8oz Bare Air-free baby bottles. With Syringe-like Air-plug®, feeds baby Air-free milk to help prevent gas & colic. Perfe-latch® Nipple promotes breastfeeding latch, stretches & dispenses upon suction only.

8oz Bare Air-free baby bottles. With Syringe-like Air-plug®, feeds baby Air-free milk to help prevent gas & colic. Perfe-latch® Nipple promotes breastfeeding latch, stretches & dispenses upon suction only.


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So glad to have found this

Having tried various baby bottles, this one far and above trumps the others I’ve used. It is definitely more like a real breast, so it makes it easier for a baby to transition from breast to bottle. The air plug really does work to keep the air out of the nipple and baby’s stomach. I highly recommend this bottle to anyone who needs to bottle feed a baby (or more).

Isabelle Machesney Park, IL

Doesn’t work…returned for refund

I had the exact same bad experience with the bare bottle.Even if it had worked properly, it seems like it would waste a lot of milk. You have to expel milk out the top each time you use it to get the air out, and it easily leaks milk out if the bottom in the process. After an hour of re-reading the directions and trying over and over I could not get it to work. I ended up with water everywhere. (I practiced with water as the instructions suggest.)It seems like it would work in theory, but it just isn’t perfected.Having a bottle with few parts to clean is one of the main reasons I bought it, but it is useless to me if it can not go in the bottle warmer, steam sanitizer, or dishwasher. Also, it mentions that the air plug must be replaced every 6 weeks!!! At $22 per bottle after shipping, I didn’t except to have to buy new parts.

Minnie Grand Forks Afb, ND

Leaky bottle

I really wanted to like this bottle. Customer service was great they emailed me twice or more about how to use the bottle which is why I put an extra star but no matter how many time I follow the instruction the bottle leaked. I love the idea of how they want the bottle to be used but it leak. Leaking my breastmilk is a no no in my book, and the bottom piece I have no idea why it’s even there it just falls off. I think maybe they need a liner like the plastic circle things blenders have at the bottom so they won’t leak, or something. My problem with it is that it leaks A lot.

Claudine Trent, SD

It leaks.

I followed the directions to the letter but it leaks. No matter what I do it leaks. I can’t even begin to use it because it leaks out of the bottom. Plus when trying to push out the air bubbles from formula its hard to get them out which causes my baby spit up and gassy.

Saundra Imogene, IA

wanted to love these

I was on the waiting list for these, counted down the days until we got them, and we got them just in time. They came at most a few weeks before our baby was born. I went back to work a few weeks after she was born so we tried these bottles out. She hated them. The nipple of the bottle was too short. areola part, for a lack of a better word was small so it doesn’t smush inside the baby’s mouth like a breast would. My baby couldn’t latch on. So I tried again in a few months because I really thought this bottle was awesome. That’s when I noticed if you push the milk up into the nipple like you’re supposed to, it has a steady drip which is too fast for my breast fed baby. Not only was her latch on this bottle still bad so the milk got everywhere but it was flowing so fast she could barely keep up. After eating a couple of ounces, she spit up every drop of it. It was so bad she choked on her spit up. It was so fast, she was swallowing a bunch of air to try and keep up, so much for air free. Then there’s the fact that after that, I couldn’t open it to pour the milk into a new bottle. It was already leaking a bit out of the bottom (I discovered if you push slow then push the nipple down then push slow again, it leaks less, but still leaks), but pulling it down caused it to leak any more so my breast milk spilled! So now here we are at 7 months old. I thought I’d try it again, because I paid a butt ton for these. I gave her the bottle and she hated it so bad, she threw a fit. My baby hardly every cries, she cried so hard she was red in the face. Then I gave her our cheap $2 bottles, and she was fine. I wouldn’t waste your money unless you try one out and discover it works for you because I wasted $30 on 2 bottles. I wish they’d let me return them.

Polly Minidoka, ID

Not worth the $$$

This is an expensive product that I was not able to use. I think this is great in concept, but horrible in delivery. I followed the assembly instructions exactly, but lost so much milk out the bottom when trying to use it. They need to work on a better plunger mechanism. Now I’m out $20+ (product + shipping) for something I will never use.

Bettie Grantsdale, MT

Waste of money!

I’m extremely disappointed in this bottle.It leaks or pretty much POURS out the bottom, its absolutely useless.For $15.50?! This should not leak, at all.I’m very disappointed and had high hopes that were shattered after the first attempt to use this bottle.

Irene Sour Lake, TX

First time use unsuccessful

All the positive reviews made me hopeful this bottle would end our search. Sad to say that is not the case.I didn’t have any issues putting the bottle together, I followed the instructions that came with the bottle and it was very easy to clean and put together. However, when my baby tried to drink from hit, he was unable to pull up the nipple and got very frustrated. So, I wouldn’t recommend this bottle, but from everything I have read, every baby is different so it might work for you. Just don’t buy 10 of them without trying out one first.We will give it a few more tries to be sure and update the this review if there are any changes.

Mandy Buckner, AR

( Don’t recommend it at all

It leaked all over, baby didn’t know what to do with it, on several failed attempts. Assebly is not self explanatory as the pieces all look the same 🙁 Don’t recommend it at all.

Kristine Maher, CO