7AM Enfant Stroller WarMMuffs for Parents and Caregivers, Cafe/Beige

7AM Enfant Stroller WarMMuffs for Parents and Caregivers, Cafe/Beige

These cozy hand-warmers attach to any bar or handles, keeping your hands toasty while making it easy to tend to your child’s needs. The WarMMuffs’ hook and loop fasteners allow for easy attachment to strollers, shopping carts and more. With their award-wi

Main features

  • 100% sythetic materials
  • Imported
  • Universally adapts to any stroller handles or crossbar
  • Hook & loop fasteners for quick installation
  • Soft microfleece lining
  • water-repellent outer shell
  • warm heat retention lining and insulation
  • Adjustable sizing for both moms and dads. Match Le Sac Igloo.
  • Machine washable
  • tumble dry

Verified reviews


Oh these are sooo good

I have a set of these from another company and the way that you attach those is by velcroing around the stroller handles. This means though that when you put your hands in, the Velcro scratches you.With these ones you do not have that problem. They slide over the handles. They are warm and soft and awesome, and stay on and do not compromise steering in the least.Highly recommend if you live anywhere that gets under 50 degrees.

Mindy Callao, VA

Genius- absolute genius product

First of all let me just start of by saying I dislike gloves bc I always need to reach into my handbag to get my metro card for the subway, money for my coffee or answer my iPhone. Well now that a baby is in the picture it’s even more of a challenge to keep gloves on when you need to be getting a bottle, getting a binky, getting a burp cloth, getting the baby! With these you take your hands out whenever you need to no fuss it’s warm and amazingly convenient highly recommended for the busy winter mom on the go!!

Marylou Wagener, SC

Really nice

I really like these. I keep them attached to the stroller in the winter. My son’s nanny walks him every afternoon and loves them too!

Dixie Smithfield, NC

Great for the freezing cold!

I LOVE these. I can’t believe I waited so long to get these warmers. These have been a lifesaver the past few weeks in the Northeast- it’s been freezing! I have talked to other moms and everyone swears by these- I would say these are a must buy for any moms that are out and about in the cold!

Kelley Warrenton, OR

Amazing..so warm

Ok, when I first saw these I wasn’t sure. I was buying them for my husband who walks in the early mornings with our son. I thought they might not keep his hands warm and that they would look goofy……WE LOVE THEM!!!! I highly recommend them. They keep your hands so warm. It makes me feel good to know my baby is this warm in the 7 am enfant bag. When its 19 degrees outside and you can barely feel your face your hands are nice and warm in these. BUY THEM!!!

Lizzie Noble, LA

Warmers? I wish!

Useless for New England weather or any other area where it is actually cold and windy.The wind comes into the “warmers” easily as it has an OPEN gap in the fingers area, you need to wear gloves underneath these, which I tried to do, but it is almost impossible to get your hands in bc of the material inside the “warmers”What’s the point of having these if you need your gloves? A waste of money. Don’t buy.I’ll post some pictures (if allowed).

Kaitlyn Renwick, IA

Pricey warm hands!

Great and easy attachment to my MacLaren buggy, Baby Jogger double stroller and single buggy. Easy to take on and off and protects my hands from the bitter cold, although you still have to touch the cold handle underneath, which quickly warms up!!The only drawback is the price. These are expensive. They are worth it if your winters are severe, long lasting and you’ll get a few winters use out of them.

Francis King, NC