aden + anais 2 Pack Muslin Issie Security Blanket, Amelia Monkey

aden + anais 2 Pack Muslin Issie Security Blanket, Amelia Monkey

Amelia Issie Security Blanket 2-Pack in Monkey by aden and anais No one can deny the comfort and peace of mind a security blanket can add to a child’s life. The Issie Security Blanket is a breathable and soft blanket made from 100% natural cotton muslin. Open weave construction allows for liberal airflow and lightweight feel makes this blanket perfect for cuddling at any time of the year. Each measuring 16″ x 16″, your pack of two identical Issies is great for keeping one on hand on one in the wash! Swaddling, a worldwide, centuries-old tradition, has a natural ability to recreate the warm and cozy feeling of the womb, due to the self regulating properties and gentle feel of the 100% cotton muslin. This finely-woven, breathable fabric is durable, stretchy, and ideal for creating a comfortable swaddling wrap for your baby.

Main features

  • Breathable: our open-weave fabric allows liberal airflow, making it ideal for even the youngest baby
  • Portable: just the right size to cuddle-up with and carry
  • Enduring: the more you wash it, the softer it gets
  • Practical: two identical issues, one for the wash and one for snuggling

Verified reviews


It’s okay, but thin & expensive for what you get

I really love Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, so I purchased this security blanket too. The only problem is that it’s small (which is fine- I wanted a “security blanket” sized blanket), and it’s also so thin! With the swaddle blankets, I was able to fold it so it became 2, 3, or 4 layered. Maybe I just wasn’t expecting it to be only 1 layered. I wish it was just a little thicker- especially for the amount of money I paid for it.

Randi Glasgow, WV


My son (18 m) is in LOVE with this blankie. We are already on our second purchase, meaning he has shredded the first 2! They are soft, cuddly. He loves looking for the little tag on it. He can’t go to bed without blankie. If he is upset or in trouble, he needs blankie to comfort him. We usually have one out, and hide the other, but occasionally he finds the second one and runs around the house with double blankies thinking like he has won the lottery!!! Great product. Great colors, Cute design. Super soft. I am a fan of all Aden & Anais products. We had the swaddle blankets and burp clothes as well. Buy this, you won’t be disappointed.

Alyssa Land O Lakes, WI

Smaller version of the much loved swaddle balnket

We have a dozen of the aden+anais swaddle blankets. My son loved to sleep with them and they quickly became his “security blanket”. We were fine with that until he started rolling over and I became concerned that because of the large size of the blanket he would get it caught around his neck. So I purchased these to swap out during nap and bedtime. They are much much smaller than the swaddles, just a small square about the size of a large book. The satin on the edges is a nice touch. They are the same light breathable material as the swaddles and hold up just as well. While they are definitely much safer than the large swaddles my son somehow knew the difference and didn’t take to them. I wish I would have given him these from the beginning. Alas they are a great product and we now use them as burp cloths or for travel.

Kathi Albertson, NY

Just exactly what we needed!

Perfect for snuggling in the crib. My little guy needed something to hold and rub on his face while learning to go to sleep on his own. This blankie seems small enough to not be a strangulation hazard and breathable enough to pose no suffocation risk. It really makes me feel better about him sleeping with something. My only word of caution is the satin trim is a lower quality, softer satin. This means it snags easily. We’ve only had our blankies for a few months and the satin already looks a little shoddy. Still worth it, though, as my baby HAS to have his tiny blankie to sleep.

Carolyn Wardell, MO

We have these everywhere… Car, diaper bag, crib, squirreled away for later!

We have seven of these blankets in the stars print. I trade them out as I wash them, and my son is very attached to them. I wouldn’t have bought so many, but it seemed like they stopped making this print and I wanted to make sure we had enough to last us through his baby years. He carries them everywhere and squeals with delight when he sees one. When I pull them out of the dryer he gingerly picks through the load until he has found them ALL and toddles around with the whole wad of them.They get softer and softer with washing, but the satin doesn’t hold up perfectly so try to keep it away from any Velcro (not the manufacturer’s fault, just comes with the delicate nature of satin). These are a staple of my every day life now since they’re my son’s go-to lovie, so I like that they’re small and light and easily traded out for an identical one when dirty.

Linda Cedar Glen, CA


One of my girls uses this as a security blanket. It’s the perfect size to carry around with her while cruising and I don’t have to worry about her covering her face with it when sleeping. Love it.

Ester Tuskegee, AL

Wonderful Gift Idea!

Great product for Babies!I’m attending a baby shower for twin girls soon, and this will be one of the items I’ll be giving the future Mom.Delivery from Amazon is always top notch!

Ruthie Boyd, TX

He wont sleep without it!

AWESOME!!! Soft and most importantly breathable for our 8 month old munchkin. This is the first thing we EVER put in his crib to sleep with. He loves it and will not sleep without his blanket. We use it every night. If you are those paranoid parents with all this sids talk… buy these. Although they seem thin and not really too durable, they actually are. The more you wash them the softer they get!

Florine Mount Sterling, OH

Life Savers

I love the aden and anais blankets. My son however loves the silky edge on blankets. We were given a Little Giraffe blanket which became his favorite over time, but they are very expensive. I purchased these with the hopes he would like them as much. He sucks his thumb and rubs the silk on his face. He has no preference on which one he uses. I like these better b/c they are much cheaper! I will be purchasing more to have as back ups!

Melody Genoa, IL


My little one loves Aden and Anais’ muslin blankets, so these were a big hit with him. I love that it comes in a set of two!

Jana Butler, MD

Love these blankets

My son loves these blankets. I love the fact that they are breathable, so I don’t have to worry about my son when he likes to sleep with it on his face or next to his face. It is a bonus you get two, we use one in the car seat and one in the crib. That way we always have one if we need to wash due to being dirty.

Hilary Prairie Home, MO

Too small to be a security blanket…

About the size of a normal wash cloth and the muslin is super thin. The plastic pieces that hold it in the package slightly damaged the muslin before I even removed them from the package.

Briana Westfield, NC

Aden & Anais Issie

This blanket is the perfect size for a busy toddler! My daughter loves these blankets and takes them everywhere! The best part is she doesn’t drag them on the ground or trip over them like her full size blankets!

Freida Effingham, IL

Great blankies!

My son loves the A&A lovies. This is our third set. They wash well and hold up to lots of love and playtime. The muslin is the traditional A&A muslin that is super soft and the trim is a silky satin. These are a great size for a baby/toddler to cuddle with–my son likes to have a big bunch of them to cuddle!

Henrietta Ventura, IA


I love the pattern and feel much safer putting these in my daughters crib then a regular blanket. They’re soft and small and just perfect!

Suzette Virginia City, MT