aden + anais silky soft swaddle 3 pack, earthly

aden + anais silky soft swaddle 3 pack, earthly

The aden + anais muslin bamboo rayon swaddles are so silky, it will be love at first touch when you get your hands on them. Made with the rayon from bamboo fiber muslin, aden + anais bamboo rayon swaddles are soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin. The large size makes swaddling easy for the parents while the breathable, lightweight fabric prevents babies from overheating. This aden + anais swaddle blanket is made with silky rayons from bamboo fiber muslin, a lightweight, natural fabric that is breathable and comfortable. The swaddle blanket features a natural open weave that helps reduce the risk of overheating during the summer while keeping your baby warm in the colder months. Although it may feel like these swaddles can’t get any softer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The bamboo rayon muslin tends to get silkier every time you wash it. And with a variety of prints that are made of natural low impact dyes and are free of azo chemical compounds, the designs are as beautiful as the fabric.

Main features

  • 100% Rayon from bamboo fiber
  • Imported
  • Three 47″ x 47″ swaddles in a gift-able box
  • Pre-washed rayon from bamboo fiber muslin
  • Generous Size: makes swaddling easy
  • Luxuriously Soft: gets softer with every wash
  • Versatile: works as a stroller or nursing cover, changing pad cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and more

Verified reviews


way too big!!!

They are very pretty, but very impractical as swaddle blankets. Don’t get them if you are looking for “swaddle” blankets. They are so big. I don’t know how any one can swaddle babies using them.

Eunice Lake Andes, SD

Simply the softest thing ever… with tags

The title/description of these is not quite right. These are the beautiful bamboo swaddle blankets modeled after the muslin ones Aden and Anais is famous for. The bamboo version, I have to say, is soooo much nicer than the original, if that is even possible. The blankets are so incredibly soft you can’t even believe it. This set it not really white, but more of a natural-white colored background. I guess this has to do with the bamboo. I personally love it as it goes well with the organic stuff I have been buying for baby. And I really, really love this pattern mix.I am head over heals in love with the *real* Aden and Anais stuff, and this is it. The fabrics are so soft and beautiful and generally this line is really really well made. Gorgeous gift quality even.But OMG, what is the obsession with the gigantic tags everywhere? These are the type of tags that are sewn into the hem, so you either have to cut them off, leaving a scratchy edge, or else try to pry them from the hem without damaging the stitching or the gorgeous fabric (I always end up with holes). And believe me, these tags are some of the biggest I have ever seen. These blankets have two sewn on top of each other right into the hem. I cut them off but it’s always a challenge to position the tag remenants out of the way when getting ready to swaddle baby. Seriously?!?? You would think a line dedicated to baby would know better.So 4 stars for the blow-me-away gorgeousness of it. But only 4, because demerit for the tags!

Stacie Morley, IA

Super soft but snags!

I reluctantly got on the Aden & Anais bandwagon only recently. I never thought I’d pay so much for blankets. My baby is a furnace, and loves to kick off blankets. She likes how lightweight and breathable these blankets are- as do I. I won’t lie, I sometimes cuddle up with one myself. My only gripe is how flipping easy these things snag! My ring, velco, pretty much anything will cause them to snag. So yes, I’d recommend them- but they probably won’t last you as long as you think.

Juliette Croton Falls, NY

the bamboo is so soft!

i love the orchid pink color of these and the tranquility leaf pattern is my favorite. the bamboo feels so silky-soft….but that’s what is a little weird about it for me. as a swaddling blanket, it doesn’t work as well as the cotton muslin a+a blankets. those seem to have more grip while still being really soft. the silkiness of these make them slipperier, which doesn’t hold a swaddle well. these are also more expensive. i went back and forth on 4 or 5 stars, but while i do like these blankets a lot and am glad i have them, i would just stick with the traditional cotton muslin ones next time since those work well, are very soft, and are not as expensive.

Noreen Lakewood, NM

Beautiful design, Terrible swaddler

I really don’t understand the popularity of these blankets, they’re awful as swaddlers and far too expensive to be so useless. The designs are beautiful and modern, and maybe that’s enough to appeal to many people, but I found them very impractical. The fabric doesn’t have any stretch, which makes swaddling a wiggling baby around the shoulders almost impossible. It just slides right off down to her waist the moment she moves. The bamboo is very soft, but after a few washes it pills and gets pulls like crazy, and the printed areas are super scratchy. I gave the product two stars because I was able to use them as lovely scarves for myself, so it wasn’t a complete waste of money. I strongly recommend the Moby swaddling blanket as an alternative; it comes in organic cotton, tons of colors, and works much, much better.

Shawna Huntington, VT

Worth the price.

I bought Aden and Anais classic swaddlers before and are great. Perfect for So Cal weather. I ordered these because I liked the design, not realizing that they are from the Bamboo Collection. I couldn’t stop touching them! They are so luxuriously soft and yummy. Although the Classic line is great and I’m glad I have a few of them, I’m going to continue my Bamboo collection. They can be used for so much more than swaddling.

Darla Evergreen, AL

softest swaddle

I bought these on Amazon because the price is unbeatable and I’d heard they were softer than the classic Aden & Anais swaddles, which I LOVE. They are silky soft and the perfect swaddling blanket. They are thinner than the classic swaddles, but MUCH softer. I got the natural colored ones so I have no issues with the print. I prefer the classic Aden & Anais swaddles for using as blankets, but these for swaddling due to their softness. Whatever you do, don’t get the store-brand Aden & Anais swaddles, they are nowhere near as good as the true Aden & Anais brand swaddles.

Esperanza New Prague, MN

Prints Ruin These Soft Blankets

These blankets are incredibly soft and lightweight, except for the designs. They are painted on and very rough. Even on the opposite side from the design they are rough. Very disappointing.

Sybil Argyle, WI

Super soft, great for summer not so great for swaddling

These blankets are so soft and perfect for the summer heat. This summer I’ve used it at night and when we’re out for a stroll. Because it’s so soft it’s not the best for swaddling. My son gets out each time. The a+a muslin blankets are much better for swaddling but also a bit warmer.

Lelia Knobel, AR

Very soft, but not effective as a swaddle

These blankets are so beautiful and incredibly soft. But the fabric slips easily when used as a swaddle, so we’ve never been able to use them as such. They also get pulls in the thread extremely easily which is sad since it ruins the beauty of the blanket. I’d say they make a great light stroller blanket, but shouldn’t be packaged as "swaddle" blankets.

Caryn Vass, NC

Great multi-purpose blanket

First things first–if you’re looking for an actual swaddling device, this probably isn’t your best bet. My son could break out of these within a few seconds. If you want a good, tight swaddle, we liked the Halo Swaddle Sack.HOWEVER. These blankets are absolutely fabulous for everything else. They are large, so you can spread them out for the baby to lay on to play. They make a great makeshift changing mat folded in half. They are incredibly soft (much softer than the standard muslin A&A; blankets), so don’t be surprised if your child clings to one as a lovey. And they make a great, light, inconspicuous nursing cover as well.I also love the stylish design of these. I actually fold it in half diagonally and roll it to form a scarf and wear it around my neck, and I get TONS of compliments. When I’m out with my son, it’s one less thing to shove in the diaper bag! I can pull it off from around my neck, nurse him, and put it back on, easy peasy.One minor complaint–you need to be careful washing these, as they get snagged easily and can get hooked to Velcro bib closures.

Noemi North Middletown, KY

Print on design

Fabris is very soft, however the designs are a little solid n rough. I guess that’s why they look more radiant, but I would worry about these pasted on designs slowly chipping off with use, also rubbing against sensitive baby skin. I like the way the regular cotton muslin designs better (but not all are soft, so don’t want to get those, see my other reviews). I would only buy this again if they change the printing.

Tracie Harrisburg, NC

The BEST “blankies” on the market!

I am completely in love with these swaddles. I already have 3 and I recently ordered 3 more. I also intend to give these as gifts from now on, every mom should own them. They are super soft and get softer with washing. They are extremely functional, I can use them to wipe my baby’s messy face, swaddle her, or just simply cover her and keep her warm. I live in SoCal where it can be really hot or really cold so I love that the material is so thin that I can use it to keep the breeze off of her or fold it and keep her really warm. If you have to guard the sun from the carseat or stroller, these are breathable ways to do it without over heating the baby. I ALWAYS have one on or near my baby. Make sure you get the bamboo swaddles because all of the others are a bit more tough.

Milagros Thicket, TX

Don’t bother to buy the bamboo version

I purchased these and received the regular higher end (Aden and Anais not the Aden brand sold at Target and BRUS) version. I MUCH prefer the non bamboo version. These were too fine to hold a tight swaddle and didn’t seem as breathable as the regular version. Don’t waste your money.

Lynnette Tiffin, IA

Silky soft, huge, and way cute! Love it!

This is a fantastic blanket, I would recommend it to a new mother in a second! It’s definitely in my top 5 "must haves" for a new baby. I used it every day in the first few months. Now that my is 6 months old, our cotton receiving blankets have been tucked away in the closet for months, but our Aden + Anais blankets are still being used all the time! My 3 year old has even been known to steal it from his sister a time or two. This is the most versatile blanket I’ve ever used, and I’ll never go back.Pros:Wonderfully silky soft against your skin, and it gets softer with use.I love how large it is – great for swaddling, its big enough to use as a light blanket with an older baby or toddler, and it provides a large coverage area as a nursing cover or floor blanket.My babies spit up a lot. I often use it to wipe up spit-up. It washes clean very easily and has never stained, is very absorbent, and dries very quickly.Cute designs – I get lots of compliments, and the orange/black is gender neutral so we can reuse it with future babies.Good price; thought it was pricey at first but after using it I realized its a great investment! It’s not that much more than a cheap receiving blanket, and its infinitely more useful.Cons:It’s so silky soft that it doesn’t swaddle as securely as the original cotton muslin. It holds well for younger infants but when they start getting bigger and trying to wiggle out it comes undone pretty easily (Not really a problem for me since we don’t swaddle for long, but might be inconvenient for some).As a nursing blanket, it is a little sheer. I like it because it keeps baby and I cool, and you can’t see much unless its pressed against your skin in a single layer, but for someone who wants more coverage it may be better to fold it in half, which is a pain when trying to wrestle a hungry baby.I couldn’t think of any more "cons", which tells you how much I love these blankets. Put these on your baby registry, and go out and buy them if you don’t get them! You won’t regret it.

Evangeline Fort Madison, IA

The color is off

I should have read the color description better. I already had a set of the azure blankets. I was under the impression that this was a greener not bluer blanket because of the picture. However, that’s not why I’m rating it 3 stars. I have a lot of Aden and Anais bibs and they’re super soft. I decided to buy the blankets for my 2nd child because of how soft the bibs were. The blankets are softer without the prints. The plain blanket is so soft and nice. The printed blankets are little scratchy and I thought that they would be soft too. The print is what makes the blanket scratchy. I wish they were as soft as the bibs that have prints, but oh well. I wish I only had one set so be careful with the color you see on the computer screen.

Blanche Conyngham, PA

MUST have.

The bamboo swaddling blankets are even softer than the regular Aden and Anais swaddling blankets (which I still love). They get softer with each wash. Because they are super stretchy, it makes swaddling baby that much easier, and they are the perfect weight of fabric for baby to stay comfortable all night. We used these every night until our son was about 3 months old and began to break his arms out of the swaddling. These are now my go-to gift for new parents!

Donna Willshire, OH


VERY VERY SOFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I also order the 4 pack muslin swaddlers and believe me they suck!!! Even though this costs more i will buy theseafter i return the muslin 4 pack.amazing colors, so so soft.some people say it is silky.. no it is not it is very easy so swaddle your baby in. amazing!!!

Deloris Bryant, IN

Supersoft but will snag

These are some really soft blankets. We really like them. Even though the price seems high if you divide it by three each blanket is about the cost of one from Carter’s. They are also very large (47″ x 47″), which I love.There are just two minor drawbacks, the first being that they snag easily. I took a blanket out of the box and was running it across my hands being amazed at how soft they were when my wedding ring snagged on it. It is minor and now that I know it can happen I will be more careful. The same thing happens with some of my shirts so it is just something that happens with my ring. It may not be a problem for everyone. The second is that they are super thin. If you live somewhere cold and have a winter baby I am not sure how much protection from the elements it will be. Luckily for my winter baby it doesn’t get cold where I am but that is something to keep in mind. Overall I would still reccomend these.

Autumn Dickson City, PA


Love these blankets! Super soft, no problem with piling (washed as instructed). The designs on them are a little stiff but not a big deal (I got the moonlight design). I can even wear them as scarves when the baby isn’t using them lol. I also have the regular muslin a&a blankets, I love them both.

Hester Paul, ID

Perfect blankets!

We loved these in the hot summer when our little one was a newborn. They’re just the right weight when it’s hot outside. They’re so light that she can sleep with them now (7 months) without me worrying. They’re such a soft, gauze that they’re very breathable. I love the prints too. So cute!

Genevieve Blue Ball, PA

very soft sheets

I love these sheets, very soft and breathable. Perfect for the heat. I also purchased the organic material( another set of sheets) not so soft. I highly recommend the rayon sheets, you can also find them under bamboo sheets, even though they are not 100% bamboo totally worth it!Stylish and soft

Estela Mont Belvieu, TX

What’s not to love?

These blankets are wonderful!!! They are so soft and SO large!!! Best blankets for swaddling, hands down! My only warning is that they snag easily so keep away from Velcro & jewelry. Especially if you have the Deluxe My BrestFriend nursing pillow…which has a Velcro strap…it kept getting snagged on the blankets. My son LOVES these and he likes to chew on them too. haha The colors are beautiful and gender neutral. (Plus they matched the nursery decor). I kind of wish the plain aqua one had a design like the others.

Myrna Whiteside, TN

so pretty

I got these swaddle blankets for my baby shower, and they have been a life saver! I still swaddle my 7 month old when she needs some extra comfort! I loved them so much I ended up buying some for my cousin who is expecting a little one!

Jacqueline Walpole, NH

Best of all the Aden and Anais blankets

I purchased these 5 months ago right before my fourth baby was born. I have owned several other Aden and Anais blankets and loved them – but I touched these in a baby store and was blown away by how soft there were! They are at least 10x softer than any other cotton blanket I have ever felt. And they just get better every time I wash them. The colors are holding up just fine and we just love, love, love them. It’s my new favorite baby shower gift. I am now thinking of packing up all other Aden and Anais blankets because they don’t even compare. Seriously. HIGHLY recommended for super soft, cuddly blankets – perfect for swaddling and then just for cuddling, using to cover up while nursing, etc.

Betty Flasher, ND

Soft and beautiful

These are so soft and pretty that I want to use them as a scarf! They are a nice large size for swaddling and I think they will be perfect for warmer nights.

Alfreda Fond Du Lac, WI

Great multi-purpose product

I bought these with the intention of using them as swaddlers, but have since used them as cover-ups, blankets, nursing cover, scarf, etc. Super soft, pretty print, very useful. Would purchase them again.

Katie Nashville, IN

Love these blankets

This material is so soft and these blankets have been so versatile for us. I would recommend these to any new parents.

Ruby Hye, TX

Soooooooo soft. Delicate but soooo soft!

These are so sweet and soft and nice and the print is gorgeous. Gender neutral but pretty.I used them more as blankets (i had a late summer baby, so he was usually just in a diaper, and these were ideal to put on his bare skin for a little coverage in and out of the house) and as nursing covers/scarves (for me!), and as a sun shade in stroller, than swaddles, mainly because they are so soft and silky that they were hard to get tight enough (the regular cotton ones, which are stiffer, worked better for me for that purpose)But I used them constantly (and even brought these to the hospital to use instead of the swaddles they provided, and loved them), and washed them a lot, and never had a problem. They pill a bit, but not much. And it never bothered response to other reviews, i did not find the print on these to be harsh or scratchy/rough at all.

Bernice Plains, TX

Love them, except…

I love the one with the feather print. It is so soft and beautiful. The other two, the print on them feels really rough and takes away from the softness of the blanket. Overall they are great though.

Tessa Thayer, IL