aden + anais Muslin Snap Bib, Jungle Jam, 3 Count

aden + anais Muslin Snap Bib, Jungle Jam, 3 Count

Keeping baby’s clothes clean is more stylish than ever with the aden + anais snap bib. Made of 100% cotton muslin, these baby bibs come complete with three snaps in the front to ensure easy fastening and a perfect fit. Our snap bibs adjust to grow with your baby, making them the perfect early toddler bib and a mealtime essential.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Adjustable: three snaps ensure a perfect fit as baby grows
  • Comfy: the more you wash it, the softer it gets
  • Accessible: the front-side-snaps simplify fastening
  • three pre-washed 100% cotton muslin snap bibs
  • Comfy: soft, gentle 100% cotton muslin
  • Simple: front snaps for easy fastening
  • Adjustable: three snaps to grow with baby
  • Practical: extra absorbent and easy to care for

Verified reviews


I thought they would be more absorbent

My DD is 5 months old and is a super drooler. So I wanted to buy a few bibs for her to catch her excessive drool. I love the Aden + Anais blankets so I thought I’d give the cotton snap bibs a try.The pros are:- They’re super soft (just like their blankets) and get softer with each wash- Side button snap is a plus. Velcro closures pick up hair/link and wear out over time. These snap bibs are easy to take off/on and don’t scratch my daughter’s face.- Subtle colors and design. I like the soft colors and minimal design. I was looking for something that didn’t have sayings like "mommy loves me" or "daddy’s little girl". These bibs are beautiful. I get compliments whenever my daughter wears them.- Oversized bibs. These are a nice, big size and provide ample coverage.Cons:- They’re not absorbent enough! My daughter easily drools through several of these a day. As much as I love the look of these bibs, they just don’t function as well as some of the other bibs that I’ve purchased (like the Carter’s bibs). I was initially trying to avoid buying bibs with the plastic liners, I can see why people buy those now.These bibs would be best for light droolers or perhaps during the early feeding stages. If you have a moderate or heavy drooler, I’d recommend buying something more absorbent.

Patrice Lockwood, MO


I love anything A&A. These are really cute but it depends on what you are using it for that will make them either annoying or useful for you. For food, they seem great, I don’t use them for food though. My daughter drools through everything within 20 minutes so these bibs are good of that due to multiple layers. The burpy bibs are way better for the drool because they are super thick but when my daughter started to crawl and get real active they got in the way of her hands to play. These do the same. I purchased the cheaper version prior and didn’t realize there was a difference in size. Cheaper ones are way better for crawlers and the snap is in the back not showing. They seem a little thinner and not as soft( but they are bibs not blankets who cares) but still way better and cuter than regular bibs. Love the pattern as I have it in the swaddles.

Lakeisha Stantonsburg, NC

worth it – quality over quantity

the other cheapo bibs that come in a 10 pack and use velcro are good for mealtimes – use it once and put it in the wash. for drooly babies, the aden and anais is better because it absorbs a lot of drool and it doesn’t come off. so i use both – one for meals and these for daytime wear when baby is drooling. it’s also very pretty.

Therese Knob Lick, KY

Easily snags

For some reason, the snap bibs in this print snag more easily than the ones we already have (the Prince Charming print). After the first wash, all three of them had loose threads and snags! Not the quality I was expecting, considering these are much pricier than your standard bibs. On the plus side, the print is really adorable and the cotton is soft. I’ve been hang-drying them to avoid any more snags. And while it’s not a huge inconvenience to do this, it’s just an additional step to remember during the numerous loads of laundry I do each week. Not so easy in my sleep-deprived state!

Louella Poyen, AR

Great bibs for drooling and eating

When baby hit 3 months she turned into a drool machine. Most of the bibs I had were those little cheapos that are made of some thin synthetic fabric that soaks through right away. I searched amazon for the best bibs for droolers and picked a few with decent reviews to try:aden + anais 3 Pack Nibble Snap BibsImse Vimse Organic Cotton Terry Dribble BibsTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding BibBaby is now 7 months and the drooling is gone, so we’re not using bibs much at the moment. When I was using them, I liked the aden and anais best.The Imse Vimse are very small which would have been fine for my purpose and they had the nicest colors to me- fairly neutral so they went with most outfits. They also fit nice and snug around the neck due to the tie. The bib cotton was thick and absorbent, but I rarely used them because the edging is made with some terrible rough fabric. If it’s cotton, they must be breeding a new special type with the texture of… gosh, I’m trying to think of a fabric with such a terrible texture, but I don’t know what it would be. Suffice it to say that it doesn’t belong in the sensitive neck rolls of a little baby. So, these got very little use.The Tommy Tippy are nice and probably well suited to keeping milk out of the neck rolls, but the bib itself is a thin synthetic material and not all that absorbent. So, they soak through too quickly to be of much use for a serious drooling problem. The bib size is perfect, not tiny like the Imse Vimse and not huge like Aden and Anais. I don’t love the velcro- you have to be careful that it doesn’t snag other things in the wash and if you don’t line it up perfectly it can irritate baby’s skin. The snaps on Aden and Anais are better.Finally, my favorite ended up being the Aden and Anais which are designed for eating, not drooling. They are huge, more of a smock on a 3 month old, but this is perfect for an eating bib. At three months baby wasn’t mobile yet, so being too large was no biggie- if I need to resume use, it may interfere with her crawling as they hang past the waist. They were also a big big around the neck for little one but we didn’t seem to have a big problem with the drool running into her neck so this worked out ok. The reason I loved them is that they are so soft and so absorbent, they never soaked through with the drool and I could take the long bib and wipe her face with it. The Imse Vimse were too small for this and the Tommy Tippy not absorbent enough. Another possible advantage is the rather loud pattern does not show stains as much as the plainer bibs. I do wish they came in more color options, I don’t love either choice, but on the whole I am happy and I know these will last forever, like the Aden and Anais blankets, they just get better with washing.

Mallory Lohn, TX

Take time to snap and remove it after baby fall asleep

Pros: soft material (not waterproof)cons: get stains easily and hard to snap when baby is crying and impatient. I prefer those bibs which are fasten by velcro stripe.

Yesenia Stephens, AR

Cute but disappointing quality

I love Aden + Anais products but these were the first to disappoint. When they arrived I was really excited because they were huge but after one wash they shrunk a lot. I’m sure it’s because they are cotton but I would think they would be prewashed? I still like them because the patterns are lovely but they are expensive so I didn’t order anymore.

Madeleine Nelliston, NY

My favorite bibs for a drooling baby

I love Aden + Anais bibs for my teething baby. These will grow with your baby better than the other aden + anais bibs as there are multiple size options around the neck. Great bibs!

Willa Montfort, WI

Expensive, soaked through within 1 hour

Sure, these are nice and soft and highly attractive like all other Aden and Anais products. They might even work for a moderate drooler. But my son is a heavy drooler. They ended up soaking through entirely (and through the entire front of the onesie) within an hour. I’m not sure how that is even possible as he goes through maybe 3-4 green sprouts semi-waterproof bibs per day (or, 5 Luvable Friends bibs). These bibs are the opposite of waterproof. They soak up so much spit and help to transfer the wetness directly onto the shirt below, leaving baby’s chest all wet – while the bib feels only half wet. For the same cost or less, I wish I had gotten ten more Green Sprouts bibs instead…Really wish these worked, had high hopes for them but now I definitely will not be purchasing any more.

Jade Mc Caysville, GA


I adore this company and the sellers here on Amazon were great – everything arrived quickly and was as described. I love how soft these bibs are – they don’t push up into my daughter’s neck and help to keep her clothes clean for a little while longer. The patterns are adorable and they wash wonderfully.

Camilla Turbotville, PA

Great bibs

Love these bibs, fit my 9 week old well. I put them on her to prevent spit-up and drool from getting on her clothes.

Noelle Feeding Hills, MA

No problems here

Bib works as indicated. Just wanted something so baby doesn’t spit up milk all over her clothes. Material is also soft for skin, but it’s not terry cloth, just a soft cotton

Jamie Meally, KY

Love these bibs!

These are my fave bibs that I use for my son! I wish they weren’t so pricey though…I still buy them anyway lol.

Latoya Stet, MO

Fine, though expensive

The colors are much less vivid in person than online. This was disappointing, but the bibs are well-made and I like the side-closure and the snap, which is much less irritating to my baby’s neck than velcro.

Herminia River Falls, WI

The perfect bib

I love the softeness of this bib. I was worried about it keeping clean, but am happy to say it washes out nicely. I dont use this bib for baby feeding though, just for everyday wear. My baby is a constant drewler and spits up often. The size is great, it is long and covers his entire belly (he is 6 months now). We love these bibs!

Roxanne Preston, OK

Four Stars

love the soft muslin!

Julia Bowling Green, SC

Five Stars

look pretty and work like they should.

Elizabeth King, NC

Great quality bib!

We love these bibs. They fit well (three options for sizing using snaps). They are also super absorbent. Our daughter is teething (6 months old) and these have been a lifesaver. We received the first three pack as a baby shower gift and quickly purchased two additional 3-packs. Worth the money.

Fay Lecanto, FL

The best bibs!

These bibs are fabulous. They are so soft and gentle for my little one’s skin. They are large enough to cover him well yet you have 3 buttons to choose from for a good fit since babies grow so fast. The fact that they button at the side instead of the back is easy for the parent to put on and take off. The pattern are nice and they wash well time after time. Well worth the price!

Daisy Hudson, NC

good quality bibs.

snap fasten is nice. adjusts to 3 sizes, and a velcro bib irritated baby’s neck, so i like the snap. These bibs aren’t as innovative, though, as the other bibs by this manufacturer. These are just traditional bibs, better than you’ve seen before.

Frances Redfield, IA

Good drool bibs! ( but not so hot for food messes)

We have bought multipe sets of these bibs in different patterns. They are gentle on babies’ sensitive skin and we would rather change it frequently when it gets soaked from his teething drool than use a waterproof one that is would irritate his neck and get in the way when he’s crawling around. Great for drool, not so hot for messy eating

Flossie Soldier, KY

Love them!

I love these bibs. They are adjustable with three snaps on the side, very absorbant and easy to wash. They are also very soft, which is important to me because my son has a tendency to chew on his bibs. I just wish they weren’t quite so expensive…but I bought three packs anyways and that gets us through the day.

June Cannelton, WV


Very Soft!! and I don’t think this will be bothersome to wear for a little girl. Love the side snap! If you have a little girl with longer hair you know that you can’t get velcro ones. And the pattern is so dainty and pretty.

Dorthy Quentin, PA

Awesome and comfy

These are so soft and absorbent. They’re great for my 7 mo old son. The velcro used to irritate his skin badly when they’re not aligned exactly right. These prevent that from happening.

Tricia Talala, OK


LOVE these! So soft & a great size bib. The pictures don’t do them justice. Also very absorbent. Just don’t wash with other bibs that have Velcro. Muslin snags easily.

Lula Parks, NE

Why are these so big?

One year ago I ordered these exact bibs in Jungle Jam and they were the perfect size- fit my newborn and with the 3 buttons are still just fine for her at 11 months (she’s on the small side). Then I ordered a new set in Liam the Brave for baby #2 and they are HUGE. They wouldn’t even work for my 11month-old. I guess they re-designed them in a larger size? Or my small Jungle Jam set was a fluke? They are the best bibs in my opinion in terms of absorbing and washing well, but they are bigger than wash clothes and that’s not what I wanted.

Therese Cohoctah, MI

Super Beautiful and Soft

Love these bibs. They are super soft, and so so so lovely. It will probably kill me to see food and spitup go all over them 🙂

Fanny Greencastle, PA

Costly but are nice

These could be a lot cheaper in price for a pack of three but they are pretty good at protecting babies clothes from spit up and drool. I’d have to constantly change my sons clothes if not for these. They are cute, very soft and absorbent. They also have a snap side, with three different positions to grow with baby.

Gay Crowder, MS

great bibs

These, like all aden + anais products, are wondeful. Nice cotton material. A lot other bibs have a plastic-type coating or lining. Those kind get a moldy smell very quickly. I love how these are cozy, cute and wash clean easily. Yes, my drooly baby has a soggy bib some of the time but it’s better than a smelly, soggy bib.

Alba Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Great bibs!

I love these. The size is just right and I love the soft cotton. I also love that they’re not velcro and that they do up on the side and not the back of the neck. My only criticism is that I wish the snaps did up so that the neck part goes underneath because it tends to flip up in my baby’s face.

Katy Ciales, PR