aden + anais Cozy Muslin Sleeping Bag, Alpha Bit, Small

aden + anais Cozy Muslin Sleeping Bag, Alpha Bit, Small

The aden + anais cozy sleeping bag has four layers of muslin, to ensure baby stays comfortably warm during cold, wintry nights. aden + anais sleeping bags are designed to be worn over a baby?s pajamas, ensuring a safe night’s sleep by eliminating loose crib blankets. Muslin’s light, open weave allows a baby’s body temperature to regulate itself naturally, helping to prevent overheating. aden + anais sleeping bags offer the ultimate in breathability and softness; the more you wash them, the softer they get. The sleeping bag zips from the bottom to help with nighttime nappy changes. A strip of muslin over the zipper by baby?s face provides extra comfort.

Main features

  • Comfortably warm: four layers of muslin
  • Breathable: helps prevent overheating
  • Fitted: just the right size for baby’s growing body
  • Safe: replaces loose blankest for a safer sleep
  • Comfy: the more you wash it, the softer it gets

Verified reviews


Comfortable but snags too easily

I tend to try and buy things that are practical and reasonably priced. I splurged on one of these sleepers when I saw it on sale. I had heard good things about the brand and wanted to give it a try. Both my husband and I like the sleeper material. It’s definitely nice to see our son cozy in it during the warmer weather but not feel like he’s overheating. It’s been about three weeks now and I’ve found several snags. One I know happened because my fingernail caught a thread. I am concerned about how these snags will unravel after several washes. We use velcro bibs and I try to keep them away from this sleeper because I know any contact will probably ruin this.If it was more durable I would consider buying the next size to keep up with his growth. These are kids we’re talking about here, I don’t have to time to be that careful. Given the cost and the delicate nature of the fabric, I won’t be buying another one.**Update**The sleeping bag did eventually result in the inner layer ripping on one seam. The sleeper was still usable but was definitely annoying to have this frayed edge all the way down one side near the zipper. We continued to use it until he grew out of it without any other rips. I did send a picture to the company letting them know of the rip so that hopefully they can find a way to improve their future products.

Lindsay Tilden, IL

Disappointment:( UPDATED REVIEW

I have just got the fairies sleeping bag. I was actually really excited about it. The fairies does not look anything like the picture.They look like mosquitos. They are big and they have a dark pink (almost red) wings. the picture shows little fairies in different colors. Otherwise I really love Aden & Anais blankets. They have a very old school yet pretty feel about them. I love that fabric looks crinckly yet so elegant. I dont like fleece or heavy blankets since it might overheat the baby. I can definetly use this during summer nights , just put the baby in with onesie. My baby sleeps in her crib and i had blankets tucked in the side . It worked great for me until she started to roll over and kick the blanket. I would wake up frequently at night because i will see she kicked the blanket off. I finally realized I cant spend my nights paranoid if the baby is cold or if shes okay. this item gives me peace of mind.Update- I wish it worked however my baby woke up during the night because it wasnt warm enough for her.We live in California and her room is mostly between 70 and 75 degrees. I got grobag 2.5 tog and she sleeps through the night. Design and fabric is alot better than Aden and Anais bag.

Kimberlee Lisman, AL

great for our difficult sleeper

Here’s the thing about the zipper – yes, it does come apart while wearing if you do not push the “male” part of the zipper really far into the “female” part of the zipper. It has to be in there all the way or else things are out of alignment. I’m not sure if it’s a function of a cheap zipper but after learning this trick the hard way with a thrashing, awake-too-soon seven month old I figured it out.Another tip for putting it on, I put his arms through the holes first while I am holding him, then sit him on my lap to put his legs in the zipper and zip it up. Trying to get him to stay still and get calm while putting it on laying down “diaper change style” did NOT work and only upset my son more.This sleep sack is beautiful (love the plain neutral grey color), super duper soft high quality cotton, natural materials… and combined with footie pajamas for warmth, a lovey bearBinkibearand white noise at the level recommended by the blog Troublesome Tots, we found our magic combo to get our super difficult sleeper son to sleep through the night at around seven months old. And we heard the angels singing from heaven.

Kitty Pardeeville, WI

Liked this, except zipper broke after 1 month

Update: I originally gave this product 4 stars, based on my original review below. However, the zipper broke after about a month of use. I exchanged it, hoping that it was just a fluke because my other Aden & Anais sleep sacks have held up well. Unfortunately, the the zipper on the second one broke as well. I returned it and got a Gro-Bag instead, which has a much better zipper.Original review: I really like this sleep sack and have been using it daily for my 10-month old son. It is good quality, very soft and cozy. I wash it at least 2-3 times a week and so far it has held up well. I have two of the lighter one-layer sleep sacks from Aden & Anais, and I’ve been pleased with all of their products.The only problem with this one was that I bought it in a large, which was way too big for my son. He has been wearing size medium in the lighter-weight sleep sacks by this brand, and he is starting to fill them out (he’s about 19-20 lbs). As a result, I bought this one in a size large, thinking he would have room to grow into it. It was way too big. I think I could have nearly worn it. So I returned it and got a medium, which for some reason is bigger than the one-layer muslin sacks I have. But now that I have the right size, it is great. I use it daily. It is pricey, but worthwhile given that it gets so much use.

Tia Waco, TX

cute, but bad zipper

for the price, i am a bit sad that the zipper on this product is faulty. the fabric is really nice and my little one likes it. just wish the zipper worked consistantly.

Leticia Lynn, AL

Good sleep bag, cheap zipper

My LO has sensitive skin. Cotton is the best bet for her. I love the 4 layer cotton. It keeps her pretty warm. The zipper is in a very poor quality. After it’s zipped, the top of the zipper can be pulled open easily. And one of the 3 we purchased has a bit of a defect on the zipper. I had to cut a protruding tooth out of the zipper in order to zip up. For the price, the manufacture can really spend 50 cents more by using good zippers!

Elsa Lottsburg, VA

Thick & Soft

My 4 month baby loves to kick off his covers- especially early in the morning when everyone’s asleep and not paying attention. I found him on many occasions with all the covers kicked off, so I immediately had to find something else. I LOVE the aden & anais swaddles, so I thought I’d get the sleeping bag too. It’s great. This one’s particularly thick (4 layers!!!), but I know the other one (single layer) is too thin. I only wish they came with one in between… like 2 or 3 layers.

Staci Marquez, TX

So soft!

I am a very big fan of aden and anais. This sack did not disappoint. I purchased the cheaper version first with three layers and the difference is like night and day. I do find the sizing awkward though. Our small is to small to stand in the crib but the baby slipped an arm out of the medium. This happened a couple days ago and she is 26.5 " long and weighs around 16.5 lbs. customer service writes you back every other time and I could never get anyone on the phone for a question. Either way, love the sack.

Toni Ashton, IL

Love this sleep sack!

We have a lot of products from Aden and Anais- they are all great. I really love this sleep sack because it is heavy enough for winter, but still breathable. We have been using it for several months and haven’t had any problems with rips or the seams coming apart. I just ordered the next size up since my daughter has outgrown the small size. She sleeps in it every night,

Karla Stigler, OK

cozy sleeper for baby

Aden and Anais sleeping bags are great especially for cold mid west winters. We own two for our daughter – they have lasted well through washings and keep her warm. After about 4 months of using one bag though, the zipper is starting to go on one of the is hard to keep the bag “zipped up” it just starts opening like it doesnt zip together properly anymore. A bit fiddly to use in that respect.I do recommend these tho and will buy again. I would love to see them make a 6 layer bag for extra cosy warmth.

Anastasia Horseheads, NY

Love Aden + Anais – the zipper gets low marks

The item itself is well constructed, and great material. The problem is the low quality zipper. The first time we put it on the baby, the zipper split open. After fixing it and laying him down, the first time he woke up, the zipper split again. The concept of the product is great enough that we contemplated paying $20 at the dry cleaner to have a new zipper put in, but when the item was already $50, decided it wasn’t worth it. We bought the Aden + Anais dream blanket instead and love it. It’s our new favorite.

Terry Coward, SC

LOVE these sleep sacks

These are great – I love that they are 100% cotton, which is so important for breathability. Also, it’s now recommended that babies go to sleep with 100% cotton everything (sheet, blanket, sleep sack, PJs, mattress cover) to help prevent SIDS. We live in central Texas and even though it’s summer, we still put our 8 month old in these for naps and at night time as we tend to keep it on the cooler side and there is a fan in his room.My only complaint is the sizing. My son is definitely long, over 30″ and around 22 pounds, and we have two of the large size. He is almost too long for them, however, they are still a little loose at the shoulders because he barely makes it in terms of the large size weight limit. So I may have to go up to an extra large just for the length when he’s barely fitting into the large in terms of weight.

Briana Five Points, TN

Four layers make a difference

I love this sleep sack for my little one. I just went on to buy another one and it sounds like the single layer version of this does not wear as well as the four layer one. I haven’t had a problem with ours which is the four layer one… this may be one of the cases where paying a few extra dollars for thhe four layer version of the sleep sack makes a difference.

James Caldwell, AR

Loved It . . . . until the zipper broke.

I loved this sleep sac and my daughter was incredibly warm and comfortable in it. However, within 2 days of receiving it, the top of the zipper broke off. It was still useable though so we powered through. After about 12 uses the zipper itself broke – and after reading the many many reviews that list this as a problem I am surprised the company has not done anything to fix the problem! As it would cost more to have the zipper fixed than to order a new one, I am sadly on the hunt for a new sleep sac to replace this one – probably by a different company.Side note: It’s been a warm summer in CA and while we have only used it 12 times, we are outside of the 90 day Amazon return policy.

Lidia Jefferson, ME

Questionable zipper

This fits a little large, but that is OK when you have a growing baby. It’s great as my baby kicks, the cover doesn’t come off. I wish that his upper body had more coverage as I feel that he chest and arms can still get cold. I’m not a huge fan of the print, but purchased this one because to was significantly more affordable than the other prints. Now the zipper, I haven’t had any major issues yet, but I do worry that the zipper might get stuck or come apart as the quality doesn’t seem the best.

Audrey Edison, NE

Zipper problem as well

It looks like I’m not the only one with a zipper problem! I love this sleep sack, but the zipper kept getting stuck. However, I did contact Aden and Anais and they happily sent me a new one. Great customer service, which is why I gave 4 stars. They said they haven’t heard of the zipper being a problem before so we’ll see if the new one that comes is any better!

Kari Otis Orchards, WA

Shrinks with wash

I love the thickness and softness of this sleeping bag. It’s great for those cold winters. However, on the first wash in the "gentle cold cycle" it shrunk. I would recommend buying it in a size larger.

Susana Almont, CO

Thick and breathable fabric

Aden + Anais is known for its breathable fabric (muslin) and cute design. This sleep sack works for us. We had the Halo cotton sleep sack but it just wasn’t warm enough for our four month-old (we live in San Francisco where it is always fall weather). And we don’t like microfleece for our baby due to concerns of overheating and SIDS. The cozy muslin sleep bag is thick and comfortable for now, though, we may need to figure out something warmer for our son in the winter.

Jeanne Yulan, NY

Great, Great Sleepsack

I bought several different sleepsacks for my daughter’s first winter. She now actually has two of this one – one for home and one for her day care. It’s great because it keeps her warm enough on cold nights (with pajamas + a onesie underneath) but can also work for daytime naps without getting super hot. It fits well and washes well. I did see a bit of pilling on each when we first started using them, but it wasn’t bad and went away after the next laundry day or two. Lovely!

Krista Sinclair, WY

Zippers make item defective

the zippers on this suck. Seriously they can’t afford some YKK zippers on these suckers? I got the Halo fleece sleep sack instead

Mitzi Potecasi, NC

Love these bags!

We’ve had three of these in use for a whole year, worn for every single nap and night, even in summer, and can’t get along without them! We used the size medium to transition our daughter out of the swaddle when she was about six months old, and she’s worn them for a full year. On the rare occasions that I have tried to put her down without a sleep sack, it hasn’t gone particularly well. I love that they’re cotton, wash so well, are so soft, and she can’t kick them off. She has one Halo fleece sack, and I hate that it is always so full of static, so it rarely sees any use. These Aiden and Anais ones are never static-y. We did have one zipper break, but were able to fix it easily with the help of a pair of pliers. After a major growth spurt, I’m ordering the next size up knowing I’ll definitely be getting my money’s worth.

Maryanne Gorham, ME

Beautiful, breathable and cozy

This sleep sack is really soft and breathable, while also keeping baby warm. Beautiful quality and has withstood being washed 3-4 times a week after at least 5 months.

Jolene Alum Creek, WV

A Bedtime Necessity

As usual, aden + anais products are superior to others!I’m so nervous about materials getting to my daughters face after finding a blanket covering hers while asleep. I immediately switched to sleep sacks, but was not happy with the way some other brands use polyester-blend materials or too-thin cottons. The aden + anais four-layer sleep sack was the perfect blend of warmth and breathability for our daughter. They are so soft & cozy, and perfect for layering with the standard onesie and jammies combo. Less necessary, but definitely appreciated, she looks adorable in them! Everyone comments on photos I’ve posted of her wearing hers. (We rotate two which covers accidents and wash day.)She’s been wearing them for about five months now, and I have no plans to retire them any time soon. I am concerned that when she gets months older the zippered bottom may not be ideal. I’d like to see something similar to the Halo – Early Walkers style, so that she can move in them once she becomes more mobile.I typically buy a + a products for friends as shower gifts. Now I have another item to add to the basket. Now, when will they start making gowns to fit mama?

Cheri Neodesha, KS

Love Aden + Anais!

We had one of the lighter weight A+A sleep sacks this summer and bought the Cozy for fall/winter. My son and I love it! We have used it in the north, the south, air-conditioning, and heat. The main reason I love A+A products is they are breathable. I don’t have to worry about my son getting too hot. I have had this sleep sack a few months and it has washed very well with no issues with the zipper. Currently, we are using the size large and my son is about 30 inches long and 25 pounds. It was a little big on him when we first purchased it but he has grown into it nicely with a little room to grow. He used a size medium over the summer when he was 15-20 pounds. If you have other A+A products and want to know how this compares – this sack is about 4 times thicker than the swaddles and about the same thickness as the dream blanket. I know these sacks are expensive, but it was worth the investment for us because our son moves around a lot in his sleep and the few times we have allowed him to have blankets during naps, he tends to get tangled up.

Bernice Ancramdale, NY

Perfect sleeping bag

This is a really good sleeping bag. It is not overly warm, but we live in San Francisco where it is usually about 55 degrees outside around in the high 60’s inside of our house. We have been using this one and prior to this bag the same one in medium and really like it a lot. Great quality and really lasts.

Jennifer Fingerville, SC

Great for moderate or cold weather

I love this one for winter in SC. I don’t have to worry about baby overheating and he is warm enough, sleeps well. Will buy larger size when he outgrows other.

Katie Hickory Corners, MI

Really nice

The fabric is nice and soft but it needs to be supplemented if you live somewhere cold. We’re in Northern California and it can get as low as 60 in our house. This sack won’t keep baby warm if it’s that cold so I have to also drape a little blanket over her at night in the winter, which kind of defeats the purpose. But for Spring and Fall, this is wonderful. I just purchased a flannel Carter’s sleep sack to see if that keeps her any warmer in the winter.

Daphne Ponsford, MN

cozy and breathable

Love it. I wish these it cost this much as then i would buy about 5 of them. My baby is cozy in it and it keeps her warm, and we need it as the nursery is the coldest room in the house. The only tiny issue (issue? nuance) is that it requires 2 cycles in the dryer, it s always damp after the first one.The frogs are very cute!

Cortney Green City, MO

Love it!

It is a splurge that I am glad I made. I began using this when my little one was 6 months old as a transition out of the polar fleece bags I used all winter. I have been using it nightly for 2.5 months with a minimum of once a week washings and have had no issues with the zipper. Be aware that it does require extra drying time, but I find that if I turn it inside out halfway through the dry cycle that it dries more quickly. I also always wash and dry it with the zipper closed, so I am not sure if that helps with the zipper issue that others are having or not.

Latisha Butler, AL

All Baby’s Need One!

This is hands-down the best item we bought for our little guy. He used it all winter and part of the Spring. It is so safe, and will fit him for a while. The fabric is warm, but breathable, and easy to take on and off. You won’t have to worry about any danger from blankets, and you’ll know he/she is warm enough. I would recommend getting a lighter one for the warmer months if you keep your house cool with the A/C. The grey is also nice for a boy or girl if you are trying to purchase for either gender. My husband and I both love this thing!!!

Monique Dodgeville, MI