4Moms Spout Cover, White

4Moms Spout Cover, White

Once your baby outgrows the 4Moms infant tub, the spout cover will help keep your child safe and comfortable at bath time. The integrated, color-coded digital thermometer makes it easy to set the perfect temperature for child’s sensitive skin.

Main features

  • Built-in thermometer with a color-coded display
  • Made with foam to prevent bumps and bruises caused by hitting the faucet
  • Offers easy access to the diverter
  • Designed to fit most faucets
  • Mildew-resistant design

Verified reviews


A few flaws in design

I found this product to be very bulky- I get it, they want this product to fit nearly all spouts, but we have one of those old school standard (typical to have been installed during 60s- 70s) spouts, and even then, this cover is huge. All that space on sides is a bit of waste. Someone may say, who cares how it looks, but it is a bit large for my taste, so if you have a fancy new style spout, and those tend to shrink in size like cell phones these days, then it may just look plain ugly.Once it is set up and ready to go, it does its job, but when it beeps for hot temperature it is annoying. While I am trying to regulate water temperature, which can take some time, it beeps profusely if its over a 100.1. Let’s face it, 100.1 is still on a chillier side, especially if you are trying to run a bath at that temperature. By the time it is run, water would be at 98 and less, and that is cold. So unless you are below 100 degrees, it will beep….constantly. I tend to find 100-102 temp, turn the this product off, that way I know i got a sample of what my continuously run water will be and then get in.I am in my 7th month of pregnancy and I bought this so I could take those 99 and less degree baths once in a while, so overall it was a good purchase- I certainly wouldn’t have known how cold those baths are at that temperature. They ARE cold! LOL

Natalie Cadiz, KY

Not sure how reliable

I’m still on the fence about this product after a few weeks. It does protect the tap but the thermometer function that sold me on it, is not as useful as I’d hoped. First of all, water takes a while to heat up so we often end up running it too hot to get the balance. You can only put the plug in when the appropriate temperature is reached, but that’s pretty wasteful of water! We also found that when testing it with our temporal thermometer that has a surface temperature option, the water is several degrees colder than this product led us to believe. I’m not 100% sure which is right though. Essentially I won’t put my daughter in the bath without checking it with a second thermometer first, but I am a worrier! I’m not sure I would pay the extra again to get the thermometer function, although I guess it is handy for getting approximate temperatures right so there is less adjustment needed (so saves some water).

Helga Yoakum, TX

Very Happy

It is exactly as described. Reads the temperature as soon as the water starts running and is very responsive. Blue when too cold…green when it’s perfect..red (and beeps!) when it’s too hot and automatically shuts off when we’re done. It fits the faucet and stays put but has some give so that when my baby bumps it, it doesn’t hurt her.I like that it doesn’t scream “another baby gadget!” It’s functional and really, does it need to look like a whale or ducky? My daughter has plenty of other bath toys to keep her entertained.My only “gripe” is that after we shower and shut off the water, the spout cover blocks the water diverter from fully collapsing (? is that the right word?) so that the next time we turn on the water, it comes out of the shower head rather than the faucet. It’s not a big deal because after a few unexpected sprays to the head, I’ve gotten into the habit of pushing the diverter down prior to running the bath water. No biggie. Our diverter knob is larger than average (maybe about 1 1/4″ wide) so I don’t know if this would be an issue with a standard 1/2″ to 3/4″ knob.Overall I would definitely recommend this spout cover.1/9/14 Edited to add: We’ve been using this daily since October and still loving it! Checked for mildew last night and found nothing (saw a couple black spots which might be the start of mildew…but I can’t tell yet). Haven’t had to replace the batteries.7/17/14 We stopped using this in June (after 8 months of use. My daughter is now 1 1/2) because the battery died and I’ve been to lazy to replace it. I still recommend the product to parents of newborns for peace of mind…bath water for newborns should be at about 100 degrees which is when this starts beeping red. I find 100 degrees a little too cool for my now toddler.

Bertie Scottsville, VA

Great idea…

I was really excited about this out most of the baby stuff because I take reallly hot baths so I was scared about using an appropriate temp. for my baby. Though, my problem is 1 – it doesn’t fit around my very standard sized faucet, just hangs there flimsily. When my 2 month old gets bigger and more active, I definitely don’t foresee it staying on. 2 – by the time you draw a bath, using the temp. level indicator, the water is already cold. Therefor, I believe one of the temp. readers that go in the drawn water would be much more resourceful.

Victoria Heron Lake, MN

Must have for Moms with young children

This is a great product. It not only protects precious noggins from bumping into the sharp and hard metal spout, but, prevents scalding or even too cold a bath from being run.

Claudette Princeton, KS

Good buy

I like 4mom products. They cost a bit more — but they are very parent friendly and child friendly. I really like the digital read-out.

Lidia Fowler, MI

We had the infant tub and were happy to find that this product also existed

We had the infant tub and were happy to find that this product also existed. Easy to use and makes bath time water temps safe and comfortable for baby.

Alyssa Bristow, VA

it’s ok

I ended up returning it because it’s too bulky for our space. It does not stay on the faucet snug enough either.

Shannon Pleasant Garden, NC