital, and it has helped us greatly. We have it in the bedroom, and many times we’ve put him in it to help him sleep. He finds the motion soothing, especially the tree swing and car seat. I love that it has different motions, and you can also speed up or slow down the motion. I did find the classic silver seat material to be a bit rough, so you may want to opt for the more expensive plush or buy the infant insert to make it more comfortable for your baby. We like to swaddle my son, so many times my husband will put him in this while swaddled, which doesn’t allow for him to be strapped in. He does tie the straps together around him, but soon we’ll need to strap him in as at 7 weeks he already slides down to the bottom edge. It’s very easy to put together; I put it together by myself in twenty minutes at nine months pregnant. It can be adjusted to where the baby is pretty much in full recline, which is how we’ve been using it. Luckily he is not fussy about items, and is happy in his crib, in this, in his stroller, carseat, or swing. Some babies who are fussy may not like this, but since I accustomed him to this from the moment he came home from the hospital that may have helped. He tends to stay asleep longer when he’s in this, as opposed to some of the other items. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, though many of the swings on the market nowadays are not much less in price, and some are more. This is a far cry from the swings that were available when my older son was born twenty years ago, but it is a bit of an improvement. If you can afford, you should go for it, it will make a big difference in getting some extra sleep during the first few months.

Amanda Arlington, WI

Looks great, wish my baby didn’t hate it!

I purchased this before my baby was born because it had won many design rewards and it wouldn’t take up much space in my small apartment. I loved that you can hook up your iPod too it and that it looks like a fun little spaceship for baby. I tried so many times to get my newborn to love this but all she did was scream when I put her in it. The movement jut wasn’t substantial enough for her.I ended up breaking down and buying a ridiculous, large, and comparably priced swing for her and she loves it. Go figure.

Elizabeth Choteau, MT


I have purchased this rocker for my newborn and she totally hates it. everytime i put her in the seat she cries. i do not know what she doesnt like about this rocker, but i can tell she is not comfortable in the seat.

Esmeralda East Princeton, MA

Worth The Money, But Maybe Not For Us

Savannah Collbran, CO

Adults like this more than baby

We bought this for half-price from a store because our baby stays awake a lot and we want to put her down sometimes! We bought this along with a more traditional portable swing to try them both. This is definitely high-tech looking and I wish that one existed for adults; I would spend hours in it if I could. However, it really doesn’t do more for our baby than the less expensive swing. If our baby is awake and calm, about 50% of the time she’ll happily stay in it. It doesn’t soothe her from a crying state at all and if she’s awake but on the way to a worked up state, then she starts screaming about a minute after we put her down. I know this is a baby preference and every baby is different–just because something doesn’t work for us, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. We are returning this, though, because we’d rather have a smaller, less expensive product. Also, although this isn’t terribly heavy, it’s definitely bulky and not something you’ll want to tote around the house unless you really, really have to. In case you’re wondering, the other swing was the Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing and that’s the one we’re keeping.

Carmela Gloversville, NY

My baby hates it

We got this as a gift, but my son hat see it. It scares him, and we’ve tried it again and again. I would say if you plan on buying this know that there is a real possibility your baby will either love it or hate it.

Elizabeth Fort Bidwell, CA

Perfect Product

I seldom get so excited about a product that I can’t wait to rave about it on Amazon and write a review. The Mamaroo is one of those products. The Mamaroo reminds me of Apple products: a complete package with much thought given to every detail down to the packaging and instructions. Out of the box, the chair takes 5 minutes to assemble. The chair design is stylish with a Nasa inspired look. The motion is fluid and even includes haptic like gyrations to simulate potholes for instance on the car ride mode. The chair is not heavy but also not light and could be more portable for changing placement in the house.As far as function, it works almost everytime to sooth a baby. My little one liked it immediately.Thank you 4Moms for making an almost perfect product. Amazing job putting it together.

Mara Norwalk, WI

great swing

this is a great swing. super easy to put together (pieces are labeled perfectly) it took less than 10 minutes. it plugs in, which is nice to have something that doesn’t require batteries. the iPod attachment is wonderful as we are quite sick of the other swings and seats that play the awful versions of lullabies. only problem i really have with it is the fabric is nice probably to clean but not very soft for baby to lay in.

Josie Fairfield, ND

Very happy with this device

it’s safe, and the baby even likes to sleep in it, in general. We sometimes find that when the baby is tired, we put him in there with no motion, but the curvature and support is nice, and he can sleep there quite well. It’s not a silver bullet to make a kid fall asleep, and by no means will do what a car ride or stroller ride will do, but for a simple indoor thing, it’s very nice. if you can get yourself to pay for it, it’s quite nice, and we felt it justified its cost

Kimberlee Darlington, PA

Looks neat, swings ok, but not practical.

I purchased this after trying several other swings, and was not as impressed as I’d hoped. It is way too expensive for what it is, which is what initially kept me from purchasing it.It looks really cool, but that’s where the 5 star rating stops for me.It is VERY noisy. I mean really so…it makes a sort of mix of a grinding with a squeaky porch swing sort of noise with every sway. Also, it doesn’t really vary much in the speed from the slowest to the fastest speeds…it only changes in a slightly noticeable way.One of the biggest negatives for me is the weight of the thing. It is too heavy to make moving it often an option. This was the reason I ended up selling it on. I wanted something to be able to move from room to room as needed, but this is bulky, heavy, and awkward to carry.Save yourself the money because the main thing you are paying for here is the cool look of the thing and the fact that it’s one of the latest rages in swings, so the hype has sort of propelled people’s desire to purchase.A better choice (and the best we’ve ever made) is the Graco Sweetpeace Swing. I also love the Graco Papasan Cradle Swing – Starlight. Both better swings, much quieter, and much more realistic "mommy" motion…especially the sweetpeace…neither of those are easy to move from room to room either, but I loved them both!

Nola Jeffersonville, IN


Our little one loves this. She loves all the settings and all the sounds. It keeps her content and she sleeps in it very easily. I like that the seat moves from an upright position to a laid back position. Another feature I really like is that you can hook up your ipod to it and play music for her. The seat motions have different speeds so if baby is fussy it will rock her faster and then you can slow it down as she calms down. It is fairly easy to move. I would definitely recommend purchasing the plush insert. Pretty awesome little gadget!!

Alyson Ellington, CT