aden + anais Cozy Muslin Swaddle Blanket, Star Light

aden + anais Cozy Muslin Swaddle Blanket, Star Light

Single 100% cotton muslin double layer swaddling blanket. Aden and anais c ounce y swaddles are the ultimate all in one wrap. Their large size (47″ x 47″) and double layers give plenty of flexibility for warmth, snuggling and swaddling, while their natural open weave fibers prevent overheating. C ounce y swaddles provide an ideal alternative to flannel or fleece swaddling. Colors come in white, pink/brown, aqua/brown, lime green/brown, soft blues and soft pinks.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Comfortably warm: double layer of muslin
  • Generous size: makes swaddling easy
  • Multi use: stroller, nursing, or changing table cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket, and more
  • 100% Cotton Muslin
  • Made in China

Verified reviews


Great blanket.

I purchased this for my daughter based on all the great reviews, and I was not disappointed. The quality is wonderful and the pattern is very cute with the pink and brown almost taupe dots. The blanket is much thicker then the traditional muslin wrap, but not as thick as the dream blanket, so it is cozy for the cooler fall months. It’s super soft and washes wonderfully, no shrinking or fading, very good quality. I don’t use it for swaddling as much as just wrapping her up in it in the morning when its chilly. Highly recommend this blanket.

Janet Pardeeville, WI

WarM and snuggly

I love all the a&a products and this is no exception. I have lots of the muslin swaddled st home that I used with my now toddler. I ordered this for the next baby and although I like the material and I will be keeping stand using it, I was surprised to see the edging on it and didn’t realize that would be there. That’s why gave this fourstars

Martina Cosmopolis, WA

This is amazing

I have a bunch of the regular A+A swaddles, which I love, but only purchased one of these since 1) my baby was born in the spring and 2) it felt REALLY thick to be used as a swaddling blanket. Boy was I wrong. I decided to give it a try one night and my son never slept better. He seemed to be extremely warm and comfortable– not too hot– and the thickness of the blanket wasn’t too much to swaddle comfortably. I’m ordering several more of these!

Cecile Peckville, PA

Fantastic as a Stroller Blanket! Love the color! This is the Higher Quality Muslin!

I discovered Aden + Anais products just recently. We own the single swaddles, a dream blanket, security blankets, and burpy bibs. My 6 month old adores the dream blanket and needs it to fall asleep (I sneak into her room as soon as she is asleep to pull it off for safety). I think she just adores the texture. When I realized there was a two-ply swaddle/blanket available, I did not hesitate.A few words about A+A products:If you have read a bunch of reviews of A+A products, you will notice that many reviewers talk about some products, seamingly labeled with the same name, aren’t really the same. For example, the single ply swaddles come in size 44×44 and 47×47. The 47×47 are not only bigger, they are made of a slightly larger weave (looking at the weave pattern, the sqaures are bigger) and so are softer and fluffier. The same goes for the security blankets (the nicer onces are four dollars more expensive) and bibs. I think in most cases with A+A, the higher priced product is made from the larger weave muslin.Now about this blanket…1. It is made out of the nicer quality muslin. Size 47×47 and is two-ply. I thought maybe the 47 x 47 size would be too big, but it is perfect. Folded in half or left as is, it stays in place.2. The color did not fade much after the first wash and it’s oh so soft! This one is a nice change to the typical A+A colors.3. There is a pink border (we have the Orchid Angel color) all around the blanket. The border is not very wide and is cotton, similar to the burpy bibs. When I first took it out of the packaging, it really did look like a moving blanket (as another reviewer mentioned). I am glad I resisted the urge to return it. After washing it, it doesn’t look like that to me at all. It’s just a super soft blanket that my daughter adores.4. We have used it in her stroller and car seat so far. One of my favorite things about it is that it doesn’t slide off as easily as other blankets that have satin on one side and are fuzzy on the other. Also, it does not collect lint and dog hair like fleece blankets do.If you are deciding between this and the A+A stroller blanket, I would recommend this one. The stroller blanket is 44×44 and is made of the slightly lower quality muslin. I have not used this to swaddle my munchkin (we used the Miracle Blanket) so I can’t comment on how well it would work for that.

Cortney Springville, IN


Its is so versatile. It can be used as a blanket but I have been using this as a towel. It is super gentle on my newborn’s skin, super large that I can easily wrap her all up in there and it dries very quickly. Awesome product.

Claire Worcester, PA

I have a love/hate relationship with this blanket. ….

I purchased the orchid color and everything was great as far as the purchase and shipping time. The fabric is like a double layered cheese cloth, which I expected based on other reviews.What I love:-bold color-large size-Blanket breathes but still seems warm (we live in cold climate and I worry about keeping baby warm without overheating).what I hate:-Blanket looks really old after just 2 months of regular use, but still functional.-Blanket has shed "fuzz" or fibers at an incredible rate every wash. My dryer lint trap was completely filled everytime I dried this for the first month. Now 2 months in it doesnt shed as much, but in between the two layers the trapped fuzz has turned into nice sized balls that get stuck in the corners of the blanket, which ends up being right in their back when you swaddle. Cant be comfortable for baby! It got so bad I had to cut several holes in the blaket to get them out, otherwise the blanket had become unusable.bottom line: definitely overpriced and dissapointed I had to cut blanket to make it usable again, but we have a very fussy baby who will not stay asleep at night unless swaddled and this is by far the best blanket for swaddling as far as size, stretch, and breathability.

Brandy Driscoll, ND

Perfect blankie!

absolutely wonderful blankie…going to need more!! Very large, thick, soft! Would be fabulous shower gift!!

Lupe Tipton, OK

Love this blanket!

This blanket is so soft and snuggly, like a few of the traditional Aden and Anais blankets sewn together. It is big enough to cover my lap and most of my legs, so I use it when my baby isn’t! We’ve used this to put on the floor for tummy time and as a car seat cover as well as a blanket. We’ve had a few blowouts on this and didn’t get any stains thanks to the color. It washes well.

Beth Halsey, NE

Good blanket, worth the money.

I use this for baby in both the summer and winter. It’s breathable and is a great size for swaddling and a stroller cover. I have a ton of baby blankets given to me but I really only need this. My baby sweats a lot because of her car seat (Chicco Keyfit 30) so I don’t want to put a blanket on her that would make her sweat more. But this blanket is perfect as it’s warm and breathable. It does fade a bit and doesn’t look pristine after washes but I don’t care as much as I can see that the material is quality and does get softer after washes. Good blanket, worth the money.

Milagros Wellesley, MA

Love these blankets

I love this blanket. I bought the gray one for my son and I liked that one so much I bought the purple one for me : ) perfect size and thickness for laying around watching movies. I also use these as towels after my sons bath. Keeps him warm and get the moisture off him easily.

Jan Round Pond, ME

Wonderful, versatile, soft blanket

We live in Maine so I originally bought this blanket thinking we would use it this winter to swaddle our newborn, but with keeping the temperature steady in our room, this blanket ends up being way too warm. That hasn’t prevented us from using this blanket in about 200 other ways! It’s been a pad for nap time or tummy time, a car seat blanket, a cover up for when we have to take his car seat/ stroller out in the bitter cold, an impromptu changing pad, a support for breastfeeding, etc, etc. It’s gloriously soft, super cozy, and has held up great even with frequent washings. All in all, a totally awesome purchase. We love Aden + Anais!

Madeleine Pendleton, KY

Cozy and soft!

I have many products from Aden & Anais such as the swaddle blankets, sheets, burpy bibs, sleep sacks and the dream blanket. I love the products so much and thought I had everything I could possibly need until I spied this cozy blanket with a mom one day. I had to have it! It is the same size as the regular one ply swaddle blankets but this one is two ply. It is warmer and thicker and perfect to lay down for tummy time or to cover up on a cool day. I love that the layers don’t bunch up like the dream blanket does. I love that the blanket is thick and protects from hard or damp surfaces like the swaddle blankets don’t. Love that the blanket gets softer with every wash like all the products do. The biggest plus is that this one is truly a cozy blanket that serves the purpose of a cuddle blanket. I even took it to the hospital with me for myself, it is that large that it covers an adult nicely like a throw. This is my new favorite product from Aden & Anais.

Ruby Scandia, MN

Best blanket!

I love all A&A products but this is my favorite blanket by far. It is the perfect weight for any season and is super cozy (like a favorite t-shirt). It can be used from birth into toddler-hood. I hope A&A will make this blanket in more patterns!

Addie Russell, AR

Baby Gift

I bought the swaddle in Star Light for my niece. I have the Cozy Muslin blanket in blue for my son and it is one of my favorite blankets-ever. He is my fourth child, so we have had a lot of blankets! My sister loves the girly pattern of this one.

Lillian Estherwood, LA

Favorite Blanket

I had purchased this for baby before he was born. 6 months in and this is mom’s favorite blanket. The cozy blankets are only two layers thick compared to the 4 of the dream blankets. This makes it the perfect weight for a summer blanket. I use it for baby when he’s on the floor and use it for car trips, use it for nursing. It is also nice a big and is perfect for baby to wrap up in and snuggle with. It only gets softer with each wash too, which is great because it gets washed a lot.

Nell Waddy, KY

Perfect blanket for spring or autumn

Super soft and has held up well with repeated washings. I like that the blanket is big and gives my 3-year-old enough coverage. I wish a + a made adult-sized blankets so that I could use them too!

Olive Forestville, WI