aden + anais Unisex Classic Dream Blanket Jungle Jam – Giraffe Baby Care

aden + anais Unisex Classic Dream Blanket Jungle Jam – Giraffe Baby Care

Sweet dreams come easily with the aden + anais dream blanket™. Made with four layers of 100% cotton muslin and colorful modern designs, this blanket ensures playtime, cuddle time or bedtime is nothing less than dreamy.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • one 47×47 pre-washed 100% 4 layer cotton muslin dream blanket
  • Generous Size: plush and perfect for snuggling anytime, anywhere
  • Comfy: gets softer with every wash
  • Exclusive Prints: limited edition fun, colorful designs

Verified reviews


Worth It – Even Better than the Hype

Admittedly, I waited until the blanket went on sale – but by this time our need was great. Baby is now a toddler and needs a better blankie at night that isn’t too hot or cold – but still snuggly. All the wonderful fleece blankies did great through the winter, but clearly were too hot late spring/early summer. We tried the regular A+A blankets, but it wasn’t heavy enough and Baby would get tangled (and wake up mad). We tried quilts which were cooler, but not really snuggly – instead just kind of lying over the top of Baby. So we finally pulled the trigger on the dream blanket. It’s better than we could have imagined. First, the size is perfect for toddler, and we can tell it will last into early childhood. It’s big enough that it covers Baby and Daddy’s lap during story time, but not so big it crowds the crib. The weight is difficult to describe. It’s not bulky or heavy, but still heavy enough to drape over Baby in a way that quilted blankets wouldn’t. So Baby gets the sense of snuggly security that Baby likes during sleepytime, but not the heat-trapping that fleece provides. Thumbs up from the entire family.

Letitia Gibbsboro, NJ

I wanted so much to love this, but I don’t.

I absolutely LOVE every Aden Anais baby product we have (the swaddle blankets, the bibs, the hooded towel, washcloths). I really really wanted to love this blanket, since it sounded like a heftier version of their swaddle blankets. And it sort of is. But it’s just not very practical in that it shows dirt too easily to really take on the go, and it isn’t particularly warm. Stick with the regular Aden Anais swaddle blankets.

Eddie Clyde, OH

Nice, but needs an improvement on the layers..

Great for tummy time and nap time! Generously sized so it will last awhile. Love the cute patterns it comes in! Couple things I don’t like: I’m scared to wash it too much because it seems like the layers would get messed up inside the blanket and you can’t really reshape it. It should’ve been sewed together in sections more. Also, it’s not really worth the price to me, because of that reason.

Elisha South Easton, MA

Perfect Blanket

This blanket is such a great size, so soft and such high quality. The print is so cute and my son loves it. I especially like how this blanket is not too warm in the summer months and perfect in the winters. Although this blanket is expensive (as are all of the Aden & Anais products) it is worth it. This is also a great blanket for tummy time and outdoors, don’t worry about getting it dirty or staining because it washes so well. Some complain about “pilling” but I haven’t noticed any in 5 months.

Brooke Hico, TX

Beautiful, but not the same as the swaddle blankets.

I love Aden + Anais products and have a lot of them. I’m the most disappointed in these. Maybe it’s just mine in particular, but the muslin cotton is not nearly as soft as their swaddle blankets. This blanket also pills where as the swaddles don’t. Also, I had a top load washer and the agitator has seemed to stretch out the outer layers, even in the delicate cycle, so they hang over the edge of the blanket. It makes the blanket look old and worn out. Not what I expected. Not worth the money to me. It is very breathable so it’s suitable for spring, but I think it would be too heavy for summer.

Tonya Lamar, CO

Best blanket!

I have tons of different blankets for my son. This one is by far my favorite because it is easy to wash-throw it in the washer and the dryer, colorful, and very well made. It is very large for a baby/toddler blanket and more than covers my son. This is the blanket we send to daycare because it need to be cleaned very often. I don’t worry about it wearing down with the many washings. Like some of the other reviewers have mentioned it is thick but very breathable. Also Aden and Anais has the very best customer service!

Isabelle Humboldt, TN

Get the stroller blanket

I own lots of Aden and Anais products. This one is made up to their normal standard, so if you want a HUGE, heavy quilt for baby, get this. But if you’re looking for a blanket they can use before the age of three to actually cover-up with, I prefer their stroller blankets.

Trisha Thorp, WA

LOVE this blanket

A friend of mine told me about the A+A blankets. I seriously was in doubt because of the cost. However, these are truly the best blankets for baby. They even make a nice play mat if you are out somewhere.

Janine Cassville, MO

Great blanket, picture can be decieving.

We love our aden + anais blankets. This was my daughter’s first Dream Blanket. We love the softness of this muslin cotton blanket. The more you wash it, the softer it gets. However, after the first wash, I noticed that there were some balls in the corners of the blanket, inside. Kind of annoying. The photo can also be deceiving (not just here, any stock photo). The backing looks gray in the picture, but I found it to be much closer to a blue than a gray. It’s still a beautiful, breathable, soft blanket, perfect for any season.

Candace Kiana, AK

Best money spent!

I love this blanket it is one of my favorite baby blankets,Actually I was hesitant aa whether it qaa worth it to purchase this or not because it is expensive, but after receiving it I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it great quality, soft, thick so you van use it for sleep or to lay down for tummy time, but it is also super cute. I bought the baby cakes one which has cupcakes on one side and fairies on the other simply precious. It holds up wonderfully after several washes with no fading or shrinking. Actually I have all three versions of Aden and anais blankets, their swaddle, the double layer and this one the dream, and they are all wonderful, I feel like j have blankets for al weather and all occasions. If you are hesitant don’t be you wont be disappointed.

Lola Farley, IA

Color not as Grey as shown

The solid side is not really a grey as shown, its actually more of a light blue-grey, steel-blue type grey. Definitely not like the photo. However the quality is still good, its thick, has many layers of muslin inside. washes well. I havent used it yet but plan to use it as a summer blanket for my baby when its warmer. the print on the front is beautiful.

Wilda Lewiston Woodville, NC

In love with A+A, totally worth the money

I love Aden+Anais blankets. My son has two A+A security blankets that he cherishes. I wanted a Dream Blanket but the cost put me off. I finally bought one last week, on sale on Amazon.comHe loved it right the way. It’s breathable but thick, which I love because my son likes to fall asleep with a blanket on his face *sigh*. I tried holding it above my face and had no problem breathing through it. What a relief! Also, it’s big so he will still uses it as a toddler.Bottom line:- Great quality.- Big- Breathable- PrettyI’m so glad I bought it. I highly recommend it!

Edwina Baldwin Park, CA

Great size, wonderfully soft, and will order another one for our other child!

We’ve been big fans of Aden + Anais since our now three year old was a newborn. We’ve always found their muslin to be the softest available, with adorable prints. Yes, their stuff can be a bit pricey – but you get what you pay for. With them, it’s quality.I saw the dream blanket at a retail store in this pattern, which is the same pattern we have on our son’s security blankets (he’s been sleeping with the Issies since he was a newborn, as they’re breathable). I wanted to get it for him but was a bit turned off by the retail price considering the fact that he already has security items. I jumped online and saw that I could save myself the tax, get free shipping and pay a lower price here on Amazon so I bit the bullet and ordered it.This blanket is amazing. It’s thick and incredibly soft – perfect for a stroller blanket or for an older child. Actually, an adult could easily cuddle with it if they were so inclined. My son immediately wrapped it around himself on the couch and was excited that it had the same giraffes as his little blanket. After being washed, the blanket was even softer. It was everything that I wanted it to be and definitely worth every single penny. I wish I would’ve gotten this for him sooner.

Nona Robbins, TN

Soft and Big

This blanket is soft and big, but it is crazy expensive! We never would have bought this if our daughter did not have trouble with polyester. Also the edges are sewn down, but the middle layers are loose so it gets wonky in the wash.

Madeline Sunbury, NC

Quality is MUCH lower than what I’m used to with Aden + Anais

I have two other muslin dream blankets, and I love them, but for some reason this giraffe print blanket has fallen apart after about 3 washes: the layers are all separated, and there are big chunks of cotton lint floating around in the blanket. It is unusable.

Tammy Norwalk, CA

Love! But…..

It is a generous sized blanket. Great for summer or winter. The only thing I have a problem with these blankets (I have two) is that they snag so easy on things.. I am constantly clipping the strings that get pulled up so it doesn’t ruin the blanket. It washes nicely. I love this blanket but has that only flaw.

Colette Dixonville, PA

Its a dream

Thick, warm, breathable. I’m so glad I splurged on this blanket. It’s the perfect size, and my 5 month old will be able to use it for years, if she doesn’t I will!

Mayra Plantersville, MS

Heavy but good

This blanket was much heavier than I anticipated. To heavy to use as a blanket for my baby, even in the stroller. Maybe when he’s a toddler. But I love the size and for now use it as a playmat. I love love love the design!

Teri Oneco, CT

if my baby didn’t need, I’d sleep with it

I bought this because my baby was born in January and need a little extra coziness. It sure is cozy and thick! While it’s beginning to warm up outside, this blankie makes a great floor mat for tummytime.

Ronda Courtland, VA

Soft, Thick and Cute

I went with this print because it was the cheapest. When it came, the print was cuter in person. I love Aden + Anais products. I love the large size of this blanket. It’s bigger than a traditional stroller blanket. I love how soft it is. When it is washed and dried I do get little lint lumps between the layers. However, despite that I still love the product.

Lelia Round Mountain, CA

Soft and Warm

My son loves this thing! Nice to have a thicker a + a blanket for the winter. Gets even softer with every wash and holds up great!

Dianna Carlton, AL

Best Blanket, ever!

My daughter absolutely loves this blanket, she gets the biggest smile when she is snuggled up with her blankie! I love everything about it, the weight, breathability and the cute designs!

Pat Long Beach, MS

Very large and very soft

Even right out of the package these blankets are super soft. They are breathable too so they keep my toddler just the right temperature in the summer or winter.

Selina Barnesville, NC

Amaaaaazing blanket!

We really enjoyed the aden + anais swaddling blankets this summer with our newborn, but our daughter was still able to wiggle her hands out at night and we would wake up to find her hands very very cold. After temps fell below 60 and we were unable to turn on our heating system (due to remodeling) I bought this blanket in hopes that she could still sleep in her own room (our other option was to have her sleep in bed between us to make sure she stayed warm.)It WORKED! Not only did it keep her warm, it kept her hands in AND she falls asleep in it in a matter of minutes! She is currently 14lbs. 23″ long and I was able to wrap the blanket around her twice and she cannot break the swaddle in the middle of the night. It is a wonderful size and weight. Now she only wakes up for food or diaper change.I also enjoy the peace of mind that if the blanket goes over her face she is still able to breathe (she likes to be swaddled closely around her face. And even though she is a VERY warm-blooded baby, she is not sweaty when I unwrap her – just super toasty warm and happy. I’m going to have to order another one soon so that I don’t have to rush to wash it between naps 🙂

Eugenia Fillmore, NY

I like it.

I like it very much, keep warm and not too heavy. My baby loves it too. Just a bit over priced, otherwise I will buy two. Now I have to wash it when my baby is wake up so I can get it to her when she is sleepy

Sarah Parksville, KY

No more heat rashes

My newborn son gets skin rashes when wrapped in synthetic blankets, so I had to bite the bullet and spend $$ on this product. It was a good decision. The little guy is snug and toasty without overheating. He’s been sleeping comfortably through the night for weeks now.

Joni Portageville, MO

We like it

This is a large, warm blanket for babies and toddlers alike. We ordered this for our two year old, and it is warm enough to be her only blanket at night in the cold winter. Also, we can lay it on the floor for the baby to practice tummy time on, it’s a great size for that. The only complaint, when washing for the third time, some of the corners have bunched up a little bit. I hope it continues to hold up for a long time

Christa Edgewater, NJ

Soft and wonderful

I love this blanket. It’s so soft and plush, very well made, and doesn’t overheat my 1 year old. Such a lovely blanket!

Johnnie Saint Johns, OH


My toddler sleeps with this blanket every night! she loves it. We take in our suitcase when we travel so she has something familiar and it works like a charm.

Willie Prairie City, OR

great blanket

We love this blanket. My little one likes to roll in blankets and he doesn’t overheat in this one. We have taken in on road trips and it’s held up nicely. Washes easily and is so soft. I love the size & weight of it too – I will be getting another one for sure

Loretta Ashland, MO