aden + anais Muslin Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set, Water Baby

aden + anais Muslin Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set, Water Baby

Set of one hooded terry towel and one 100% cotton muslin washcloth. The large double layer hooded towel, measuring 32″ x 32″, is 100% terry cotton, which is extra absorbent and durable. The four layer washcloth gets softer after each wash, making it extra gentle on baby’s delicate skin. These sets are soft and luxurious and create a perfect bathing experience, both in the tub and out.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Natural muslin and terry: gentle, absorbent, and washable
  • Hooded design: keeps little heads warm
  • Practical: easy to use, easy to care for
  • Extra thick: extra comfortable
  • Made in China

Verified reviews


Not worth the money

I own the aden + anais swaddle blankets and love them, so I thought I would love this set, but it’s not worth the price. I don’t think there is anything special about the terry towel that warrants the price tag. Yes, it’s larger and thicker than most cheapo baby towels, but for a few extra bucks, you can get a large, nice baby towel. This particular towel is way pricier than most quality baby towels. The muslin wash cloth is super soft, but I find that it’s too big for a baby. Maybe when my little one is a toddler. I give it three stars because I like the product, but I just don’t think it’s worth the price tag.

Cherry Fort Ritner, IN

LOVE the fabric, but what’s with the tags?

I am head over heals in love with the *real* Aden and Anais stuff, and this is it. The fabrics are so soft and beautiful and generally this line is really really well made. Gorgeous gift quality even. But OMG, what is the obsession with the gigantic tags everywhere? These are the type of tags that are sewn into the hem, so you either have to cut them off, leaving a scratchy edge, or else try to pry them from the hem without damaging the stitching or the gorgeous fabric (I always end up with holes). And believe me, these tags are some of the biggest I have ever seen. The washcloth tag takes up about 1/16 of the entire thing. The hooded towel has two… one is sewn in the hem and the other is INSIDE the hood, where baby’s head goes. Seriously?!?? You would think a line dedicated to baby would know better.

Allyson Princeton, AL

Great quality, very cute

There’s not a whole bunch to say about these items. The towel is a softer, better quality towel than a cheaper one that I received as a gift. The washcloth is soft and cute. I feel that these items are expensive, but I would probably purchase them again as we get a lot of use out of them, and will for years to come.

Janelle Lawndale, NC

great washcloth/so-so towel

I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything I have from Aden and Anais, except this towel. The washcloth is great…thick and durable. But the towel has already started to pill and have loose threads hanging from it after only two washes in the washing machine. It is a good size and I loved it at first use, but the quality isn’t what I have come to expect from A&A

Earlene Dover, MO


I received this towel and washcloth set in Bathing Beauty from my baby registry. I was really excited to get it because I’ve heard such great things about Aden+Anais. However, after ONE wash to clean the product for baby’s first use, I noticed the seam had ripped along the hood of the towel and was coming undone!! There was nothing else in the washing machine except other washcloths, so it’s not like it could’ve gotten caught on something. I am extremely disappointed with this towel. I don’t know if I got a defective set or if all of the towels are of poor quality, but I plan to contact the company about the issue.EDIT: I contacted and was offered a refund for the product.

Ernestine Marcola, OR

it’s okay

I was expecting it to be nicer, fabric, design, etc. but I guess I got what I paid for… the question is if you actually need it to be nicer or just to work…

Leona Labelle, FL

Not sure why this brand is such a hit.

I have this towel/wash cloth set in Hide & Sea. This is my first A&A purchase and I’m just not sure why everyone raves about them?! Its just a terry cloth towel with a muslin wash cloth. I mean, its nice…but not worth the price and really not any better than my other hooded towel. I didn’t like that the fish were only on the wash cloth and not the towel either. Yes its nice, but IMHO not worth it. First and last A&A for me!

Desiree Lakewood, OH

White Fuzz Everywhere

I went out of my way to register for the boutique versions of A&A’s towels as the sets sold at Buy Buy Baby are very thin. My daughter is now 5 weeks old and I am highly disappointed with these towels. They leave white fuzz all over my baby! They are not as thick as I would like them to be although the size and thickness is acceptable. The only positive is that I do love the washcloths. We ordered a bunch of these in Hide & Sea and La Mer. They are so cute that I am sad to have to move on to another towel, especially considering how much was spent on them. I plan on buying regular towels for baby to use since the towels the grown ups in the house use are thicker, softer and do not shed. Love their blankets but their towels are a huge miss!

Sue Elkport, IA

Perfect towel for child

We have purchased a few of these towel sets for our children over the years. They wash well, wear well and are very cute.

Mandy Maynard, MA

My third choice of towels. It’s ok, not the best though

This is always my third choice of towel, that I use only when the other two (1. Swankie Blankie with the minky hood and 2. Coyuchi Hooded Organic Cotton Baby Towel) are dirty. The Swankie Blankie towel is super soft after dozens of washings, has a great hood that’s very warm and nice, and the hood is also right in the center of the towel, rather than in the corner (as the AA and Coyuchi are), which makes it easier to wrap the towel around my baby and not leave arms and legs hanging out to get cold. They Coyuchi is just so soft and has washed really well (it was softest before I washed it, but is still pretty soft now).The Aden & Anais is ok, but is not the softest. I love their muslins, but would recommend the other 2 towel brands above this if you’re spending that kind of money on a baby towel.I like the washcloth, but it’s rather big, so not perfect for a toddler in my opinion (it was better when my son was an infant, as I’d put this one on his belly in the infant sink-tub, and wash him with another washcloth).

Judy Hawk Springs, WY

Generously sized and is super absorbent

This is pricey as far as towels go, but is sized generously and super absorbent. Would buy this again once my baby’s other towels wear out.

Summer Bradenton Beach, FL

Cute and nice enough but not the plushest

The design is nice and the fabric seems long lasting but it is not as plush as other baby towels, such as what Pottery Barn Kids has, for the same price.

Guadalupe San Simeon, CA

I’m disappointed in Aden + Anais

I have loved my Aden + Anais swaddle blankets and stroller blanket. I had high hopes for this towel, choosing this set specifically over the 3 pack because these were reported to be larger. (Also, used it at my SIL’s house and it was amazing.) Our actual purchase – not so amazing. Shrunk considerably in the wash. It is soft, but I have a very small son and he still squirms out of this towel. I wish I had spent $15 on a cute hooded one from Kohl’s instead! Totally regret my purchase!!!

Deana Winchendon Springs, MA


After my son outgrew all the baby towels out there, I purchased this one. Have been using it over a year with my now toddler and it’s great. Very thirsty, extra large and we can still wrap him in it. My son hates having his hair towel dried, so the hood works perfectly. I imagine we’ll get a few years of use out of this guy for sure. Highly recommend this product.

Zelma Burnside, PA

Amazing hooded towel and wash cloth

I love all of the Aden+Anais products. This towel is big and absorbs the water so well and quick that your little one doesn’t get too cold. The quality is superb especially when you have to wash them so often. Don’t hesitate and buy!

Randi Cobden, IL

Quality Design

So far, I have not been disappointed in anything by the Aden + Anais brand. The towel is quite large, so it will be used long term and grow with baby. And, it is much thicker than most infant hooded towels I’ve received from other baby stores. The washcloth is large and very soft. It looks nice hanging on the back of the bathroom door, too. It is classy and cute – unlike most over-the-top baby character designs.

Erica Edna, KY

Soft and cuddly

I love this set. It is soft and super absorbent. My daughter loves to be wrapped up in these after a bath.

Cherry Moore Haven, FL

Big and fluffy baby towel… FINALLY!

How tiny does your baby have to be to use those flimsy little hooded towels from the big baby stores??? I’ve always had to use two of them to get my son dry. Now that he’s 8 months, they really don’t get the job done. This towel is HUGE and super-absorbant. It’s pricey, so we only have one, but I find myself reaching for it every time!Honestly, the washcloth I could take or leave. It’s nice material, but it gets kind of heavy when it’s wet. We have a few of them and I’ve just always used them as burp cloths.

Kelsey East Texas, PA

So soft and generously sized

I bought this baby bath towel set for my baby after I received some pretty crappy hooded towels at my baby shower. I was grateful to receive them but for some reason the quality was really poor and the size really small. The other competitors towels were thin and barely wrapped around my large baby. I read all the great reviews about aden + anais hooded towel and was sold. It’s not cheap but worth it because it’s so soft and generously sized. It’s gets fluffier every time I wash it and it can fully wrap it around my growing baby. I think he will still be able to use it when he is a toddler. The muslin washcloth is nice too, very thick and useful to put under baby’s head when I bathe him in his plastic molded tub.

Caitlin Shepherd, MT

Love it

I got the 1st set from a friend that gave to my son for his birthday. After using, I decided to purchase the second one because of the quality. I think it is the best out there in the market.

Georgia Cherry Hill, NJ

Love the towel, but would change the wash cloth

I love this towel! I searched high and low for a good, well-constructed and durable towel for my tall baby–one that will last her through her toddler days and beyond. This towel is it. My girl is not an Amazon, although she is about 35″ and still not two years old. This towel leaves plenty of room for her to grow. If I could change anything about the towel, I would make the terry a bit softer. It is a nice weight. It is substantial, but not too thick. I wish I could change the wash cloth. I would make it thinner (perhaps with less layers of muslin) or make it a different fabric (perhaps a softer, slightly lighter weight terry than the towel). I find that it takes a lot of soap to lather up my baby with this cloth compared to a standard baby washcloth by Carter’s. It is so thick that it absorbs too much of the soap before it has a chance to make it onto my baby’s skin. Plus, it gets heavy and wet, and doesn’t have enough give to easily get into nooks and crannies. It becomes a wet glob of my cloth in my hand and is not particularly easy to work with–especially in the diaper area. I use it as a hand and face towel for my daughter instead of bothering to bathe her with it. It is nice and soft and it washes well, but I would love to trade out the fabric it is made with for something else.

Corina Acton, MA

Nice towels!

This is a terry cloth towel. The washcloth is Muslin. That said, I love how big this towel is. My 18 month old is 34" tall and 27lbs and this towel fits him with room to spare. Even covers his feet. This is a great towel to take you from newborn through the toddler years. The washcloth is about the same weight/thickness as the Dream blanket. I was surprised. I was expecting flimsy I guess. But it is a good weight and makes lots of suds. Highly recommend. I’m going to start purchasing more of these for newborn as she starts to grow.

Tori Lake Dallas, TX

Not as soft as we expected.

They seem like they will hold up well but the cotton is not as soft as you would think. Overall we’re happy with the product.

Kerry Stoy, IL

Love mine

The towel is much larger than some of the towel sets I got as gifts or hand me downs. I purchased this just before I had my son because I hadn’t received one. Little did I know I had some on the way. 🙂 I have one other favorite towel, but I used it when my son was first born. He was 7lbs 1 oz so not very big, but now that he is 12lbs he has almost outgrown it, that is why this one is so great.I’m also a huge fan of the cloths, but haven’t used them a whole lot since they are a bit big as well. When he is a little older, I will love these. They are so soft and absorb the water really well.

Samantha Emerson, IA

Soft and cuddly

Got this for my son and wife for their expected addition. They love it. Matches their bathroom perfectly. Awesome and within my price range.

Mae Seth, WV

Worth the price!

I was reluctant to purchase this towel and washcloth set because of the price, but after having negative experiences with other, cheaper organic towels, I was willing to give this brand a chance (especially since I got in on sale). I am so glad I did. The towel is thick and soft. It held its shape after washing. The washcloth is also of good quality and is even softer than the towel. I also love how large it is; so many washcloths for babies are thin, wimpy, and tiny. So far, I have been really satisfied with this set. I highly recommend it!

Germaine Kingston, IL

Worth it.

I got a few popular brands hooded towels for my baby shower. None of them really absorbs well, and all of them after a couple of wash became dry and itchy. So I decided to invest a little bit more in this, because of so many good reviews. WELL DONE. The towel remained soft even after a few months of washer/dryer, and most of all, drys my baby up quickly without irritating her skin.The washcloth is extremely soft and even more absorbent, perfect for her hair / soft spot. She was born with lots of hair, and I didn’t like to rub her head, but with this washcloth I only have to gently dab it and it drys up very well and fast!

Madeleine Ellenburg Center, NY

The wash cloths are super soft…the towel, not so much

These products have amazing reviews on Amazon so I had really high hopes for them. However, they’re not nearly as soft as I would have hoped. I read that another reviewer commented the solid washcloths were softer than the ones with prints on them, so I decided to purchase the plain set. It’s true–the washcloths are amazingly soft. I absolutely love them and they were worth the price! However, the towels are rougher than I expected. I haven’t found other 100% cotton towels with great reviews on here or in stores, so I decided to keep the two sets of towel/washcloths I ordered instead of exchanging them for just a set of washcloths. I probably won’t order these again, mostly because two towels should be enough for when our baby girl is born and her skin is the most sensitive. When she’s older, I don’t think the fabric will matter quite as much and I won’t be nearly as picky. Of course, in defense of these towels even in adult towels I notice that the soft ones don’t always soak up as much water so it could be a similar trade off with these.

Elisabeth Spur, TX

Great quality

Both the towel and the washcloth are very soft and nice. We have been using them for the last 2.5 month and they look (and feel) like new. But please note that the towel is not extra large and could probably be used until the baby turns 6-9 months.

Jan Durand, IL

The wash cloth is too good.

These are of very good quality and their softness didnt go after the 1st wash.The wash cloth is amazing and very suitable for using on baby’s more softter areas like face. I might order a few more of only the was clothes.

Eva Mechanicsburg, PA