aden + anais serenity star

aden + anais serenity star

A multi-tasking must for every nursery, the serenity star electronic sleep and feeding system combines helpful technology with signature aden+anais style. The unique feeding diary simplifies bottle feeding and nursing by allowing you to record the time feeding started and, when nursing, to easily recall which side you last fed from. The chic star design adds to any nursery decor, and the portable size makes life easy. As an all-in-one soothing sound machine, room temperature indicator, nightlight, clock and feeding diary, the serenity star ensures your baby can sleep safely and soundly while you get peace of mind.

Main features

  • Feeding diary: records and displays the last time you started feeding and which side last fed from (if nursing)
  • Sound machine: sound machine: plays 4 soothing sounds – two lullabies, a heartbeat and white noise
  • Room temperature indicator: displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and glows red, blue, or white if the room is above, below or at the ideal temperature
  • Night light: emits a subtle soothing glow, perfect for middle-of-the-night feedings
  • Clock: 12-hour AM/PM display

Verified reviews


A Must-Have for multi-tasking parents!!!

Aden + Anais has fast become one of the “trendier” companies that new parents have begun obsessing over. I recently sat in on a conversation with several young mom’s and heard nothing but glowing feedback concerning the mish-mosh of baby-related products that they put on shelves in elite locations. When I decided to grab this for my cousins new baby I was hesitant about the overall scope of what this could actually do yet the overall aesthetic of the star perfectly matched her shabby chic nursery design. White accents were on her must-have list and I knew this would (AT LEAST) look super cute against the plethora of cutesie odds and ends lining her insanely beautiful room. But, I wasn’t expecting the incredibly positive feedback about the actual features of the system that I wound up getting from her!She ADORES this surprisingly handy star!She has told me how helpful this has been with keeping track of her daughter’s feedings and how it saved her from the dreaded notepad and pencil by the glider that became tedious with her first child. This just takes a couple times adjusting to the navigation of the buttons and you are good to go! She told me how she felt it was slightly tricky at first with the placing of the buttons but once she got used to them she was quickly a pro at maneuvering and manipulating every aspect of the device.She also beamed over the room temperature indicator since her colonial home tends to get chilly and that was a huge concern for her and her husband. She checks on it regularly and told me it gives her peace of mind knowing her daughter is in a completely acceptable climate.My friend also mentioned that she initially received a teddy bear that made noises (white noise and heart-beats) but that this out-performed as far as lulling her cranky babe to sleep. The timer setting was useful and made everything super easy to set and forget.Finally, she mentioned the brilliance of including both a plug-in option and a battery charged option for her frequent road trips to her in-laws 6 hours away. She just keeps batteries with her and doesn’t have to worry if she isn’t near an outlet.Overall, I am extremely pleased with how well this has worked out for my cousin and her new baby!

Carrie Summit Argo, IL

So worth the money!

Yes, this little machine is on the pricey side, but if you’re like me, you’ve come to this page because you’ve already spent this much buying and returning various cheaper designs. If you’re looking for something cheaper, the Soothing Sounds Giraffe and Sheep are a good option, but they don’t have continuous play, which is what lead me here.This star has the option of timed noise for 30 or 60 minutes or continuous play. For me, the continuous play option is a must because my baby will wake when the noise stops. Also, my husband sleeps a lot better with white noise ;)The sounds are really high quality. It’s not at all tinny like some of the cheaper machines I’ve tried and the white noise is not irritating to me like other machines that sound like a bad radio station. Also, the lullabies are actually quite pleasant.. not at all annoying like those that come with mobiles. Our baby is still in our room so we only use the white noise, but the lullabies are good for calming her down during the day so I am sure we will use those more once we move her crib into her own room.The feeding memory is a huge bonus. For the first few weeks I was writing down every feeding and having to refer to that, which got tedious and I got lazy, which led to me trying, and failing, to remember the last feeding. Now when my baby wakes I can just press the memory button and see what time I last fed her and handle her accordingly.My only slight negative is the nightlight/temperature feature. I like knowing the temperature, and I like having the nightlight, but my star has yet to glow white, so I am constantly concerned that the room is too warm for her even though it feels perfectly comfortable to me and she is not at all sweaty.In conclusion, I can only say that this is worth the money. If this is the first machine you are buying, you will probably think it is too expensive but you will still love it. If you’re in the market because your current one (or past 3 or 4!) are not cutting it, look no further, you will be glad you paid for it!Also, I have to give a shout out to Pokkadots (the vendor I purchased from) as they always have the best customer service and lowest prices!

Gwendolyn Loretto, MI

Inconvenient and very expensive

What seem to be an overall all-in-one gadget is actually pretty useless when it comes to practical use. We have a 8 week old baby and tried to use this product actively in order to make most use of all of it s features and observed following:- feeding diary feature is useless since there are many apps these days which can keep full log of baby’s feeding and other activities like sleeping, diaper change etc. Whenever she has to feed baby, it is not possible to keep looking for this gadget and feed the time. iPhone app comes very handy for that purpose. There is one by Similac which is very useful indeed.- Time/clock is not visible from a few feet away due to small font size and weird color combination of black over dark blue lit screen.- When used on AAA size batteries, it eats them very fast. When connected to power cable limits the positioning of this device.- Nightlight feature is very distracting if you are trying to make your baby sleep because its light is very catchy and simulates his mind instead of relaxing. He keeps looking at it with eyes wide open instead of sleeping.- There is no wall mount feature…seriously? So we have to either keep it near crib or changing station and in either case its usability goes down due to its distance from bed.Overall, it is very inconvenient and poorly designed product with a high cost.

Cortney Varnell, GA

A really neat product, but very expensive

This product is really neat! I mean, who doesn’t want a clock, sound machine, temperature indicator, feeding reminder, and night light all in one? The price, however, is just much too high for this to be even remotely affordable for most families amidst the many other baby items that need to be purchased before a little one arrives.The pros:Cute design-Star glows red if it’s too warm in the room, blue if it’s too cool-Reminds you which side you last nursed from-Night light can be on a timer or stay on all night-Can be plugged in or run on batteries (great for our road trips)-Has a variety of sound machine noises-Looks nice in any roomThe cons:-Temperature often reads warm, though the room seems fine and he’s happy-The priceOverall, I really do like this and think it would make an awesome baby shower gift. It’s not a necessity that I think a lot of parents would purchase for themselves, especially because of the $90 price tag, but a cool gift at a party.

Natalia Richeyville, PA

Great item but Pricey

This item is wonderful. It’s several gadgets all rolled into one and who doesn’t like that? It saves you on space in your baby’s nursery which everyone needs. This neat items acts as a clock, feeding reminder, soothing/sound machine, temperature indicator, and a night light. This cute little star design is trendy in any baby’s room. Now here is a little more information about this item. Depending on the temperature in the room the star can glow Red (too hot) or blue (too cold). The only problem I have found with the temperature glow is it seems to glow red when the room is fine. The item can be plugged into the wall to save on batteries or you can use batteries for convenience. It helps you keep track of which side your baby nursed from last which is really cool for those early morning feedings. It acts as a soothing sound machine for your baby and it acts as a nightlight which can be on a timer or kept on all night long.Overall this item is wonderful for an expectant mother or a new mother. The item is a little on the pricey side but considering it acts as so many gadgets it is worth it.

Luisa Crapo, MD

I guess we’re always hot

This is a neat thing for our nursery. I wish I had it from the beginning. It would have taken the place of ourItzbeen Baby Care Timer, BlueI think. Since we got ours it has been red the whole time, but it has been a hot summer. I did test it near the freezer and it does turn white and blue, we’ve just been steady over the suggested heat in our nursery, but only by a degree or two. The sounds are good choices, although I wish the loop was longer. The heartbeat one is my favorite. When it’s the diaper change before bedtime I put it on and both girls instantly calm and know we’re going to bed soon. The part of being able to go cordless is neat, but not necessary for us now. I probably would have done that a lot more right after my youngest was born. My main thing that I love is having a clock where in the middle of the night I can check to see what time I’m getting up to nurse. The nightlight is great too, but it is not one to see anything by, just a calm light. I’d recommend this very much so, although I wish the price were not so high.

Estela Branchville, NJ

Thankful to have this, but the price is higher than it should be

We returned home two days ago from a long flight from Taiwan with the newest addition to our family, a sweet eight-month-old daughter, and this was waiting for us in an Amazon box! We were – and still are – exhausted. Difficult feedings combined with jetlag from a 12-hour time chance made me decide to bust this open and figure it out right away. I like that I can record feeding times without thinking about it (and while I’m not nursing this time, I know the side I nursed on would have been helpful with our first two children).My favorite three features are:–the nightlight. I love how much light it puts off without being so bright that it disrupts our girl’s sleep.–the thermometer. Our house is a ranch that varies widely in temperature from one side of the house to the other. I like that I can glance in to see if it’s red or white (both which I consider to be fine – the range of being too warm is a bit conservative for the summer) and easily know what that our girl isn’t too cold.–the sound options. I don’t use the white noise (because I find all white noise machines to be irritating) or heartbeat (because our girl hasn’t been in the womb in months), but the music options are great and I like the option of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or continuous play.And a couple other things I like:–the clock. I didn’t have a clock in either of my older children’s bedrooms as babies, and it’s nice to have.–the option of battery or plug-in for power. We’ve been used the battery power with the nightlight on perpetually, and it’s holding up well so far. If it eats batteries, though, I’ll just switch to using the power cord.However, the price tag is steep for what you get. In light of all the other baby gear necessities – car seats, diapers, crib, and so on – I find the cost of this hard to swallow.So in summary, do I like this? Yes.Do I think it’s worth the price tag? Probably not.Am I using it and enjoying it anyway? Definitely.

Casandra Union, ME

Love this!!

I really wouldn’t be able to keep track of when we feed our baby for BEANS if it weren’t for this gadget. I also use the white noise feature alot at night (we live in a noisy area of NYC!!)

Gabriela Gladwin, MI

Lovely Baby Shower Gift

Aden + anais makes amazing swaddle blankets, so I was excited to see this product. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but I just adore the brand and the quality is top notch.Instead of having a clock, a nightlight, temperature indicator, a sound machine, a feeding diary, etc., this handy Serenity Star combines all function into one. Thinking about it that way, it’s actually a bargain. The button placement seemed a little awkward at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly and was zooming through all the functions. Serenity Star definitely beats writing feeding times down on paper and constantly losing the sheets, the sound machine worked great, and I think it’ll fit right in into many decors.

Virginia Freeman, WA


We bought this as a room temp, night light and clock. It serves it’s purpose.Annoyingly, if the power goes out you have to reset the clock…seriously annoying. And, yes, I agree with other reviewers that sound machine is quite loud (even turned down).I do not agree that the light is too bright. We do not plan to have it right next to baby’s head but instead across the room. It sheds enough light to aid in a diaper change in the middle of the night.As for colors…red for too hot, white for just right and blue for too cold. It is great.Would buy again and recommend!

Deidra Bear Lake, PA

I love it!

I use this only as a nightlight, clock and thermometer. Works well and is clean and cute, not gawdy. Lots of other functions also, but I don’t find them useful – music and breast feeding reminder.

Peggy Smithville, TN

Great concept but a too pricey!

This electronic sleep and feeding system helps me survive my first 2 months of motherhood. The color indicator tells you when the room is too hot or too cold. I log each breastfeeding/bottle feeding session for accurate feeding schedules. This system also have a soothing sound/music function but there’s only 4 selections…very boring. When there’s a fussy baby crying for milk and you need to figure out which button to push to log time is a bit problematic. Overall this system is a great concept; however, it’s too complicated and too pricey.

Terrie Royalton, MN