6 Ounce Portable Reusable Resealable and Refillable Food Pouch for Baby Food

6 Ounce Portable Reusable Resealable and Refillable Food Pouch for Baby Food

Prevent Leaks and Have a Happy Child

Main features

  • Delivered in packages of 6. Precious Tummies refillable pouches allow parents to fill upwards to 6 oz. of your child’s favorite nutritional food into an easy to fill pouch. Fill with bananas, applesauce, juices, smoothies, or pureed foods to give your child a healthy snack while they are on the go.
  • No harmful chemicals. Made from durable, BPA-free, PVC-free & phthalate-free plastic. This product is designed to be long lasting.
  • Save Money. For the penny conscious parent, no more wasting money on prefilled store bought pouches.
  • Prevent leaks with our double zipper leak guard. Unlike other brands, Precious Tummies pouches are designed to be filled from the top of the container. This design coupled with a double zipper helps prevent leaks from happening.
  • Easy to Clean. These pouches are dishwasher safe. For best results, we recommended that you rinse out pouches before placing them upside down on the prongs inside your dishwasher.

Verified reviews


Really wanted to love them.

I really, REALLY wanted to love these. And with all the great reviews and the great price I was certain I would, but unfortunately I have not had a great experience in the 2 weeks I have had them. When cleaning them before using for the first time, one of the zippers broke. I figured maybe i pulled too hard to get the pouch open, but I was still excited to use them. Then, I noticed they are somewhat hard to clean. I use a bottle brush but there is a small crevice along the edge where food seems to get stuck no matter how hard you try to scrub in it. The final straw was when my daughter was using one, and I noticed puree was spilling out the top. I thought maybe I accidently gave her the broken one, but no, it was a second pouch where the zipper had come apart. I am going to see if they can be returned.

Bobby Plessis, NY

Great customer service

These pouches are sturdy and have a great concept. However, there are some small issues with the design. I reached out to the company with my concerns and was SO pleased with their speedy response. I heard back from them within a couple of hours and they let me know that they are re-evaluating the design. They ensured that they made it right for me, and they are addressing the concerns of their customers. This is a great company and I am happy to support small businesses like this one. I was just so pleased to see that they are responsive to their customers. Stick with them, folks! 🙂

Ramona Ebensburg, PA

Zipper doesn’t work 90% of the time…

Pros: easy to wash, don’t leave a lingering smell inside, my daughter loves the penguins on it, I don’t have to push up the contents constantly for my child like I do with the store bought packsCons: the zipper basically never works which makes for a mess (the main reason for my 3/5 star rating), you definitely need the funnel to get contents into itI’m glad I got these, but would probably consider a different brand next time, just so the zipper works. Luckily my daughter isn’t too messy of an eater, but I definitely wouldn’t trust to pack these in my bag for later in the day!

Madelyn Park River, ND

Awesome food pouches! ((EDIT!))

These are my daughter’s new favorite snack container! I have only had them a short time and only filled them a few times, so I cannot speak for their longevity, but the quality is very good on these. They are great overall, except for a few leaks while standing up in the fridge, so I’ll update this review if they leak at other times and we have only used them around the house at snacktime. I didn’t know if my 18-month-old would take to them, sucking on the spout, since she wasn’t bottle-fed, but she got the idea once I squeezed some out for her and she loves them now!A few tips:Filling is easy if you pour your pureed food into a lipped jar and pour from the jar into the pouches. In a bowl, I mixed regular applesauce with babyfood carrots that we had leftover, poured it back into the babyfood jar, then poured it from the jar into the pouch. Hold the jar slightly above the pouch and the puree will just fall right in without getting mess all over the zippy top and sides! I found that using a funnel or spoon made more of a mess.Pull open just above the zippy part with your fingers as far below the pull tabs as they will go, and you won’t risk splitting the side, as I’ve read in other reviews.Washing… I was dreading this part! I use a Nuby sippy cup scrubber with dish soap and hot water and it is fast and easy! I didn’t want to put them in the dishwasher for fear of warpage. Rinsing them out with hot water ASAP after use means everything comes right off! I have only washed these after using for fruits and veggies, so I can’t vouch for ease of cleaning after using for yogurt-based snacks.After washing, turn the cap sideways to the pouch and place it just inside the zippy top right where the zipper is… it will hold the pouch open and the pouch will dry thoroughly overnight!I still think this product deserves five stars even though there was a little bit of leakage. My toddler loves them, they save tons of money over buying the ready-made pouch snacks, they are easy to fill and clean, and it’s a great way to use leftover baby food! :)———————————-EDIT: I have always opened these carefully because of the reviews of the zippers coming apart from the pouch. On my third use of these, the zippers pulled off of two of them. I contacted the company and received a refund. On my 4th use of them, I went to the fridge to get one for my daughter, only to see the contents spilling out of the top because the zipper had separated from the pouch even though nobody had even touched it. I so much wanted to like these pouches, but now we’ve gone back to using the premade ones at the grocery store.

Antionette Camp Sherman, OR

Seem pretty good, But DON”T LAST! (EDIT!!)

I haven’t used these yet, but I did wash them all and everything seems to work great. None of the bags broke on me as I was opening the zippers and yes, the opening seems a little small, but big deal, so I use a funnel to fill them. Great price ($10.00 for 6) so I’m not complaining.***So I’ve had these about 3 mo and noticed some things that I don’t like at all. I’ve had 2 of the 6 zippers break on me, I only hand wash them and I’m VERY careful when I open them. The zippers just don’t last (even though I’ve had them 3 mo, I’ve only used them a handful of times). Also, I fill it with yogurt when I do use them, and its really tough to clean in the crevices, like REALLY tough. I’ve tried bottle brushes, sponges, and finally used a butter knife to get at the bottom. I’m typically someone who loves to save money, but I’d probably buy the more expensive ones next time and get more use out of them.

Donna Suburb Maryland Fac, MD

opening too small

The eating function of these is fine…it’s the filling and cleaning aspect that leaves me less than thrilled with this version. I much prefer the "Resqueeze" brand. (large opening…easy to fill and a dish brush fits easily for cleaning).If I had not started with the others, these probably would have been better, but again…as a mom, I can’t get past these shortcomings.

Ann Milford, IA

Hard to clean

These are really hard to clean and hard to open. I like not having to buy pouches, but the design really could be better. If you buy this, the easiest way to clean it is with a bottle brush.

Angelina Pontiac, IL

Impossible to clean

These were impossible to clean, thus making them not "reusable". I returned them.

Lashonda Caldwell, AR

These pouches are affordable and work great!

These have been working out great for my 3.5yr old and 1yr old!The opening for filling is small, but I just use a baby spoon to spoon in the purée and it doesn’t take long and is pretty mess-free.The zip-top holds well- I haven’t experienced any leaks.They clean up well in the dishwasher. They would be difficult to hand wash though because the opening is too small to fit a standard bottle brush into. I worried that they wouldn’t dry completely on the inside since they still are wet inside when they come out of the dishwasher, and they are difficult to prop open for air drying- but so far I haven’t had any problems.So, yes, I highly recommend these. Your kids can have healthy purees for WAY cheaper than the disposable pouches. And, they definitely aren’t just for babies.

Blanca Harrisville, NH

Great reusable pouches!

Although I always made my child’s baby food, when life got too busy I started buying the veggie pouches when he became a toddler. I recently decided to start making my toddler’s pouches and these seem to be the best on the market. You don’t need a special insert to fill them – a regular sized dinner spoon will fit through there. Although they aren’t super easy to fill, they also aren’t too difficult. It’s important to rinse them out immediately after use to make them easier to clean and I always put them in the top shelf in the dishwasher. I’ve also heard that the store bought packs twist top will fit these if you accidentally throw them away. My son is almost 3 and is having trouble getting used to the container – I think he liked the opening to be on the top instead of the side, like the store bought ones, but I’m hoping he quickly gets used to this!

Christina Roxbury, VT

Great customer service

Wonderful, attentive customer service. Great price, fast shipping and works well for a child’s snack-on-the-go. The slim design presents some filling issues but for the price it’s still a good product.

Anastasia Littleton, CO