aden + anais Classic Sleeping Bag – Princess Posie

aden + anais Classic Sleeping Bag – Princess Posie

aden + anais one single layer 100% cotton muslin sleeping bag. The breathable fabric helps reduce the risk of overheating. Eliminates loose blankets in the crib for safety and zips from the bottom for easy nighttime changes.

Main features

  • Durable lightweight, 100% cotton muslin fabric gets softer after each wash
  • Breathable open weave fabric helps to prevent overheating
  • Safe eliminates loose blankets in the crib
  • Award-winning sleeping bags to give you confidence in your purchase
  • Breathable sleeping bag

Verified reviews


I want to love the Aden + Anais sleeping bags… but the zipper is a problem!

I really, really want to love these sleeping backs. They are soft, super cute, and very popular. However, the zipper issue is a BIG problem. After two washings and only a handful of wears (within one month of purchase), the zipper fell off this sleep sack. Huge safety problem given that it is intended to be used on babies. I have had many Aden + Anais products and I generally love their fabrics– super soft and lovely. But the zippers on their sleep sacks are a safety concern. If you order this, check the zipper before and after EVERY use to make sure it is on safely and won’t present a choking hazard for your child.

Cherry Sarah, MS


Okay – I’ll admit it. Sometimes I purchase baby stuff because it looks cute, not because it is functional. I love the fabric and softness of the aden + anais line. If you have never used a sleep sack or are using a sleep sack on a small baby, this will work fine. But once our kid got big enough to be squirmy and to figure out the zipper, it is worthless. The main issue lies in the zipper – you have to thread the zipper together at the top of the sack, right under your squirmy baby’s chin. If you are putting your baby to sleep in the dark – good luck. Also, the zipper then zips to the bottom of the sack with no closure or tab to hide it. This is perfect if you want your baby to have something to play with in the crib. Our baby unzips it and gets her feet stuck in the opening. We actually think it is too dangerous for her to use anymore. I’d suggest the Summer Infant sleep sack – the fabrics aren’t as cute. However, the design is fabulous! It has 2 zippers – no threading or hooking them together. You just put the baby in the sack and pull the top one up, where it gets covered by fabric making it difficult for your little Houdini to unzip and wiggle out. If you need a midnight diaper change, you just pull up the bottom zipper for easy access. If we had never tried the summer Infant, we would probably have been annoyed at the aden+anais but wouldn’t have known of a better solution. Sorry aden+anais! You are cute but too unpractical!

Penelope Holton, MI

Love this, no issue with zipper

I was nervous to buy this product because of other reviewers who’ve had issues with the zipper, but I have used five different Aden and Anais sleep sacks since my now eight month old son was born and I’ve never had an issue with the zipper. He’s currently eight months and fits well into this size — I expect it will last until he’s a year old. It was a little bit too big when he was six months, so I kept him in the size smaller for a bit longer. I think if you wash these gently or on a short cycle and you air dry them occasionally [instead of putting them in the dryer every time, I put them in every other or so], the zipper is just fine.

Audrey New Florence, MO

Not a single layer

I just ordered this (April, 2012) as my toddler has just about outgrown her size medium (which we LOVE). It is very warm where we live, so I wanted the single layer. I didn’t notice until after I had washed it that I had received a 4 layer bag. It is too hot for her to sleep in that now, but she sleeps much better in a sleeping bag than not. I am really disappointed and am upset that I wasted my money on this.

Michael Aspen, CO

Scrumptiously Soft!

I wish I could sleep in one of these! I’d love one of their blankets for me, as this fabric is so buttery soft! This sleep sack fits great on my baby, plenty of grow room at 13 months old. Perfect weight to keep baby comfy in the Summertime with just a onesie on underneath. And they just get softer with each wash. Love!

Viola Alvarado, TX

love the soft light muslin!

I love the soft muslin of the aden and anais products, and their prints are so cute. I have a package of the blankets that are great so I really wanted to try their sleeping bags.This is a really great lightweight sleep sack. I think other reviewers have commented on the zipper– if you are not careful when zip it up it won’t catch properly and will pull apart. I don’t have a problem with this, but it has happened when my husband and MIL have put her to bed. It’s not broken, it just needs to be rezipped properly. This is not a significant problem to me, but at the same time, it did not happen with the halo sleepsack I bought.I still prefer this one to the halo, just because I like the fabric better. I also think it is a little bit longer, which is good for my tall baby. I don’t know that I will buy the heavier weight one, though, because of the price point. I might have to find something a little less expensive for the winter.

Traci Brill, WI

Broken Zipper – Safety Hazard

I love Aden + Anais muslin, you can’t beat their design and the fabric is just so soft. But they really missed the mark on the sleep sacks. They are sending me a replacement for this sleep sack after the zipper broke and I awoke for a 4am feeding to find the blanket wrapped around my 8 mo son’s torso and neck. Yikes!!! I thought this was an isolated issue or a defective zipper, so I contacted A+A customer service with an email. Much to my surprise, I got a PHONE CALL response from the CEO!! She assured me that what happened to my son was certainly not something they expect from their product and are sending me a replacement. I was initially satisfied with that response, but I have since learned that of a half dozen moms I know who use these ALL OF THEM have had the same issue with their sleep sack zippers breaking!!! Then I went on to look at the Amazon reviews and there are literally hundreds. There seems to be a major issue with the zippers they are using. I do not plan to use the replacement A+A is sending me. It simply isn’t safe. I purchased a lightweight Gunapod sleep sack and I love it. The fabric is of course a little heavier than A+A muslin, but the zipper system is ingenious. Don’t waste your money on A+A, get a Gunapod (or 4) and rest peacefully knowing your child is safe.

Mari Atwater, OH

So soft!

We’ve been using this sleep sack since my baby was 4 months old. She’s 1-yr old and it still fits. It’s soft and comfy and provides her with the little warmth she needs during the summer months. I have washed it several times and had no issues with it tearing. I’d recommend a thicker one for the winter time.

Fanny Saint Paul, MN

Cute and Comfy

I love this sleeping sack by Aden and Anais. Their products are very well made. The material is very soft and will become even more so after being washed. The zipper zips from the top down and won’t bother baby’s precious skin at all, very handy! Can’t wait until my little girl is able to use this

Alma Luckey, OH

Good summer sleep sack

I love this brand! The quality of the sleep sack is on par or better than other competing brands. Specifically, the zipper is high quality, which has been a problem for other brands (at least for me). The only reason for 4 stars versus 5 is because of the lightweight material. It is made with a light weight cotton, so it is really best utilized in the summer.

Lynda Fort Campbell, KY

So nice and soft, very thin which is great for this hot humid weather.

We love these sleep sacks. They are just the best thinness for living in such a hot and humid place. We love them, she loves them and they are beautifully made.

Patsy Fox Lake, WI

Holds up for about 2 months

At 6 mths these sacks were heaven sent. It was a hot July and the nursery tends to be the warmest room in the house. The single layer aden+adais sacks were great. By early september, they were holey and in the garbage. No hope on using for future children.At 18 mths and a very hot East Coast Spring (100 degree days in May!!) we bought 3 aden+anais single layer sacks to get us through. It’s not even July and all 3 have a slit on the back, behind the arm hole. I’ll post pictures soon. We do have a four layer variety and that’s held up much better. It’s still thin, so I think we’ll go with that for the rest of the summer.

Candace Silver Creek, MS

Perfect summer weight

my son tends to be on the hot side, so this is a perfect weight for him. He doesn’t wake up sweaty in the morning as he tends to with the fleece sleep sacks. We are big fans of the a+a blankets so this was exactly what we expected it to be.

Casandra Grassy, MO

Looks flimsy at first but holds up fine – less than a year later it rips

We own a A+A slumber sleepsack and it is awesome. Our boy is 4mos, 15,5lbs, 26,5in and he wears a size M for sleeping. If you can get them on sale, go for it. We wash it on warm and it has held up great so far. The zipper works fine too. When I first opened the box I was suprised at how thin it is and wondered if it would hold up. It does! It is the exact same fabric as theiy swaddle blankets and those hold up really well too. I don’t know how others treat their sleepsacks and if their kids walk around in them or not, but ours is still in one piece and it is in constant use. No complaints from me!***EDIT**** January 2012By now we own two of these and while they held up fine as long as our son was a quiet non-sitting or non-standing sleeper, we now have two ripped A+A sleep sacks. One ripped right along the zipper and the other where the muslin is a little thinner.Honestly, I still like the 4 layer one as it is sturdier but this flimsy little thing does not hold up for a baby who sits and rolls around in his/her crib. They are overpriced for the quality they deliver. Like I said, they seem fine at first, but it is really easy for a toddler to rip it and at that price level this simply should not happen.

Laurel Wesco, MO

Super cute design – soft and comfy for baby

I was slightly hesitant to spend the extra money on this sleepsack given some of the reviews about the product coming apart at the seams. I have been completely satisfied however. My little guy rolls around and kicks and I have not seen any weakness is the product even after several washings. I just love the design of the little bees. I will be getting more aden & anais products in future – this was my first!

Beth Council Bluffs, IA

not good for active babies

I bought two of these sleep sacks for my daughter to use during the hot summer months and I invested in Aden & Anais (they aren’t cheap!) because I’m tired of baby products that don’t last. I have had good luck with A&A in the past, so I had high expectations… and I was really disappointed when the shoulder on one sack ripped during the second use. In the weeks since then, the second shoulder ripped (almost immediately) and the other sleep sack is in the same condition (though it did take a couple of months longer). For reference: My little girl has never used them outside of her crib. The fabric is just so thin, it can’t hold up under typical crib activity before/after naps and bed time. (Short distance crawling and pulling up to stand.) The warmer, four-layer sleep sacks may be more resilient, but I would never buy a single layer one again.

Katy Norris, SC

Cute and quality

This is pretty big, and we honestly haven’t gotten that much use out of it as our daughter rolls around a bit too much to like sleep sacks now. That said, it feels like great quality, has washed up well, and is a good weight for summer sleeping.

Lacy Yorkshire, OH


My little one is 20 months now and still uses a sleep sack. I know that she will grow out of it soon and we will probably move her into a toddler bed but for now I just love this. My LO has been using aden + Anais sleeping bags since she was 3 months old. They are so perfect in keeping her warm and cozy in the winter and comfy and cool in the summer. Love, love love them!

Ophelia Port Alexander, AK

Sizing issue?

I have an Aiden & Anais Medium sized sleep sack & it appears to be the same size (after putting in the wash & drying it) as the Large. I’m a bit stumped by that one…it works, but my daughter will outgrow it pretty quick.

Alison Underwood, IN

Completely Underwhelmed

We needed a back up sleep sac since our baby has taken to puking at night. We have a sleep nest which we love, but for some unkown reason i decided to try this as something different. The main thing that dissapointed me about this item is the thinness of it. You can literally see through the fabric it is so thin. I thought it would at least be somewhat substantial… but no… nearly weightless and totally see through. The sleep nest we got on amazon was much nicer since it was thick and the shoulders had snaps, so you can lay your baby down and then tuck them in with two simple snaps and a zipper. This one provides no warmth. If i had not ripped the packaging when opening it.. I would have returned it. Maybe we can use this for summer… but totally not worth the price of the item.

Lou East Stroudsburg, PA

Bum Zipper

We love the A&A burpy bibs, and when we started our baby in sleepsacks, we just had to try this one. We like that it’s lighter weight for the summer, and we don’t feel like we’re sweating her out. And the pattern is not annoying. This one item has a tendency to unzip from the top (happened maybe 5 or 6 times); it wasn’t an issue for us but something to be aware of. (The other items of the same type by A&A did not have this issue.)

Marguerite Maupin, OR

Perfect for warm nights.

I love all their products. Especially for safety if they go on baby’s face, they can still breath through fabric. Very lightweight and perfect for warm nights.

Becky Pleasant Grove, UT

Light weight for the summer

We were looking for something cotton and lightweight for the summer. I bought 6 items from Amazon, and this was by far the best. We keep our son’s room temperature at 75, and this + a footed sleeper keep him very comfortable at night.

Anne Hartsburg, MO

Third time unlucky- serious QA issue

Several months ago I bought A&A muslin blanket set from Target. Loved it. Six weeks ago I bought a sleep sac in the turtle pattern. Loved that too. A month ago I decided that I needed a second sleep sac so I bought this airplane pattern one from BuyBuyBaby and I started falling apart the first time I used it. It tears from the seam. It tears from the middle. It isn’t in constant use and I don’t know how much longer I can use it at all as I am now concerned the holes may present a safety hazard. Seriously disappointed.

Sarah Nehalem, OR

Love everything aden and anais

Some babies don’t like to be swaddled and this is. Great alternative for a wearable blanket and the pattern is unisex- perfect!!!!

Sharlene Inez, KY

Not at all like the one we received as a gift.

I rarely review products, but I love aden + anais, and this did not meet my expectations at all. I tried to double check the description and didn’t find anything about it being a lightweight version… The sleep sak we received as a gift (with the frog pattern) is much thicker, has a sturdy zipper and has an overall better quality than this one. This one will likely be used for summer, since it is so lightweight — but that is only if it holds up. The material and the zipper are so flimsy that the whole thing is already wearing out after 2 washes. Part of me wonders if it’s counterfeit!

Brigitte Saint Ann, MO

Poor Quality

I purchased this product because I wanted a lighter sleep sack for the summer months. I thought it was extremely expensive at more than $30. However, I have liked the Aden & Anais brand in the past, and it was the only light-weight sleeper I could find. Unfortunately, I think that is precisely the problem. When I received the first sleep sack in the mail, I noticed that the light, muslin fabric seemed more fragile in some places than in others (little snags or places where the holes that are naturally in the fabric were slightly larger than in other places). It seemed normal for this type of material, so I washed it before use and it held up fine. However, after the first night’s use, I found a large hole at the shoulder, where the fabric meets. The fabric was literally separating at the seams. I contacted Amazon, and per their wonderful return policy and customer service, they sent me a new sleep sack at no cost to me. However, after two nights, the same thing happened! My daughter is 9 months and is pulling up and crawling. Before she falls to sleep, she practices her new skills. The fabric is so light, that it cannot hold up to this “abuse.” However, I don’t think there is a 9-month old out there who doesn’t do this, and the “medium” size is for the 6-12 month age group… the sleep sack should be able to stand up to what is “normal wear & tear,” IMO. Unless your baby goes straight to sleep without any movement, don’t waste your money.

Kaitlyn Stambaugh, KY

Perfect for humid summer nights

Not only is this product beautiful and soft, but it has saved us this summer. The baby can’t sleep without a bag since we started dressing her in them from the start. However, it’s too hot for most bags, even plain cotton ones. These aden + anais muslin bags are perfect – they are transparent and allow air to pass through them. Finally, comfortable nights for the baby this summer!

Marjorie Shallowater, TX

Generally love these just check yours closely

My only complaint is they have major quality control issues…zippers may or may not work, material is sometimes torn. S double-check! But if they’re in good shape it’s a great product. Note they have discontinued the xl size.

Ann Oronogo, MO

Awful zipper, believe the reviews

Received yesterday, washed it and the baby wore it last night. The zipper was busted by this morning! The zipper is plastic and IMO of poor quality. We have A+A muslin blankets (have had for almost a year) and LOVE them but this was a big disappointment.

Melva North Bloomfield, OH