aden + anais 100% Cotton Muslin Musy Mate Lovey, For The Birds Elephant

aden + anais 100% Cotton Muslin Musy Mate Lovey, For The Birds Elephant

A cuddly companion made with muslin and love. Our musy mate lovey puts a fun twist on security blankets, providing comfort at bedtime and beyond.

Main features

  • Cuddly: made of 100% cotton muslin
  • Durable: machine washable easy to keep clean
  • Soothing: soft and silky for a comforting feel
  • Handmade: with love for unique personalities
  • Made in China

Verified reviews


Just ok..

It’s very cute but the giraffe head is pretty big and I think it would be rather uncomfortable for my baby to sleep on it or roll over it.

Lily Strasburg, CO

Adorable – have to have

Adorable! Sweet little silky as we call it. Made from the same Muslin as the blankets but has a cute little animal head. I purchased a few of these because I figured my grandson will fall in love with this and then they wont make them anymore and he will have a crisis if he looses it. I haven’t washed this yet but we sure do think it’s cute. Will be putting in a stocking this year with the head popping out of the top!

Lolita West Babylon, NY

Comfort for my baby

We gave this to our second born at 4 months when she started trying to fall asleep on her own. It was an instant hit and a big help. I didn’t want to give her anything because of SIDS worries, but she was able to pull this off her face and the fabric is breathable so we decided it would be ok. She loves it. She can grab the blankie part and hold or suck on it as needed (and can find it in the dark as she flails about) and the ears and nose are great for chewing. We now have two, so that one can be washed. The thread for the eyes is already coming off on one of them, so that’s not awesome, but it’s not the end of the world–they are tiny little stitches, so it’s not a hazard, just an aesthetic complaint. It’s the only lovey I’ve found that I’m comfortable giving to a baby her age, and that kind of makes the minor issues not a big deal.

Helena Dushore, PA


A cute product & enjoyable for my baby, but he prefers the Aden + Anais Issies by far. I think it’s because the fabric is soooo light weight & then the head is awkward & heavy.Ok – have to add – it’s about 6 months after I gave this to my son for xmas & he LOVES it now. While the head of the blanket seemed too heavy when he was younger, he prefers this blanket now for cuddling on car rides.

Natalia Blandburg, PA

Not worth the money

I have almost every aden and anais product for my baby. He loves the issies and I thought this would be a nice lovey for him too. I bought the elephant, dog, and giraffe. The elephant came with a huge defect, there were many long loose threads running all over the head, and sewn into it! The giraffe also had a few loose threads, including the eye coming loose. The dog seemed fine, but after one washing, before I even gave it to baby, the one tack holding the ear down came off and left a hole. The head is also coming loose and there are holes in the fabric. I am very disappointed in these products. I asked Amazon for an exchange and will see if the new ones hold up.Edit: I received the new ones from amazon, but they also have issues. After just one wash, the embroidery is coming off on the elephant and the heads are coming loose. I don’t want to give these to my baby for safety reasons and because they won’t hold up, so I definitely don’t want him to become attached to something that won’t last long. Very disappointed.

Cynthia North Tonawanda, NY

Baby is a fan

My son love his A&A blankets so I got him this little friend to have in his crib. He enjoys chewing on the nose of the elephant and the ears of the doggy. We did have the thread of the face of the doggy come loose, I am going to contact A&A about it.

Cecilia Fontana, CA

Love it!

I love this brand. Everything gets softer with washing and holds up well to lots of abuse. This has been chewed on, used to clean-up spit-up, walked on, and washed a lot, but it still looks pretty much new. My son really seems to like the feel of muslin in his hands and in his mouth!

Genevieve Chester, GA