aden + anais rayon from bamboo fiber muslin issie security blankets 2-pack, tranquility – bead

aden + anais rayon from bamboo fiber muslin issie security blankets 2-pack, tranquility – bead

The magical feel of our rayon from bamboo issie security blankets will bring comfort to newborns and toddlers alike. Made of rayon from bamboo fiber muslin, these luxuriously soft security blankets will soon become one of your child’s most cherished simple pleasures.

Main features

  • 100% rayon from bamboo
  • Imported
  • two 16″ x 16″ pre-washed security blankets, rayon from bamboo fiber muslin
  • portable: just the right size for cuddling or carrying
  • luxuriously soft: gets softer with every wash
  • practical: two identical blankets – one for baby, one for the wash

Verified reviews


Awesome product!

My son absolutely LOVES these! They are a great comfort to him when he is sleeping, or feeling sick, and I think they must be good for teething babies because he constantly has it in his mouth (I have read that wash clothes are good for babies to chew on when they are teething, so that is why I make that assumption) Plus, it is SOOO soft! I would highly recommend this product!

Joni Stanchfield, MN

A&A are top of the line!!

I couldn’t be happier with yet another Aden & Anais purchase! I started with the 77kids version, then target, then got some from their official site, and now stepped up to the bamboo version and let me just say… all are wonderful but each step of purchasing has gotten better and BETTER! I couldn’t be happier. SUPER SOFT, perfect weight, nice coloring, wonderful size… A+

Ester Raymond, ME

Love the feel, but not too happy with the size of the blanket.

I love the swaddle bamboo blanket from aden + anais but thought it was a little too big for my little one to use as a security blanket because she keeps covering her face with it. I saw this and purchase thinking it may be perfect the size for her to use. The fabric was nice and soft like their other products but I was a little disappointed in the size. My little one is only four months old, 14lbs, and 23 inches and this security blanket looks more like a handkerchief on her rather than a blanket itself. It may be perfect for only a newborn to use instead. Bought three of these and will be returning two of it since I already open one of the packages.

Eloise Pelsor, AR

Nice quality but color is not as pictured

The color is wrong in the photo–these blankets are more of a soft blush pink, not purple. I originally wanted purple, but the actual pink color is nice enough to keep them. That being said, these security blankets are very soft and I like that the fabric is breathable. They seem like they will hold up well, although some care needs to be taken since the fabric can easily be snagged… definitely wash them separately from any velcro items (or put them in a mesh laundry bag). Overall, very nice!

Cortney Kantner, PA

Great for Baby with Sensitive Skin

My baby has very sensitive skin, so it took me a while to find good quality Blankets and Hankies. I like that it comes in a pack of two so I can leave one at home and keep one in the diaper bag.

Lucy Chittenden, VT

Super soft!

My son loves his security blanket. We introduced it around 3 months. He sleeps with it for naps and takes one in the car seat with him. The breathable fabric was the biggest selling point for me. The bamboo fabric is super soft and cozy! Love these!

Goldie Manton, CA

love them!

So soft and my daughter loves them! They make the perfect security blanket. They also work well for a burp cloth. Although my daughter doesn’t spit up anymore, she is teething and it is great for the drool.

Willa Richland, MO

So soft

So so soft. The quality isn’t amazing so I don’t think they will hold up for more than a year or two, but my baby will likely lose them before then anyways. We have 6 just in case! They are so beyond soft. Our 17 month old won’t go anywhere with at least 2-3 in her hands.

Rosemary Converse, TX

Son won’t sleep without it

This has become absolutely indispensable for my son. We originally gave them to him because he liked having a blanket next to his face when he slept, and didn’t want to give him a big one that could smother him. Now this has become an all-purpose soother– he uses it as a teether to chew on, a pacifier to suck on, and a blanket to hold onto when he sleeps. As soon as we lay him down in his crib he latches on to this and sticks it in his mouth. (Odd, but whatever helps him sleep at night!)I like that these are the perfect size (about the size of a small hankie), and are REALLY soft and cuddly, and such a pretty color that is still gender-neutral! We’re definitely buying more.

Kristin Ebervale, PA

So soft, but not as breathable

These are sooo soft. I love rayon from bamboo fabrics; however, as a security blanket I preferred the muslin ones made by Aden + Anais, as they are much more breathable (and less wrinkly post wash). I felt it was safer for my baby at 5-6 months old.

Therese High Point, MO