4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat, Orange

4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat, Orange

We ve never seen a parent vibrate like a bouncy seat or swing like a swing But we ve seen thousands of parents scoop their little ones up in their arms and bounce and sway and that s what the mamaRoo does It moves like you do Some seats claim two motions but really they just turn their seat to one side When we say five motions we mean it Five unique motions Five ways to soothe and entertain your little one That s just better

Main features

  • Choose one of five unique motions (Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-A-Bye, Ocean Wave)
  • Five speeds let you slow down for sleep or speed up for play
  • Removable toy mobile with three plush toy balls decorated in the style of classical artists (Van Gogh, Monet, Seurat)
  • Five built-in nature sounds, plus a hookup for any mp3 player
  • Easy to use LCD display, seat reclines, available in 6 removable machine washable fabrics

Verified reviews


No more sleepless nights.

Our 3 month old daughter has reflux and needs to sleep in a sitting up position. We had tried bouncy seats and other swings then came across the Mamaroo. We were a bit cramped for space so the chair is ideal due to its small footprint. On our pediatrician’s recommendation we strapped her in thinking it would be just another sleepless night for again. 8 hours later both of us had sleep and were less irritable and our daughter was delightfully happy and not cranky in the morning. I did find the fabric a bit stiffer than the softer swings. I ended up putting a JJ Cole Bundle Me over the Mamaroo so our daughter wouldn’t kick off a blanket in the middle of the night.Since having the Mamaroo our daughter has been gaining weight on a steady basis. Both of us sleep and it’s quiet enough to have next to the bed. Considering that we let it run for 6+ hours at a time it seems to be reliable. I like the smooth motion and right after we got it assembled (which was easy) our daughter fell asleep 2 minutes after we put her in it.

Roxie Hanapepe, HI

Returned it

I was so excited by this in the store. What could be better than mirroring mother’s movement right?? WRONG. My baby never stayed in this for more than a few minutes before crying. I think he found the seat uncomfortable no matter how i adjusted it and my best guess is that it made him nauseated as well. For whatever reason, the MamaRoo actually made him upset. Also, unlike other swings, the movement is way too slow to grab his attention. I traded this very chic but useless thing in for a classic boring fisher price swing. sometimes things are classic for a reason. The Fisher price may be ugly, but my baby loves it. Skip the MamaRoo

Penny Kingsley, MI

not impressed

I wish the fabric was soft its hard and has a rough feel to it, I have inserted a super soft kiddopotamus insert and my son likes the seat much better now.Very disappointed that the top speed is so slow. My son isnt into the super slow speeds of this seat.The toy bar hangs way to low, its about 5 inches from my sons face, so we dont use it at all.Im upset I spent so much money for something that it hard, moves so slow & toys are to close to his face to useFYI about the speed: My son was 9 lbs 8 oz at birth and currently 14 lbs 4 oz at 8 weeks old and it has always moved to slow

Natalia Venice, IL

Fanciest Piece of Garbage I have ever bought!

We bought this for our precious number 6. It is awful! First off, it is as slow as the videos show it to be. Even on the highest setting is slow, slow, slow. The modern toy bar is ok at best but does not snap in tight. I won’t put it on because I don’t want it falling on her. If you have other children, this is a “must avoid” product. Those balls will be LONG gone! I think this is a great idea in theory but should have been developed furthur before dishing it out to parents. For example, all the settings are such a fun idea but the thing has no real power to it. Even without a baby in it, it is way to slow. Besides the lack of power, it is put together as cheap as possible. For example, the locking mechanism does not stay in place and is easy to accidently readjust. I kept interigating the others in our family as to who moved her seat back up. (she needs to be reclined all the way back and it doesn’t recline back far enough to begin with)> I kept finding it all the way up. It is allowed to recline up an unusual/dangerous amount. So in short…right ideas, wrong execution mixed with a variety of safety issues.

Jeanne Stahlstown, PA

Great product!

I just received our new mamaroo today, and I absolutely love it. It is very stylish…it looks even nicer than the pictures show. I am amazed at how it works and my daughter, who has been very fussy due to teething, absolutely loves it! It is definately the best soothing technique I have found! I was a little skeptical at first and was concerned that with all of the motions that it would be very loud, however the mamaroo is so quiet, you almost can’t hear it! If you are looking for a product to make your and your baby’s life a little easier for a very reasonable price, please try the MamaRoo!! Cindy Reichel

Diana Hazel, KY

Leo’s thrown

I’m updating my review. Now that we’ve had this thing for 4 months (we do use it daily), the springs are creaking and you can hear them above and beyond any sounds. They creak the entire time the thing is on, like an oil metal mattress. Not so good anymore, I’m going to see if we can get a replacement. This knockec it down one star; if I do’nt get a replacement, I’ll update again.Original review: We had this mamaroo waiting for our son and first sat him in it when he was just a few day’s old. He’s two months now. I agree with all the other reviewers who have said this is too slow. It’s completely true. He would definitely prefer the motion of a traditional swing (I am guessing) when he is fussy. So we have to pick him up when he is fussy, but he loves this machine . He especially loves the womb sound and he sleeps very well in it, so it must be comfortable for him. It’s his little home away from us. I can even set him down and he will play and look around by himself and he is very content and feels safe and happy in this thrown as we call it. Half the time we don’t even bother putting the motion on. And he can’t tell the difference between any of the different movements. It’s just the sound and the size and shape that he likes. The ball mobile isn’t important either. He’d much rather look out the window or at a ceiling fan. I would only give it 4 stars except for we use this thing all the time; and I think a traditional swing wouldn’t be as comfortable for him.

Lee Fessenden, ND

good idea but many flaws, not worth it

The idea for the mamaroo is great and I was looking forward to using this product. However, there are many design flaws and overall I feel this product is just not worth the cost. I would not buy it again. I have the 2011 model. Here are the major flaws in my opinion:1) The seat does not really recline. The seat basically goes just from “sitting all the way up” to “sitting slightly up”. I wish the seat actually reclined more. The company states that the mamaroo reclines all along its axis but in reality the seat belt harness is attached to the axis in a fixed position and limits how the seat can be tilted. I found that even in the most “reclined” position, my 4 month old baby is still falling down in the mamaroo and ends up basically supported by the crotch harness since he is so upright.2) The safety crotch harness has many flaws. First, I don’t understand why a 5-point system with shoulder harness was not included. Instead, the mamaroo comes only with a 3 point crotch harness. As I mentioned before, the baby ends up putting a lot of weight on this harness since the seat does not really recline. The harness has the hard plastic buckle inserts facing the baby and not the parent! I find this to be ridiculous. I have to struggle to snap in and unsnap the harness by reaching around to the inner part of the harness where I cannot even see the buckle. The hard plastic of the harness buckles press against my baby. The plastic buckles should face out towards the parent who has to use them, not the other way around. This design makes no sense to me. Since the seat doesn’t really recline and since this means the baby puts a lot of their weight into the harness while sitting upright, it makes having the hard buckles on the inside even worse for the baby. I don’t think the safety harness is comfortable for the baby, easy to use for the parent, or even secure (due to the lack of shoulder harness).3) The mamaroo does not come with any actual music. You have to use your own music via an ipod– fine for someone who has an extra ipod to hook into the mamaroo but not so good if you don’t have an ipod or an extra ipod…. The nature sounds that are built into the mamaroo are fine but unfortunately you can’t scroll through them on the electronic display. Instead, you have to just flick a circular switch to go through all the nature sounds to find the one you want. I find that this can irritate or wake up a baby. I would prefer to see the sounds listed on the display in order to choose the sound I want quickly.4) The motions that the mamaroo makes are fine. They did not soothe my baby, however. My baby seemed to find the motions pleasant and amusing but they did not help my baby to sleep. Other “regular” swings have worked much better for helping my baby to fall asleep.5) Although my baby is still under the 25 pound weight limit for the mamaroo, I already find the mamaroo seat to be small for him. In addition, the seat is made out of material that causes my baby to sweat. I usually have to place a cotton cloth behind my baby’s head while he is in the mamaroo, otherwise the back of his head will get too sweaty. I wish the mamaroo came with a better fabric that was more comfortable for the baby.6) The mobile balls that hang over the baby tend to fall off constantly and end up on the floor. They are also not very interesting for the baby.Overall, I was shocked to find so many flaws with such an expensive product and especially one that is supposedly designed “for and by moms”.

Angel Waverley, MA

Not for small babies

For the price, I would have expected a lot more from this product.Cons:1. The seat does not recline back far enough for babies under 3 months old.2. For babies able to sit up, there is no shoulder strap so they can easily fall side ways3. The belt in the crouch area is so short that it puts a lot of pressure in my baby’s private area.4. The toy mobile broke off the chair after a few months of use.5. Not much cushioning in the chairPros:1. Soothing motion. 5 to chose from.2. Does not take up too much space. Compact base!

Adeline Arnoldsville, GA

barely moves, child cries and cries

The seat looks high tech and impressive. Some friends passed it on to us after their child never took to it. Before our son was born we easily put it together and were impressed with the company, as well as the product. It looks cool, the company sounds cool and like a lot of thought was put into this product. Our child hates it. The chair moves so slowly and the harnesses are unpleasant. I was amazed when I saw the price tag just now, as we got ours free. The only reason I happened to see it was in doing some research to find a different one. My husband is headed to Target to buy a new swing to replace this one.

Sheryl Stockholm, NJ

A+ customer service

When I read the description of this product I was convinced it would be THE thing my baby would love. It sounded great. The big selling point for me was the cool design and compact size. I was so disappointed when my baby didn’t like it. He would sit in it for 5 minutes max. It was too slow! He liked the white noise sounds, we love the Mp3 hookup, and the speakers were plenty loud enough. We would turn it up loud and he would chill out for a minute. Of course I had spent so much $$$ on this that I didn’t buy a swing, thinking the Mamaroo would sub for a swing. We borrowed a swing and he much preferred it, but only on high. Now we have had the mommaroo for just over 6 weeks and it is not working…like won’t even turn on! I will be contacting the company and checking the warranty. Maybe I will think to post an update later about their customer service. ******Update: when I contacted customer service they were awesome and replaced the base immediately. A+ for customer service. As for my baby, turns out he was a speed junkie and liked it rough, it just wasn’t the thing for him when he was little. He uses it now that he is a little older and too big for the swing.

Annabelle Jenkinsville, SC

Did nothing for our daughter. Bouncy seat was WAAAAY better!

My daughter just couldn’t care less about this seat. If she was calm already, she was also calm in the seat. If she was fussy, she stayed fussy (or fussier) in the seat. Settings didn’t matter one bit. Way too slow. On the other hand, the bjorn bouncer and the fisher price bouncy seat, the type you just bounce with your foot, worked wonders. I’d definitely recommend a bouncy seat over this. I am not sure how they got so popular – just a fetching design I think, and people buy them before the babies are born, and then it’s too late to return when the babies don’t like like them. I noticed at least some portion of the positive reviews seem to be pre-baby, about how nice it is and how easy it was to put together. Great, but if it won’t soothe a baby, who cares..

Alma Lyme Center, NH

Not worth the money- baby hates it

From day one my baby would just cry in this swing. I wish I had just bought a normal swing, I bet she would like it so much better. It is sad that she doesn’t like it, oh well. The mobile is boring and it just doesn’t move fast enough. It says that the swing “moves like mom” but it does not.

Myrna Weissert, NE

Great design but not for everyone

We really wanted Mamaroo to work for our fussy baby. Our LO is a cat napper and would not be happy unless she is held and rock most of the time. We purchased Mamaroo from a local baby store with 20% coupon (couldn’t wait for amazon delivery) and had it when our LO was 4-10 weeks old.The design is really great, I love it. The music/sound function features means you can skip Sleep sheep or other soothing sound device and the ability to plug in any MP3 (not just iPOD) player is a nice touch. The entire product is futuristic, well thought out and has quality all over it. Its also small enough footprint (compare of the traditional swing) if space is an issue.However, all these great feature is useless if it doesn’t soothe our baby!! its too slow to soothe our LO. If she is asleep and we put her in there, she would be fine. Then again, I’ve tried this not using any of its motion, it worked the same. If she is fussy or colicky, she will continue to do so in the swing. Our manual efforts that work well are: strolling around the house with car seat stroller or rocking on a yoga ball. Compare the speed motion, this swing is just too slow for us….Luckily, the return policy in the store was great or if you are amazon mom member, the return policy is equivalent. We couldn’t justify keeping a product that doesn’t work at this price.3 stars for the design and quality

Lidia Ramsey, WV

Really wanted to love it but couldn’t and neither did baby

I really wanted to love the Mamaroo and after spending the amount of money that I did, I wanted to justify the price, but I couldn’t. My baby hated it and although it listed all the ways that it soothes it seems to me when looking at all the options that they all moved the same. My daughter even commented on that fact. My baby weighed 6lbs 14oz at birth and I tried introducing her to the Mamaroo once we were out of the hospital but she hated being in there. She’s now 3 weeks old and she still hates it. Its now just an expensive piece of useless gadget just sitting in the nursery taking up space.I’ve read all the positive reviews and I hate being the party pooper but if you can try this out from a friend before buying then I’d say do this before you end up regretting spending all that money like I did. My daughter prefers to be held and loves being in herBabybjörn Miracle Baby Carrier, Black/Purplea lot more than she does this. Even the cheapFisher-Price Zen Collection Infant Seatcalms her down a lot more than this does.

Isabella Standard, IL

Save your money

Our son was a very fussy infant and so we tried many different swings, seats, and devices like the Mamaroo to try to soothe him. We found that most reviews were correct when they said that the slow movements of the Mamaroo were not helpful in soothing the baby simply because they were too gentle and slow. The mobile is pretty boring and my son never had any interest in it. For such a fancy peice of baby equipment, with a substantial price tag, we expected more. It appears to be well made and it is cool that you can hook up your own MP3 player, but those features didn’t change the fact that we felt that it wasn’t a great choice for our son.We ended up with the Fisher Price Rainforest bouncy seat and the Fisher Price swing that we borrowed from a friend. Save your money. This product was a good idea but not worth it.

Hope Danville, KS

My Review So Far

I’m pregnant now so part of this review will be my initial reaction to the product and then once I’ve used it with the baby I’ll add to it.I’m 6 months pregnant and bought our Mamaroo last week. I got mine at Buy Buy Baby for the same price listed on here. Mine is pink and brown and is the latest model. (2011) After seeing it in the store and trying it out I fell in love and had to have it. The box was not heavy and I was able to lift it and carry it myself. I put it together myself and did not find it hard at all. I don’t see how anyone could have a hard time putting it together. It only uses one screw and everything else snaps into place. The directions are clear and come with pictures. It took me about 10 minutes all together. I have tried out the sounds and motions and everything seems to be in working order. I don’t find the motor to be loud on mine. I like that I can plug in my mp3 player to the speakers in case the baby would rather listen to different sounds. I like that the motions aren’t jerky, and the speed is variable. I am concerned about head support though, so I will probably use an insert to make sure baby’s head isn’t flopping around all over. I also think the balls are boring but for an infant maybe it will be entertaining enough until she can hold her own toy on her own…EDIT: My baby is 8 week old now so I feel that I can now make a review on this product. I have been putting her in it since she came home from the hospital. Initially her head did loll around in it until she gained more control over her neck, so I used rolled up burpies or receiving blankets to add support. She doesn’t need them now. I found that I would have liked for the swing to recline a little more, but now that’s she’s a little bigger it doesn’t have to. I would suggest to others to not even bother with this swing until their baby is at least 10-12 pounds and has plenty of control over their necks. Even though I find the balls boring, she likes them. After a while she does get bored with them but I think its because she’s used to the mobile on her other swing. The motion is enough to soothe her, but rarely enough to lull her to sleep like her other swing does. I very rarely use the sounds that come with the swing because I find them annoying, and since she also has a Sleep Sheep I think they are redundant. I only use the iPod feature. At times when she is not in the swing but playing in her crib or on her tummy time mat I use the iPod feature to play music on the speakers. The speakers aren’t the best quality ever but since its just meant to be noise to soothe a baby and not a surround sound stereo, I can forgive that.We got a Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Cradle ‘n Swing for free as a handmedown from another couple who’s children had outgrown it. I am sad to say that my daughter prefers that over her ‘roo. The swinging from side to side lulls her right to sleep (I think because it is a more vigorous motion), and she loves the lamb mobile and the horrible and annoying music that comes with it. Also she was able to use it right at birth since she didn’t need extra head support with it and it reclines so far back. But the ‘roo is more compact and doesn’t take batteries which I like, and I can choose my own music instead of having to pick from icky babyish tunes or white noise.Personally, I like the ‘roo better than the other swing, but since its my baby’s swing and not mine, I don’t really have a say. I mostly use it for daytime when she doesn’t have to be asleep but she is bored or overstimulated by tummy time. I use the other swing for when she is too overstimulated or gassy to sleep in her crib.

Patti Herminie, PA

Love this swing!

This swing is great for many reasons and I really cannot find anything wrong with it. After much looking and comparing I decided on this swing for my second child. While it will not sooth him, none of the swings I’ve tried him in (at in-laws, parents, friends houses) have soothed him either, so I can’t really expect it to sooth him if he’s really upset. I love that it plugs in so I don’t have to worry about the batteries dying at an inopportune time. It’s very open so my son can still see things going on in the room, which I like because he likes to be able to watch me and sometimes I need to be able to work while he’s swinging. The design is sleek and the color (we got orange) is nice too. It has a very modern look and was definitely made 4Moms as it has everything I could think to want. The price is a bit more than other swings but it is TOTALLY worth it! Here are my thoughts on each aspect of the seat:MOBILE: swivels from side to side, making it easier to get the child in and out without bumping their head. The balls are super soft and can be held by the child without having to worry about hard parts, velcro, etc. They are double sided with color on one side and then black and white on the other. This is a great feature because children cannot see color for the first few months of life. The mobile does not turn or anything but the balls are so easy to take in and out that it is simple to change the order of them if you want to. Not having them move makes it easier for baby to make sense of what s/he is seeing.ASSEMBLY: by far the easiest thing to assemble! It comes with detailed instructions, showing you first what each part is called and then telling you how to put it together (in 3 easy steps). I put the whole thing together in about 5 minutes and had my son enjoying it in no time. It even has directions on how to take the swing apart – so if you want to travel with it, store it, etc you can, and it tells you how to get it back in the box.SAFETY: The swing seems very safe and has some neat safety features built in. For example, if you want to change the incline of the seat and you open the latch at the back to do so it will automatically turn the movement off (if you had it on). You would really have to try to knock it sideways and movement from a child is not a concern in upsetting the balance of the seat. The seat is comparable in weight limit to other seats/swings topping out at 25 pounds.SEAT AND HARNESS: The seat sort of cradles the baby and can be adjusted to different reclined positions. The harness is a 3-point harness that adjusts and is easy to latch and unlatch. The seat zips onto the frame making it incredibly easy to put on and take off and is machine washable. Amazing!!! No need to spend 30 minutes trying to get it off just to wash it only to spend forever trying to figure out how it was originally attached once you’ve gotten it clean!! :)MOVEMENT: The different movement options are great. It does not “swing” in the traditional sense of the word but the movements it has are even better! It really does move and bounce my son the way that I do. He was sick and once I finally got him settled and put him in this seat he slept for hours. I could position him to be more upright and the movement was just like I was bouncing him gently. I was glad to finally find a way to help him sleep! The controls and display are easy to read and figure out, which I appreciate.SOUNDS/MP3: The audio is not music but different types of white noise. It does have a plug in for an MP3 player as well as a place to set your MP3 player (or cell phone) so that it is not on the floor or strung from some distance. I like that there is a volume control as other swings I’ve seen do not always have that. Also, the audio does not automatically turn off which I like as other swings time out and then baby may wake up – on this seat turning it off is up to the adult. The swing does make some noise but it is quiet and basically white noise so I don’t have any problem with that. When I first set it up it made more noise, like a machine, and I was a bit concerned but after the first 15-30 minutes it seemed to kind of break in and the machine noise stopped completely – I’ve had no problems with that since. The controls are very easy to figure out which is great.SIZE/PORTABILITY: The size is similar to any other swing I’ve seen, smaller than the really large swings you can get. It’s not particularly portable but it isn’t not portable. It’s like any other swing, it would be kind of a pain to move it to another floor of the house but is fine to move across a room. If you really wanted to move it you could – and if you want to pack it up and take it on vacation you can easily do that too – which I cannot say about other swings I’ve looked at/tried.

Estela Opp, AL

Most fantastic infant seat ever!

I was on the fence when it came to getting an infant seat at all, since the one we used for my oldest daughter (who’s now 8) was chinsy and not very good. It did the job, but it didn’t really soothe my daughter and more or less was a place to put her when I needed to do other things (fold laundry, etc.). She never seemed to really enjoy it, so when we got pregnant with our twins I didn’t initially buy an infant seat. I had been researching swings for the twins, since I also was not at all fond of the swing we used for my oldest daughter, and wanted something different. In my search, I came across the Mamaroo which is like an odd combination of infant seat and swing. I read a lot of great reviews on it, but was still skeptical, especially given that it’s pretty pricey. However, when Amazon was having a pretty nice sale going I decided to go for it. So, I ordered two (one red and one orange). Immediately, as soon as we put one of our daughter’s in the Mamaroo she loved it. It soothes them so well, and it’s great for naps during the day. The ambient sounds are also fantastic for soothing our babies, and the plug for an MP3 player is pretty convenient (though the speaker quality isn’t that great, so unless we’re in a room where we don’t have access to other speakers we almost never use that feature).Some people have complained about the mobile in other posts, but I have a few responses to those complaints. First, the mobile might not move automatically (like a crib mobile), but if you read the product information from the website you’d see that that doesn’t matter since having a spinning mobile isn’t as stimulating as parents have been led to believe and they’re more entertaining to older kids and adults than to young babies; it’s more important for the mobile to remain in the field of vision for the babies. Also, some have complained that their babies couldn’t reach the balls on the mobile, but we found that they can reach them depending on how you set the seat (the seat is VERY adjustable, which is another big plus, basically allowing it be at any angle that can be reached by sliding it along the axis on the back; it’s not simply two or three preset angles like other seats and swings). So, if the baby is sitting mostly upright, they can actually reach the balls of the mobile pretty easily. Also, I love that the balls have one side with the high-contrasting black and white prints, and the opposite side with the color versions of the same famous paintings.The Mamaroo has worked great for our twins and we absolutely love them. We now keep one in my home office and the other in my husband’s home office, and use them so that we can get work done while the girls play and hang out with us or take naps. It is definitely one of the best purchases we’ve had for our girls, and was definitely well worth the price. The only hiccup was that the wrong color had originally been sent for one of our Mamaroos (grey instead of orange) because the outer box was mislabeled, which wasn’t Amazon’s fault at all, but they were amazing at exchanging it for us very quickly. We couldn’t be happier!

Flora Leshara, NE

good idea, average result

I was SO excited to get the Mamaroo for our 9th child. I thought the concept was well thought out, and it sounded like a great comfort item for baby (happy baby= happy mom).It was time to replace our partially functioning Fisher Price Rainforest swing, which saw us thru 2 babies. We decided to splurge a bit and go for the pricier Mamaroo (I got it on Amazon Feb 2011, for about $150. Apparently I have the 2010 model).We tried out the Mamaroo right away. She was not at all comfortable in the Mamaroo. My average sized newborn just kind of flopped around in the big “egg “shaped cradle, and the material was very coarse. So, we got a snuzzle thingy like you put in a car seat…soft plus gives head/body suppport. That helped some, but she was still restless. We gave up using it after a few sleepless nights.My daughter is now 2 1/2 months and over 13#. We are occasionally using the Mamaroo again. She will now sleep in it for awhile at night, but still not as long or as peacefully as she does in the Fisher Price swing. We still have the snuzzler in the “egg” cradle to help her feel more comfortable, but she just doesn’t seem to ever be completely relaxed in it.I agree with many reviewers that the motions should be faster. Unlike other folks, the sound level of the swing was not a problem for me or for my daughter- I rarely use the built in sound because the swing naturally gives off just enough white noise for her. The fact you can plug it in is a great option, but Fisher Price has been doing that for years. The MP3 plug in would be cool for alot of parents. I have not used mine as of yet.We still mostly use the partially functioning Fisher Price swing…it does a better job than the high priced mamaroo. The Mamaroo will go straight to our fall garage sale 🙁

Jan Mc Fall, MO

Nice To Have 🙂

I just really liked having this swing when my son was an infant – during the first 9 months of his life. At about 9 months, he was too active to be in a swing – trying to lean over the side and grab nearby stuff. 😉 This seat was such a life saver though before 9 months. When I needed to put my little boy down so I could do some dishes or take a shower, or do the laundry, I could just place him in this and he would just lay there peacefully looking around. It doesn’t have a toy bar, but that is totally fine, we would just hand him a rattle or something to hold. I LOVE the nature sounds so much! Plus the iPod/mp3 player jack is awesome. I wouldn’t say the machine ‘moves like you do’ as the description states because it is too slow – except maybe on the fastest speed SOME of the movements feel similar. When I bounce my little guy or rock him, I use way more motion. This machine does not bounce, but that is fine. I have a lot of friends who have traditional swings and bouncers (which are fine also) and those don’t move like a mom does either. No one can replace mom. But, regardless, this machine’s movements are so peaceful and my son seemed to like laying in it. There are these different rocking motions and each one is unique (like a swaying tree, or the BEST one the motion of being in a car). Plus you can change the speed from very slow to medium-paced with each motion. The fabric feels like a soft canvas and my son seemed comfy in it. He also had a few leaked diapers in it, so we removed and washed the fabric several times and it still looked new. I have no problem with the artsy orbs hanging above the swing. An infant has no clue what an ‘animal’ is anyway, so it really does not matter WHAT is hanging up there as long as it catches the baby’s eyes. Apparently newborns see in black and white until they are around 7 months old, so I think it’s cool that the ‘orbs’ hanging above the seat have black and white on one side and bright colors on the other. You can change them depending on what you think is catching your child’s eyes. The orbs are classic/renaissance art paintings, one of them is Monet, one is Van Gogh, I can’t remember the other one. My son really liked looking at these and he would get a big smile on his face. I love how modern it looks too. It fit our house decor ‘style’ unlike the cute-sy cartoon-y stuff out there. You can hear the motor whirring, but not any louder than other swings. We liked this a lot, so we’ll be using it again for our next newborn. 🙂

Clare Fellsmere, FL

I loved the MamaRoo; but my baby didn’t…

My daughter didn’t care for the MamaRoo and by the time she was 2 months old I was selling mine on Craigslist. The MamaRoo was much too slow for her and she was very bored after about 5 minutes in it. I purchased this swing because of its modern design but was very disappointed when my newborn baby would not even sit in it long enough for me to shower without screaming her head off! Not worth it in my opinion and I had the 2011 model!!

Natalia Ogunquit, ME

Had high hopes…

I read the prevous reviews having high hopes. I purchased this for my fourth child, and I cannot see any actual benefit of this over the traditional swing. Our daughter has reflux, and while others claimed this helped their child, it seems to almost make our daughter worse. She actually prefers the traditional swing that we ended up buying, since the Mamaroo is a little too slow to actually soothe her.The MP3 player and white noises on this are great. The swings aesthetics are modern and more appealing to our decor, but our daughter cannot stand the balls. They really do not make much sense. Thank goodness there is a swivel arm option to move them. I love the fact that this plugs in vs. using batteries, however, if it’s not being used, then that becomes a moot point. In theory, it seems like a great option. In our household, it wasn’t…

Genevieve Talbott, TN

So far, so good!

When we were shopping for a swing/bouncy seat, we were disappointed by all the baby-ish looking ones in the stores. We wanted something that would fit the style of our house, and not clutter the room with silly bears or nursery prints.We were excited to find the Mamaroo and ordered it without even trying it out in a store first.So here’s the scoop:Pros:It looks modern. The sleek white base has a great design, and the bucket seat support is smooth and sturdy.The movement motions are relaxing, even for adults to watch, because of the way the pod moves out of the base- another great design.Our baby (who is just one week old now) enjoys the slowest movement setting, and we can speed things up once she is older. The vibrating is so very slight, but enough to be calming. She is actually napping in it RIGHT NOW and giving me time to check email, etc.The ipod feature is awesome, so we can also expose the baby to all varieties of music that we like and not tiresome nursery tunes. Nice range of sound volume too.The built-in nature sounds are good- especially the white noise.The bucket seat cover is easy to unzip and wash.The whole pod reclines for tiny people, and sits up for slightly larger people.NO BATTERIES needed. It just pugs into an outlet. The cord is about 5-6ft long.Cons:It is LARGE. It takes up about a 3ftx2.5ft space on the floor and is about 3 ft tall.The motor that runs the base movement is louder than I expected. White noise though… this alone is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I wish I had known that the motor was as loud as it is. BUT STILL A GREAT CHAIR and not enough noise to be a deal-breaker, for sure.Our one-week-old is too small to fit by herself, so we have to pad around her head with rolled up washcloths. I wish it had come with an extra head support for tiny people, like infant carseats have.The Art balls at the top are removable, and even though they are way cooler than most hanging baby toys, they are mostly stationery and purposeless. Small pro: the whole arm that holds the balls is removable too.All in all, I highly recommend this seat to sophisticated, modern parents, who don’t want a winnie-the-pooh chair, or the likes, in their living room, or for parents of babies who are bored with just one type of movement, either swinging back & forth or stationery vibrating. Everyone loves options and some variety, right?

Laurel Jersey City, NJ

Great Product, Not for my baby

We were sad to have to return this. First of all the design and assembly are simply amazing. The ease in which we assembled and disassembled this product was like no other product before. The makers thought of everything and make it very simple. The design was great, looked beautiful in the room. But unfortunately the motions were too slow for our baby to be soothing and she would sit in it for 5 minutes max before crying. We tried and tried but it didn’t work. We then got a simple graco swing – despite the fact that we didn’t want to go for that look – and she loved it. The high speed on the swing was a life saver and put our baby to sleep. So we returned this. The seat was also too slippery and offered not much support. Design wise this is beautiful, but in terms of functionality I can see why most go for the traditional swings now.

Dina Woodside, DE

Had to have it

I saw this online and had to have it, had to have it. I got the green with brown and I love the color, I also love that it is not overly cutesy in pattern as so much of baby stuff is, this is always left out in our living room. Don’t get me wrong I like the cute stuff too but this is a nice break especially since it is too large and bulky to put away or move around much. That being said I love what this chair does, I have the original version (pre July 2011 when they changed the seat). I love the zip out fabric for cleaning and I just bought a replacement new plush cover from 4moms to mix things up. According to the 4moms website the new cover will work safely with the older model just some of the snaps are not lined up but that will not affect function. My son loved this when he first came home from the hospital. It was a necessity because he wouldn’t sleep flat on his back for the first month and having the Mamaroo allowed him to sleep comfortably. The motion is a little slow, I wish the range of speeds was greater but the motion patterns are great. I have devoted my Ipod touch to my son’s music and the sound quality from the speakers in the base is pretty good. For a few weeks he was not happy to be in this, the curve of the seat seemed to bother him but this passed, to resolve it we would put a folded up prefold cloth diaper under his shoulders and he was happy again (this phase passed). My only wishes for this are faster motion and perhaps the ability to pivot the seat to do front back “swinging” as well.

Amy Gallman, MS

Baby not happy

It was okay to install. However it did not work in comforting baby. Baby just cried a lot in it. Returned it. Bought baby a simple swing and baby was happy and eventually went to sleep.

Lucia Monroe, MI

great “swing”!

this “swing” saved our lives! our baby became colicky close to 1 month old and stopped sleeping in his bassinet. the only thing he would sleep in for about 3 months was this mamaroo! i like how you can change the speeds as well as the movements, though i wish it also could swing forward and backward like most swings. i also like how you can play white noise/nature sounds or your own music from an ipod (or maybe any mp3 player). i love that it looks ok in our living room and doesn’t look too childish with tons of colors or cartoons or characters all over it. the 4moms company is so great and very accommodating. we had an issue with the base of this and they sent us a new one right away, no questions asked, allowing us to keep ours until the new one arrived, so we had no interruption of use of the product. highly recommend this to newborns and up.

Jeanine Clayton, IL