7AM Enfant “Le Sac Igloo” Footmuff, Converts into a Single Panel Stroller and Car Seat Cover – Café, Large

7AM Enfant “Le Sac Igloo” Footmuff, Converts into a Single Panel Stroller and Car Seat Cover – Café, Large

Made of the best outerwear materials and crafted with 7AM Enfant’s attention to quality and style, Le Sac Igloo has become a favorite of parents around the world. Le Sac Igloo features a five-point harness opening, making it easily adaptable to both strol

Main features

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Detachable front cover complete with removable fleece lining can be used separately as a blanket
  • Removable back panel eliminates material between baby’s back and the car seat
  • allowing uninterrupted access to the five point harness anti-slip back panel keeps footmuff in place on a strolle
  • convertible hood with oversized
  • adjustable collar that can be pulled up to protect a child’s face from the elements with drawstring
  • Universally adapts to all strollers and car seats with hook and loop attachment
  • Machine washable
  • tumble dry

Verified reviews


Not my favorite…

I have this footmuff in a size medium. I have it on my UppaBaby Vista stroller for my 13 month old son. My son HATES getting into the stroller with this footmuff. It is very bulky. Perhaps part of this is an issue with the footmuff on the stroller, but the back slides down every time I put him in, and we have to yank it back up. And even in a lighter fleece jacket we cannot loosen the straps enough to fit comfortably over my son. Additionally, I’ve only been using it for 2 months and one of the zippers is already broken. I had the infant size JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me that I used with my infant car seat, which I much prefer. While it may not be as warm, it is certainly less bulky and I think it will fit my stroller better. I will probably sell the 7am footmuff and exchange it for the todder size JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me.

Lana South Jordan, UT

The absolute best for cold, snowy winters. Worth every penny.

Upon the recommendation of my friend, I got this in large even though my peanut was only 9 months old when we needed it. We live in Boston and don’t have a car and we walk 15 minutes to daycare up Beacon Hill (a wind tunnel). Rain does not fall down here – it goes sideways. I figured we could use it until he is three or so. I had some coupons which made the price easier to swallow but it was still a hefty sum – I bought it thinking I could at least resell it and recoup my investment if it didn’t work out.Have been using it for two winters and it has not disappointed. It will probably last one more winter for my tall boy (so we will have used it at 8-12 months, 20-24 months, and 32-36 months). Maybe I would have paid more than retail price for it – it is that good. I don’t need to buy winter coats and waterproof pants or heavy duty hats – I just stuff my boy in there and he emerges toasty warm – even on days when the windchill is below zero! On rainy days, he is dry dry dry. Plus, there is a fleece blanket that you can take out on days when it is not so cold or when he is bundled before I put him in the stroller. Makes it is easy to get going in the morning because I don’t have to bundle him up in outerwear and then unbundle him.Despite being battered by the elements, it still looks as new as the day I bought it. Plus – pockets! Unzip it and it can be a blanket. I may not want to resell it when my baby is too big for it.The only con – and it is not the fault of the maker – is that it is a little fiddly to use with the UppaBaby Vista Stroller. But we are managing fine.

Florine Eastham, MA

Wonderful! Exceeded my expectations!

I was hesitant to purchase this item, even when i was able to purchase it for almost 75% off (I love these amazon deals). Let me tell you, after seeing how many things it can do, I would easily pay the $130 regular price for it. Even my husband was amazed!First, do not be fooled into thinking this is a simple car seat cover or foot muff. It is MUCH more than that and will serve multiple functions for you and your family! It can easily be used as a snow suit for babies not able to walk (think of a portable sleeping bag for the baby), a car seat cover, a stroller cover, and a fleece blanket. It is truly amazing. My husband was worried about safety in terms of padding being IN the car seat while traveling (the extra blanket UNDER the baby). The item DOES have opening for a 5 point harness system AND works for the belts on a stroller. Which is even BETTER is that it can be seperated and be ONLY a cover for the top/ front of the car seat (so no padding in the back. The hood can unzip, fold down, and has a removeable fur lining on the top of it.What I personally love best is the added warmth that can be removed. Because the fleece blanket can easily be taken out . . . it means when the weather becomes warmer (which is often does in the area I live), you can easily remove the fleece blanket, allowing the entire system to be lighter AND you have a fleece blanket if you JUST need to use that.This item is truly amazing! It is adorable and multi-functional! You will NOT be disappointed!

Sadie Loogootee, IN

Great Muff

We’ve been using the size small black muff on my DD’s infant car seat for 7 weeks and love it! It’s so nice to have a warm sleeping bag all but built in. It’s fits on her to Peg Perego Viaggio SIP 30/30 perfectly. It’s snug enough to look like part of the seat, but has enough unused foot space that I expect it to be useful for the useful life of the infant seat. In case it’s not clear, this is not a shower cap style muff, it’s like a sleeping bag with cutouts I the back for the car seat’s harness. Sounds cumbersome, but there is really no reason to remove it except for cleaning or a season change. We leave it on at all times. Adding a piddle pad protects from leaks. The muff is as cute as in the pictures except I never use the “fur collar” since it can only be used it the hood is zipped close. I tend to leave it open, especially for car rides, so that bit of cuteness is useless for me right now. I’ve recommended this muff and would buy it again either as a gift or in a larger size as DD moves on to strollers w/o her car seat.

Claudette Pomona, IL

Great product, except…

I love this product, I would’ve rated it a 5+ if I could, but there’s one exception – I didn’t think that the top part of the item doesn’t cover my baby to her neck – therefore, a jacket is required which I was trying to avoid using and just buckling her in this sack and taking her out. Unfortunately she needs a blanket or thick scarf around her neck/chest area as this item isn’t made to snugly fit over her chest/neck area…if I pull the sack up (as I got the medium for my 5.5 month old), it might suffocate her as it’s still a little loose fitting. I bought the size medium for her to wear next winter as well when she’s 18 months old. I love the concept of no overheating and fussing with a snowsuit prior to buckling an infant in the car carrier, however…with no chest/neck warmth it wasn’t my best purchase. I didn’t want to return it so we put my child in a thick sweater/hoodie and then put a thin scarf/blanket over her chest/neck until we get in the car when we remove for ease of comfort. Generally, we got a lot of compliments how ‘cool’ the item is…but not what I expected.

Annmarie Yukon, PA

expensive but so worth it

I love the fact that you don’t have to bundle your baby up in a snowsuit to take him out in the cold and then when going in and out of stores you’re fighting to get him in and out of it… this makes life alot more convenient and I think he feels cozy/safe being in it too… (4 months old) bought size medium.

Susan Narragansett, RI

Only one I found that would fit Peg Perego SIP car seat

i used the Bundle Me car seat covers for my twin boys 8 years ago and loved those. However, when surprise baby #3 arrived this October, I found that the Bundle Me I had squirreled away didn’t fit over the side impact wings of the new infant carrier – a Peg Perego SIP 30/30 car seat. The hunt was on. I ended up buying four different brands of covers, hoping desperately that I wouldn’t have to spend the money for this one (I mean, really, who wants to spend $130 on an item that can only be used for 3 months). Of course, this was the only one that fit.I waited until after winter to post a review, because I wanted to give a comprehensive opinion. I honestly loved this thing. Here’s why:1. Super soft and cozy for baby. Michigan winters can be cold, and I never once worried about her being chilly in this.2. Adorable. People stopped me EVERY time we were out and asked about the cute car cover.3. Adjustable. I could have baby’s head covered by the hood or unzip it and allow some air in there, and the fleece lining is removable for milder days.The drawbacks:1. Price. Really, I do think that $130 is a bit excessive. Had it not been the only one that fit on my car seat, I probably would have gone cheaper.2. The manufacturer says the front can be unzipped and used without the back. I did this a few times and found it didn’t really work, at least not on MY car seat. Not sure if it would work better on another brand, but when I tried this on mild winter days, it always fell off. Always. Not ideal when it is the only thing keeping baby warm.That’s it. I really did love it and will probably spring for the bigger one, which I assume we can use for multiple years on the stroller. In that case, all the bells and whistles are almost certainly worth it.Hope this helps!

Miranda Estell Manor, NJ