7AM Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution Black

7AM Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution Black

The sleek and contemporary Blanket 212 evolution is the ultimate baby bunting designed by 7AM Enfant. Equipped with zippered length and width extensions, the “B212 evolution” grows with your child from infancy to preschool. Versatile and durable, it adap

Main features

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Expands in length with its 2 length extensions
  • and in width with its 2 position center zippers
  • Ergonomic zippered hood with safe buttoned elastic adjuster
  • Removable anti-slip back panel eliminates material between baby’s back and the car seat
  • allowing access to the five point harness
  • Universally adapts to all strollers and car seats with hook and loop attachments
  • Machine washable
  • tumble dry

Verified reviews


Helped Me (and My Little One) through a New England Winter

I bought this despite the bad reviews and I wanted to wait until I had really used it before I wrote a review to see how well it would hold up. Now that winter is coming to an end, I have to say that I wouldn’t have wanted to go through the winter without the 212 blanket. Walking and subway are my primary form of transportation and my 1yr old son and I walk about one mile home together from daycare every evening so there is no way to avoid my son being out in some cold and windy weather. I’ve used the 212 Blanket every day for the last 3 months and I’ve been very happy with it. I did have a minor issue with the quality (there is a pacifier strap on the inside and the snap broke the first time I tried to use it) but other than that the Blanket is still like new. I have a lighter weight stroller blanket (JJ Cole Urban Toddler Bundle Me – Stealth) for the spring and fall but I needed something more substantial that would stand up to a New England winter. With the 212 Blanket my son is always warm no matter how cold or windy it is. It also does a great job of keeping him dry if there’s light snow. The convenience factor of this product is huge. When I pick my son up from daycare I don’t have to worry about getting him to sit still long enough to wrangle him into a snow suit. I put him in the stroller and zip up the blanket 212. If it’s really windy or cold then I’ll also add a hat. If I did a coat too it would be too warm most of the time, although I have added a coat once or twice when the weather was extreme. If it’s especially windy, I find my son will pull up the blanket to cover more of his face but most of the time we walk around and all you see is a little baby’s face poking out of the stroller. I like that it’s an adjustable size so I can keep him warmer by keeping it snug. The straps are very adjustable so I imagine it would fit most strollers well. There are extra velcro attachments on the underside to help it stay put on the stroller. I use it with my BOB Revolution and the only “fit” problem is that the sunshield on the stroller sometimes gets in the way of the hood of the blanket when I’m putting my son in or taking him out. I could probably get around that if I unzipped and re-zipped the hood while putting my son in the stroller, but it’s not irritating enough to warrant the extra effort. In the next several weeks I’ll probably be putting the blanket 212 into storage. I can’t imagine having gone through this winter without our blanket 212 and I look forward to using it again next winter.

Susanna Starkville, CO

Just what we needed

Great product – just what we needed for our daily walks in the city. It fits the stroller great (we have a baby jogger mini and regular size too) and it keeps our 15 month old toddler nice and cozy. It’s machine washable, and adjustable so when we’re ready we can lenghen it. You can also zip open the hood and roll each side back, so it’s nice to have that option. We expect to use it for several winters. Highly recommend this product.

Bettye Eastabuchie, MS

very warm, kinda big for a newborn

worked great in my bugaboo chameleon, almost too warm, a little big for a newborn. like that it’s grows with my child.

Adrian Bagley, IA

7AM Enfant 212 Evolution – So far so good

We have had this product for about a month now in NYC, and it keeps my son very warm and also seems to improve the quality of his stroller naps when we move him from one location to another. They don’t provide instructions on how to install this anywhere, which I find kind of annoying, so you just have to try to figure it out yourself. Hence the 4 stars.

Cecelia Beldenville, WI

Great product, love it!

Now that it served my son for almost four months, I can say that I like just about everything about this product – the look, the quality, the level of warmth it provides. Highly recommend!

Cristina Cedar Grove, WI

Excellent Protection From the Elements. Not so Universal.

I walk a lot with my family and we would not be as active during the cold weather without this bunting. It has been invaluable to me and my little ones during the winter. It is very warm; perfect for children who dislike layers. Prior to owning the Blanket 212 I used aJJ Cole Urban Bundleme, Stealth, Infant. When my child outgrew the JJ Cole bunting I knew I needed something more substantial, I found this and I am glad I purchased it. Here is my list of pros and cons:Pros:- Very warm.- Doesn’t slide down the seat when getting my child in and out.- Adjustable length and width- Looks great- Useful front pocket- Washable- Easily converts from toddler to baby sizeThe B212 has served us well for one child through 2 winters but now that I have a second baby I wanted to use this again and I have run into a few problems.Cons:- Not very durable. The bunting has begun to unravel at the seams of the hood and where the harness straps thread through the body of the bunting.- Hood isn’t removable. This is important to me because my baby gets very hot while sleeping and sweats a lot from her head and neck.- Doesn’t fit all of the strollers I own. Fits the City Mini and Mountain Buggy Urban but does not fit the UPPAbaby Vista or Cosatto umbrella strollers well.- When shortened to accommodate a baby the bottom is drafty.I still believe this item deserves 4 stars and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this again. I used this with my first child from 18 months to 3 years and sparingly for my now 7 month old. I did contact 7A.M customer service about the seams unraveling and while they were unable to repair or replace the bunting the response was fairly quick and very cordial.

Selena Charlottesville, IN