aden + anais 3 Pack Muslin Washcloths, Water Baby

aden + anais 3 Pack Muslin Washcloths, Water Baby

Pack of three 100% cotton muslin washcloths. These durable four layer washcloths are extremely gentle on delicate baby skin, getting softer with each wash. The generous size of each washcloth, 15″ x 15″, makes bathing quick, soft, and easy, and the at attached loop lets you hang the cloth to dry to avoid wet tub side heaps. These long lasting and stylish bath time accessories will be the only washcloths you will need right through the toddler years.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Natural muslin: soft and gentle for baby
  • Plush: extra thick and absorbent
  • Washable: the more you wash it, the softer it gets
  • 100% Cotton Muslin
  • Made in China

Verified reviews


Really Large

While I agree that these are very soft and excellent quality wash cloths- they are really really big. I thought it was silly to buy a special wash cloth for a baby, but I soon learned that adult sized wash cloths are too big for baby’s small parts. So, I read about this brand and decided to splurge and buy these for my son. Using these in his bath is a pain just because of the size. I have to fold them in half and quarters in order to get a good wash. This may be a personal thing and a small complaint but thought I’d put it out there for any Mom who also feels that baby wash cloths are ideal because they are smaller in size. I do have to add though, that the quality and feel of these wash cloths are the best I’ve ever tried!

Debbie Cranberry Twp, PA

OK, for washcloths

These are nice washcloths. I’m sure for a first baby/baby shower, they are a “must.” Really they are just washcloths, and you can get ones that are just as soft for a better price.

Diann Elk Horn, KY

Best Washcloth I’ve Tried (from an expensive brand)

I rated the aden+anais bib similarly, so forgive me for repeating myself.I love this product. These washclothes are so soft. They are much better than traditional terry washclothes, and WORLDS better than those awful poly-terry washclothes they sell at Target. The muslin in these has enough of a grain to scrub at grit, but is very soft and gentle on my baby’s sensitive skin. They also hold a lot of water which you can squeeze out to rinse shampoo out of your baby’s hair or suds off of her skin.I have the orange set (Splish Splash) and I think the dots and goldfish are really cute. I’m not as big a fan of the little people print, because I hate stuff that is branded all over with logos, but who cares. They’re wash cloths, and they work just as well as the other prints!As with the a+a bibs, my one major complaint is that these are so very expensive! It doesn’t make sense to me why four layers of muslin should cost so much, but I can’t complain too much, because they really are so much better than the rest of my washcloths. I’m going to try to make some more myself.

Heidi Crofton, KY

Another quality A&A Product!

I absolutely love these washcloths and so does my husband. I do not think they are “too big” unless you are used to the cheap, one layer baby washcloths as these are definitely not them. They have multiple layers and feel so soft to the touch, perfect for hitting those nooks and crannies! I adore all muslin products by Aden & Anais (not sold through Target or other retailers, the originals!) and this has made bathtime wonderful for us. These are worth the investment as they have held up through numerous washings and cleanings – you won’t regret it!

Rebekah Lakewood, IL

Very soft!

I like the aden + anais brand (despite their recent spectacular PR fail) and I had these washclothes on my baby registry. Very, very soft and durable.

Rachel Great Falls, SC

Pretty and absorbent

Lovely little wash cloths that are big enough to also use as burp cloths. Very absorbent and sof or baby.

Hazel Kiowa, CO

Love these washcloths

These washcloths are soft and perfect for a newborn. I have been happy with all of my aden + anais purchases, and these washcloths are no exception.

Isabella Jerry City, OH

Scratchy material!!!!!!!

I wanted to try bathing my baby with these, after reading so many good reviews that it is soft. The material is not soft at all, in fact, it is very rough and scratchy. It irritate even my skin, not to mention on my son’s baby soft skin. They are also too thick, so you can’t really use it to get into the folds. I think I’m going to send it back.

Faye Wahiawa, HI

Love these…

Even better than advertised!Perfect size, softness & adorable! The loop is perfect for hanging these to dry on my over the door towel hanger w/ prongsBeautifully constructed and I love the patternWash very well and still super soft & functional

Colleen Keytesville, MO

Wonderfully Soft and BIG

These are very soft and have gotten softer with just one wash. They are very big and I’ll probably be able to use as a burp cloth, baby washcloth and all kinds of other uses.

Rhea Spanishburg, WV

So soft and absorbent!

I am so in love with all the Aden and Anais products that I have purchased. Yes, these are pricy, but so soft and gentle on baby’s skin. Keep in mind they are very generously sized, but that doesn’t bother me, I like them so much better than the little tiny square washcloths you see everywhere else. However, it can be tricky to use them on my tiny newborn son, but I know that once we graduate to actual tub baths these will be the only washcloths used for bathtime.

Wilda Turtle Creek, PA

Baby loves and so does mom

The prints from aden + anais are adorable and the packaging makes them fabulous for gifts. I have found these awesome as far as functionality, too. We bathe our infant in the Puj tub, and I lay a warm aden + anais washcloth on this tummy while I wash him. Yes, they are large, so I use a cheapy little washcloth to wash some of him and then use the a+a one on his body and as mentioned to keep him warm and give him something to hold onto and “play” with.

Ursula Halifax, MA

Lovely, lovely, lovely

Like all Aden & Anais baby items, these washcloths are beautiful and as soft as can be. They are thick and well-made, with a jersey binding that feels soft and strong. Thanks to another reviewer’s comment, I ordered the ones without printing on them, and I’m glad I did. The prints are cute on the blankets I have, but for washing I didn’t want that screen printing to interfere with the superb softness of this fabric. Wonderful product!

Lorie Salem, MO

Pleasantly Surprised

When I received these, I didn’t realize how large they would be. At first I was concerned that their size would get in the way of washing all the nooks and crannies of a newborn, but I was wrong! I love that they are large enough to drape over my baby’s abdomen, keeping him warm when he isn’t submerged in water, yet they are thin enough and soft enough to gently scrub around skin folds and chub.

Lydia Denville, NJ

Used as Burp Cloths

I love this company’s products! These washcloths seems too big at first, and really, for a newborn they are HUGE. However, I repurposed them as burp cloths and they have been the best! Now that he is bigger (7 months) I am also using them as washcloths since he is using the big bath now.

Guadalupe Canal Fulton, OH

Love A+A but washcloths are small

I love A+A so was excited to get these on sale. I decided to buy 2 boxes and forgo the more expensive burpy bibs when I read reviews that the washcloths could pull double duty. The washcloths themselves are thick and absorbent, good muslin fabric. However, they seem smaller than the 15X15 described. I’m not going to return them, but I think I have to get the bib after all.

Susan Newton Falls, NY

Love these!

The hype is believable. These washcloths have been great for giving my fussy newborn a bath. She likes to have the washcloth draped over her tummy and this fits the bill! The claim it gets softer within each wash has proven to be true. I will definitely be buying more of these

Robin South International Falls, MN

lovely but not so practical

as all aden and anais products these are well made and cute as heck. They are soft and large but using them as a washcloth is just awkward to me. I would like them a lot more if they didn’t have the rough binding on the edge. They are also a little too thick. I think regular washcloths work way better. I use the 2 that I have for spit up instead.

Deidre Nineveh, IN

great for babies

I really like these. they’re soft and large enough to cover my baby to keep him warm during a sponge bath and a regular bath. They are big so I still need a smaller wash cloth to clean him but eventually they will be the right size.

Lidia Castleton, VA

Soft and durable

great, soft washcloths. They cost a bit more but Aden and Anais has great products that will last! Worth the extra money.

Annmarie Cunningham, WA

So soft

This are great for not only babies, but are wonderful to use on your own face. They are a bit large, so I still use a cheap baby terry cloth for my baby’s face. At first I was hesitant to get these because of the cost, but they are well worth it. I heeded the advice of another reviewer I didn’t get any of the patterns, which means I can still use them later without them looking like they’re for a baby.

Ilene Springfield, ME

Lovely, soft, wash cloths

I love these wash cloths for my DD. They are a great size, amazingly soft and she is happy for us to wash her with them (she is 2 months old). I love them so much I might buy her another set (maybe the cute patterned ones) and keep the plain, green edges ones for me!

Della Lombard, IL


I bought these for my baby, after reading they were super soft, however these are huge! Definitely can’t use them on baby! They will surely be great for when he gets older.

Janna Longleaf, LA


My son would scream when I washed him with other washcloths. These are so soft he does’t mind them. They are a generous size for a toddler. Wish I would have ordered them sooner.

Jodie Salona, PA

Love these!!

Super-soft and made with low-impact dyes, I feel I can trust this company to make safe products for my baby.

Leanne Monroe, SD

So soft!

These should be included in every baby shower gift! They are super soft – SO much better than the terry wash cloths you usually find for baby. These are truly gentle and have I mentioned how soft they are? They are pretty large, about the size of a piece of paper, but square. LOVE!

Jordan Nazareth, PA

Not practical for newborn.

Very thick and large. May work better when my little guy gets older but right now it’s so large I can’t do anything with it. It’s like trying to wash him with a large hand towel… Not very practical at all. I was hoping to love these.

Terry Old Monroe, MO

I was skeptical… now I’m in love!

When I first considered buying these (before my son was born) I was turned off by all the reviews saying that they were too big to clean all the little baby crevices, so I opted for the flimsy small traditional baby washcloths. I actually ended up finding those completely useless (except as a cover to guard from the “surprise showers” my son liked to give me), so I resorted to washing him just with my bare hands and some soap– almost like a wet baby massage. And that worked fine for a while.Now my son is 6 months old, and he LOVES playing with his A+A swaddles and lovies, so I figured that even if these aren’t super functional as a washcloth they would make a nice tub toy. He seems to be really drawn to the color orange, so I decided to purchase these.I am so glad I did! These are AWESOME. They’re a generous size, very thick and so sooooo soft. They retain lots of water so they’re ideal for squeezing water all over baby (which he likes) and while they don’t suds up a lot they do get him clean, and he seems to really enjoy it. Yes, they ARE big, but I find that rarely do you actually NEED to *scrub* the “little crevices,” and they seem to get him plenty clean. And it’s almost therapeutic to get them all soaking wet with water and then squeeze the water gently out all over his back and tummy.In fact, I might purchase a few of these for me! They really ARE that wonderful.PS: For those of you that want more detail about cleaning “little baby crevices”: the only time they seem to get REALLY dirty– to the point where simply a good splash/rinse in the tub doesn’t work– is when a diaper explosion occurs, and even then I wipe most of it off with wipes first because otherwise he’d just be sitting in REALLY dirty bath water and that’s a bit disgusting. And these are perfect for gently wiping off sensitive areas without irritating them. Plus, they have multiple layers and it’s VERY easy to just use the top one if you need to do “detail” work, like around the eyes or in the ears. So yes, these are practical! Much more so than the tiny cheap generic terrycloth ones which frankly are useless except for newborns)

Susana West Point, TX

Pricey, yes, but so much better than the standard washcloths

I got these for baby #2, after being discouraged by how worn out and flimsy the washcloths we’d been given for baby #1 had become (I think they were Gerber?). Also, we’d started using the old washcloths as meal clean-up rags, and they polyester component seemed to carry food smells even after being washed many times. So…. I wanted something fresh and soft and all-cotton and longer lasting for baby #2, and these fit the bill. They are SO soft, and after two and a half years, they still look pretty similar to how they did when they were new. I remember that they seemed a little hilariously huge for a newborn, but they were still usable, and now they are a great size for preschoolers.

Jeri Ghent, NY

Great quality

These are super soft and great quality. My little guy is only two months and these are a tad big, especially to get into little crevices. However, they are good for the rest of the body or to keep him warm while I clean him. I also use them to rinse the shampoo out of his hair.

Marisa Pike Road, AL