aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack, Ahoy Baby Nautical Anchors Limited Edition

aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack, Ahoy Baby Nautical Anchors Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition Ahoy Baby Nautical swaddle package includes four classic muslin swaddles in navy, gray and mint prints including classic anchors, elegant love knots, bubble droplet pinstripes and navigation compass prints. *100% natural cotton muslin is a wonder fabric. It’s one of the purest, simplest fabrics in the world, with a breathable, natural open weave that keeps baby warm but comfortable all through the night without the risk of overheating. Just as wonderful: it’s machine washable, and actually gets softer with every wash. Your go-to baby product. Our muslin swaddles are multi-purpose. When baby isn’t swaddled, you’ll find yourself using it as a stroller or nursing cover, an on-the-go changing pad, a burp cloth, a tummy time blanket…

Main features

  • aden + anais Ahoy Baby! Limited Edition Nautical Print brought to you exclusively from aden + anais and Maison Baby
  • Safe: Breathable cotton muslin reduces the risk of overheating while keeping baby comfortable
  • Generous size: 47″x 47″ to make swaddling easy
  • Versatile: use as a stroller or nursing cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and more
  • Comfy: Gets softer with each wash and wear

Verified reviews


Pretty, But, not worth all the hype, horrible swaddle

Not all that soft, horrible for swaddling. My baby breaks out of it within 5 min. Cloud b’s blanket or miracle blanket ( for hot summers) works much better for swaddling.They r pretty designs tho….I use them more blankets now. It’s not SPF, so I’m not using them for that, as I see a lot of hoity toity mothers do, showing off their $45 sunshades by having the blanket over the stroller. please.

Liza Northridge, CA

I am not quite sure why everyone is so in love with these

I ordered these after buying what I thought were the "originals" that everyone on here raves about. I had found them in a local store and thought I was getting a deal. When I realized they were different, I ordered these to see if I could differentiate between the two and thought that I may as well have more baby blankets than not if they turned out to be as amazing as everyone says.When they arrived and I compared them to what I already have, I couldn’t tell the difference at all. The feel of the fabric was 100% identical to what I bought (for less money). Amazon also sells the ones I bought and at the same price–I would have gotten them on here if I hadn’t thought I was getting a deal elsewhere; they’re the ones that are around $35 and two inches or so smaller on each side than these.I wound up returning these since they weren’t amazing enough for me to spend so much money on and have so many blankets in the house. They are definitely huge–but the smaller size are large as well and I think they’ll be just fine for me and for our new baby girl. In fact, I was surprised that these blankets weren’t softer from the way everyone raves about this brand and the way the reviews all refer specifically to making sure new parents order the "originals" instead of the others which are still brand name.If I had to do it again, I’d stick with my decision to keep the less expensive, slightly smaller version rather than spending a lot more for a couple more inches on each side.

Dianne Hardyville, VA

Buy the Aden and Anais burpy bibs or miracle blanket instead

These blankets are big and the fabric is soft. That’s why they get two stars. The bad? They are too big to be functional swaddlers (my baby loves being swaddled, but not with these, this is baby #3 so I am a good swaddler, too). The price is crazy for what they are (sheets of muslin fabric). I bought several sets of these while pregnant with this baby. Since she is our last, I wanted to spoil her and myself. Given all the rave reviews, I thought these would be so great. They just aren’t our thing. We use Halo sleep sacks, the miracle blanket, and the baby morgan blankets we had from before (bright future, jc penney). All those work better and make her and me happier. I do highly recommend Aden and Anais’s other product–the burpy bib. Those have been absolute lifesavers for me. Buy those for yourself today. But if you want a fancy high end blanket that actually swaddles, buy a miracle blanket. Good luck! I hope you find the blanket that makes baby and you smile.

Leeann Mer Rouge, LA

Don’t put them in the dryer

I highly recommend these to all new parents, but I warn them not to put them in the dryer.These were the only swaddling blankets we used. The size and the stretch made them perfect for swaddling.However, the first time I put one in the dryer, it came out very pilled and slightly misshapen- hence the 4 stars.The material is muslin and didn’t do well in the dryer. We used 4 of them in heavy rotation during our daughter’s first 6 months and they held up really well- but I hung them to dry. And actually, hanging them to dry is no big deal, because they came out of the washing machine almost dry already! The fabric is thin and dries really fast.

Maritza Oak Grove, LA

Soft, beautiful – tons of uses!

I found these muslin swaddle blankets when I was compiling my baby registry here at Amazon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these before or maybe I just had never paid much attention to baby things until recently as it has been 8 years since my last baby! These are wonderful blankets. We used the small flannel receiving blankets with our first child which were fine – but she outgrew them so fast – and she LOVED being swaddled so it was sad when she outgrew them.At first I looked into those halo sleeper swaddlers but after reading about some possible safety concerns I knew I had to find something different. SO glad I found these! I love how huge they are! I plan on using them for all kinds of things – not just swaddling. Pack n play mattress cover, nursing cover, blanket, stroller shade, carseat shade, burp rag, lovee blanket, daycare blanket, I’ll keep one in the diaper bag at all times – you name it. This makes the price a bit easier to swallow too – knowing I will be using this for multiple things. After ordering the first package and seeing them in person I ordered another pack as well! So far we have the jungle ones which are super cute and prince charming is on its way! I thought the striped prince charming would make a nice nursing cover as it is probably a bit more opaque.As others have mentioned – please make sure you are buying the ones with the starting price of $49.99 – if you look down in the description it will also say that they measure 47×47. The cheaper, smaller thinner weight ones measure 44×44 and have a starting price of $30-something. So just know what you are ordering because they seem to mix them all together in this listing.And I thought I should also mention I got these at GREAT PRICES by buying them through the Amazon Warehouse. Just click on each pattern – if you see one that says it has a “Used” price (down below) – click on that and see if it is from the Amazon Warehouse. I am not sure what they mean by used – but I’ve ordered a ton of things through the Amazon Warehouse and it all comes looking New in Box – so I don’t really understand their definition of used. Anyway I ended up getting the Jungle ones for around $36 and the prince charming pattern for around $28!!! And these are the nice 47×47″ ones!

Pearlie Nelson, PA

Swaddle wraps

Beautiful material, though a bit on the thin side. Great size for swaddling baby. Shipped promptly.

Florine Gaylord, KS

Go for these and not the cheaper ones!

Wondering if you should buy the a+a line or buy aden + anais for amazon, Target, Toys’rus or little77? Well, I bought a+a for Target and little77 and they DO NOT come close to these. These are not only bigger, but the thread quality/count is higher than the swaddle cloths produced for one of the companies. I wanted to save $10 and bought them at Target and now that I have some of the original ones at home, I wish I had invested in them straight from the beginning. They really do become softer the more you wash them. Just like Indian Prefolds fluff up and become all nice the more you wash them, these are really soft too!***EDIT**** 9 Jan 2012I just saw that now they have added cheaper ones for $35 among the original sized ones listed above – beware those showing up for the original price of $35 are smaller – you can see this under the product information. They are 44 x 44 and not the regular 47 x 47. The ones with the original price of $49.95 are the boutique and much nicer ones!

Sharon Altura, MN

These are cute.. I love them.

I got these as a gift off of my baby registry.I don’t think they get softer with every wash, they just create a really big bunch of lint in the dryer filter….There’s so much you could save it and stuff a freakin pillow with it all..

Sonja Star Lake, WI

Weegoamigo is much better these.

I bought one Weegoamigo muslin swaddle blanket for my baby to see if he likes being swaddled or not. He sleeps so well when swaddled so I went ahead and bought 4 pack star light Aden+Anais. It’s just as big as Weegoamigo blanket 47 to 47 inches but it’s not as good. As I washed them there was so much lint That I had to rewash other stuff that was washed with it.My son’s pacifier collect so much lint from it too. I should have read other reviews about lint and just bought another Weegoamigo blanket instead. I had it for 2 weeks and I had no lint, it’s nice and soft and so lightweight. My baby first thing first wiggled his arms out of swaddle with Aden+Anais blanket which hadn’t happened with Weegoamigo since I learned how to swaddle well. Anyways I recommend to buy one of each and see which one you like before buying a whole pack.

Adela Hephzibah, GA

This just in: World’s cheapest mom spends $50 on blankets; is thrilled

I’m not an extreme couponer or anything (psychos!), but I am a very, very cheap mom. Most of my kids’ clothes are hand-me-downs or come from a thrift store. They’re going to just screw them up after 2 wears, so why pay a fortune for a t-shirt made in China by some poor child? When I saw these muslin blankets appear all over the baby deal websites when I was pregnant with my first, I scoffed. Many times. “Fools,” I muttered. My first was swaddled just fine with some cotton blankets a neighbor made for us and a couple of blankets we pilfered from the hospital (They tell you to take what you need, right??).Then came my second baby and I have a friend who came for a visit and left her little girl’s a+a blanket at our house by accident. OH. MY. GOD. My life has forever been changed, so much so that I actually got on and paid fifty dollars – FIFTY DOLLARS – for a set of these little blankets. Here in the south, it gets hot – and I mean HOT – for at least half the year. And I don’t know if my kids are freaks or what but they’re like tiny microwaves when they sleep. These light, comfy blankets are perfect for swaddling or just wrapping for comfort and they are LIGHT and soft, unlike the thick, polyester, fleece, fuzzy blankets that LOOK like a good idea at the store when you’re pregnant. “Oh, my baby will be so comfy!” you think. WRONG. Your baby will be hot. Hot as hell and it’s your fault for wrapping him up in a blanket that would be more useful to an Eskimo.Soft and luxurious, these blankets are a must-have baby item. MUST HAVE. Skip that extra $30 outfit from Macy’s that’s going to get poop all over it anyway and instead pick up a set of these light comfy muslin blankets. You’ll thank me! And your baby will thank YOU!

Hope Kyles Ford, TN

Lovely blankets, but terrible for swaddling

These blankets are lovely and soft and have great designs. They’ve been washed a couple of times and there’as no sign of deterioration so far. Our newborn however always wriggles out of them when we used them as swaddling blankets which is SIDS hazard. So we now use Miracle Blankets to swaddle him and they’re a lot more secure.

Robyn Lowman, ID

Double Agent: Fashion mom with built in burp cloth

These are so wonderful. The colors are vibrant. Both genders addressed and offers variety as well. Since I wear these as scarves, I’m able to moonlight as a fashionista mom who comes with a burp cloth at the ready. I don’t mind at all since it’s better than ending up on my clothes! Besides, all I have to do is reposition the ‘scarf’ and voila! it’s hidden. I have so many different A+A scarves that I’m able to have one on my neck and one in hand if needed. 24 hours later – it’s in the hamper and I can pull out a fresh one off the shelf. Yay!ONE gripe: I just Wish they came in muslin too –

Rena Maria Stein, OH

Love these blankets

These are the best blankets! They are so soft and snuggly even right out of the box. My son is almost 16 months now and we still use them all the time. They are big enough for a big kid too. I cram them into my purse, so we always have them with us. Love love love them!

Nola Oakfield, WI

Love these blankets!

Swaddling, nursing cover, car seat canopy – these blankets are multitaskers! Very soft and much larger than traditional receiving blankets, perfect for summer swaddling!

Carlene Highland, NY

Ours are 44inch not 47 like described

Unsure if they are all now smaller, but I bought these in July…same pattern and everything, and they were 47inch swaddled. I ordered a second set in December, and they are 44inch. VERY disappointed.

Betty Richmond, MI

pricess posie is not soft

i bought my friend a set of the princess posie thinking it’s the soft stuff, but only 1 out of 4 blankets is solf. the stripe one is really rough & thin, the other 2 are medium, and 1 is soft like the regular aden/anais. of course by the time i found out when i visited the baby, it’s already been washed, so couldn’t really return.My sister in law got the blue/white set (prince charming), same problem, not soft at all, cheaper if you are gonna buy, get the jungle jam, those are soft & thick.

Mabel Alcova, WY

Gorgeous blankets!

Same great quality aden + anais blankets, but in rich beautiful color! These blankets just get softer with each wash and the color has yet to fade (will update if a month or two if that changes). For color reference–the orange and turquoise are true to color, the purple has a lot of blue in it, and the ruby is more of a magenta or fuchsia like color.

Annabelle Alfred, NY


These are the same 47″ Muslin blankets that so many people use for swaddling, but in gorgeous pastel colors. I think the extra money to get these colors is worth it because they will have years of use as accent pieces when the baby no longer needs to be swaddled.

Socorro Warner Springs, CA

Wonderful all-purpose blankets!

You really can’t have too many of these, they are great for everything (burping, receiving, shading the car seat…). Ironically, the only thing they do not work for with my baby is swaddling, as he kicks out of just about every wrap type you can think of. No matter!

Mollie Weld, ME

Great swaddling and all-purpose blankets

We found these blankets to be great for trying different types of swaddles with our newborn because they are so large. We liked it so much that we bought another pack. Now that he is too large to use the blankets for swaddling, it is a great all-purpose blanket: covering the car seat, blanket when in the car seat, covering the stroller, etc. I would recommend them.

Verna Rowland, PA

Swaddle Swaddle Swaddle Sleep

Give me an A+A Muslin Swaddle and I will have your baby cocooned up a like a little glow worm in 30 seconds flat. But then I’d wonder why your were giving me your baby.Instead, pick up Happiest Baby on the BlockThe Happiest Baby on the Blockand learn how to lay down a proper swaddle.My baby girl isn’t a fan of hanging upside in her swaddle as shown in the product picture, but maybe they are marketing that toward bats or other marsupials.

Mona San Acacia, NM

Perfect – A Momma/Baby Must Have!!

We have 9 Aden & Anais blankets and I just ordered a pack of the Bamboo ones so we will have 12. My son is 5 weeks old and we use these for EVERYTHING, not just swaddling. One goes over him in the car seat to keep him warm, one goes over the car seat/stroller for a canopy to get the sun out of his little eyes and I always have an extra in my bag for nursing. We use them to clean up spit up (we also have the burpy bibs which are awesome), and he is almost always wrapped in one. I have ordered the Paparazzi pack (above), and the “Oh Boy” pack (cheaper, smaller the ones you can get at Target and Babies R Us) and we have one organic one and they all get a ton of use. We have so many because I don’t want to risk not having one when they are in the wash. They are extremely breathable, soft and the larger ones make it easy to swaddle my 22.5″ baby.These make a GREAT gift. Everyone can use blankets with babies and they are PERFECT for summer and I’m sure will be great for winter if doubled up (which is easy because they come in these sets). Definitely after all my purchases this is a MUST have for our family. I can’t wait to get him a dream blanket for Chicago winters.

Mercedes Manhattan Beach, CA

Now I see why everyone love these

I’ve heard about these from friends and finally decided to try them. I bought the Liam the Brave set (the thinner, nicer ones- the options in the $30’s are the Target type but the options in the $40’s are thinner and larger)Three of our four blankets have nearly zero pattern to them. This is a benefit as they are softer. The blanket that has stripes is significantly rougher than the nearly-solid white blankets so I’d recommend getting a set that has little pattern to it.The larger size and thin material of these blankets gives them many more uses than standard receiving blankets. Here are some examples: covers car seat at pediatrician, large enough to have baby and mom lay on, swaddling is easier, thin to thick by folding up, get softer as you wash them, etc.We love them and they’d make a great gift for any new mom.

Carly Rome, NY

So worth the price!

My coworker told me about these muslin wraps when I was expecting. When I looked at the price, I was shocked that it cost that much to purchase four blankets, but my coworker swore by them. When I started to use them, I quickly was assured that these blankets are worth the cost. I love these blankets! In the beginning I used them just to swaddle my baby. There is so much fabric that it’s so easy to swaddle them. After my baby got bigger, I used it for all sorts of purposes, such as: a sun shade for the stroller, a nursing cover, etc. They are incredible soft and stretchy and overall the best blankets you can buy for your baby. I will defiantly be giving these to expecting moms during their baby shower.

Kristina Meridian, OK


Wasn’t sure I was going to like these as much as I paid for them but reviews were really positive. The large size was my biggest reason for being interested along with the lightweight to use as a cover while nursing. Very glad I decide to purchase as our baby is not fond of the heavier nursing covers and these are the perfect size with no worries of accidental exposure during feeding. They are everything I was hoping for plus more. Kind of on the expensive side but worth the extra money. Blankets wash up and keep their shape really nice.

Yolanda Alton, UT

Well deserving of their 5 Star Raing

These are great. They are very soft, large in size, hold up well to repeated washings and most of all very breathable. If you put a muslin blanket over your nose and mouth, you will still be able to breath freely. This is a huge safety thing for us. Aden + Anais makes great products, construction wise, they are all pretty much the same muslin cloth cut into different shapes and layered into different thickness. We have 12 wraps, 2 dream blankets, and 6 bibs – happy with all after 9 months of use. On the downside, A+A is expensive (although if you watch, prices on amazon fluctuate quite a lot and if you don’t NEED to have particular colors, can usually find good deals), and they are also all made in China.

Jaime West Lebanon, NY

LOVE these blankets!

These are my favorite all purpose blankets! Great for using as a stroller cover, to put on the floor at people’s homes, soft for wiping up my baby’s face, wrapping him up. I always have one on me!They are nice and light.Not good for swaddling on a small baby – it’s too big for that, as it stretches and can be cumbersome to swaddle with.Some come with nice wrinkling and the others without the nice wrinkles in it. I’ve ordered a couple packages at different times (the ones with free shipping seem to be that way).The one that wrinkles nicely – is not from Amazon (it was a gift and she bought it from Target).

Lakeisha Marcy, NY

A must have for the first 3 months!

This is a must have for calming my baby. It’s a light breathable fabric, large enough that even my little Houdini cannot escape from. A great tool for setting bedtimes! This is one of the reasons why my 3 month old doesn’t get affected by Moro reflex and sleeps through the entire night! Whenever he gets wrapped in this he knows it’s time to sleep.These can also be used as a stoller cover, blanket, nursing cover, etc.

Leslie Guyton, GA

Princess Posie blankets are adorable!

These are huge! When I first pulled them out of the package I was a little concerned because they didn’t feel soft. After washing and drying them once they became super soft! The bamboo A+A blankets are even softer though. One of the blankets started to unravel after I washed them the 1st time. I emailed A+A and they sent me an entire new package of these blankets at no cost. Their customer service ROCKS! These are the only swaddle blankets I will be buying for my little girl!

Luisa Rock Camp, OH


The best swaddles ever! My daughter is 4 months old and although I don’t swaddle her anymore I use these for everything! Car seat cover for those extra sunny days, cool blanket during nap time, nursing cover…you name it! I love every single design, although the gray and pink took several washes (maybe 5-7 washes and dry) to become super soft.

Carlene Kismet, KS