9V Auto Adapter Car Vehicle Lighter adapter for Medela Pump-in-Style Replaces Part # 67174 Retail Packaging

9V Auto Adapter Car Vehicle Lighter adapter for Medela Pump-in-Style Replaces Part # 67174 Retail Packaging


Main features

  • This adapter is NEW and in COMPLETE Manufacturer’s original packaging
  • Vehicle lighter power adapter for all Medela breast pumps that use 9V
  • 8-foot long power cord for Pump In Style breast pump models

Verified reviews



Works great for travel. I thought it would put out less suction power because of it being a car charger, but it doesn’t. Works perfectly!

Pansy Esparto, CA

Item exactly as decribed

The 9Volt adapter is for the Pump in Style Advance.Item arrived exactly as described.Please note, this is not an OEM adapter. I am not using it on a daily basis, so OEM was not important to me.This is a nice accessory for pumping while traveling.

Rosalie Lacarne, OH

you need this if you have a breast pump

This is one of those items that you don’t think you’ll need until you need it. For the price it’s worth buying and sticking in the breast pump bad. You’ll be glad you have it when you need it.

Corrine Colony, OK

Great alternative to the Medela version

Totally worth the money as a generic. I thought it would have as much power as my AC adapter but it feels the same as the battery pack, so slightly less power. Better than constantly buying batteries though.

Tiffany Canton, MS

Exactly what I needed

For background, I found it difficult to find the exact car adapter I needed. There are so many options, and I was cautious about getting the correct one so it would work and not cause a short or issue with my pump.This works perfectly with the Medela Advanced Personal Double Breastpump, the one that comes in the tan, rectangular carrying case (a commonly provided pump by insurance companies).The cord is plenty long to use the pump in any position in the front seat – driver or passenger. I am not positive if it would reach to the back seat – that would depend on the size of your car of course.I found the power was just slightly lower than when using the plug in the wall. This may have been due to the car – I’ve been using it in an older car. There was plenty of power to express milk easily, and I just turned up the pump level slightly higher than normal. The power level was maintained consistently for the 20 minute period I pumped. It is just as efficient as using the wall plug.For me, this is a must-have item for pumping on-the-go.

Anastasia Aurora, MO

Works great

A must have for pumping moms…great gift idea. Works just as well as normal plug, a little slower but better suction to it evens out the flow.

Leona Columbus, NC

should have bought sooner

Works in both my cars smart car and navigatorI usually pump close to the lowest setting so I don’t notice any power deficiencies. I love the 8 foot cord! I wish I would have bought sooner, this saves soooo much time. Works great.

Julie Honey Creek, IA

Plenty of suction power

This adapter works great with my medela pump in style breast pump. This seems to be about as powerful as my regular adapter. I’ve had it a few months and it still works great, although I don’t use this adapter often. Great to have on hand for emergencies/power outages.

Kari Gary, MN

Must-Have if On-The-Go

I love this! It saves a lot of batteries (I used to have to run my pump from the battery pack if we were away from home and in the car). If the batteries are running low you lose suction, but that doesn’t happen if you have this! It helps a lot by making it easier to accomplish your nursing goals even while away from your home/comfort zone.

Adela Delta, CO


this should come witht he pump- it has been al ife saver for me – able to pump int he car without having to use a ton of batteries in the battery pack. the cord is even long enough that I can plug it in the front and pump int he back seat while my husband drives- it is great.

Deana Voca, TX

A necessity

Highly recommend to have on hand. You never know when you’ll be without an electrical outlet and this is your simple fix. Not quite sure if the power is as great but in a desperate situation you have to do what you can do.

Myra Sorento, IL

So convenient for pumping in the car

Life with a baby is busy. Being able to pump in the car without worrying that the battery pack is going to randomly run out is great! This adapter works perfectly!

Maxine Chesterfield, SC

SO much easier

Having this is so much easier than having to keep changing out batteries for my pump! the cord is nice and long, so it reaches almost to the backseat of our van.

Amparo Southside, WV

Same Power as Wall Adapter

I work from home and currently I have house guests staying for an extended visit which means I work from a coffee shop. This adapter allowed me to work productively from a coffee shop without missing a beat with pumping. I simply head to the backseat of my car during the day, strategically position my wrap and I am able to get the same pumping power in the car that I get at home when the pump is plugged into the wall.Note: Make sure to buy the appropriate voltage for your pump. My pump is new and powerful. I might have otherwise assumed it would take the 12V but it clearly says (near the area where you plug the wall/car adapter in) what voltage it takes and mine takes 9V.

Elinor Seale, AL

Not an OEM product

The product listing does not make it clear that this is an aftermarket product and not made by Medela. Seems like yet another cheap imported piece of junk charger.

Marylou Okarche, OK

Works as advertised

Works perfectly with my Pump In Style, allowing me to pump on car rides. I think it’s slightly less powerful than the wall version that comes with the pump, but it gets the job done.

Sue Lyndon, KS

Works perfectly with Medela PISA

I ordered this so I could pump in the car on the way to work while my Fiance was driving. I exclusively pump and this kept up with my daily pumping in the car. The suction is only slightly lower than the pump when plugged into a wall, but it still went plenty high enough for me to empty. I used it daily for 5 months with no issues. It does say that you need to use is on a PISA which is 2009 or newer and my pump was purchased in 2013. Be careful that you check your pump for the proper voltage. All PISA’s newer than 2009 are 9v while older pumps are 12v.

Kathi Doyle, TN

I use this a lot and love it!!!

This is perfect for when I am sitting in the car when the husband is driving. I throw on my privacy shield and pump away. It has the same the energy as if I was charging from an outlet. I also really love the length of the cord.

Meredith Riverside, RI

Works just as well as the regular electric plug

I needed to attend some off site meetings where a lactation spot/room was not available, so ordered this at the last minute. Thankfully, this adapter worked really well. I was able to run out to my car and pump the same amount as I would at home, in the same amount of time. I even used it while driving with mySimple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra, Pink, XS-L. I’m very pleased to have paid a fraction of what the Medela brand name car adapter cost. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who may need to pump on the go.

Jo New Site, MS

time saver

I use this driving to and from work every day. It saves me from having to sit at home and pump, then drive — multitasking! The cord is really long too, so it will even reach into the back seat if someone else is driving.

Marva Wallsburg, UT

Good price and works well

Works well and without problems. Good price. Not much else to say about it – just make sure you get the right voltage for your pump. 🙂

Roslyn Marlboro, NY


I’ve been using this since January. I store it in my car, in cold and warm temperatures and it has not impacted its performance.

Joann Ameagle, WV

Good product but didn’t work with my pump

I have a Medela Pump Instyle from 2007. I needed the 12 volt charger so I had to return this. It arrived in good condition though.

Peggy Pride, LA

Must Have

I wish that this came with the breastpump to begin with. This is a great add on especially if you’d like to pump in the car on a trip perhaps.

Tasha Woodhull, NY

Love the price!

Works great with my Pump in Style Advance, nothing fancy as far as packaging etc. but right for the price!

Ada Summerlee, WV

Simple Answer to Car Travel with Pump

This does exactly what it says. I have pumped one car rides more often than I can count using this item. Be sure to confirm the wattage/voltage of your pump to make sure you get the right adapter.

Maureen Christiansburg, VA

Does what it’s supposed to

I use this daily. It does the job. I’m happy. Use it with my Medela PISA while I pump on the way to work.

Jeanne Hyde Park, PA

used this to pump on the go and I loved having the option to pump in my car

used this to pump on the go and I loved having the option to pump in my car, especially on road trips!

Katy Howard, SD

Good Buy

This is great for me as I work long shifts and need to pump in the car before work to make the most of my time between pumping sessions. Fit perfectly with my medela pump in style advanced.

Tracey Diggs, VA

Works great

Bought this to be able to pump on the road. I’m not sure why but when using this charger it seems like I need to crank the pump a bit higher to get the same suction level. I do like this so that when I’m on the road I can still pump.

Keri Union City, GA