aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket 2 Pack, Prince Charming

aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket 2 Pack, Prince Charming

Pack of four 100% cotton muslin swaddling blankets. aden and anais wraps are the ultimate in breathability and softness. The fabric’s light, open weave allows a baby’s body temperature to regulate itself naturally in order to prevent overheating, so that a swaddled baby stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is gentle on baby’s skin and durable for everyday use, as the more you wash it, the softer it gets. aden and anais wraps are a generous size, measuring 47″ x 47″, so that new and seasoned moms alike can swaddle babies of all sizes with ease. In addition to the common use as a swaddling wrap, aden and anais wraps are versatile, useful as burp cloths, nursing shields, stroller covers to protect from sun, cold, wind or insects, portable crib sheets, stroller and car seat liners, tummy time blankets, change table covers, and more.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Breathable: our open weave fabric allows for liberal airflow, making it ideal for even the youngest baby
  • Generous size: makes swaddling easy
  • Multi use: stroller, nursing, or changing table cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket, and more
  • 100% Cotton Muslin
  • Made in China

Verified reviews


It barely fits my 4 month old

My son is growing pretty fast to me. The swaddle blanket barely covers his shoulders already. Need to produce a larger size. But when we put it on perfectly he sleeps through the night. And that took a lot of practice.

Kendra San Pedro, CA

Versatile swaddle blanket

Love this product! It gets super soft with washing, is big so makes swaddling easy and the muslin fabric breathes amazingly. Wonderful for keeping baby warm but not overheating. Excellent for warm climates! I also use them when breastfeeding to cover baba without making him hot, and I lay them on the floor if I’m out for him to play on. One of my best purchases.

Susie Holly Hill, SC

Great item!

I love these blankets. They are not too warm and are very big. They are perfect for my newborn who kicks his other swaddle blankets right off.

Kelly Medway, OH

Multi purpose

These blankets are great. They allow air to circulate so your baby isn’t all sweaty as with heavier blankets even in winter. My baby’s room is always the hottest in our townhouse so this is perfect to cover her up with at night. You can adjust the thickness of the blanket by adjusting how many times u fold it. I also use it as a car seat/stroller cover and tuck it down on those windy and/or chilly days that I need to take the baby out. Great as nursing cover or to lay your baby down in. I have three in rotation and as other reviewers stated, it does get softer as u wash them! A bit pricey but its a must have for babies!

Gussie Oak Ridge, NJ

so soft and versatile

these were a bit more expensive than the other brands but well worth it. can be used for almost anything and really soft and comfortable to touch. getting more for my baby.

Gloria Fayette City, PA

Wish I found them sooner

I have a tall guy that likes to be wrapped tightly. These are great blankets with plenty of room to grow. I only wish I had found them much sooner. I would trade all of the other blankets I’ve cycled through for a few of these.

Kathryn Salamonia, IN

A must have for summer babies!

I LOVE these blankets! I had heard great things about them, but was skeptical. They are kind of pricey for a receiving/swaddling blanket and I couldn’t figure out what was so great about them. Now that I have and use nether I am hooked! These blankets are nice and big, but the breathable thinner fabric makes it easy to fold them up for different uses. Great for swaddling, and wonderful for a stroller blanket . They are great to drape over your stroller in the summer to "extend" the canopy, especially with a newborn. I like to use these If I need a little coverage when nursing because I don’t feel like I’m smothering baby with a thicker blanket.I will definitely purchase Aden + Anais products in the future as I have heard the Bamboo swaddling blankets are amazing as well!

Anna Windham, OH

Big and soft

Bought this as a gift for my soon-to-be new nephew and my sister-in-law loved them! They are nice and big, much more so than standard swaddling blankets.

Sylvia College Grove, TN