aden + anais 2 Pack Muslin Burpy Bib, Princess Posie

aden + anais 2 Pack Muslin Burpy Bib, Princess Posie

Great form meets versatile function with the burpy bib. A muslin bib that doubles as a burp cloth, the unique shape of our burpy bib provides maximum coverage for baby and you.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • two pre-washed 100% cotton muslin burpy bibs
  • Versatile: burp cloth and bib – all in one
  • Generous Size: unique, patented design for maximum coverage
  • Absorbent: soaks up messy spills in a snap
  • Practical: machine washable, easy to care for

Verified reviews


Did not get what I ordered!!..

I love Aden and anais products but when I ordered this I thought I was getting the orange trimmed burpy bibs! Instead I got the blue ones not what I was expecting. I really like the orange ones because they were different wished that’s what I got.

Deirdre Takotna, AK

I don’t get it

I love the Aden and Anais Muslin blankets – but I just don’t get these bibs. They’re not at all absorbent which is my number one requirement for a burp cloth/bib. When my daughter spits up on to them the stain just sits on top and the cloth remains wet for some time. I can’t reuse the cloth in that same spot or it just smears around whatever I’m trying to wipe up. For the same price I bought a slew full of cheap, prefolded diapers which are thick, super absorbent and last through several feedings. Granted these are far more fashionable, but basics first, Aden & Anais. I’ll pass.

Angeline Milford, PA

Best Bib I’ve Tried (from an expensive brand)

I saw these bibs at a local shop and recognized instantly that they were just what I needed for my very messy little eater. As soon as I started feeding my daughter food (6 mo), her little drool bibs were no longer enough to keep her clean. She got food all over her, bib or no bib. These bibs are different. They’re big, worn like a reverse shawl, so they cover shoulders and arms, too. When my baby blows raspberries with a mouthful of carrots, shaking her head from side to side and spraying bright orange spittle like a sprinkler, these bibs have her covered. They’re made of lovely soft, cool, absorbent muslin, which is comfortable and absorbent. They wash easily and dry quickly on the line. Stains bleach out in bright sun. Even carrots.These are absolutely my favorite bibs. They are a phenomenal product and I highly, highly recommend them to anyone with a baby.I deduct one star only for price. As muslin can be bought for less than $3 a yard, it always surprises me that aden+anais products are so expensive. I guess you pay for design and quality, but I’m going to try to make my own rather than buy a second pair. Still, I’m very happy I bought the first pair, and if you’re not strapped for cash, then you should, too!

Malinda Allardt, TN

Go for the original

We own the original ones sold from Aden+Anais and we also own ones from Aden+Anais for little77 (American Eagle Outfitters). There is a world of difference between them. While the ones for AE are cheaper ($15 for two) the ones sold directly under the A+A brand are much higher quality AND they are bigger too. They really do get softer the more you wash them, and while the instructions say “wash cold” I throw them in on warm and they hardly shrink and come out clean AND super soft.$20 might seem a lot of money for bibs, but they are totally worth it. 4 layers of muslin lets nothing through and they are very versatile. I love the snaps as no velcro messes up clothes in the wash.

Cathy Nisswa, MN

Petite Consumer is a Burpy Bib Fan

The aden + anais Burpy Bib is an absorbent, kidney-shaped muslin bib/burp cloth.CoosCan be used from infancy unlike other bibs (we love stuff with dual purpose and extended use).Ample coverage as a bib and a burp cloth (fits well on parent’s shoulder as a burp cloth and covers baby’s shoulders and most of their arms as a bib).Can be used to wipe up messes after eating (plenty of fabric).Two-sided (mess up one side at lunch and use the other other side at dinner).Four layers of soft absorbent muslin (signature of aden + anais products).Simple snap closure for bib use.Cleans well (no noticeable stains after many splashes of baby food and regular washes).Durable (has been pulled, stretched, and chewed).Cute aden + anais patterns.Can be used later to clean up all kinds of spills (yeah! more extended use).BoosMay not be the best for on-the-go bib due to its size (about the size of a cloth diaper).About $20 for a 2 pack, a little more pricey than other bibs (we personally don’t mind though especially since they are two-sided).When used as a bib, may seem a little large on a 4-6 month old (OK, so we are being picky).There is no pocket to catch finger foods or reflux baby spit-ups when used as a burp cloth. (A lot of bibs don’t but it is worth the mention).The Petite Consumer Says: We love the material, style, and function. We highly recommend this bib/burp cloth to all parents and as a gift.

Vera Antioch, IL

Dont get the good reviews…

They aren’t absorbent. What else matters? Granted much cuter than a cloth diaper / but that works and these don’t. I pass.

Concetta Campbellsburg, IN

seriously the best

For those of you who are thinking…”a bib/burp cloth could not possibly be worth this much money!” You’re gonna want to reconsider. These are awesome…we are constantly using and washing the one we have. I’m back to buy three more. I wish I had asked for these when our daughter was born…but I’m not buying ONE more bib other than this! They are the softest, sweetest, most handy things in my diaper bag. Period.

Enid Lanesboro, MN

Beautiful, high quality bibs

We’re preparing for baby number 3 around our house and my sister has been telling me all about the must-haves this time around. I’m always amazed at how many new products come out between having babies. I don’t usually buy into every new product but I knew I wanted to get these after seeing them on my sister’s baby. I have bibs and I have burp cloths. I don’t have a burp cloth that transforms into a bib. Well, now I do. With just a snap on the back of these beautiful burp cloths, you can place this around your child’s neck and transform it into a bib. I expect these to save a lot of outfits that normally get ruined by spit-up and drool.

Fern Delaware, NJ

Functional but expensive!

So as a first time mom my head was spinning with all the baby products out there. I came across these bibs that one book recommended as a "must buy" and not knowing any better, I decided I absolutely needed them. They’re bibs! They can be burp cloths! They’re reversible! They’re pretty! Well – they’re also very expensive for a bib – at about ten dollars a pop, most people can’t just stock up on these as their only bibs and burp cloths (as an aside, you’ll need somewhere between 10-20 burp cloths for a baby; just get the cloth diapers, which are much more economical. After a while you’ll stop caring whether or not you’re wiping up regurgitated milk with designer style cloths.).I wouldn’t recommend these for a newborn to catch drool – these cover the baby’s shoulders and are just a hindrance for their arm movement (I would really recommend Tommee Tippee’s bibs, which have a rolled edge that fits under the chin, preventing milk and drool from collecting there and causing a rash – available at Target, two for about six dollars). However – once your baby starts eating solids, these bibs are GREAT. They cover a wide expanse and are wonderful at keeping the food off of your baby’s clothes. I’ve found four of these have been more than enough for this use. The designs are fun and coordinate with other aden + anais products. These also wash up really well. So far no fraying, and ALL food stains have come off (just using regular detergent, nothing fancy). I like the fact that these close with snaps, so it is more challenging for your baby to pull them off (the ones that have a velcro closure get pulled off in an instant…plus the velcro will destroy other clothes in the wash unless you put those bibs in a separate mesh bag or something). I do wish they had put in a couple of snaps so that the closure was adjustable, but it’s not a huge drawback.Overall I’m a little astonished that I spent forty dollars on four bibs (bibs! of all things!) but I don’t regret the purchase and I’m getting good use out of them.

Rosa Cerro, NM

THE VERY BEST EVERYDAY BIB for above 3 months

Adorable patterns, breathable layered muslin, and they wrap around. You will find that a teething baby forever has a wet shirt and these bibs keep baby totally dry. Carson outgrew the cutesie little bibs around three months as they started to look like a napkin tucked in his collar. The birpy bibs are reversible, always come clean, are super soft, and we now own 6 to match all outfits! Since he has started crawling, we don’t use them as much as they do get in the way of an ambitious crawler. They are now one of our favorite baby shower gifts to give ! Aden and Anais is phenomenal!

Paulette Elmendorf, TX

A&A Burpy Bibs

These bibs are absolutely fantastic! I have been using them with my son for 1 year now, and they still look great– no stains or loose threads. They have been used daily (in a 12 bib rotation), and I feel 12 is the perfect number in order to get me to laundry day with a few spares while washing & drying. They are extremely soft on my son’s skin, and the only bibs/cloths he will allow me to wipe his face with — without squirming away. When worn as a bib, they cover a large area & the snaps are nice & strong. I always keep one of these in his stroller and 1 in my bag for those inevitable 1 year old boy messes.To those saying these aren’t absorbent, keep washing them! Like cloth diapers, these need to be “prepped” to reach maximum absorbency.Ideally you would prep diapers with hot washes and drying in between, but you should use cold water on these (as per the care tag). The cold water washings take a little longer to prep these bibs, but they do get there, I promise! I also wouldn’t use any fabric softener or dryer sheets on these (especially if you are having absorbency issues), as those products work by building up a thin layer of chemicals on your bibs (or whatever) making them feel softer, but also decreasing how much and how fast they can absorb. I don’t use either of those products, and these, his swaddles, & dream blankets are still extremely soft & squishy. Totally recommend these as both a bib & a burp cloth.

Celina Marseilles, IL

Updated Review!

Man, I wanted to love these!! I purchased about 10 of them before my baby was born because I just loved the design and they looked really nice and practical. I wish I could say they are great like some of the other reviewers, but honestly they just do not absorb the spit up or any spills very well. I find myself reaching for the cheap diaper cloths that my husbands mom gifted us with most of the time. They are just plain white, but they work like a charm. I should have listened to the older and much wiser moms that I know who told me to forgo the cute stuff. Could have saved myself $100. Oh well…you live and you learn…Update Feb 2013:I felt the need to update this review because I saw that my review was just marked as being helpful to another Amazon customer and I wanted to clarify a couple of things. After using these for 4 months, I have definitely warmed up to them. I like the length of them because they hang really well on the shoulders and I dont ever have to worry about coverage. And they actually do hold quite a bit of spit up. Maybe they just needed few good washings to lossen up the threading a bit, so they could absorb more. I am much happier with these than I originally said. I still stand behind my statement though that some plain old diaper cloths work just as good if you’re looking to save some money. I am officially changing from 2 stars to 4 for practicality and absorbency. Hope this helps!

Leslie Cotton, MN

Love these!

Forget all the other bibs and burp cloths out there and invest in these! Yes, they are expensive but completely worth it. Love that baby can wear as a bib and also can be used as a burp cloth. What’s nice is that when worn as a bib, they provide so much coverage and keep you from having to constantly change baby’s clothes because of soiling. They are highly absorbent and I’ve never had a problem with vomit or spit up soaking through onto my clothes (or baby’s). I wash mine everyday and so far they are holding strong (its been 6 weeks) and still look almost new. No pilling or falling apart at the seams.

Janice Gallupville, NY


I BURP, THEREFORE I AMI mean it’s a . . .Burp Cloth.But then again, I am a guy. If left to our own devices, we men would clothe our beautiful baby daughters in old white t-shirts.Thank God we have wonderful wives that turn our baby girls’ world into a beautiful melange of pink and flowers and birds and beauty.*Minus 1 start for how expensive these are. We use these ones, but we also have cloth diapers that we use exclusively as burp cloths–these are my favorites.

Laurel Covington, OH

Best Burp Cloth/Bib!

I must first say that I am a big fan of Aden + Anais products in general. This one is by far my most favorite though! When I originally bought it, I thought it was just a burp cloth. When I got it & realized it was a bib I was REALLY impressed! It was great at absorbing the drool & spit up my baby had. It had much better coverage than most bibs & the muslin fabric is so soft & super absorbant. I highly recommend these!

Maria Manitou Springs, CO

The best burp cloths you can find!

I received 3 of these from my registry and had to buy 2 more because I love them so much! If you have a Breast Friend, these actually fit perfectly over the top so you can prevent spills on the cover which is a pain to wash frequently. They also fit well around my baby’s neck, and can be used for many months as they adapt to a feeding bib with the snaps. I would definitely recommend them to any mom.

Muriel South Haven, MN

Perfect size

Have been using this as a burping cloth instead of a bib. As a burping cloth, its the perfect size to stay on my shoulder and the material is super soft and is very absorbent.

Selma Port Arthur, TX

Great coverage but stain easily

These bibs are, for the most part, exactly what I needed. I was looking for a bib that would be large enough to cover my 5 month old’s “spill zone” when I feed him solid foods in his high chair. I wanted a bib that would catch as much spillage as possible so that I could spend less time cleaning the padding and straps of his high chair. I was willing to pay whatever it took to save me some clean up time (saved time = more minutes with my baby boy). These bibs are perfect for that purpose–the bibs have caught everything and the high chair itself has been mess-free! My one complaint is that the bibs stain easily. I have been using these for about 1 month and could literally use them as a record of the solids we have tried so far (sweet potato stain, carrot stain, applesauce stain). I wash these bibs daily so was surprised that the staining was so bad. I expected better for the price.

Patricia Southwick, MA

Perfect for nursing

I LOVE these bibs. I exclusively breastfeed and if you have a large supply like I do, the baby sometimes lets the overflow dribble of out her mouth. This bib is great for catching the extra milk. I use this every time I feed her. The large size also is handy when you need to do some hand expression to soften your breast.The patters are fun and bib is double-sided, another plus. I would definitely recommend this and especially for nursing moms.

Olga Bethany, CT

The quality of these bibs are excellent no doubt

The quality of these bibs are excellent no doubt. I do like how they’re dual purposed – bib and burp cloth in one. However, they are extremely bulky to carry around and not exactly water proof, so not the most functional feeding bib OR burp cloth, in my opinion.

Christi Bonanza, OR


I have 10 Burpy Bibs in several different patterns. They are the handiest things to have. I keep them in the house, the car, the stroller, the diaper bag… What excellent shower gifts these would make!

Harriett Glasco, KS

Large Burpy Bib

I purchased the swaddle cloths, bed sheet, and changing table cover in the Liam The Brave print. I really like the size of these Burpy Bibs and that it can be used as a bib or a burp cloth. I am happy with the Aden and Anais Products for the look and fabric. I highly recommend their products.

Julia Hanover, MA

Covers the baby well

This bib is soft yet thick to cover the baby’s shoulders and upper body. We also use it to wipe the mouth of our 6 month old baby when she is done experimenting with eating solid food. My only wish was that the underside of the bip was made of water resistance material just to keep her dry. Sometimes she spits so much that even this thick bib gets wet through.

Nadia Rathdrum, ID

Will work for all ages!

What I love about these burpy bibs is that you will use them for years! You can use them as a burp cloth but they are also very large bibs when your child is ready for food. They are soft and have a snap closure which means no snagging your clothes in the washer or drier like velcro closures would.

Lillian Elmaton, TX

awesome burp clothes

These are super soft and very absorbent. They are the only burp clothes I use. I would highly recommend these to anyone having a baby!

Sheryl Outing, MN

Almost as good as bamboo!

I got these because of the cute pattern and love them almost as much as the A&A bamboo version. They’re absorbent, flexible (they even work well as a mini blanket), and super cute. I just wish they made all their patterns in bamboo as it’s super soft.

Lesley Fromberg, MT

Definitely worth the extra $

Love, love, love these-I was a little hesitant at first in buying these due to the price but I am definitely glad I did. They have cute designs on them and are nice and thick, perfect to absorb any drool or spit-up. The curved design is nice too for mom or dads shoulder and the snaps to make it into a bib will be great for when he starts eating real food. I definitely recommend these!

Lizzie Bemus Point, NY

A Must!

These are so cute in person! Kinda pricey but worth it imo, since they are so versatile. I bought 3 sets.

Saundra Oakwood, TX

2 for 1!

Love these burpy bibs. They’re cute, absorbent, soft, and a 2 in 1. I’ve purchased several. They hold up well too, where some of my other burp rags were cheap enough to be wrecked from repeated washing.

Elaine Charlo, MT

worth the price

It’s hard going back to our old bibs and burp cloths when these are in the hamper. We will be buying more.

Natalie Friday Harbor, WA